The Best Songs of 2014: 300-201

PART 5 of the biggest longest list on this website. After being concerned the years of great music was in the past, and needing substantial influence to write an epic novel, we researched as much music as possible... courtesy of Rate Your Music with their Top 1000 albums that can be customized by the genres (they are not the slightest least bit impressed with this mere 666 single songs) and that resulted in this big ass list and an 824-page dystopian epic called The Mansion.

Unfortunately, the story cannot be printed on this blog anymore. If you are interested in reading a fake documentary that implies the human race consists of four different species (Cerians, Vestans, Dyptherians, and Dipthongs) that came to Earth via a collision of two planets in the asteroid belt told "Catcher in the Rye" style with slang diction, with other comparisons to Slaughterhouse Five, Infinite Jest, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Brave New World, then you can buy the book from amazon.

In the meantime, enjoy the music:

300. Los Stellarians
"Didn't I"  5:15
Cholo Soul
Ojai, CA

299. Ginnels
"Not For Moving"  3:11
A Country Life
Dublin, Ireland

Jangle Pop/Indie Pop

298. Kitten Pyramid
"Whale"  2:52
Burton Upon Trent, England

Pop Rock / Neo-Psychedelia / Progressive Rock

297. TV Smith
"I Delete"  3:02
I Delete
Bideford, England

Post-Punk / Mod Revival

296. Kumm
"Bubbles"  4:44
A Mysterious Place Called Somewhere
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Alternative Rock / Art Rock

295. Yann Tiersen
"A Midsummer Evening"  2:35

Paris, France

Post-Rock / Dream Pop / Art Rock

294. Herzog
"Henchmen"  3:00
Cleveland, OH

Indie Rock / Noise Pop / Power Pop

293. Apneu
"White Castle"  1:38
Hard Feelings
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Garage Rock / Lo-Fi Indie

292. Le Death To Mankind
"Lady Charming"  2:17
S / T
Île-de-France, France

Experimental/Noise Rock/Grindcore/Experimental Rock

291. Big Ups
"Fresh Meat"  2:28
Eighteen Hours of Static
New York, NY

Post-Hardcore/Noise Rock

290. Eagulls
"Possessed"  3:08
Leeds, England


289. Dressmaker
"Skeleton Girl"  7:28
London, England

Noise Rock / Post-Punk

288. Verma
"Chrome"  3:57
Chicago, IL

Psychedelic Rock

287. Lethe
"Ad Librum"  4:30
When Dreams Become Nightmares
Bern, Switzerland

Electronic / Experimental Rock

286. Pere Ubu
"Carnival"  6:32
Carnival of Souls
Cleveland, OH

Experimental Rock / Art Rock

285. Pord
"My Bloody Galantine"  7:16
Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Noise Rock / Math Rock

284. Lunatic Soul
"Treehouse"  5:31
Walking on a Flashlight Beam
Warsaw, Poland

Art Rock/Progressive Rock

283. Tuxedomoon
"Willie"  5:42
Pink Narcissus
San Francisco, CA

Film Score / Avant Jazz / Post Punk

282. John Zorn
"The Nameless God"  4:35
New York, NY

Experimental Rock

281. The Lords Of Chicken Hill
"Elevation"  3:13
Tales From The Coop
Asheville, NC

Experimental Rock

280. Real Estate
"Primitive"  4:15
Ridgewood, NJ

Jangle Pop/Indie Rock

279. Wild Smiles
"See You Again"  3:08
Always Tomorrow
Winchester, England

Garage Punk

278. Spidergawd
"Blauer Jubel"  6:32
Trondheim, Norway

Psychedelic Rock

277. Dahga Bloom
"Wampum"  3:00
No Curtains
Fullerton, CA

Psychedelic Rock

276. Joy
"Evil"  6:32
Under the Spell of Joy
San Diego, CA

Heavy Psych

275. The Kings of Frog Island
"Five O Grind"  6:21
Leicester, England

Space Rock / Stoner Rock / Psychedelic Rock

274. The Crimson Trip
"Goatcifer"  4:33
The Crimson Trip
Monterrey, Mexico

Heavy Psych / Doom Metal

273. Goat
"Bondye"  5:01
Göteborg, Sweden

Psychedelic Rock

272. Colours
"Cadmium (Beige)"  4:51
Daegu, South Korea

Math Rock

271. Liars
"I'm No Gold"  6:11
Los Angeles, CA

Electronic/Industrial/Alt. Dance

270. Unholy Two
"Hard Times Daddy"  3:28
Talk About Hardcore
Columbus, OH

Noise Rock

269. Sacred Product
"Endless Blue"  4:15
Sacred Product
Melbourne, AU

Garage Rock/Noise Rock

268. Old Amica
"Falling Asleep"  7:23
Stockholm, Sweden

Indie Folk/Lo-Fi Indie

267. Bugskull
"Heaven/California"  4:24
Collapsed View
Portland, OR

Neo-Psychedelia / Ambient

266. 朝生愛  (Ai Aso)
"Land"  7:05

Dream Pop

265. Sea Oleena
"Shallow"  7:23
Montreal, QC

Dream Pop/Ambient Pop

264. Cristina Valentina
"I Better Try"  4:41
All I Know

Contemporary R&B/Pop Soul

263. Snowbird
"All Wishes Are Ghosts"  5:13
London, England

Chamber Pop/Dream Pop

262. Lowtide
"Still Time"  4:56
Melbourne, AU

Dream Pop/Shoegaze

261. The Twilight Sad
"Sometimes I Wished I Could Fall Asleep"  3:53
Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave
Glasgow, Scotland

Indie Rock/Post-Punk/Post-Punk Revival

260. PyPy
"She's Gone"  5:35
Pagan Day
Montreal, QC

Garage Punk

259. Combat Astronomy
"Tenser Quadrant"  7:21
Time Distort Nine
St. Paul, MN

Experimental Rock/Avant-Garde Metal/Drone

258. Pontiak
"Ghosts"  3:20
Baltimore, MD

Psychedelic Rock/Stoner Rock

257. Slippertails
"Hip New Jerk"  2:17
There's A Disturbing Trend
Bloomington, IN/New Jersey

Punk Rock/Garage Punk

256. Iceage
"Cimmerian Shade"  4:34
Plowing Into the Field of Love
Copenhagen, Denmark

Post Punk

255. Rangers
"Lauderdale Saints"  3:27
Reconsider Lounge
San Francisco, CA/Dallas, TX

Hypnagogic Pop

254. Sam Gas Can
"Froggy"  2:47
I Sat Around Today
Northampton, MA

Hypnagogic Pop

253. Wildest Dreams
"Off The Lip"  6:21
Wildest Dreams
London, England/Los Angeles, CA

Psychedelic Rock

252. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
"Her & I (Slow Jam II)"  8:15
I'm In Your Mind Fuzz
Melbourne, AU

Garage Rock/Psychedelic Rock

251. Atomikylä
"Ihmiskallo"  8:19

Psychedelic Rock/Doom Metal

250. Beverly
"Yale's Life"  3:11
New York, NY

Noise Pop/Dream Pop

249. Spray Paint
"Rest Versus Rust"  2:54
Clean Blood, Regular Acid
Austin, TX

Post Punk/Noise Rock

248. Aram Bajakian
"Cat Squirrel"  7:58
There Were Flowers Also In Hell
New York, NY

Experimental Rock/Noise Rock/Blues Rock

247. Current 93
"Kings And Things"  6:22
I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell: A Channel
Hastings, England

Avant Folk

246. Dorval & Devereaux
"Early Morning Rides"  3:37
Dorval & Devereaux
Vancouver, BC/Madison WI

Dream Pop/Ambient Pop

245. Bohren & der Club of Gore
"Unrasiert"  4:44
Piano Nights
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany

Dark Jazz

244. Dolphin
"Искра"  4:32
Moscow, Russia

Experimental Rock

243. The Blue Angel Lounge
"Plane Communication"  3:53
A Sea of Trees
Berlin, Germany

Neo-Psychedelia / Post Punk

242. Фанни Каплан
"нефть"  3:00
Moscow, Russia


241. Lower
"Expanding Horizons (Dar Es Salaam)"  7:00
Seek Warmer Climes
Copenhagen, Denmark


240. Colourmusic
"Satyricon"  7:01
May You Marry Rich
Cambridgeshire, England

Psychedelic Rock/Indie Rock

239. Post War Glamour Girls
"Service Station Blues"  4:14
Pink Fur
Leeds, England


238. Manicure
"Снег"  4:24
Moscow, Russia


237. Mo Kolours
"Little Brown Dog"  2:39
Mo Kolours
London, England


236. Temples
"Sun Structures"  5:13
Sun Structures
Kettering, England


235. Quilt
"Tie Up the Tides"  3:33
Held in Splendor
Boston, MA

Neo-Psychedelia / Indie Pop

234. The Spirit of the Beehive
"Deep Focus"  3:36
The Spirit of the Beehive
Philadelphia, PA

Shoegaze/Indie Rock

233. Jack Name
"Born to Lose"  3:39
Light Show
Los Angeles, CA

Neo-Psychedelia / Lo-Fi / White Fence

232. The Kurws
"Strefa Euro / Euro Zone"  4:21
Wszystko co stałe Rozpływa się w Powietrzu
Wroclaw, Poland

Noise Rock

231. A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen
"Brown"  3:38
The History of Music: A Mosaic
Antwerp, Belgium

Experimental Rock/Noise Rock

230. Leather Slave
"Jessica Still Pays"  5:24
Leather Slave
Los Angeles, CA

Noise Rock

229. Fadensonnen
"Machete"  5:44
New York, NY

Noise Rock

228. Topsy the Great
"Coor"  4:11
Prato, Italy

Noise Rock

227. Chrome
"Unbreakable Fluoride Lithium Plastic"  3:53
Feel It Like A Scientist
San Francisco, CA

Psychedelic Rock/Post-Punk/Experimental

226. Sisyphus
"Alcohol"  6:53
Chicago, IL + Denver, CO

Experimental Hip-Hop / Glitch Pop

225. Naomi Punk
"Linoleum Tryst #19"  3:14
Television Man
Olympia-Seattle, WA

Noise Rock

224. Subtle Turnhips
"Tubbyz"  3:24
Redhair With Some

Garage Punk/Punk Rock

223. Threes And Will
"Dead Are Abstracted"  5:37
Sea Fourth
Tartu, Estonia

Noise Rock

222. The All Seeing Hand
"Show Me Your Teeth"  4:41
Fog & Debris
Wellington, NZ

Experimental Rock

221. Gerda
"Fucked Up Voice"  4:27
Your Sister
Jesi, Italy

Noise Rock

220 Hookworms
"Radio Tokyo"  4:02
The Hum
Leeds, England

Psychedelic Rock

219. Childhood
"Chiliad"  4:02
London, England

Indie Rock/Neo-Psychedelia

218. The Wild Young Hearts
"Somebody Else"  4:11
California Dreams
Los Angeles, CA

Power Pop/Garage Punk

217. Sonny Simmons & Moksha Samnyasin
"We Are Entering The Place Of That"  7:46
Los Angeles, CA

Jazz-Rock/Psychedelic Rock

216. Juçara Marçal
"Pena Mais Que Perfeita"  4:16
São Paulo, Brazil

MPB/Math Rock

215. Gang Wizard
"Ugly American"  3:01
Important Picnic
Long Beach, CA

Noise Rock

214. Narcosatanicos
"Salt"  5:43
Aarhaus, Denmark

Noise Rock

213. Berline0.33
"Castle in the Air"  5:40
The Abyss Will Gaze Back
Lille, France


212. Astronaut Husband
"Together"  4:05
Then & Now
Merrill, WI


211. Sun of Man
"Whispering Jackoff"  7:58

Stoner Rock/Psychedelic Rock

210. Hijo de la Tormenta
"Desde la Espesura (Lado B)"  6:42
Hijo de la Tormenta
Córdoba, Argentina

Psychedelic Rock

209. Mattin
"Stuck In Our Own Trap"  5:06
Songbook 5
Getxo, Spain/Bisbane AU/New Zealand

No Wave/Experimental Rock

208. Have A Nice Life
"Defenstration Song"  6:02
The Unnatural World
Middletown, CT

Post Punk/Shoegaze/Drone

207. Pink Floyd
"It's What We Do"  6:02
The Endless River
London, England

Art Rock/Pink Floyd

206. Black Space Riders
"Space Angel (Memitim)"  8:36
Münster, Germany

Psychedelic Rock/Stoner Rock-Metal

205. Opium Warlords
"The Land Beyond the Pole"  4:31
Taste Our Sword of Understanding
Lohja, Finland

Traditional Doom Metal

204. Horseback
"Passing Through"  6:45
Piedmont Apocrypha
Chapel Hill, NC

Psychedelic Rock/Drone

203. PC Worship
"First Wave Back"  8:42
Social Rust
New York, NY

Noise Rock/Experimental Rock

202. Gum Takes Tooth
"Mirrors Fold"  9:11
Mirrors Fold
London, England

Psychedelic/Electronic/Noise Rock

201. Markaria Rho
"Taman Shud"  11:21
Perm, Russia

Psychedelic Rock/Space Rock

666-601   600-501   500-401   400-301   300-201   200-101   100-51  50-26  25-#1   


NC-17 SOUNDTRAXXX is being edited, revised, and published. The literature content is gradually being removed for publication or  being transferred to the upcoming site: MHQ HEADQUARTERS. The music countdowns, however, shall remain here.

In the meantime... our first actual book publication, a dystopian epic: The Mansion 

According to the plant and animal life on Earth, which eventually unfriends the human race amidst bold accusations coming from an oddly-shaped row of trees: the concepts of government, religion, and economics were fabricated by the same sources that devised such absurdity as Black Friday sales, fashionable bowling attire, expiration dates for vaginal lube, and marketing strategies to entice specifically targeted mayonnaise consumers … and these sources obviously did not originate on the Planet Earth. From Prohibition to the dystopian future plagued with revolution, animosity towards society, and farming hippos with growth hormones, characters such as Squirrel Abraham and Jimmers Waffles (raccoon) not only challenge the status quo, but also question the entire history that created it.

Compiling 30 Sections and 68 different themes and storylines, which explore topics ranging from concepts of customer service to victimless crimes to a town in West Virginia that repeatedly becomes a ghost town; and featuring guest appearances from the likes of seahorses, dragonflies, praying mantis, chickens, and raccoon, The Mansion chronicles the plight of the human race, where Primitive Man evolved into the species known as Homo Bowler, and set out to destroy the world in a quest for decorative plates, generic shoes, and non-dairy powdered creamer.

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