The White Girls Who Changed the World

The White Girls Who Changed the World

By Tony J. Neal

I got on the bus, sat down, and the three girls sitting directly across from stared at me the entire time. When I looked up at them, all 3 of them at once smiled, and then looked downward. Fed up with this type of behavior, I did not glance away, and continued to stare attentively.

The 3 girls were approximately 18-19 years of age. The two facing my left both proudly wore their blue UNCA T-shirts, and diligently pressed the buttons of their cell phones with their painted fingernails. The one on the right did not have her phone handy, her nails were not painted, and her T-shirt declared that she was a "Proud member of the Generation of Christ." I had guessed her to be 18, and I must admit, she looked great to be nearly 2014 years old. She did however, have to best posture of the three... which might explain how she was able to age so gracefully.

It was difficult to declare her a complete misfit because, just like the girl next to her... the one in the middle, sat cross-legged with her left leg draped over her right. The one on the far-left, who also kept glancing up at me with a smile, sat with her right leg crossed over her left... such a non-conformist this young lady is.

After a few minutes of intense observation, the one in the middle read out loud the text message that would shock the world:  Elizabeth had fallen asleep while studying for an exam, and then slept through the exam. The mood grew deathly somber after that.

At that moment, I felt as if the bus was going to start spinning wildly out of control. Buildings were crumbling as massive explosions throughout the galaxy caused the planets to collide and the stars fell from the sky. Although I had never spoken to these girls, I somehow felt as if I were now a part of mystifying scheme in which the entire human race had been place on the Endangered Species list because Elizabeth had missed her exam; I felt as if I had witnessed first-hand the prophetic revelation in which the whole world most inevitably behold.

I pressed the "Self-Destruct" button, and the words "Stop Requested" displayed on the monitor. When I got off that bus, I was thankful that I had made it alive... at least for moment. While it might seem that I remain physically intact, I knew that reality as we all knew it was drastically impaired. Elizabeth, the Sleeping Beauty that is, forever altered the existence of all of us.

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