Song Interpretations: The Greatest Lawsuit in History

Did you know that one of the most famous songs ever spawned the largest lawsuit in the history of The Universe? It's true.

Prior to landing a massive hit that was recorded by somebody else, Mentor Williams broke into the recording business with a production internship with The Beach Boys. During his stint working with The Beach Boys, Mentor Williams developed a fondness for both the band and lead vocalist Brian Wilson. He was constantly offering overly flattering praise that extended beyond simply liking their new album.

It was reported that Mentor Williams frequently complimented Brian Wilson on everything from his appearance to his taste in movies. Hey Brian, you look really hot in that shirt. All the girls must think you're soo soo sexy! Hey Brian, you are seriously, without a doubt, the greatest singer in the history of the universe. I mean, you fucking rock man. People love you! The world loves you! I love you! I really love you! You have pretty eyes.

The flattering praise was extremely excessive to the point where it made Brian Wilson uncomfortable. What could he say though? Mentor Williams was just being nice. But, it was growing increasingly tense as Mentor Williams was dropping by his house late at night, sitting too close to him on the couch, and it didn't help matters that Mentor was frequently showing up for events dressed exactly like Brian Wilson. Furthermore, his entire home was decorated with 6x6 photographs of The Beach Boys that he had taken himself.

Rumors were beginning to circulate that Mentor Williams and Brian Wilson were having an affair and this outraged Brian Wilson to the extreme that he had to be evaluated by another psychiatrist. He actually contemplated getting a restraining order on Mentor Williams and thought seriously about the charges for stalking when Mentor showed up in Brian's bathroom with a sponge offering to give him a bath.

The bomb officially dropped when Mentor Williams wrote and recorded his would-be massive hit song, "Drift Away"... with the lyrics:

"Give me The Beach Boys,
to free my soul,
I want to get lost in your rock and roll,
then drift away."

Upon hearing this, Brian Wilson was outraged. Furthermore, the lyrics, "thanks for the joy that you give in me" further heightened the rumors circulating involving the love affair between Brian Wilson and Mentor Williams. Brian Wilson was so furious that he sued Mentor Williams for 487 Trillion Dollars and the restraining order was officially instated.

The charges were eventually dropped and the song was later rehashed by Dobie Gray who had to change the lyrics to "Give me the beat, boys" and "Thanks for the joy that you've given me" in order to meet the conditions of the lawsuit.

The rest is history.

Bibliography:  I guarantee all this shit that I just is said is true.

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