Confessions of a Confused Douche


Chapter Listing:

SECTION ONE: Searching For My Identity in All the Wrong Places
Chapter 1:  New Year's Resolutions
Chapter 2:  It's Going to Take a Miracle
Chapter 3:  Megabus

SECTION TWO: Cincinnati, OH
Chapter 4:  A World without Regret
Chapter 5:  A Tell-All Confessional
Chapter 6:  Unneeded Hassle within Society
Chapter 7:  Survivors of the Great Flood
Chapter 8:  Racism & Politics
Chapter 9:  The Jennylou Nightmare
Chapter 10:  The Crusty Hippy Chick Meets The Scrawny Schizophrenic
Chapter 11:  The Girl from City Market
Chapter 12:  The Glow Faded
Chapter 13:  CD/TS And Other Sexual Deviance
Chapter 14:  The Top 3 Reasons I Could Never Commit Suicide
Chapter 15:  My World Without Television

Chapter 16:  Full Retard
Chapter 17:  No Faggots in New Castle, IN
Chapter 18:  PeeDee Phelps
Chapter 19:  Tropical Fish in a Frozen Lake  (Content Removed)
Chapter 20:  Bronies
Chapter 21:  The Annual One Day Visit
Chapter 22:  Delusional Disorders Fabricated By Unreliable Narrators
Chapter 23:  Unreasonable Expectations
Chapter 24:  An American Anarcho-Communist
Chapter 25:  G Soundtracks... Talking Snakes

Chapter 26:  A Cold and Rainy Return
Chapter 27:  Unfamiliar Awkwardness
Chapter 28:  The Asheville Flea Bombing Incident
Chapter 29:  Shitty Ass Places Such as the Mother Fucking Mall
Chapter 30:  Coffee Shop Comparisons
Chapter 31:  Journey to the Land of Prostitutes
Chapter 32:  The Bus Douche Fever
Chapter 33:  The No-Wave Douche Boards the Group W Bus
Chapter 34:  Boos Heard Around the World
Chapter 35:  The Bi-Polar Admiral
Chapter 36:  A Feeling That I Belonged
Chapter 37:  Done Moments
Chapter 38:  Three Kinds of People in this World

SECTION FIVE: The Long Bus Ride Home with Too Much to Think About
Chapter 39:  Knoxville, TN
Chapter 40:  Sleeping with Freaks on the Bus
Chapter 41:  Realization of an Improper Image
Chapter 42:  The Top 879,000 Reasons I Make People Uncomfortable
Chapter 43:  The Real Life Plan DD
Chapter 44:  The $230 Demon
Chapter 45:  The Future Shall Have No Representation

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