Chapter 6: Unneeded Hassle within Society


Chapter VI: Unneeded Hassle within Society

If I had it my way, there would never be any drama whatsoever in my life. I would prefer to never have to face any issues or deal with any confrontation. Because I am a staunch follower of a specific set of commandments that I have established for myself, I conduct my personal affairs in a manner that prohibits generating any sort of substantial harm to another human being. I do not start shit with people, I do not attempt to persuade people to do anything outside their own comfort level, I do not take anything that does not belong to me, I respect other people’s belongings, their opinions, I am courteous, polite, and refrain from doing things that I know will enrage those present. Therefore, I should not have to deal with any hassles whatsoever in my life.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not comply with these standards. Too many people become outraged with values outside the norm. Too many people are too desperate for attention and will resort to any means necessary for others to notice them. Too many people suffer from esteem issues and will constantly degrade others in an attempt to boost their own egos. Worst yet, the concept of money has corrupted society and people tactlessly employee any means necessary in order to acquire it.

Most of the problems with the world can be attributed to the aforementioned factors. It is bad enough facing divergent adversity from profit seeking agencies who thrive to capitalize other people’s misfortunes. These organizations have fabricated a need for their vices and are in constant competition to swindle every possible asset they can accrue from people who would rather not have to deal with their administration. Examples of this include banks charging excessive fees, high interest rates, and steep late penalties; auto repair shops breaking a struggling finances over an unexpected defect created by faulty manufacturing; contracting an illness caused by various forms of sanitary negligence could potentially bankrupt a person; all the while, the ineffectual government will continue to embezzle wages, even when a citizen is coping with severe hardship.

Companies are willing to utilize deceptive unethical practices in order to lure unsuspecting citizens into their establishment. After that, they are more than eager to tack on additional charges and will attempt to deprive a person of everything he/she has available. To coincide with mysterious expenses that are frequently added in ordinary life, employers will frequently concoct new and improved ways to short the employee’s salary. Some employers will even levy fines on their own employees, while charging them additional rates for complying to their contrived standards (such as uniforms), all the while the worker also received an expensive parking ticket for staying after his/her allotted schedule in order to please the employer.

Some lowlife restaurant owners even demand that the servers who they are paying $1.57/hr pay the bills that the dishonest customers skipped out without paying. Yet, it was their marketing ploys that attracted these repugnant patrons in the first place. The heist was made easier because the employer was too cheap to hire additional staff. However, it is the responsibility of ownership to accept these losses. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of ownership to equally distribute the profits to those who are expected to compensate for compulsory business expenses.

Due to the constant struggle people endure in life with bureaucratic administrations constantly attempting to seize all personal belongings at any given moment; one might think that for the sake of humanity ordinary people would respect other ordinary people. Unfortunately, that is not the case either. Loathsome individuals constantly probe every aspect of life with the sole purpose to disrespectfully create unnecessary turmoil, which can be overwhelming or even unmanageable to the victim.

Any violation of the code of ethics listed above could potentially cause a suicide. Something as severe as rape is an obvious infringement; but a theft of even $1 could jeopardize a person’s last ounce of hope—that $1 could have been the person’s last dollar and needed it for bus fare to avoid an endangering catastrophe. One unprovoked, unwarranted, unrequested insult could be the final one the person could handle, and a state of despair will soon follow. An unnecessary hostile complaint of a minor imperfection towards a service employee may torment the affliction of despondency to the extreme where the employees loses all hope for life; and in many circumstances, it is not the fault of that employee.

Sadly, people are simply too dumb to understand any of this and continue to conduct their business in a fashion that is displeasing to everybody. Some people demand perfection, special services, and are unwilling to experience any sort of inconvenience whatsoever… the inherently rich are the worst for this, and why many people despise rich people. Others feel that they are able to succeed in life at the expense of others, and will do nothing but take credit for something they had no assistance in the creation.

Because of all of these aspects, it is difficult to trust anybody. Furthermore, it raises questions as to how certain people may have obtained positions of power. It raises questions about the concept of power; and it undermines any premise that currency is essential to sustain life.

As for me, I have a hard enough time dealing with any of this. The Bourgeoisie has stripped me of all that was available. The government has embezzled my account. The authorities have constantly harassed me with petty concerns. Individuals I have never met have strewn insults for seemingly no reason (although there are numerous reasons involving their lack of appeal) at times when I was minding my own business. Customers that I have dealt with often become unreasonable and expect something extraordinary (and do not expect this from others.)

It is safe to say that I have been a recurring subject of unfair treatment my entire life. However, despite all of the unmerited atrocities I have been dealt, I constantly try to appear positive and put all of my issues to the side. When I am visiting family, I try not to even think of any issues bothering and rarely discuss my problems; I try not to discuss any negativity as rare family visits should be enjoyable. And, I think people should honor that.

One of things that I wanted to do at my mom’s during a down period was to search my blog on Google just to see how it is displayed on other computers. I had never done this before and was curious as to what would be listed and what would not even show. When I do this from my own home, images that I have posted are always listed first and captioned with the words “you shared this.”

When I conducted this search, I found myself with more unnecessary problems that I would have to confront. Somebody had stolen my entire blog.

At first I was irate because the blog guilty of copyright infringement showed up on the first page, and then eventually moved up to the very top. Then, everything about this gradually began to annoy me.

The name of this person’s blog is best songs of 2012. However, this uncreative piece of shit, named Jenna Bolk, did not even create a best songs of 2012 list of his/her own. Instead, Jenna Bolk copied and pasted my entire list, including the story about 2012: The Smurf Apocalypse, and that’s the entire extent of Jenna’s best songs of 2012… offered nothing from Jenna’s own perspective.

Then I delved deeper into Jenna’s blog and found that this person has swiped a ton of my material. In fact, this person’s blog consists entirely of pages from my blog, and two other articles. I questioned why Jenna Bolk was so intent with posting my blog into his/hers (I have no idea who the fuck this person is.) Of all the blogs out there on the internet, I questioned why Jenna selected my blog. I was curious as to why a person would even start a blog in the first place when he/she does not even write anything; the purpose of a blog is to express yourself—whatever that may be. With all of the material this person had taken from me, I somewhat suspected that person was borderline obsessed with me or was a stalker.

My biggest problem came with the home page. Jenna Bolk swiped all of my material and put it on his/her blog without any accreditation whatsoever. Furthermore, Jenna Bolk’s looks awful—I do not approve of it one bit. The dumbshit didn’t even change the name, simply called it:


Again, I attempted to put this aside, but there were several periods when brief time spent with my mother was obscured because of an unneeded hassle that I had no control over. I could have been having a pleasant conversation, but went through quiet phases because I was pondering the intentions of this person infringing on my blog. Furthermore, this became a topic of conversation between us.  This was not an issue that I created; it was a burden that was placed upon me by an unknown source.

Unsure what this person’s goal was, I left a comment on the page and attempted to contact Jenna Bolk. I sent Jenna an e-mail, thanked Jenna even, and discussed the conditions that I would need met in order for Jenna’s blog to simply be my blog. I offered to instruct Jenna on how to link everything properly and how to align the images so that it looked professional. All I requested was credit stating that I wrote because somewhere in the back of my head, I am clinging to some fantasy that a potential filmmaker will read some of my work and wish to endeavor the project with the type of rewards that can fulfill a lifelong dream.

Maybe Jenna was hoping for that too; Jenna could endear an agent with my material and reap the benefits. Also noteworthy, Jenna has embedded advertisements from Amazon and possibly receives monetary bonuses for each hit. Regardless, Jenna Bolk’s “blog” is a total scam. I am still not sure why Jenna selected my blog over anybody else’s, and that is potentially threatening.

I attempt to live for the moment, but again, my moment was temporarily depreciated by an unknown source trying to squander the character of another because Jenna lacks the ability to generate the attention his/herself. Jenna Bolk undoubtedly has some intrinsic talents, but writing a blog obviously isn’t one of them. Therefore, Jenna Bolk should probably pursue some other options in order to generate success independently instead of stealing from others.

Jenna never responded to my e-mail. At that moment, coupled with advice I received from friends, I considered Jenna Bolk to be a loathsome individual lurching around to violate the happiness of others.

POST VACATION REVISION:  I reported Jenna Bolk to the copyright infringement agency. At first, they claimed that it could take months, maybe years, that I might have to seek a lawyer, and there still might be anything that could be done. After a whopping two day investigation, Jenna Bolk was found guilty of copyright infringement and all of my material was supposedly removed from the songs of 2012 website. However, they did not remove all of it, and Jenna has since swiped all of my most recent posts—sometimes within the same day or two. I had to rule out that Jenna Bolk was a stalker with objectionable intentions or was even attempting to capitalize on a dream. 

I have concluded that Jenna Bolk does not even exist and the entire top 100 songs of 2012 is SPAM. That leads to the next question: Who in the fuck is interested in sending SPAM? Distribution of SPAM is an unwanted monstrosity that nobody wishes to deal with; and the fact that it even exists in the first place is a disgrace to humanity.

As of today, the spam blog has been officially removed completely.

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Chapter 6 Soundtrack Listing:

1. Circle X
"Albeit Living" 2:27

Cicle X EP

2. Wire
"Mr. Suit" 1:25

Pink Flag

3. Horseback
"Ahriman" 3:55

Half Blood

4. Swans
"YRB" 7:47

Soundtracks For The Blind

5. Roger Waters
"Perfect Sense, Pt. 1" 3:46

Amused to Death

6. Judas Priest
"Beyond the Realms of Death" 6:54

Stained Class

7. Minimal Man
"Now I Want It All" 3:44

The Shroud Of

8. The Endtables
"The Defectors" 4:03

The Endtables EP

9. D.R.I.
"I Don't Need Society" 1:34

Dealing With It

10. Crass
"Untitled" 6:48

Yes Sir, I Will

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  1. Hey Tony,

    It's David Mayeux from Asheville. I've been enjoying "confessions" quite a bit. The soundtracks are solid, though I always read too fast to enjoy them perfectly in conjunction with the text, but it's the quality of the writing that, honestly, gets me excited to see a new entry. You should almost consider spacing the entries out in time a little more—milk it for all its worth—maybe a M, W, F, schedule, because at least this reader is willing to enjoy the anticipation of waiting for the next episode.

    1. Hey David!

      Great to hear from you! Everybody reads too fast for the soundtracks to be perfectly in conjunction with the text; most people either do not even listen to the soundtrack or only listen to the music and not read the stories. That is good advice and I will take that advice beginning with the next piece that I write. There are 60 chapters of this and if I did that, it would take 3 months to post and I am moving next week.

      Are you still in Asheville? Hate to slightly give away the end here, but if you are still in Asheville, then I will see you next week. Thanks again for the comments and hope to see you soon.

      PS- I can't give out personal info on here, so if you still have Jen's number, you should tell her to give you my number and we should catch up when I get back into town.


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