Chapter 43: The Real Life Plan DD



Chapter XLIII: The Real Life Plan DD

A.) The Sinking Ship

It seemed as if I had spent my entire life trying to save a sinking ship. The imaginery voices had been the crew. Numerous efforts had been made in order to patch the ship and keep it afloat. In fact, the efforts were constant. The crew was constantly trying to make repairs and empty the flooded water from the passenger area with buckets.

The ship had been deserted in the middle of nowhere. It was just a rogue ship awaiting a rogue wave. That rogue wave represented the miracle. But, the wave never came; the ship never sank.

There have also been numerous efforts from the outside world to sink the ship. There had been no mission from outside the crew to rescue the ship from sinking. It periodically showed up on the radar and shocked the observers that the ship was still afloat. Once again, an outside effort was to finally finish it off. But, the ship survived all of the assassination attempts.

Through all of the turmoil, having endured all of the storms, it wasn’t even certain if the ship held any of the redeeming qualities should the miraculous rogue wave ever come and wash it to shore. The ship might not even be recognizable and no longer have any value. At one point in time it might have held some appeal, but the certainty whether or not this appeal still remained was in question.

It kept capsizing, but the crew was able to return it to the upright position. It nearly sank, but the water would be bucketed out just in time to keep it from fully submerging. It remained on the radar, but a rescue mission was never enacted; only more efforts to sink to put the ship out of its misery. There was more desire to remove the ship from the radar by the easiest means necessary. Perhaps it had been determined that ship wasn’t worth saving and the crew was better off perishing.

Someday, as it was hoped, there might be a rescue mission. That the ship was deemed salvageable, a repair project, and that it held luxurious investment qualities to those who buy ugly houses and junk cars. An effort could be made to fix the ship to be brand new again, and then turn around and reap the profits rewarding a job well done.

However, the crew had too much pride to ever rely on any sort of rescue mission. There might have actually been one, but the services were refused because the crew assumed they could rescue themselves; that accepting the assistance from a rescue committee not only meant an over-dependency on others, but might imply that something is owed. Should the ship have been rescued by an outside source, the crew would have obligations to conform to the standards of the rescue mission. Therefore, gifts were no longer accepted.

Or, there were still hopes that the rogue wave would finally show. The wave would be so powerful that it would propel the ship back onto course and into waters were its mechanisms functioned properly. Once the wave came, that would be the day of pay off for the members of the crew as they had persevered the utmost of disaster and triumphed over all obstacles. The newspapers reported it as one of the greatest come-from-behind victories of all-time.

Or, the radar screen might be simply shut off and the problem ignored. While this might not provide the answer to the S.O.S. signal, at least the attempts to sink the ship would desist. The people would no longer stare as the tragedy unfolds and the crew could be satisfied knowing they outlasted the spectators. At least they would be able to live/die in peace with dignity. Unless in the unlikely case that ship loses sight of the effort, the distress signal should be muted.

Hell, we had no business being out in that water anyhow. The problem might be the fact that the contraption attempting to float wasn't even a ship. It is an airplane that belongs in the air, and not in the water. Whatever the plane was doing in the water in the first place is a complete mystery. It cannot be determined if it was a crash at sea or a failed experiment to see whether or not an airplane would sail. There will be no liftoff from a runway made of water unless there is assistance from a rogue wave. There never should have been any attempts to transform the airplane into a ship. In the water, the airplane is out of place, and is but a puzzling spectacle in which viewers awe in disbelief.

One day, he wiped the sweat from his brow, looked across the horizon, and saw nothing but water. This was but an airplane somebody had mistaken for a ship, and it simply didn’t belong here. Tired from the constant struggle, the degenerated crew dropped the buckets, dropped the patch kits, put down their tools, and surrendered. They gazed out over the desolate Ocean and saw nothing but stagnant waters. There wasn’t a rogue wave in sight. This ship ain’t going anywhere.

Fuck it, let it sink.

B.) The Plan

In the emergency compartment, there is a user manual called Plan DD, When All Else Fails. Page 1 declares that the ship will not go down without a fight. However, the fight had ended. Rather than go down fighting a battle that had already been lost, the crew all laughed merrily while the ship sank.

And sink it did, but that plunge to the bottom of the Ocean in the spot marked “The End” was one terrific journey.

Plan DD does not outline any efforts to keep the ship afloat. No, those were Plans A-Z. Plan DD is the guidelines to prolong the sinking to become an enjoyable ride. Therefore, the efforts of the crew shall at least be rewarded.

Plan DD begins by establishing a timeline as when to resort to this plan. It ends with the notion that Plan EE does, in fact, exist somewhere. However, Plan EE could not be written by the author. Plan EE would require a miraculous rescue mission to take place while the ship is completely submerged underwater. Plan EE is out of the hands of the author once Plan DD is enacted. Also, there is no guarantee that Plan EE will even happen. If it hadn’t happened yet, the likelihood that it ever will is virtually zero.

We had set our timetable as we had been warned repeatedly that we cannot be afraid to die. The money accumulated from selling the car would not last forever. There was a major possibility that relocating with no job, no car, outstanding warrants, and bad credit was a huge risk. This was the water the flooded the engines. Soon, the water would be too much.

Of course, we were seeking that rogue wave. We have never asked for a rescue mission and never will. We do not even talk to girls that we genuinely love, and therefore need no assistance from anybody. Should we be unable to keep the ship afloat ourselves, then down it goes and we will enjoy the ride.

That said, we could put forth all final efforts and move that airplane to different waters. In a different region of the Ocean, that rogue wave might finally arrive. But, it is a risky situation and that spent the last amount of strength still existent in the crew’s energy source. Sometimes, you have to resort to this... and that is Plan CC.

There is the notion the airplane lost at sea might finally fly. This would entail the ultimate come-from-behind victory… this remains the key goal. Or, the airplane could learn to float and simply become a water craft. This would entail a life without expectations. We give up on any hopes of flying, we go to Wal Mart, and then we tolerate life at sea rather than the air. Or, the airplane emerges onto a deserted island. We are no longer in the waters that plague us. In reality, we never liked the Ocean, the world, the system values, the government, the money… we join an Amish Community.

Should Plan CC fail…

We will abort all missions. We will reject all companionship. The war against society will have ended. There will be no compromising; no ventures into undesired territories for the sake of others. There will be only one invite, and that is our perfect imaginary girlfriend. She represented the original Plan A, but unfortunately we have assumed her dead long ago. In our dreams, she died at an early age and we have been displaced ever since. Plan EE does not exist.

The time table is when the final savings is depleted and there still is no resolve. And this is when we disappear without a trace and will never be seen or heard from again. With the remainder of the money, we shall walk across the country. It will be a glorious adventure, one that will provide the dignity saying we at least saw the world. Our goal: to walk across the globe, and we walk as far as we can until we have run out resources and lack of essentials can carry us no farther. There’s a possibility that we might even make it to Portland. But, we will disband our entire identity and nobody shall ever know the past; nobody will ever know that we were once a plane that had been lost at sea. We will simply walk. And we’ll walk. And we’ll keep on walking. And we’ll walk from this miserable life forever.

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The Sea and Cake

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The Airing Of Grievances

13. The Rapture
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Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks

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Agents Of Fortune

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"Dead End Days With Caesar" 13:30

Gipsy Freedom

16. Built To Spill
"The Plan" 3:30

Keep It Like A Secret

17. The Boo Radleys
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C'mon Kids

18. David Bowie
"Five Years" 4:42


19. Cap'n Jazz
"Basil's Kite" 2:36


20. The Brian Jonestown Massacre
"Someplace Else Unknown" 6:24

Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?

21. The Veldt
"I Couldn't Care Less" 5:51


22. The Black Heart Procession
"The War Is Over" 3:52


23. Paul McCartney & Wings
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Wings Greatest

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Hang In There Charlie

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Love It to Death

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You All Look The Same To Me

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Spirit If...

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Грубый Закат/The Rude Sunset

32. Mercyful Fate
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33. The Cult
"Aphrodisiac Jacket" 4:11


34. My Morning Jacket
"If It Smashes Down" 5:28

At Dawn

35. Angels of Light
"Evangeline" 8:46

How I Loved You

36. Strange
"Ruler Of The Universe" 11:07

Translucent World

37. Died Pretty
"From the Dark" 7:11

Every Brilliant Eye

38. Roy Harper
"Hallucinating Light" 6:24


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