Psychedelic Experimental Noise: The 90's


1. Meth Of A Rockette'S Kick- Mercury Rev
2. Home of the Brave- Spiritualized
3. Four Saints- The Boo Radleys
4. Some Give Birth- Rollerskate Skinny
5. Flux- Bardo Pond
6. Coming Back to Damnit- U.S. Maple
7. The Drowners- Flying Saucer Attack
8. Like Herod- Mogwai
9. Constellation- The Dead C
10. Descension- Unwound
11. 88-92-96- Six by Seven
12. Winona- Quickspace
13. Chance Was- Magic Hour
14. Blue Line Swinger- Yo La Tengo
15. Where Have All The Good Boys Gone- The American Analog Set
16. Dull Hands- White Heaven
17. YRP- Swans
18. Burlesque Egg- Hail
19. Don't Die Jim- Earl Brutus
20. Nothing Solid- Thinking Fellers Union
21. On Suicide- Zeni Geva
22. Good Morning Captain- Slint
23. Listen, the Snow Is Falling- Galaxie 500
24. Everything You Say Will Destroy You- The Auteurs
25. I'm Comin' Down- Primal Scream
26. Cuckoo's Out- The High Llamas
27. Drown- The Smashing Pumpkins
28. Kick The Tragedy- Drop Nineteens
29. Crucial- Godschild
30. Neusyland- Tall Dwarfs
31. Moron- The Notwist
32. Dangler -Laddio Bolocko
33. Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop- Kyuss
34. Exit Flagger- Guided By Voices
35. Cry Sis- Sebadoh
36. Half a Canyon- Pavement
37. Save Yourself- The Make-Up
38. No Certainty Attached- The Church
39. Song Against Sex- Neutral Milk Hotel
40. You've Passed- Neutral Milk Hotel
41. Define a Transparent Dream- The Olivia Tremor Control
42. Look on Down from the Bridge- Mazzy Star
43. Hitler As Kalki- Current 93
44. Wild Flower Soul- Sonic Youth
45. Big Bang- Helios Creed
46. Dreams Burn Down- Ride
47. Machine Gun- Slowdive
48. I Only Said- My Bloody Valentine
49. Breather- Chapterhouse
50. Finland Station- Auburn Lull
51. Ejector Seat Reservation- Swervedriver
52. XYZ- Moose
53. Mirrors A Still Sky- Love Spirals Downwards
54. Distilled- Blonde Redhead
55. Czerwone Kozaki- Œcianka
56. Crypto-Zoological Disaster- Monoshock
57. From the Dark- Died Pretty
58. Teenage Lust- The Jesus and Mary Chain
59. On Again Off Again- Hair & Skin Trading Co.
60. Emergency Turn Off- All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors
61. Wings- Dog Faced Hermans
62. Peaches- The Orchids
63. Einer Von Deinen- Flowerpornoes
64. Battle- Blur
65. Holy Mountain- Sleep
66. Cosmic Interception- Von Lmo
67. Trouble Follows- Band of Susans
68. Anamorphose- Stereolab
69. A Song Of Changes- Cindytalk
70. Reason Why- Tram
71. Blue Collar Love- Starflyer 59
72. Departing The Body- Roy Montgomery
73. Sadhana Sidhi- Liquid Sound Company
74. Tuatara- Tipsy
75. Superstar- Spell
76. She's Just Like Me/Taking Time- The Apples in Stereo
77. Emma Blowgun's Last Stand- Beulah
78. Collection of Poems About Water- Of Montreal
79. Dark Night- Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
80. Mountain People- Super Furry Animals
81. The Trouble I've Been Looking For- Magnetic Fields
82. Gruby Zakat- Zvuki Mu
83. Where It's Hotter Pt. 3- The Microphones
84. Hit The Ground Running- Smog
85. Each Dream Is an Example- Gastr Del Sol
86. Leeora- The Sea and Cake
87. I Couldn't Care Less- The Veldt
88. 4, 5, 6- The Flying Luttenbachers
89. Raymod- Bluebottle Kiss
90.(Edge Of The) Ape Oven- Royal Trux
91. Flex- Prolapse
92. Blown (Face Down)- Dazzling killmen
93. Cursed Mirror- Superchunk
94. Archaeopteryx Claw- Old Time Relijun
95. Mexico es EZLN- Die Goldenen Zitronen
96. Urge To Kill- Brainbombs
97. Bombay Fraud- Oneida
98. Big Ass- Alice Donut
99. Cosmic Space Girl- Guitar Wolf
100. Molecicco- Boredoms
101. Rabies (Baby's Got The)- Six Finger Satellite
102. Victim- Bodychoke
103. Hyapatia Lee- Space Needle
104. Eat- The Work
105. Zeittotschläger- Blumfeld
106. Waltz- Acetone
107. Butch- The Geraldine Fibbers
108. Queen Glass- Butterfly Child
109. Unfair Kind of Fame- The Pastels
110. Whoever You Are- Brian Jonestown Massacre
111. The Concept- Teenage Fanclub
112. Let's Talk About Cars- Butthole Surfers
113. CuChulain (Blackbirds Loom)- Supreme Dicks
114. Looking For a Way In- Cornershop
115. My Planet- The Multiple Cat
116. Skips On The Record- At The Drive-In
117. Basil's Kite- Cap'n Jazz
118. Luau- Drive Like Jehu
119. Dreamland- The Appleseed Cast
120. The Plan- Built To Spill
121. Floating Settee- Omnia Opera
122. Hag Me- Melvins
123. Huge- Boris
124. Be On Time- Bailter Space
125. Quest For Thrills- Danielson Family
126. Practically Perfect in Every Way- Röövel Ööbik
127. Englewood- The Bogmen
128. Down- Low
129. Oil of Angels- Cocteau Twins
130. The Moon is the Number 18- Silver Jews
131. The Fruit That Ate Itself- Modest Mouse
132. King Rides By- Cat Power
133. Patchwork- Tindersticks
134. Misunderstood- Wilco
135. Debutante- Aztec Camera
136. Don't Bring Tears to a Table- Kid Silver
137. A Tune for Jack- Lemon Jelly
138. Heizchase Nailway- Mouse on Mars
139. Dasher, Prancer, Donner & Blitzen- Mice Parade
140. Guru in the Echo- Ghost
141. Let's Make Some Plans- The Wedding Present
142. King of Sling- God Bullies
143. Mr. Underground- Superdrag
144. Tonight- Supergrass
145. Prig-Skok- Egor & The Fuckups
146. Chamski- Starzy Singers
147. Last Stop: This Town- Eels
148. Night Fade- Optical *8
149. The Creep Out- The Dandy Warhols
150. From Centre to Wave- Loop
151. East Hastings- Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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