The Top 50 Songs of 1971

Unreliable Narrators + The Best Songs of 1971
Part 1: Voyage on a Sunken Ship
Part 2: The Dead, The Living, Rabbits, Leander, and Archibald
Part 3: Unreliable History
Part 4: The Next Era: Great Change or Extinction
Part 5: Phase I of The Greatest Come-From-Behind Victory in The History of The Universe

Part IV: The Next Era: Great Change or Extinction

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50. Jorge Ben
"Rita Jeep" 3:05
Negro é Lindo
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Experiencing an entirely new culture should always be a joyful revelry. Ideally, those who are given the opportunity to participate in a multi-cultural event would gain perspicacity from exposure and involvement with unaccustomed festivities. Being a part of something extremely different than the traditional standards in which one had made routine provides enriching joviality, and the marvels should remain intact without uninvited or forced suggestions. Rule #1: Respect the house that Jack built… as it pertains to Jack.

49. Al Green
"Tired of Being Alone" 2:52
Al Green Gets Next to You
Forrest City, AR/Millington, TN

The world had become so plagued with an array of unreliable narrators that I could no longer decipher what was authentic and was distorted. I questioned the validity of every aspect of life and found a series of answers that I wished I had never unveiled. The human race was contaminated and eventually I withdrew completely and distanced myself from pretty much all members of society. Even though I was disgusted with their impairment that had been derived from unreliable sources, I also longed for companionship. At times, I would find myself on the brink of a sellout just to be with somebody; then shame would settle in and I would remove myself once again. The goal was to find somebody who had also uncovered these controversial moral dilemmas.

48. Nara Leão
"Corcovado" 2:35
Dez Anos Depois
Vitória, Brazil (1942)-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1989)

I eventually escaped from the disorder created by the unreliable narration. People had devised concepts that supposedly standardized appropriate lifestyle. These people claimed that I needed a man in my life, and this person was to be the man of the house and govern my life; that I could obtain this dictatorship in my own home by merely looking pretty and acting stupid. I questioned the validity of this logic and questioned whether or not I even wished to have this sort of “happiness.” I did not, but I still wanted happiness. Somehow, I was elected to travel to an island on a boat. They offered me the option to sit wherever I desired, and I chose to sit in the half that sank.

47. Nucleus
"Ballad Of Joe Pimp" 3:47
We'll Talk About It Later
London, England

George died in 1947. Back then, he was a gangster, and frequently seen riding in the backseat of a 1936 Cadillac firing a Tommy gun out of the back window. He wore a suave pin-striped suit and was feared by the rivals. As with the others who rode in with him, once upon a time, he too could have distanced himself from society. Instead, he declared war on it. His girlfriend actually had that beautiful doll appearance that society coveted. But, she was even more deadly than George… and eventually killed George too.

46. The Who
"Baba O'Riley" 4:57
Who's Next
London, England

Sometime in the near future, I am going to need you to participate in self-destructive behavior in order to effectively cope with all of the bullshit that is going on in the world. Eventually, it will break you down… knowing the things that you have thought about do not coincide with the standards that we have created. As it stands now, you are an outsider… and nobody wants to run the risk of employing your services for they are too extreme for the impressionable patrons that rule the world. They had ruled the world for ages, ever since they discovered the haven that harbored your freedom. You are expected to either coincide with the policies or else this will lead to confrontations with the polices. And your methods of coping—if we discover those, even after we had created the need for them, you will be sentenced to seclusion so that nobody will discover your secret.

45. John Lee Hooker
"House Rent Boogie" 6:27
Endless Boogie
Clarksdale, MS (1917)-Los Altos, CA (2001)

Virgil was born a good man. Cue Virgil standing on the bus, holding on to the handles… there are no seats available and he had relinquished his seat for an elderly woman. He wasn’t going anywhere in particular, was unemployed at the moment, and en route to seeking a somewhat adequate lifestyle. This was not paradise—definitely not the paradise it used to be back before it was discovered. The quest for money had corrupted the entire population, and Virgil was but a figment of his natural self as he was merely trying to adapt to the apocryphal environment that had been created. They had taken everything from him… his job, his car, his money, and now his house. After several days of sleeping outside in the cold, Virgil was no longer the person he had once developed… all natural aspects were severely altered, his beliefs changed, and his outlook on society darkened; darkened even further than when his life-long companion left him for good.

44. Uriah Heep
"What Should Be Done" 4:13
Look At Yourself
London, England

As Alan was withdrawing from the community, his ultimate fear became The Masquerade that haunted his visions. Prior to killing Virgil, he loathed the powers that sought to conquer to unique cultures—now he feared he was becoming one of them. Alan still held his beliefs as to what he considered ideal society, but there was something else brewing inside of him. Virgil was the first person he had ever killed, and a masked demon that had been living inside of him was overtaking his persona. Perhaps it was meant to be that he killed Virgil, and therefore, it was possibly meant to be that he should kill even more of them. An immense struggle ensued as Alan attempted to keep himself locked away to prevent any further harm, all the while deciding whether or not the serial killer was his natural persona.

43. Bee Gees
"Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself" 5:28
Brisbane, Australia

Another soldier who participated in the destruction of the island was unable to live with himself following the massive killing. He contemplated suicide, but refused to die in his society. Finally, after it was too late, he researched the effects the gas would have—studied all of the elements and concluded what the results would ultimately entail. Eventually, the commerce seekers would have the island. Once the news of the disturbance passed, they could simply take the island, and re-write the history of how they discovered it. Glenn left his nation, and returned to the island with a companion… a friend he forcefully made. He not only apologized to the miniature cobra, he apologized to the pile of dead bodies; he did not offer any excuses to attempt to justify the massacre—because whatever elements caused him to believe the commands were even worse than actually following them. The best he could do was offer a gift, a miniature cobra… and to the cobra, he offered everlasting life and indestructibility (the cobra had no awareness of this). Glenn inhaled the remnants of the gas, and he too died several died several days later.

42. John Fahey
"Special Rider Blues" 3:04
Takoma Park, MD (1939)-Salem, OR (2001)

They were all happy, except for him… and the merriment of the others was destroying him for all he wanted was to feel the same joy. But, he could no longer feel this joy for his mind had been wrongfully altered by a power in which he had no control. Alan retreated to the bathroom to escape, and to hopefully gather his senses. As he was standing in solitude examining himself in the mirror, the door opened and he expected to see Elena entering to ascertain his well being. It wasn’t Elena though, it was a rabbit, who entered and shut the door. Shortly afterwards, he was surrounded by rabbits that formed a circle around him. A spooky red fog rose from out of the drain from the sink, from out of the bathtub, hazing the lights, and soon Alan was standing in the middle of fog that seemingly only covered him. The rabbits circled around him, and then disappeared, as did the red fog.

41. Leonard Cohen
"Famous Blue Raincoat" 5:10
Songs Of Love and Hate
Montréal, QC, Canada

She was a woman and I was a man. I was much stronger than she, and I could easily conquer her and govern her as I pleased. And, this is exactly what I did, for this is what I was supposed to do… it was my inborn instinct that had been instilled upon me by the laws of heredity initiated by my forefathers who discovered this beautiful region. Victoria was exactly everything that represented the ideal prize awarded to the conquering regime known as mankind. She was beautiful, sexy, and seemingly obedient. Or, so I thought. Apparently she found some elements in the sources I had assumed was appropriate living and disagreed with the notion that she should be conquered and be my servant. That afternoon, I was standing in the alley when suddenly a dense red fog arose from out of nowhere. It was the strangest thing, I recalled, for I had never seen a red fog. When the fog lifted, Victoria was standing in front of me… with a knife. I had nothing of any reasonable resonance flowing through my mind, other than the stupid look of awe as I could not comprehend what was in front me… she plunged that knife into my chest, and walked out of my life forever.

40. Caetano Veloso
"A Little More Blue" 4:44
Caetano Veloso
Santo Amaro da Purificação, Brazil

My depleted altered mental state knew no limitations nor had any consistency. I had reflected on several of the hardships that I ever encountered and today should have been fine. For no reason in particular though, today, I struggled with mental insanity and depression, even though the sun was shining and we had cheerful events scheduled. I was still struggling with the guilty conscience from having killed Virgil; and maybe I felt as if that should I ever enjoy any sort of happiness that I would be in violation of ethics. There was a possibly that I felt that I should remain remorseful for every moment of my life, at all hours of the day, that I no longer deserved anything good in my life because I had committed an evil deed and was on the verge of doing so again. Any happy smile, I felt as if somebody was watching me in disbelief.

39. Laura Nyro
"It's Gonna Take A Miracle" 3:24
Gonna Take a Miracle
New York, NY (1947)-Danbury, CT (1997)

I wanted Alan to be happy and it would have been best if he simply totally forgot about the tragic incident in which another person was killed. There had to be some sort of way for him to erase the travesty from his memory forever; that was what I really wanted. In order for this to be achieved, a miracle was required. Then, one day, came that red fog. Maybe that cleansed all of the atrocities that had ever been instilled upon the humanity of the planet Earth. Just as the conquerors swept the harmonious villages to spread unreliable religion and govern however they pleased, this dense red tinted vapor drifting slowly through the streets would miraculously reverse the afflicted demise of humanity that had been instilled upon them, and a brand new landscape would commence.

38. Erasmo Carlos
"Masculino, Feminino" 4:36
Erasmo Carlos
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I wasn’t even going anywhere and actually had no business being out of the house. Something just told me to get up and leave right at that moment and I acted upon it. And there she was, the love of my life./I had decided to take a walk in the middle of the afternoon as I was mysteriously awarded the day off. As I was walking down the street, I happened to stumble upon that other person I always dreamed that I would meet. Both of them stopped, and turned around. They were both awkward in social settings for both of them had shun the protocol that comprised standardized living. She turned around and walked over to him, and they walked together, smiling, hardly speaking a word. What nobody knew was that in their minds, both of them were enacting a musical, envisioning singing to each other with birds chirping happily on the dirty sidewalk that suddenly seemed to take on an uncanny magnificence.

37. Ennio Morricone
"Una Donna da Ricordare" 4:25
Rome, Italy

The group of skeletons in bikinis lounged in the beach chairs and was accompanied with those from the living. They had created a circle containing a dozen or so chairs; all of them occupied except one—with the empty one directly in the center. Members of the party cracked open beers, shared laughs, and relaxed in the sunshine regardless how they were dressed—there were women in bikinis and men fully clothed in suits, jackets, and ties basking in the sun…women fully dressed, men in swimming trunks. A glowing transparent image of Alan faded in and out of the empty seat. He looked confused, the onlookers smiled at him as if they were expecting him. Alan sat dimly glowing in the seat for several moments, observing the scene, seemingly trying to communicate. A beautiful woman patted him on the head, smiled, then kicked back in the sun… as did everybody else. Alan disappeared.

36. Booker T. & the MG's
"Kinda Easy Like" 8:47
Melting Pot
Memphis, TN

Once again, the smoke cleared inside the local café, the music loudened, and appeared a man in an elegant suit covered in blood. The patrons and employees were startled at first, but the blood soaked man bore a beautiful smile and was accompanied by a pack of rabbits; furthermore, the music was suddenly significantly cooler than it ever had been. And, he was cooler than anybody else had been, but had a way to make everybody else seem as cool as he. He strutted around the café, waving a wand, and magically transformed anything lacking brilliance into something truly unique that no person had ever witnessed as the tables were suddenly enhance with bright remarkable colors. They seemed transfixed with this person’s prowess and they followed him out into the street, walking with the same swagger, almost a dance, as the society that had been built by the protocol gradually became something unique, innovative, and resembled nothing else ever seen before.

35. Marcos Valle
"Minha Voz Virá do Sol da América" 4:21
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Just like that, the island became filled with beautiful enchantment. Flowers of brilliant colors grew wildly in the meadows and the leaves sprouted with colorful dynamics. The once destroyed island resembled all facets of Paradise never before witnessed in any portion of The Universe. It was the beginning of a new era, a fresh start, the dawn of a new day… it was, by all means, the greatest comeback story in the history of The Universe.

34. Isaac Hayes
"Cafe Regios" 6:00
Covington, TN (1942)-Memphis, TN (2008)

Through some mystical occurrence that defied all rational logic, we had extinguished all poisons plaguing the ruins, and not only returned to magical beauty that was held during the days of pre-discovery, but it surpassed the enchantment it once held. Even those who had immigrated to the island to capture a monster lost any desire to inflict any harm in anything in which seemed alien to them. For now, they became enamored with the different offerings that those with inherent differences possessed. Whenever the snake spoke, they listened with awe; and his mate Leander, who nobody now even cared what exactly Leander was. There was a degree of respect, and the tribe of protocol humans disbanded their instilled learnings as they pranced through the surreal forest and were witnessed quoting the indestructible cobra to amused patrons they now shared drinks.

33. Aphrodite's Child
"Break" 2:53
Paris, France

Alan reached the realization that his new destiny differed significantly than what it once held from the moment he was born. The old Alan was disintegrating, and the old photos of his smiling faced perished into flames. That Masquerade with new intentions was taking over and a new Alan was being constructed. All he had ever known, all he had ever believed, and all of his characteristics and defining traits that defined Alan as a person had diminished; he was no longer the same person. All anybody could do was say goodbye to the friend they once knew and hoped for the best as the new one was created by underlying elements of society.

32. Van Der Graaf Generator
"Pawn Hearts (End)" 3:47
Pawn Hearts
Manchester, England

The transformation of Alan was a process in which many questions were raised. A minister had attempted to reach out to him and try to help him through his path of darkness. However, he questioned why God would generate the situation in which he was delegated to kill somebody; why was it that God chose him to do these things. Therefore, if God had created him, if God had created the situation, then God created The Masquerade and it was expected that Alan lead a mission from God, to carry out God’s orders… and that meant that Alan was, in fact, just as he feared, a killer… and destined to kill, and assigned to kill by orders of God. Quite possibly, this was not the end of Alan’s life entirely, yet the start of a new one. Just as the age of toxic disaster ended on Paradise, just as that transformation ultimately led to a major improvement in enhanced beauty, just as the café and the community were now filled with the bliss of brilliance, there lied the possibility that Alan would soon be blessed with a revitalization of unique qualities by acting upon what he assumed was natural. And so the lights flashed, flickering brightly, juxtaposing back and forth the Alan of old with The Masquerade.

31. The Temptations
"Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)" 3:53
Sky's the Limit
Detroit, MI

Several years ago, Alan dreamed that maybe his whole life would change for the better should he ever find that ideal companion. He would often fantasize about a woman that did not even exist who would be the answer to all of his dreams and ambitions. There would come a time when the two of them would embark on a lifelong journey and find that Paradise in which they always dreamed. The problem was, at the time, this girl did not exist, and Alan trudged down the path of loneliness for far too long… until that day when he finally met Elena.

30. James Gang
"Midnight Man" 3:24
Cleveland, OH

Upon meeting Elena, that was the first transformation for Alan. Once she became a prominent figure in his life, he disbanded his reckless ways and attempted to be a more responsible figment of society. Although he was happy for the most part, he did neglect some of his natural tendencies because he thought this was appropriate to sustain a meaningful relationship with a beautiful person. However, she still loved him, and even cherished a number of his injudicious tendencies. To her, his lack of concern for prudent judgments made him unique, amusing, and, in her words, cute.

29. Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
"Sunrise" 6:50
Galactic Zoo Dossier
London, England

Unfortunately, a multitude of issues continued to surmount on the helpless Alan, and Elena continuously had to bail him of various predicaments. Due to the constant array of complications in his life, he frequently felt contrite as if he were putting Elena through frequent misery. He gradually lost some of his self-confidence and constantly felt as if Elena could do much better and maybe it would serve her right to seek elsewhere. They decided to move away and find a better life as Elena received a job offer in a different state. A few days prior to that was when the incident happened; Alan had felt so compelled to extricate a potential humiliation that would further jeopardize Elena’s happiness that he resorted to whatever means necessary to defend her… those means concluded with a sucker punch that would kill somebody. Her happiness remained intact, she felt Virgil deserved what he received for he was the one who instigated the event. Virgil also felt that he deserved for he was on the brink of suicide anyway; in death, he took full responsible. But, it was Alan who never coped… and his life was forever altered.

28. Black Sabbath
"Solitude" 5:03
Master of Reality
Birmingham, England

I am going to die alone though, and I don’t give a fuck. Well, I say that I don’t give a fuck… but that is more so preparation for the unsettling imminence that is sure to come. My last affair ended miserably. I have acknowledged that it was all my fault, and that I must suffer alone for all eternity as a result. I am incapable of successfully handling a meaningful relationship, and therefore refuse to be with another human being because I do not wish to ruin her short life, ruin her happiness, and ultimately, ruin her eternal afterlife. All I thought about was her the entire time, on the rear portion of that ship that sank en route to the island… the waves concealed my tears as I once again succumbed to sorrowful depression. I am far removed from the norms of society, all I think about is her and how I failed, and all I can do is consider the notion that the world is a lonely place, and I’m better off alone anyway. I have become an unreliable narrator due to the fact that I can no longer function in society, and that I have rejected any form of attention as I try to distance myself from everybody. Even on this island, I have disappeared into a void; I want nothing to do with any of them.

27. Faces
"Sweet Lady Mary" 5:51
Long Player
London, England

That was his claim exactly, as his life was altered severely over the loss of love. He was faced with the hardest thing some people ever deal with, and that is accepting the blame or admission of guilt. In some aspects they were perfect, while in others the perfection was a mere fabrication within their own minds to compensate for the void that had been vacated long ago. As a result of this lackluster finale, Chris removed himself from all facets of life, went into seclusion, and basically refused to speak to anybody. He went back home to re-evaluate his entire life and possibly start all over again. He learned one lesson, and vowed that he was finished seeking a relationship for the rest of his life… never even gave potential suitors a first glance. However, that vacated void was still painstakingly noticeable.

26. Baby Huey
"A Change Is Going To Come" 9:26
The Baby Huey Story: The Living Legend
Richmond, IN (1944)-Chicago, IL (1970)

The era of re-evaluation took place for all of those who had been affected. This society had been ruined long ago and the only way to assure happiness was to conform to the destructive habits causing the ultimate dissolution. If a person was unwilling to participate in the afflictive principles that were damaging the integrity of the human race, then that person was prone to encounter incomprehensible oppression. There would be scrutiny from the damaged race as they did not wish to embrace any notion that had become contaminated by the influence of unreliable narrators. And one day, they had realized that they too had become inflicted by the contaminating elements; and that they had become something they no longer recognized. Then comes the era of self realization, as the individuals confess that they had become a part of an idiosyncrasy that defied what they actually stood for. They realized that some of the things they learned from various sources had been wrong all along; and it had occurred nowhere near as they had indicated. You might find out the newscast was inaccurate; there were contradictions in the religious views we chose; the politicians had blatantly lied to us; and history had been written by unreliable narrators.

And we ourselves had been wrong periodically in our lives for actually believing this, even for a short period. So they drew themselves into seclusion, they engaged in activities some of the unreliable sources had declared wrong or harmful. But, they needed to do these things (20 years of very serious smoking for some of them) in order to get back to purity in which they once possessed. However, that purity may be gone forever as these individuals try to assert themselves into a falsely generated intent and created on committing deplorable acts of atrocity. Those people who had seen through the blinding subterfuge were faced with despondency for losing the desire to conform to their own peers. And, that’s how we knew that a change was going to come… it had to.

Top Image by: St. Vincent Pallotti
Bottom Image by: Connecting Directors

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