The Top 25 Songs of 1971

Unreliable Narrators + The Best Songs of 1971
Part 1: Voyage on a Sunken Ship
Part 2: The Dead, The Living, Rabbits, Leander, and Archibald
Part 3: Unreliable History
Part 4: The Next Era: Great Change or Extinction
Part 5: Phase I of The Greatest Come-From-Behind Victory in The History of The Universe

Part V: Phase I of The Greatest Come-From-Behind Victory in The History of The Universe

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25. Electric Light Orchestra
"10538 Overture" 5:32
The Electric Light Orchestra
Birmingham, England

Moving onward to greatest come-from-behind victory in The History of the Universe. While that may sound enticing as if it were a triumphant manifestation, in actuality, it signifies the opposite. In order the claim that statement in the first place meant that the victors were up against great opposition. Since the victory was labeled “come-from-behind” it signified that sometime during the process the eventual victors were dejected to the extreme it would appear they were defeated. Being the greatest come-from-behind victory in The History of The Universe meant that during a portion of this, the participants had battled a terror so diabolical that most them were on the brink of losing all hope, dignity, and everything that considered joyful for natural life… and they were down to the extreme it appeared all was hopeless. Yes, people died, some lost everything, many had even been slaves to the system opposing it—but in the end, something had to prevail to save even the oppressors from ultimate extinction.

24. Paul McCartney
"Monkberry Moon Delight" 5:25
Liverpool, England

One day, I just said to myself, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe any of it. I want to believe what it stands for; I need this in order to feel dignified. But, it was the way others had established for it to be erected is where the most serious questions lie. If we had been wrong this entire time, then serious implications were sure to ensue. Knowing the severity of the consequences were my greatest fear, I had no problems whatsoever confessing that I had been wrong, that I had been misled as a result of my own impressionability, and that I had even tried to attempt to steer others down the wrong path; the path I assumed was right. Once I broke it all down, I decided that I was no longer going to withdrawal as a result of pitying the wretched society that I inhabited.

23. The New Seekers
"I'd Like to Teach the World To Sing" 2:35
We'd Like to Teach the World to Sing
Manchester, England

The people who I thought I despised based on the notion that they were blissfully frolicking down the wrong path, were actually good people. I saw the good in them. When my car needed a jump, there was always someone there to offer assistance. Throughout all the bullshit this race of humanity had been plagued with, when it came down to it, there was plenty of decency in all of them. It wasn’t their fault they had been misguided. Like everybody else, they were just doing what they thought was appropriate in order to feel loved. That’s when I decided that I wanted to teach them the other path, not the path of the beaten, but the path that leads to victory. It was going to be a struggle and require immense strategy, but I felt as if I had outside help…something none of us had ever known.

22. The Kinks
"Complicated Life" 4:03
Muswell Hillbillies
London, England

Population on Earth was living in disarray. Regardless of what anybody believed, they were faced with numerous obstacles and complications. Some of these complicated matters seemed to have no resolution, nor any reasoning for its occurrence. Those who randomly seemed faced with the most bizarre of matters gradually lost interest in the world and sometimes even wished death upon themselves as the found the entire grand scheme of things overrated. These misguided misfits who developed the most extremely bleak outlooks were actually the ones most in-tune with all of the notions that implied that the world was a creation by unreliable narrators. Unfortunately, the great detestation made they themselves unreliable narrators.

21. John Lennon
"I Don't Wanna Be a Soldier" 6:08
Liverpool, England (1940)-New York, NY (1980)

This brings us to the desire to conquer a culture and govern them however they pleased. In order to so initially, that requires at least some outside help—Columbus claimed to have been able to do so with 50 men… meaning, he didn’t build that, he had help. In order do so successfully; you have to ensure that the entire population on whole collectively agrees in unison with the desired perception. This is where they failed and this is when the comeback originated. Somewhere along the lines, it became obvious that the tactics being utilized to convert the population into believing their imperialist quest was indeed manifest destiny were cheap, manipulative, and sometimes cruel and inhumane. The natural instinct of the average human being is not to commit violent acts upon another group of fellow people. They were being asked to conquer the other cultures so that a select few could govern them as they wished. Then, they were not only poorly compensated for their inhumane acts of cruelty, but they regretted all of the destruction they caused. To be or not to be a soldier/hero/tyrant was a debatable topic of mass struggle.

20. Can
"Oh Yeah" 7:24
Tago Mago
Köln, Germany

The ones who wished to govern other cultures however they pleased were poor governors. The fact that they even became a governor in the first place spoke volumes about their goals and demeanor. Barring a few exceptions, in general, the governor’s primary interest was his/her own wealth and he/she was willing to abuse his/her own power in order to protect it. In the meantime, many of those who worked to preserve that wealth were given nothing in return. When it dawned on them that they had just massacred an entire island of defenseless civilians for the sake of the governor’s bank account, they had no choice but to reconsider everything. All that they had ever known needed serious evaluation, and the results were not what they hoped would bring. It turned out that they were destroying the Earth, wastefully consuming all the resources at a gluttonous pace, and infringing on the rights of others by forcing them to convert to their skeptical religion. One day, they dropped the guns, and they walked away… forever. There would be no more fighting, for we now know all of the dangers and expenses involved with dropping even one single missile.

19. David Bowie
"Changes" 3:37
Hunky Dory
London, England

Overcoming a debacle as huge as a massive corrupt government that was ruling the world, religious practices that had generated wars for thousands of years, money, TV, and a multitude of other unreliable narrators that had molded society into a degenerative subsector of the universe that no longer had any intrinsic natural values was something that would require numerous years to overturn. These types of changes that once they proved triumphant, it would mark the beginning of an entirely new era which extends beyond a brief period, no matter how significant, that only lasted briefly. This was to be a complete change in the entire mentality of the entire race; a beginning whose impact would be discussed 50,000 years from now, and a reason to restart the year count. When all was finally victorious, The New Year would be 1 AMC (After Miraculous Change). At press-time, the change was still not complete. (SPOILER ALERT: It will still not be complete at the end of this section; and the struggle will continue until the best of 1977 Grand Finale).

18. Van Morrison
"Tupelo Honey" 6:54
Tupelo Honey
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Shortly after they met, it seemed to instantly harmonize the chemical elements of not only their molecular structure, but set the tone for exactly what needed to happen to initiate the road to freedom. They frolicked joyfully down that boulevard, smiling, still having not spoke to one another; these two did not need to speak, there was a spark so genuine that they actually could communicate telepathically. Once they finally joined hands, some sort a shift in the entire universe seemed to unfold… the fog lifted. It caught the attention of one remote island, for upon looking out at the waves, they knew something magical had just happened. Many of them were dead for years, most of them were killed as a direct result of control from unreliable narration… hell, some of them were rabbits sitting quietly on their hind legs. And just out of the blue, magically, one sole flower blossomed just off the beach. It was a colorful bloom, a color nobody had ever even seen… and after they embraced in a kiss, that moment when the entire universe knew that it was going to last forever, more of them blossomed, and seemed to spread with glitter and magic. And when the rest of the island unified, joined hands, seemingly forgiven for all of the poison that plagued them, the whole community was transformed into a beauty never witnessed in this section of the galaxy.

17. Serge Gainsbourg
"Melody [Extrait de Melody Nelson]" 7:32
Histoire de Melody Nelson
Paris, France

Virgil watched attentively at the empty chair, waiting the moment when it shall be occupied by Alan, as did a cool spectator wearing a fashionable blood drenched tuxedo. It had been a seemingly normal day as Alan and Elena were prepared for bed. She was sitting on the bed while Alan was in the bathroom brushing his teeth. There was a loud crash at the back window; Elena screamed, and Alan urgently emerged from the bathroom to see what was happening. Virgil had entered their home and held them at gunpoint. He stole their valuables, their cash, and rummaged through the drawers looking for anything else he could salvage. They had no weapons, so he could do as he pleased, and felt he could also rob them of their dignity. Virgil angrily aimed the gun at Alan and declared he would shoot if he tried anything out of the ordinary.

Alan immediately recognized that he was an unreliable narrator—if he was genuinely evil to the core, he would have simply shot Alan without hesitation (this assumption eventually led to further grief). Alan held up his hands and offered words of kindness, informing Virgil that he could keep the money and they were glad to help. Shit, man, you don’t even need that gun bro—we’re just happy to have guests. It soothed the situation and he told Virgil to relax, and go ahead and have sex with Elena.

Yea man, ironically, this is what we are into. Believe it or not, we were actually flipping through the ads looking for somebody to come over and join us… you go ahead and fuck her, and I’ll take pictures… we’ll split the money 50/50 because we can sell them to various porn magazines and make a killing. Virgil was easily misled, obviously, for he had broken into their home in the first place. Tragically, he even smiled at Virgil, laughed, and agreed to it. He set down the gun, and as he was unbuttoning his shirt, Alan attacked… punched one square blow to the throat, breaking his windpipe and causing him to die of asphyxiation. It was not an immediate death either, as the two of them watched him suffer, dying slowly in pain, deciding what to do.

16. King Crimson
"Islands" 11:51
London, England

I suffered from severe paranoia. Even in times in which not much was even happening, I was stricken with severe anxiety attacks in which I felt that I was suffocating, that the world was caving down on me and that I needed to die a slow painful death for the suffering I caused.......     As for me, fuck it, I was actually glad to be out of my misery. Alan saw me suffering for a mere 15 minutes. I know it must have seemed like an eternity for him, but it was just a short, brief finale for the years of suffering that he did not see. And when I confessed that it was all my fault, that I was the one who actually wronged him, I offered to make restitution. I was sent to an island where a terrible tragedy had claimed the lives of many. For whatever reason, I was expected to be a part of them. One day, it all turned beautiful, and I stood in the meadow while an array of beautiful flowers surrounded me. I simply closed my eyes and allowed myself to be at one with the enchanting environment. When I held out my hand, I was joined with Alan. He seemed so confused and so haphazardly out of tune with his particular world. This was reality for me, but just a dream to him. And, I told  him it was OK, that he was forgiven. He didn’t listen though; he was so full of anxiety and grief that he barely even noticed that he was standing in the middle of paradise. But, Connie patted me on the leg, informed me not to worry, that it requires a good person, a good soul, and a free spirit to regret committing an act of violence as he did…even if it was in self-defense. To not worry, another mission lied in front of him, and that he would be joining us soon enough.

15. Hawkwind
"You Shouldn't Do That" 15:42
In Search Of Space
London, England

Alan drifted from Paradise to that sector of The Universe, that sector way over on the opposite side, the one that is called Nightmare. Alan, dear boy, we want you to kill more people. Alan, dear boy, there is killer inside of you, and it has always been there. It was you, dear boy, who suppressed the killer. That was a sign of good, Alan, for you are truly a man of goodwill. But, Alan, situations that are beyond any control have played a factor in your transformation. Alan, we need The Masquerade to come out; the demon needs to emerge. It was placed inside you for a reason Alan, for you simply became Alan… you were always The Masquerade, and The Masquerade has a destination… Alan never had one. The Masquerade stood beside Alan, he is right. Virgil stood beside Alan, along with The Masquerade, and the faceless figure with the disturbing voice. Virgil looked bleak and sympathetic for Alan. But, it was true… Alan, you are The Masquerade. And I awoke that next morning, knowing that I was going to kill again.

14. Marvin Gaye
"Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" 5:28
What's Going On
Washington, DC (1939)-Los Angeles, CA (1984)

We live in a fucking slum, yet we’re expected to pay taxes. This ain’t even living, not in these conditions. These conditions were created by tactless conquerors who sought to govern us however they pleased; and how they pleased involved slavery, and other acts so cruel that no person with any decency whatsoever would even consider. We hadn’t even done anything. The rich people taking our taxes would not even enter this community, let alone have any idea what it is like to live here… and they think they can allow small town hicks vote for our happiness? Our homes had been depleted, our children had been deprived, and eventually we strolled down the path of the beaten to engage in self-destructive behavior. Many of us wanted to kill the system so badly that we killed each other.

13. The Doors
"L.A. Woman" 7:55
L.A. Woman
Los Angeles, CA

Victoria had no remorse whatsoever for killing George. She never loved him and never approved of those ways that dictated her own life. However, she still had that prominent void that was glaring noticeable in her demeanor. After slaying the tyrant, she was given the option… and she chose Desmond… who chose to be an unreliable narrator. There were also other elements playing major factors, for they now could be played out as the miracle provided some sort of balance. Victoria had relatives, Ann Marie who was incapable of making any decisions, and Elena, who chose Alan, who had been chosen to be The Masquerade. Desmond had also been selected, but was carrying out his destiny in an erroneous fashion. Nobody was living how they were meant to be living, and when the red fog returned, Victoria utilized force to offset some obstacles. In the fog, with a handgun, she obliterated a no parking sign, exploded a retail store, and crashed an unpiloted aircraft into a household in a city that had been dubbed “weird.”

12. Curtis Mayfield
"Stare and Stare" 6:15
Chicago, IL (1942)-Roswell, GA (1999)

Alan boarded the bus and stood in the exact location in which Virgil had once ridden this exact same bus. Not a word was spoken on this bus as it cruised through the bleakest community in existence. However, it was a multi-cultural community, but improper governing and unreliable narration caused unnecessary tension. There were no conquerors onboard, but there was an extreme lack of trust. Throughout the duration of the bus trip, joyful communion between the different cultures barely took place, they were merely observed. A part of them wished to actively be a part of something truly remarkable, but there was no set way to go about doing it. Instead, they turned a blind eye on the ones who needed the most assistance for it was painful to even look at this person; and there was nothing no one could do about it.

11. Shuggie Otis
"Freedom Flight" 12:56
Freedom Flight
Los Angeles, CA

Virgil latched on to the outside of the bus. He was unable to be seen by any person except for Alan, as he simply held on and enjoyed the ride. A moment had been taken to enjoy the scenery while riding on the outside of the bus as a stowaway. The scenery was not exactly beautiful either; it was a dirty urban setting with abandoned buildings, excessive traffic, kids playing in piles of junk, and people crossing the streets from walking down the sidewalk. It was a bit chilly outside, and the ride outside the bus made it colder. Fortunately, Virgil wore a coat, and even used a mind altering substance to enhance his observations. Some of these people in this downtrodden community smiled; some of them seemed happy. And on one side of the street, there was a happy couple… they had just joined hands and that changed the entire universe. There were passengers on top of the bus, and all of them were dead just like Virgil, from the same residence in which Virgil now resides. They were skeletons basking on beach chairs on the top of the bus, joined with some new friends. Virgil pecked on the window, and Alan climbed out of the window and occupied that empty chair on the top of the bus. They smiled, but turned away, it was just temporary. Alan did not really know what he was doing out here, it was a dreamlike state, and he simply observed the scenery which became more and more surreal and fascinating. In the window of a shabby apartment in which the bricks had now turned a glowing orange blossomed one flower in a burnt orange potted plant. It was a unique yellow, and this one actually had a face temporarily… it made eye contact with Virgil, smiled, and winked. Leander and Archibald the 60 pound cobra also peeked out the window, saw the group, smiled and waved… they all waved back. And suddenly, Alan was back inside the bus nearing his destination.

10. Black Sabbath
"Iron Man" 5:58
Birmingham, England

The vision of The Masquerade was one filled with dread. Alan walked the busy streets still clinging to some peculiar pretension that he was still an ordinary man. It was one of those bizarre days and for no reason in particular, the regular people of society tried to engage in conversation with Alan, who was severely struggling with becoming The Masquerade. As the people laughed and joked about various eccentric topics that made little sense, Alan tried to smile, but was obviously in some sort of distress as he was sweating and unable to respond with anything. The anxiety was intensifying as images of The Masquerade accompanied him. As they were laughing, he could only picture The Masquerade stalking through the streets, shooting all of the people trying to reach out to him, gunning through windows, entering shops and killing everybody inside. The Masquerade wanted to kill all of them and watch them run away in fear.

9. Harry Nilsson
"Me and My Arrow" 2:06
The Point!
New York, Ny (1941)-Agoura Hills, CA (1994)

It was crazy, for a period of extreme silliness seemed to take place. Everywhere Alan went, he was accompanied by The Masquerade. Furthermore, every person they seemed to encounter was delightful, sociable, and interested in the oddest of occurrences. Some random lady spoke of a cosmetics counter that was struck by a tornado and the wind sent an array of perfumes shattering in some unsuspecting nearby residence, making the entire place smell like perfume. All the while, Alan’s sanity was slowly losing grip.

8. Gil Scott-Heron
"Pieces Of A Man" 4:55
Pieces Of A Man
Chicago, IL (1949)-New York, NY (2011)

This system that they fought to preserve was as cruel and inhumane as utterly possible; completely tactless. They claimed that this class system was essential to the preservation of freedom. In actuality, it completely broke people’s pride and dignity, often for no reason whatsoever. After they had depleted a culture so that they could govern it however they pleased, they expected the members of these cultures to conform to their menacing ways. They were only permitted to work as peasants, earning barely enough income to survive. Like everybody else, the members of the oppressed culture were merely seeking love and happiness. But, those governing how they pleased would strip all of the essential elements away from a person once the owner had earned enough income to fail miserably to the tax collector. What ensued were shame, sorrow, and families destroyed.

7. Rod Stewart
"Mandolin Wind" 5:30
Every Picture Tells A Story
London, England

Alan felt remorseful for Elena. She was still beautiful, and she still seemed happy and unscathed by the madness surrounding Alan. He knew his time with her was dwindling and when the transformation was complete it was she who he would miss the most. Knowing sometime soon that he was going to commit the most horrendous of crimes, he felt as if he let her down. When she partnered up with him, she never suspected that she was getting involved with a repressed killer. But even as he was quickly losing touch with reality, she continued to defend and remain by his side; and this made him feel even more remorseful. She was the only thing preventing him from going on an all-out killing spree.

6. Pink Floyd
"Fearless" 4:47
London, England

Allison Marie walked up the beach wearing a skirt and a tank top and stood beside Austin Pierre. She wanted to bask in the sun with others, for she now realized that she was in Paradise. As she unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her long slender legs, Austin Pierre watched her undress in awe. When she raised her shirt and pulled off the tank top, Austin knew that he too was in Paradise. She caught him watching her undress and playfully kicked the skirt at him with her freshly polished toes. However, he had turned away at the last moment (the skirt beamed him in the face and he didn’t even flinch). Allison Marie turned to see what had diverted her attention, and suddenly it had the attention of everybody present at the beach. Peaking at the crowd from behind a beautifully colored palm tree was Leander, and a 60 pound cobra slithering through the brightly blooming blossoms that now decorated the island. They stopped, stared awkwardly, uncertain what to do; as did the others. Desmond approached the beach, with his suit still dripping blood, and offered a warm friendly smile to representatives of a culture that had been feared for ages. Come join us, he waved to them. Leander smiled, and for the first time in Leander’s life, Leander felt accepted.

5. T. Rex
"Mambo Sun" 3:41
Electric Warrior
London, England

Desmond remained cool as the newcomers joined the party. However, he knew of another secret that needed exposed. He walked over to Archibald, waved the wand, and sprayed the 60 pound cobra with the killer poisonous red fog. When the fog cleared, Archibald looked at him as if he were a menace. Desmond simply smiled, patted him, removed a gun from his jacket, and shot the cobra in the head. For a split second, everybody looked terrified and assumed that Desmond had betrayed him. But, the cobra rose and stared down Desmond, who simply smiled at him, waved to the crowd, and informed all the onlookers that Archibald was indestructible, and could never be destroyed no matter what. Archibald suddenly smiled the best a cobra was able, Leander gave him a hug, and everybody cheered and celebrated. They toasted a drink in Archibald’s honor and a dance party ensued. It was a token of friendship, that one moment in which cultural difference was truly embraced, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Throughout the duration of the song, random colorful flowers sprouted in the most desolate regions of the Earth.

4. Funkadelic
"Maggot Brain" 10:20
Maggot Brain
Detroit, MI

Alan walked into the bathroom. Dense red fog drifted out from underneath the door. When the door re-opened, The Masquerade emerged from out of the fog. He walked into the bedroom and Elena was sleeping soundly in the bed, looking sweet and beautiful in her bed apparel. Alan, accompanied with the ghost of Grover Cleveland, simply stood behind The Masquerade and watched as The Masquerade slowly peeled the blanket off of her. He forcefully grabbed the neck of her negligee and ripped it downwards, exposing her naked body. She leaped up from her sleep, startled, and then frightened to see The Masquerade standing before her. Before she could scream for help, The Masquerade pounced on top of her and plunged a knife into her neck.

Alan jolted out of his sleep. Elena was still sleeping next to him; The Masquerade and Grover Cleveland were seated in chairs beside the bed. They asked if he was ready, and informed him that it was time to go. He got dressed and they exited the house. It was still dark outside, there was a full moon, and they prowled around in the dark amidst a dense red fog that lingered wherever they walked. One house on the corner had colorful flowers growing in the garden; the house next to it had none. This was the house. Looking into the street, the most terrifying images Alan had ever envisioned displayed themselves in hallucinatory fashion on the streets. A young girl jump roping; her face melted and turned to blood. There were dead bodies lying in the street. And finally, the Anti-Christ had finally risen. It was among us, and it had been this entire time. Surprisingly, the Anti-Christ seemed at odds with Alan; Grover Cleveland hissed like a cat at it…it was the first time he had ever shown any emotion. Disobeying the commands of the Anti-Christ, they quietly crept up to the house.

3. Yes
"Starship Trooper" 9:35
The Yes Album
London, England

A local minister had attempted to reach out to the troubled Alan. It was actually this minister who claimed that it was God who created the situation, because, God works in mysterious ways. Working in mysterious ways is one of the many symptoms of an unreliable narrator.

Alan wanted no part of the minister’s words, but the minister was persistent and constantly insisted in reading him the most irrelevant of Biblical quotes. He claimed that God was the type of person who had asked another person to sacrifice his firstborn child to pledge his love; and that God may have done the same for Alan. That he was testing Alan, and that Alan should continue to love the Lord, because this was his way of proving his commitment to God.

(5:41-end) They entered the darkened house and walked around quietly. Grover Cleveland secured the door and remained on lookout. Alan and The Masquerade tip-toed up the steps being extremely careful not to make a sound. Once they reached the top, The Masquerade quietly opened the door and saw the minister in the bed sleeping with his wife. They snuck into the room and stood over the bed, with the light from the moon shining into the window. The minister opened his eyes and saw The Masquerade standing over him in a mist of red fog. Before he could react, Alan placed his hand over his mouth and attempted to hold him down. The Masquerade whipped out an aluminum baseball bat and proceeded to beat him violently with the bat, splattering blood all over the bed and all over his wife. She awoke, screamed, and tried to run away. Before she made it to the door, The Masquerade pounded her over the head with the bat, and then beat her into oblivion just as he did her husband.

The children awoke, entered, saw their dead parents and cried. The Masquerade raced after the kids, a 4 year old girl, a 6 year old girl, and an infant crying. Downstairs, Grover Cleveland did nothing but stand by the door assuring nobody would enter. There was much ruckus upstairs, the sound of pounding on the floor, children crying, and thuds as the bats slaughtered the children also.

2. Led Zeppelin
"When the Levee Breaks" 7:07
London, England

Alan finally reached his breaking point and that was the moment when he was no longer Alan. He walked to the police station and entered, carrying a bloody baseball bat and the look of evil in his eye. The dispatcher looked horrified, and an officer quickly came through the doors to detain Alan.

Just outside on the porch, The Anti-Christ was lurking in the dark. A figure ran to the police station and approached the Anti-Christ, it was a figure covered in blood, it was Desmond. He waved the wand and sprayed red fog into The Anti-Christ, and the Anti-Christ coughed up blood as its skin began to deteriorate.

The onlookers (which included Desmond dressed in a bloody suit) on the Paradise looked out upon the waves. They came crashing down upon the island, crashing into the beach chairs, blasting all the people on the beach. But, they were unfazed by the chaotic riptide. Not even the rabbits would budge. If anything, it only watered the beautiful plants. A gigantic tidal wave was quickly approaching. The Masquerade beat the police officer with the bat, and blood was spilling all over the floor. He bust out the window and attacked the dispatcher, and beat him to death also. There were some officers watching television in the recreation room and The Masquerade entered. Grover Cleveland secured the door, and their screams could be heard outside the door.

Archibald rose higher than the enormous tidal wave. He opened his mouth and hissed at the wave. Mysteriously, it calmed down before it reached the shore, and that washed on the beach was a soothing wave that caressed over the residents of Paradise. Desmond tossed Leander a Pinã Colada, and all was well.

#1. Alice Cooper
"Second Coming" 3:05 + "Ballad of Dwight Fry" 6:33 + "Sun Arise" 3:50
Love It to Death
Detroit, MI

Second Coming: Alan awoke in worse shape than even after that first killing. This time, it had been on purpose, and he had officially become a killer. The Masquerade was nowhere to be found and Elena was sleeping soundly next to him. He wondered if she knew, or how she would react if she would find out. It was at this point he could no longer tell reality from dramatization. The world had become a delusion and reality itself was but a delusion. Nobody else could differentiate a natural evil as opposed to a vigilante that had been created to retaliate against unjust conquerors. Someday, it would simply be nice to walk in a world that had not been tampered with such contaminants.

Ballad of Dwight Fry: It had been a long time since Alan was himself, and he doubted that the old would ever return. He reminisced on the days that he was once happy—those first days with Elena and those wonderful times they shared together. Alan had been gone for far too long and all that was left was memories of carefree days when he was his former self. When Elena awoke, dressed, and left, he felt an overwhelming sense of sorrow as he hoped for a better life for her. Maybe this would all be forgotten.

When he stood up, The Masquerade returned. The killer had been inside him so long, and there was a deep regret once he realized what he had done. More than anything, he wanted to get out of here; The Masquerade wanted out of his mind and to be unleashed, he wanted everything erased, as he was going insane. The room was spinning around as he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Finally, everything seemed to explode and he ran outside of the house out into the streets.

He was walking in a state of stress, attempting to keep his composure. There was a sense of guilt coupled with extreme nervousness as he walked by the other pedestrians. Alan wound up in the parking lot of the store. He had stopped in to get a drink, but was unable to control himself inside the store. It seemed as if everybody was staring at him, people were trying to talk to him but he couldn’t hear anything. They kept asking if he was OK, but he was tense and stricken with anxiety—there was obviously something seriously wrong with him as he wore his deep seeded psychological issues on his sleeve. All he could do was dash out of the store, and he didn’t even bother paying for his drink.

Back out in the parking lot, he was attempting to dash away quickly, but stumbled on the curb. He collapsed onto the ground and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. People were crowding around him and it was only making things worse. The Masquerade stood hovering over him, gazing out at the crowd that was attempting to remedy him. Red lights and sirens poured into the parking lot and surrounded him. They quickly emerged from their vehicles and pushed their way towards him as he was throwing up on the pavement. A rescue unit tried to assist him, but he stood up and pushed them away. The squad was trying to calm him, but he wasn’t sure if they were there to arrest and haul him away. Alan yelled at the officers, threatened them, pushed them forcefully as they tried to apprehend him. Finally, he dashed away, but was running awkwardly. The Masquerade chased after him with a bloody axe.

Conclude the finale with the band playing on the stage; the guitarist hammering away and another one prolonging a distorted chord while the drummer insanely intensifies the beat.

Sun Arise: Desmond stood on the gorgeous beach still covered in blood. They were all still gathered in their group circled around an empty chair. Alan entered the picture; he too was covered in blood, but now smiling. He cracked open his drink, shook Desmond’s hand, and sat in the seat. At this moment, the waves grew even calmer, more beautiful plants blossomed, and Leander and Archibald laughed as they welcomed Alan to Paradise. He did not relax just yet as he pulled an empty chair up next to him. Desmond once again smiled and then disappeared. He returned with a bloody axe while carrying the bloody head of Elena in his other hand, dripping blood onto the beach. Alan simply rolled his eyes at him and kicked back in the seat. A headless woman in a two piece bikini with the perfect body entered the scene, yanked her head out of Desmond’s grasp, attached it to her head, and Elena sat in the seat next to Alan. He glanced over her and smiled, she smiled back and laid back in the sun. He placed his left hand out, and she held it in her soft right hand as they enjoyed the soothing comfort of the warm sunshine.

Everybody else eased back in their chairs and enjoyed the view; rabbits frolicked happily along the beach, others enjoyed laughter, drinks, and merriment… the band continued to play as more beautiful flowers blossomed brightly on the beach. Looking out on the Ocean, the sun looked beautiful, and there was no sign of a contaminated society in sight, just a beautiful blue sea forever protected by a brightly colored 60 pound magical cobra.

"Monolith" 3:49
Electric Warrior
London, England

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

None of the original songs were ever intended to be used in this type of format.
Descriptions in no way shape or form intended to be a truthful reflection or interpretation of the song or the artist in reference.
All characters and themes completely fictitious and any similarities to actual people living or deceased are coincidental.

Band info and images provided by rateyourmusic (My copy of Black Sabbath Paranoid reads 1971)
Playlists created on 8tracks
Bottom Image by: Google... Official Name of Led Zeppelin IV
Top Image by: Moms Get Real
Cover Image By: Ssonso's Ghost House


Bottom Image by: Google... Official Name of Led Zeppelin IV

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