The Top 100 Songs of 1971

Unreliable Narrators + The Best Songs of 1971
Part 1: Voyage on a Sunken Ship
Part 2: The Dead, The Living, Rabbits, Leander, and Archibald
Part 3: Unreliable History
Part 4: The Next Era: Great Change or Extinction
Part 5: Phase I of The Greatest Come-From-Behind Victory in The History of The Universe

Part II: The Dead, The Living, Rabbits, Leander, and Archibald

1971: The Complete Top 100 from Tony J. Neal on 8tracks Radio.

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100. Bill Withers
"Ain't No Sunshine" 2:03
Just as I Am
Slab Fork, WV/Los Angeles, CA

Virgil struggled with dependency on his woman. He did, at least, experience true love…an asset very few can claim to have ever felt. However, he needed her for personal satisfaction, and whenever she wasn’t present, he delved into bitter states of melancholy. One day, she left… and she never returned. That was the end of the Virgil everybody once knew; the Virgil in which he was transformed after she split caused significant grief and suffering. It was as if he needed the world to understand exactly how he felt; acceptance from others was something he always required.

99. Link Wray
"La De Da" 4:05
Link Wray
Dunn, NC (1929)-Copenhagen, Denmark (2005)

The deadly fog eventually lifted, and the next batch of results was far beyond what anybody could ever comprehend. Some claimed that this was a sign from God, or a sign that certain elements are far too dangerous to ever be experimented. All of the skeletons scattered on the beach arose and returned to life…albeit skeletons. There was a bit of anguish from having been massacred, but it was not vengeance they were after… it was understanding. We were all the same people, human beings, and the only way we can ever move forward is if we respect our differences and stop the fighting, stop the judgmental characteristics, and recognize the importance of unconditional unity.

98. George Harrison
"Bangla Desh" 3:59
Liverpool, England (1943)-Los Angeles, CA (2001)

It was time for the fighting to stop. In fact, the fighting should have ended years ago. Territorial disputes were primitive and a sign of weakness, as was the fact that territories had already been created needed recognized. Religion was too frequently feuded over which created a genuine antipathy for religion on a whole. Forcing a person to abide by certain religious beliefs was not religious at all. All of those participating in the dispute, attempting to dictate to another which facets were correct and which were wrong, were abhorred by the entire rest of the world; neither “leader” converted anybody—only achieved the opposite. Perhaps the world would have retained interest if the leaders led by example, and displayed to the world that their beliefs were sincere and for the benefit of all humanity.

97. Kris Kristofferson
"Good Christian Soldier" 3:23
The Silver Tongued Devil and I
Brownsville, TX/Malibu, CA

Any religion that practices massive slaughter as a viable means of punishment for the sake of judgment will eventually become despised; as will all sectors of religion that attempt to suppress certain individual’s harmless natural human behavior for the sake of domineering morality. Many of those in the battalion were devout followers of the faith they had interpreted as goodwill. However, they soon realized that they were no longer acting in good faith, and actually disobeying their own code of morals by fighting and killing to secure a needless facet of disrespectful territorial dispute their own religion claimed to be against… they were committing two deplorable crimes at once.

96. Carpenters
"Rainy Days And Mondays" 3:39
Downey, CA

Judy suffered from feelings of loneliness and longed for a companion to take away her sorrows. She fell in love with a boy named Wes who worked at the café up the road. In order to make his acquaintance, she applied for a position at the same café and was soon hired. However, a girl named Stephanie was also hired at the same time; Wes developed a fondness for Stephanie, and Judy was not working out—Wes regarded her as a lousy employee. The fact that Louis went out with Stephanie bothered Judy and caused even more grief in her life.

95. Françoise Hardy
"Oui Je dis Adieu" 3:56
La Question
Paris, France

Their happy home was wrongfully destroyed and their entire culture had been depleted. Those waves soaked in oil rolled in from the Oceans, washing up on the beach of skeletons, the littered pollution of a different way of life that had destroyed theirs. Vernon the rabbit hopped along the beach then sat next to a beach chair as he stared out at the waves. A skeleton hand dropped from the chair and petted Vernon on the head, scratching behind his ears. It was a tragedy that any group of people was inhumane enough to commit this horrible atrocity.

94. John Martyn
"Just Now" 3:40
Bless the Weather
New Malden, England (1948)-Kilkenny, Ireland (2009)

That enormous venomous snake was the only person to ever speak to Leander as if it were an equal. Leander reflected on its past life and dwelled on the fact that a major portion of Leander’s life was spent trying to find Leander’s place in the world. Leander never found that place, and was never viewed as anything other than an oddball freak; similar to a gay black Mexican midget with a blemished skin condition. But upon speaking to Archibald, there was hope, and Leander finally found Leander’s place in the world.

93. Cat Stevens
"Moonshadow" 2:52
Teaser and the Firecat
London, England

Once it was realized that this genocide was caused by the same corruption that many had deemed essential to the benefit of society, Austin lost all hope for humanity. He walked along the beach as well, with Vernon following, regretting the fact that he had been born a member of the guilty society. Austin lost all cares for the world as he questioned the immorality of the ethics being dictated; and he was ashamed. Should he lose his legs, he would deserve it, and would no longer be expected to serve their cause; and if he lost his mouth, he would no longer be required to speak to any of them ever again. This was the epitome of disgust and there was no reason for the world to be like this.

92. Joe Simon
"Drowning in the Sea of Love" 3:29
Drowning in the Sea of Love
Simmesport, LA

It was a person named Alan who had killed Virgil. Alan had fallen in love with Elena and she had basically rescued him from turmoil. However, after he killed Virgil, he descended into a downspin that was worse than any turmoil he had ever faced prior to meeting Elena. Truth of the matter was, he did not intend to kill Virgil. Prior to that, he did not ever anticipate killing anybody, and was an activist for peace and equal rights. The image of Virgil dying in his bedroom haunted him for life, and eventually took him down the path of the most horrific nightmares imaginable.

91. Janis Joplin
"Move Over" 3:44
Port Arthur, TX (1943)-Hollywood, CA (1970)

Judy became disturbingly outraged over the notion that she put forth so much effort to please Wes and he not only chose Stephanie, but downright did not like Judy one bit. In turn, she murdered Stephanie. The killing appeared to be an accident, and her death was ruled an accident. Judy only knew her for a few short days, and she was never even questioned as a suspect. Most of those who attended Stephanie’s funeral were not even aware that Judy even existed; let alone the cause of the mourning of an untimely death. She never regretted it, and eventually forgot about the whole debacle.

90. Nino Ferrer
"La Maison Pres de la Fontaine" 3:43
Genova, Italy (1934)-Montcuq, France (1998)

That house seemed elegantly luxurious, and I wanted to be a part of it. However, they denied my access and claimed that I was not a part of their heritage. Everything seemed so vibrant and frivolous in this lovely home; the exact opposite of what my downtrodden home represented. I felt as if I had much to offer the pretty home, but was never certain as to why I was denied the same privileges. In turn, I developed a greater longing to leave my environment.

89. Gene Clark
"Because Of You" 4:04
White Light
Tipton, MO (1944)-Sherman Oaks, CA (1991)

After I was denied membership to the happy houses, which I felt was done in error; I studied those residents to see what they had that I didn’t. Obviously, the majority had spoken and I lost. Unfortunately, I did not see any special qualities among them, and even grew to despise what they represented… none of them even created that fountain; they simply paid a slave to erect it for them. Somebody else designed the fountain, somebody designed the home, and it was there long before any of them even supposedly discovered it. I no longer wished to be a part of their society and even begrudged the ploys that the fountain represented.

88. Todd Rundgren
"Hope I'm Around" 4:54
Runt: The Ballad of Todd Rundgren
Upper Darby, PA

Someday, these exact same people who denied my membership would need me for something. Should they ever require my services for anything, I would never assist them with anything. It even reached the point where if I saw one of them needing urgent treatment after suffering a terrible accident, I would not even help them; I would watch them suffer in agony and simply ignore it… and walk away without any concerns whatsoever. They felt as if they were some sort of elite organization… then they should never be dependent on a person like me for anything.

87. Stampeders
"Sweet City Woman" 3:28
Against the Grain
Calgary, AB, Canada

The mere sight of Elena was what brought joy to my life. Before meeting her, I was simply going through the motions of life without any ambition or any point to my existence. She approached me actually, but in the worst way possible. There seemed to be no interest whatsoever, and all she ridiculed me for the way I conducted myself. Furthermore, she challenged my perceptions on some issues, which admittedly are a bit out of the ordinary. Something about the way she asked, “how’s that working out for you?” made my heart flutter; and I think my shameless “it’s working out great!” finally won her over.

86. Townes Van Zandt
"Brand New Companion" 4:42
Delta Momma Blues
Fort Worth, TX (1944)-Smyrna, TN (1997)

Once we became a couple, I vowed that I was going to make some serious alterations in order to please her. However, it turned out that she was just as unorthodox as I was in many regards. It did not take long for me to realize that I had found my one true love, and my time spent with her was my favorite moments in history. There should be no reason whatsoever for us to ever endure any periods of extreme unhappiness for we never harmed anybody, never bothered anybody, and people liked us; other people’s assistance was not required in order for us to be happy.

85. Jethro Tull
"Aqualung" 6:37
Luton, England

Unfortunately, there was a world out there that had become dependent on others while disclaiming dependency at the same time. There were those starved for attention and those unwilling to display any. People who were the 2nd most starved for attention created a protocol on ways to receive attention simply from others following the exact same protocol—several others did not meet this protocol, but desperately wished to and they became the first most. Others shunned any attention, while some resented the fact that they never received any attention and simply withdrew from their own social circle pouting. They had taken the path of the beaten and displayed their own sorrows for the whole world to see; this was their means of getting the attention they were desperately starved for.

84. Bang
"Future Shock" 4:42
Philadelphia, PA

I was on the verge of plunging down the path of the beaten. One day, I saw this man sitting on a park bench, an old beggar, the aforementioned Aqualung (see above). There was no way I was going to lead this sort of life. I figured that the people next to the fountain resorted to dubious tactics in order to achieve their wealth and happiness, so I was going to do the same. That’s when I decided that I was going to burglarize a home, steal all of their shit, and take whatever I wanted. This house had some hot bitch living there and her punk ass bitch boyfriend. After I gathered the items I needed, I was going to treat myself to some pussy… and surprisingly, they seemed eager—him too… he wanted to watch me fuck his girlfriend for enjoyment. Fuck it, I thought, and as I was taking off my shirt, he sucker punched me in the throat—immediately I couldn’t breathe.

83. Amon Düül II
"Stumbling Over Melted Moonlight" 4:39
Tanz der Lemminge
Munich, Germany

It took me several minutes to die, and it was the worst pain I had ever felt. I was lying there on the floor gasping for breath and became dependent on these same people that I had just wronged to save my life. They were uncertain what to do, and finally called the police (although I distinctly recall them considering the option to dispose of my body out back in the woods (laughs)). Immediately upon dying, I was angered with the fact how everything turned out, and was in definite need of some spiritual counseling. The world sucked, it really did. However, because of me, I made their world suck. I felt that I was obliged to make amends, pay restitution so to say. So, I returned with the intentions to apologize. That might have been a dumb move, I suppose.

82. Faust
"Meadow Meal" 8:05
Hamburg, Germany

This cat was all fucked up after killing me. I just wanted to tell him that it was OK, and that I probably deserved to die. Shit, man, he was acquitted of any charges and it was ruled self-defense. But, this dude struggled severely with the fact that he had killed somebody. In fact, he was gradually going insane. When he saw my ghost show up at his house, the mother fucker flipped out and shit. It was like he was being haunted by the horrors of his past, because of me, the mother fucker he had killed, was causing a great disturbance. He was losing control of his life fast, and I was simply trying to help… it was fine, I had forgiven him, and he should have forgiven himself.

81. Guru Guru
"Electric Junk" 11:06
Munich, Germany

We moved away right after that incident. It wasn’t because of the incident—we had planned on moving anyway and were in our final month. So, after we moved, I thought it would all subside, for neither of us knew anybody in this city in which we moved. I took a new job and we made some friends, new neighbors, new surroundings, it was a complete change of life. One day, it had occurred to me that I killed somebody. However, I did not want anybody to find out about this, because, you know, for obvious reasons, killing somebody somewhat defines a personality trait. It was my darkest secret, and admittedly it wasn’t something easily forgotten. I struggled with making new acquaintances because of the fact that I had unintentionally killed somebody just before relocating to our new home.

80. Traffic
"The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys" 11:27
The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys
Birmingham, England

The world had become a boring place. Perhaps the most boring aspect of it all was the protocol that was designed to gain entry into the house near the fountain; even more boring than that was the lifestyle being led inside the house. That was a dull wretched society that based its’ creeds on outdated documents that never meant anything to begin with. And soon, that fountain lost its lackluster appeal, and the mere sight of it was sickening. What made it even more hideous were the actions being taken in order to preserve the fountain; as well as the methods employed so that a select few others could also have a fountain. But the worst of it all was the delegation of shock value; which also became excruciatingly dull. Nothing was shocking anymore, and this lifestyle that we were all supposed to be leading was nothing but a dull ordinary routine.

79. Genesis
"The Musical Box" 10:29
Nursery Cryme
Godalming, England

Participation in the activities of normal society was unsettling and unnerving. The primary reason why we moved was to embark on some more enjoyable and exciting events. Therefore, we selected a location that had been dubbed “weird” by publications who carefully crafted these types of descriptions. Life was certainly more fruitful than it ever had been, but Alan was struggling with the grips of his madness, which was slowly taking its toll. He and Elena would attend marvelous events where the rest of the patrons would be happily engaging in all sorts of bizarre mischief—laughter was abundant, except for Alan, who obviously had something else occupying his mind. Several people tried to reach out to him, including his beautiful companion, the church, and even the person he killed. But, there was another entity trying to reach out as well, and this one was slowly taking precedence.

78. Magma
""Iss" Lansei Doia" 11:46
1001° Centigrades
Paris, France

Vernon’s eyes sparkled and his ears wiggled as the sight he was anticipating finally arrived. Dozens of rabbits were approaching the island. Some of them were on rafts and many others were simply hopping along on top of the water. Once they finally made their way to the shore, they skipped along the beach observing the scenery until they found the site they were looking for… this tree in the center of the island. Vernon and his group circled around the tree and then formed a circle around the tree, sitting down, facing outwards. They sat there for several minutes, perfectly still, gazing out at the land. Suddenly, a strong wind gusted, the rabbits fur blew in the wind, the branches swayed, and three more rabbits dropped from the tree; one of them being the great Debazzlewood, the amazing rabbit of inopportune imprudence… the one being that ever graced The Universe that was capable of overcoming all obstacles.

77. Krokodil
"Odyssey In Om" 15:19
An Invisible World Revealed
Zürich, Switzerland

History is merely told by whoever decided to document it first. The first documentation is rarely the first experience. That said, the history of this foundation has been related by unreliable narrators. There are numerous aspects in which one must consider to determine whether or not a narrator is reliable; the most common attribute is mental insanity. Some of these people actually claimed that the Earth was flat. Even back in those days, very few believed such a ridiculous notion. The ones who did not believe, the ones who knew, had already travelled and conversed freely… these people actually had lives, but did not belong to the house of fountains. Some of them conducted their travels to escape the house of fabricated fountains, or because they did not wish to build another fountain for another authoritarian whom had no credibility. It took many centuries before the asinine house of fountain society finally became brave enough to make that venture… and once they did, it became their discovery.

76. Flower Travellin' Band
"Satori Part 3" 10:40
Tokyo, Japan

In order to determine the accuracy of history, we must analyze every aspect of the conditions surrounding the spoken environment. Many have wondered what would lead a person to believe that the world was flat… in 1491, and how exactly this person became a prominent figure. Once this has been realized, and the development of all things that happened since that infamous incarnation, that is when we gain understanding to the catastrophe that unfolded right here. We will learn why Virgil sought vengeance and took it out upon Alan and Elena; we can interpret the various aspects of the world to explain why Alan retaliated in the fashion in which he did; and that will lead us to the downfall of Alan that depleted one culture, all the while so many others had already been destroyed. If we must, we have to analyze the aspects of the world that led to the desire to develop poisonous gas, and actually use it… its effects, and even how it altered those who would never do such a thing. Once we look at all the essential segments of the essential religions, we begin understand why it was created, and why it was followed. Last but not least, and most unfortunate, we must recognize that there are simply too many things that we simply do not know… and it is best that we never know… and there are underlying reasons for this knowledge to have been kept from us.

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