The Top 50 Songs of 1999

The Top 125 Songs of 1999 + Death on Mars
Chapter 1: Prologue: Cause of Death Unknown
Chapter 2: When Reality Becomes Dreams
Chapter 3: Incoherent Realizations
Chapter 4: Ceres
Chapter 5: Earth Was Not Prepared

Chapter 4: Ceres

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50. Nebula
"To the Center" 6:31
To the Center
Whittier, CA

It wasn’t before too long when I heard my first noise on Mars. Something was coming from the sky and approaching the desolate region of the planet. A long time ago, there was another planet next to Mars. The knowledge that we have of this planet is zero. Long before we even knew of its’ existence, the planet had been disintegrated into pieces, and the cause of the disintegration is unknown. Scientists have theories as to what happened, but those are mere assumptions based on studies conducted solely on Earth. Not to take pleasure in what might have been enormous suffering and doom, the destruction of the planet had to have been a marvelous spectacle to watch unfold. Whatever impact caused the mass destruction (or lack thereof) affected the entire Solar System. Remnants of the destruction are believed to have hit Earth, and the magnitude of the planetary particles crashing into Earth caused The Grand Canyon, the continents to split, and ultimate extinction of the dinosaurs. The effects it had on Mars had to have been significantly greater.

49. Joan of Arc
"(I'm 5 Senses) None of Them Common" 3:49
Live in Chicago, 1999
Chicago, IL

I can observe my new world with a much different perspective now that I am fully aware of my surroundings. No longer do I need fear death, for I am already dead. The sky has a different persona now because of the Asteroid Belt. There sometimes appear several moons; 16 moons on the same night, and none of them are even moons. Some of them appear full and close, while some of them as far away as stars in the Earth sky. There are more shooting stars here, and many of these have struck mars… some have caused Marsquakes upon impact.

48. Chucho
"El Mundo En Un Segundo" 4:12
Tejido de Felicidad
Albacete, Spain

Being as I now have eternity to make observations from above, I have set out to theorize the destruction of my new neighbor (which is more productive than frequently fantasizing about my old neighbor). I strongly believe life flourished on this planet because of the abundance of energy from two primary sources: The Sun and Jupiter. However, the energy produced by the gasses of Jupiter could only provide life that Earth could never comprehend. I have also been led to believe that Mars once looked significantly different prior to the collision that demolished Ceres. There also exists the possibility that life on Earth stemmed from the residuum of the devastating impact and those who miraculously survived.

47. Les Savy Fav
"Reformat" 3:12
The Cat and the Cobra
Providence, RI/New York, NY

I cannot dismiss the notion that the planet was destroyed intentionally. We cannot conclude that it collided with anything because we do not know what the orbital pattern was back before it destroyed (we also cannot conclude that nothing collided with it either for the same reason (because there were no witnesses, we cannot appropriated conclude anything and deem it as factual)). There has to be the possibility that it was destroyed during a war, and an act of evil had been committed. I am not willing to delegate favoritism just because we are now neighbors; I know for a fact that there are numerous calamitous scoundrels residing on the other planet next to me. My mission is to explore the entire planet of Mars and be certain none of them ever arrived here; and to prove and disprove thousands of theories.

46. The Flaming Lips
"The Gash" 4:03
The Soft Bulletin
Oklahoma City, OK

Ceres was destined for failure. Due to its placement in the Solar System in-between Jupiter and the Sun, its’ evolution was rapid. However, and again because of its placement, the gasses within this particular Solar System did not exactly create the most desirable forms of life. It was, however, the first planet within the Solar System to sustain life and therefore the first planet to be greeted by terrestrials from outside the galaxy. The residents of Ceres failed the initial exam and when the terrestrials from the outer galaxy arrived, they were greeted with hostility. Since they were still in the learning process of the development of their own species, they did not know how to react with life forms from other galaxies and actually killed one of them. As a result, the militia from that planet was sent to The Solar System and the planet of Ceres was disintegrated. That is one theory.

45. Mercromina
"Vacaciones" 4:58
Canciones de Andar por Casa
Albacete, Spain

The people of Ceres were the most advanced race in The History of The Universe. Because the planet was gathering energy from a variety of sources, the planet was comprised of a variety of matters. They were capable of handling a massive amount of adversity due to the complexity of their nature. This planet was the definition of Paradise and they enjoyed a massive amount of success. Their evolution never consisted of government, religion, or money and without those aspects deterring their progress, they quickly established the technology to accomplish things people of Earth could only dream about; the people on Earth cannot even comprehend that the remnants of their planet has altered in physical components from drifting aimlessly in space for thousands of years.

44. Auburn Lull
"Finland Station" 4:20
Alone I Admire
Lansing, MI

Assuming Ceres was once a planet, it had to have an effect on the appearance of the surface of Mars, Jupiter, and Earth during its’ time of existence; the destruction also had to have an effect. Even now, Mars’ desolation appears both tranquil and eerie at the same time. Although man has not had the opportunity to destroy the components of the planet, its topography is the image that represents the greatest fear when considering the mass destruction of Earth. Due to the fact that the Planet already resembles the ruins of a major catastrophe, I have to accept the notion that some sort of holocaust had already taken place; any rock on this surface could be the result of Ceres’ destruction.

"Be Sure To Loop" 7:45
Feather Float
Osaka, Japan

If the inhabitants of Ceres were able to advance, then their lifestyle had to have been satisfying. Recreational activities that we could not even conceive were fruitful and pleasing. They had advanced sports and amusement parks with thrilling rides. These people went out in hovercrafts and cruised their awesomely lit skies in vehicles none of us are capable of building; because they had an ample supply of Solar and Jupiterial Energy. The structures on the Planet Ceres were far advanced and any of them could have been considered a “Wonder of the World” on the Planet Earth. And because they never had government, religion, or money, all members of society enjoyed themselves each and every day.

42. The Kiss Offs
"Mock St. Augustine" 2:39
Goodbye Private Life
Austin, TX

There may have been an array of beautiful people residing there. That was always my primary goal: to be captured by “aliens” (all sexy women) and taken away to another planet to be used as a sex slave. I had numerous aspects involving this fantasy and many of them ridiculous. Cum from a woman’s vagina from outer space provides all the essential nutrients to remain 100% healthy for eternity. And these women on this other planet would rely on my services to give them something magical, therefore I was benefitting the entire race and strengthening myself at the same time. To these women, there was simply something about the way I felt, and they had immediate intense orgasms just from me touching them. As a result, the women would become more abusive and demanding, and mobs of them would violently force me to pleasure them. I consider that to be Paradise.

41. Mr. Bungle
"Goodbye Sober Day" 4:28
Eureka, CA

I also had to at least acknowledge the possibility that there was once advanced life on Mars. As with Earth, Mars and Ceres may have had orbits in which the two planets were on opposite sides of the sun. During this period, when nobody suspected anything occurring on Ceres because it was on the opposite side of the sun, the planet exploded due to combustion of too much energy and too many components comprising the surface. Life on Mars was fine at this moment and there was no such thing as an Asteroid Belt. However, when the planets re-aligned, it had been disintegrated and the massive amount of debris lingered in the atmosphere. Without any way to control it and no means to stop it, Mars’ natural orbit guided the planet into extinction as it passed into the path showering stones and asteroids; at once, the Planet was pelted with a massive array of “meteors” that ultimately led to extinction and the planet resembling a wasteland.

40. Starzy Singers
"Chamski" 4:34
Warsaw, Poland

People looked to the sky and saw an enormous shower of stones entering the Martian atmosphere. They were powerless to do anything about it as the debris from the destruction of Ceres bombarded their entire history. Rock particles belted people in the face, breaking bones, and creating enormous bloodshed. All of the buildings were destroyed and in a matter of minutes, entire cities were crumbled into ruins. The onslaught was relentless as the massive particles continued unleashing its’ assault on the unsuspecting Planet Mars. By the end of the day, the entire planet was completely covered with dust, dirt, rocks, and all sorts of other particle matter that comprised a Planet that was destroyed due to too many incompatible components of energy.

39. Tom Waits
"Lowside Of The Road" 2:59
Mule Variations
Pomona, CA

Watching the past life on Mars in the cities was like watching a video where the camera filmed everything under a red glow. The sky was a glowing red and the red tint dominated everything in the picture. People were passing on the street corner; they seemed happy even as the red fog was rolling through the streets. There was hustle and bustle in the streets though. Much of the other side of the planet had been stricken with disaster and the glowing red sky was a reflection of the nightmare to come.

38. Momus
"Milton Jacobson" 3:06
Stars Forever
Paisley, England

Ed conducted a seminar for a large audience; it was a fine moment in his life and his friends and family were proud of him. Although he had but average looks and was aging, for the seminar he looked fantastic. His smile was broad and full, and this was the happiest he had ever appeared. Before, he would not smile at just anything; but the entertainer conducting the interview brought out the best in him. As he was joyfully conducting his demonstration, the door opened and a dim red light shun through the entrance. Red people came in from the outside and soon the entire auditorium was red.

37. Low
"Starfire" 3:07
Secret Name
Duluth, MN

The sad Martian woman could only watch with sorrow as everything had turned to red. It was a sunny day, but the sky was filled with dull colored red dust and debris; the sunshine only illuminated the redness. A gigantic rock shot through the sky like a missile and landed a direct hit into the ancient brick building that represented the history of their rich culture. Upon impact, the bricks shattered and more dull red debris from the brick filled the sky. This process was only repeated, particles of Ceres destroying the foundation of Mars and people could only watch it crumble.

36. My Morning Jacket
"I Think I'm Going To Hell" 5:07
The Tennessee Fire
Louisville, KY

Elle looked beautiful that day. Corin took her out into the serene setting by the lake so that he could slowly undress her. She liked this type of allurement and it pleased her to flaunt her sexuality. This was a happy day for the two young lovers, and it would be the last day he would ever see her. A meteor fired into the lake, and the two of them were kissing by a tree when the sky turned red. The destructive storm continued its path of despair, causing madness coupled with sorrow as people fled the streets and took cover wherever possible. Everything was slowly fading as numerous members of the population reflected that one last time on a day when everything seemed joyous and carefree.

35. The Apples In Stereo
"The Shiney Sea" 3:41
Her Wallpaper Reverie
Denver, CO

When it was all said and done, the entire planet was covered with red ash from the remnants of the remains. All of the cities, structures, animals, and all that comprised the planet were buried underneath the mounds of debris. However, despite the horrendous tragedy, there were a few survivors. Some people were prepared and had indestructible shelters in which they built; and some resorted to staying underground. These survivors eventually emerged from the ruins and formed their own community. It was but a small community with the homes built from the salvageable particles of what once flourished.

34. The Magnetic Fields
"Papa Was a Rodeo" 5:02
69 Love Songs
Boston, MA/New York, NY

A few of them were able to flee the planet. Also, a few of the members residing on Ceres were able to flee the planet. Somewhere long ago in another sector of the universe, an affair developed between someone who once resided and someone who once resided on Mars. Both of them had been traumatized by the devastation and the loss of everything they had ever known. Because their lives had been stricken with severe adversity, they had a difficult time coping with past grievances and troubles with commitment. However, when it was discovered that he was from Ceres and he was from Mars, and the two had similar experiences with each planet’s extinction, something beautiful finally developed from it all.

33. The Go
"Meet Me at the Movies" 3:24
Whatcha Doin'
Detroit, MI

Ceres was detonated by the citizens of Ceres. They had been visited by a race of barbaric inter-galactic and soon they occupied the planet. These barbarians gave orders to the citizens of Ceres to construct a series of items for their barbaric king and gave them a time limit to complete the task. In protest to these monarchic kings from the galaxy, they never even worked on completing the assigned tasks. Instead, they built vessels and left the planet. When the barbarians returned, they found the planet was abandoned and none of the citizens were present except one. The one, Murphy Bradford (now considered the greatest hero in The History of The Universe), had only a box with a button. He pressed the button, and the entire race of barbaric terrestrials from outer space was disintegrated (except for those who fled the planet and started a new life on Earth).

32. Solex
"Randy Costanza" 3:25
Pick Up
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Admittedly, I felt it would have been nice to have some visitors. However, if I had my choice as to where the visitors would come from, it would be anywhere but Earth. Being as I had nothing better to do, I did spend a lot of time masturbating on Mars thinking about potential visitors from other galaxies; and I must say that masturbating on Mars was exhilarating to say the least. Due to its desolate region of the universe, it would have been an ideal place to hold inter-galactic conventions. Also, with The Asteroid Belt, it would have been an ideal place to host a race—an Olympic Sport featuring the best pilots from various planets competing to see who can fly through The Asteroid Belt the fastest.

31. Pavement
"Major Leagues" 3:25
Terror Twilight
Stockton, CA

Exploring the planet, I did often wonder how I would be perceived should I encounter other forms of life. I felt as if I would benefit from the experience and even thought that I could fit in with any legion throughout the galaxy. I would be able to adapt to their culture and even had the ability to be an integral part of the universe. After all, I was dead and had resided on two different planets. But, I figured a lot of people out there had been all over the Universe.

30. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
"The Humming Song" 4:49
Spanish Dance Troupe
Carmarthen, Wales

My precise location on the planet was unknown. Assuming the photos from Earth were accurate, Mars was round. That said, it had to have had an Equator, as well as a Tropic of Cancer and a Tropic of Capricorn. Somewhere there was a North Pole and a South Pole. Knowing that all of these particular regions of Earth had different species residing in them, as well as different cultures of life, I applied the same theories to Mars. However, I was not certain whether I was in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, and unable to determine which direction I was travelling. Obviously, there is a shorter distance walking around the planet at the 75 degree mark than the Equator; also, there would be a drastic change in temperature. Due to the fact that Jupiter was closer and The Asteroid Belt had an effect in the amounts of energy emitting from Jupiter, I had an array of accounts to figure.

29. U.S. Maple
"More Horror" 3:54
Chicago, IL

After walking what may have been a thousand miles, I discovered what appeared to be a structure constructed by a form of life. It was an assortment of boulders placed strategically to form some bizarre shape; its closest comparison would be Stonehenge. However, something about this seemed evil. The structure was downright eerie, and seeing it was terrifying. I had no idea what it was supposed to represent or who put it here and why. There was nothing else in the area. Furthermore, there appeared the image of a face on one of the stones.

28. Rage Against The Machine
"Calm Like A Bomb" 4:59
The Battle of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

It was preparation for an invasion. Somebody on one of these planets was either an oppressive force or victims of one. The causes of this massive assault had an unlimited amount of possibilities. Regardless of the cause, one planet was left a desolate wasteland, and the other completely destroyed. Perhaps it was the two planets fighting against each other and the warfare was deadly. There were massive explosions on the streets, dead bodies everywhere, and numerous people held in captivity in prisons. This war was so senseless that it left no survivors; they killed each other. Or, there’s a race out there that has even more advanced forms of barbaric warfare than Earth.

27. Wu-Tang Clan
"Fast Shadow" 3:02
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai - The Album
Staten Island, NY

The thought of the barbaric invaders returning was something to beware. Images of a group of people with heavy artillery space age weapons invading the planet imposed a potential danger; and the threat could be presented to Earth. A band of aliens wearing black suits and dark sunglasses carrying paramount weapons and opening fire on crowds of people would be an immense denouement that symbolizes the world’s greatest fear. And at that moment precisely, I witnessed my first ever landing on Mars.

26. Archer Prewitt
"Walking on the Farm" 8:06
White Sky
Frankfort, KY/Chicago, IL

I had been exploring the region for months now, maybe even a year. Since I was dead, I needed no sleep and little rest. Therefore, I was able to cover more ground than that the living person.

The aerospace headquarters sent a mission to Mars to search for the missing body that disappeared from the monitor. It was a major event and would be the first ever manned voyage to the planet Mars. Astronauts Peter Quincy and Deborah O’Toole were delegated to be the first people to ever set foot on Mars.

A vessel landed and out down came a mechanized spacecraft similar to the Mars Voyager. I assumed that Earth had sent down another voyager mission to observe the planet and take photographs. Since I was dead already, I assumed that I could not be seen by this spacecraft and therefore went down to study it. There was nobody on board and it did had numerous similarities to the Mars Voyager. However, there was something peculiar about the writing on the panels. It was a language I had never seen and some of the mechanisms of the design were unlike anything I had ever seen. This particular “voyager” did not arrive from the planet Earth.

Much to my dismay, this thing annoyed the shit out of me. It kept following me around, chasing me, and even fired a laser at me. Strangely, I could feel the laser. It kept snapping photographs at me and it took me forever to lose this stupid thing. Finally, I threw a rock at it and it sparked.

The Commander-in-Chief of Aerospace Headquarters in a planet from a distant galaxy was observing the whole situation. A panel of people was brought in to view the video and it was confirmed that this planet obviously had life on it. It was considered a great discovery, even though they were unable to shut down the laser firing before it caused harm and then destroyed by a rock. A mission was deployed, and the people of the Planet Excalibur sent their first ever manned mission to the Planet Mars with Albert Hercoswicz and Tara Focciloero to be the first Excaliburians to set foot on the Planet Mars.

Top Image by: Wintermute.com
Bottom Image by: Dream Sequence by Rocky Schenck 2003

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