The Top 50 Songs of 1970

The Top 125 Songs of 1970 + Three Days In Sheboygan, WI
Part 1: The Manifestation of a Curse
Part 2: Winners of The Ultimate Dream Vacation
Part 3: Love Affairs Between the Dead and the Living
Part 4: A Great Terror is Among Us
Part 5: This Chair

Part IV: A Great Terror is Among Us

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50. Freddy Lindquist
"Black Is Black" 4:29
Oslo, Norway

Steve still assumed that Petry should have loved him even after she disappeared. He had reached out to her, but since she didn’t like him, there was obviously something wrong with her. Petry’s father never liked him. Glenn arose and went into the shower. All was calm until the drain mysteriously popped open. He watched it open with shampoo in his hair, and then panicked. A black and white fish emerged from the drain and attacked him. As he was trying to defend himself, he nearly slipped in the shower, and more fish emerged from the drain. He ran out of the house stark naked.

49. King Crimson
"Cirkus" 6:28
London, England

After barely escaping the deadly black and white fish, Steve was met on the porch by a gang of even more scary looking people, The Clowns. Each of The Clowns drew a knife and surrounded Glenn with snarls. Still naked, Glenn turned around a fled as fast as he was able; which given the circumstances was much faster than normal. He ran through downtown Sheboygan and through crowds of people completely naked being chased by a posse of demon Clowns that nobody else could see. Finally, they disappeared, and Glenn was standing on a busy street butt naked with shampoo in his hair with people pointing and laughing at him.

48. Faces
"Flying" 4:19
First Step
London, England

The average person would consider being bombarded with pies by black and white fish in a river of blood as too bizarre for comfort. Patty questioned whether or not this was unusual. Benny declared that he did not know and was certain this shit happens from time-to-time; said he saw on a news station something similar happened once in a Communist community. Robert Paul stared at them coldly and slapped Benny across the face; “you go home now,” his eyes were cold and his tone was sullen. Covered in blood, Benny and Patty did go home, that is, if Barbara’s house is considered home. They walked through the town streets covered in blood; it was such an odd spectacle that even a naked man stared at them.

47. Pink Floyd
"Fat Old Sun" 5:22
Atom Heart Mother
London, England

At last came the revelation of a lifetime. Benny and Patty stopped on a park bench to sit and rest. They were both still covered with blood and even left blood dripping on the sidewalk; bloody footprints had marked their path. As the blood was drying in the sun, Benny thought about his work, and wondered if the silverware was being rolled properly in his absence. His mind was racing with dreadful thoughts of Herbie rolling the silverware or a customer writing a letter to the manager suggesting she will never eat here again because the napkin had an improper crease. Then, just out of the blue, he decided “you know, fuck this shit.” He had been influenced: By, of all people, Steve. Benny did not even feel like rolling silverware today and opted to stay in Sheboygan. “You know,” he said to Patty prepared to give an inspirational speech, “When in Rome…” Benny stripped off all of his clothes and tossed them in the landscaping near the bench.

46. Spirit
"Life Has Just Begun" 3:30
Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
Los Angeles, CA

Some of the blood had soaked through and Benny and Patty’s naked bodies were bloodstained. Plus, the blood had dried and they were no longer leaving bloody footprints. The people of Sheboygan stood on the sidewalks smiling at them. When they finally arrived, the bloody couple was greeted by Barbara, who was also standing outside naked. Benny thought this was the moment that now defined his life and his role as a great leader in society.

45. Grand Funk Railroad
"Mean Mistreater" 5:03
Closer to Home
Flint, MI

In his final days, Barbara had become an intolerable bitch. Norman would lie around on the couch drinking rail Gin straight out of the bottle and Barbara would stand over him and complain. Her words no longer had any value. He was lying on the couch drunk ignoring her and she was nagging about something. (1:57) A clown popped up and appeared outside the window, and then another, then another. Barbara flashed her cross and chanted some non-sense as The Clowns burst through the door and ravaged her. Once they had her pinned down on the floor, while a group of clowns held her down, three other clowns took turns beaming her in the face with pies. Norman simply sat on the couch holding the remote control watching baseball.

44. November
"Ta ett steg in i Sagans Land" 4:02
En ny tid är Här...
Stockholm, Sweden

The clock tower rang and suddenly the entire town was temporarily transformed. Each member of the community marched and staggered their way to the Village Square. They all gathered around a person in a wheelchair who obviously had some sort of mental abrasion that accompanied his condition. People gathered from all over, marching, perching on rooftops, some of them drawing swords. A dead little girl stood up and conducted a speech to all of the spectators. After the speech, she leaped from her pedestal and hacked the person in the wheelchair repeatedly with an axe. Both were smiling, and he was bloody with an axe sticking out of his head as she raced the wheelchair through the mobs of people.

43. Tim Buckley
"I Woke Up" 4:05
Washington, DC (1947)-Santa Monica, CA (1975)

There was a great disturbance in the Lake. It had already turned into blood, but there was something bubbling underneath. The waves seemed to intensify and a whirlpool of blood formed in the middle. Right as something began to raise, a massive tsunami formed, and the gigantic wave of blood towered over Sheboygan. And with a violent crash, the one wave smashed through the streets, covering everybody with blood, and leaving streams of blood flowing through the alleyways. Although there were no damages to any of the structures, the blood had splattered on everything and each member of the population had spurts of blood on him/her.

42. Free
"All Right Now" 5:31
Fire and Water
London, England

“Ahhhh!!!!,” the village people screamed at once, “The fish are coming!” People turned away and ran in a state of chaotic fear. As they were running, the black and white fish with the soldier helmets and rifles marched through the streets of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Periodically, one would fire a rifle and it would bore a singular hole through a window. Some guy was attempting to court a random girl in his kitchen, and the fish stormed in and spoiled the party. They opened the refrigerator and scattered all of the items across the floor; the 4 eggs remaining in the carton busted; some of them even went so far as to dump all of the milk out in the sink and toss the empty carton on the floor. After the fridge was emptied, the fish attacked the two people in the kitchen and crammed them into the refrigerator, shut the door, and left.

41. George Harrison
"What Is Life" 4:21
All Things Must Pass
Liverpool, England (1943)-Los Angeles, CA (2001)

The fish stormed through the streets like a flash mob. Even though all of the people were covered with blood, they were powerless to do anything. They busted out windows and looted all of the shops. Everywhere the soldier of fish marched, they wreaked havoc. A group of fish chased down an elderly woman, jumped on her back, pinned her down, and twisted her leg with a wrestling move; they shoved somebody off of his lawnmower and ran him over with it; and worst of all, one of them jumped on a bulldozer and plowed down Lloyd’s Pantry.

40. The Kinks
"Lola" 4:03
Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround
London, England

Benny and Patty were walking down the street totally naked. Even though everybody else was now splattered with blood, they stared at Benny and Patty—many of them frightened, grasping each other’s hands, and looks of being absolutely terrified. Suddenly, Barbara too was petrified and even fainted. One person ran away in fear. They were unsure what was going on, and then Benny saw it too. He screamed loudly and clutched his face. There it was: Patty suddenly had a huge cock swinging in-between her legs. Not only did she suddenly have a dick, it was significantly bigger than Benny’s.

39. Robert Wyatt
"To Caravan and Brother Jim" 5:21
The End of an Ear
Bristol, England

As spoken by a man in an alley with one eye solid white: “A great terror is among us. This is the type of danger in which could potentially destroy each and every one of us.” He is joined by a man whose both eyes are solid white: “This is a terror than cannot even be seen. It cannot be heard. It is unknown, and the unknown is the greatest fear in all of us.” A man was rummaging around in total darkness. It was pitch black and he could not find his way. He was searching for a way out, patting the walls, and trying to feel his way around in the darkness. One light flashed, and right before his face was a disturbed Demonic Clown. It went black again, and horrified he hastily searched for the exit and finally found it. When he opened the door, he was met by a man with two solid white eyes. The door slammed shut and screams could be heard outside the door.

38. The Beach Boys
"Forever" 2:42
Hawthorne, CA

Petry lay stretched out on a lawn chair on the beach as waves of blood rolled up on the sand. She looked extremely beautiful lying there peacefully in a bikini with sunglasses enjoying the sun of a gloomy gray sky. Klines the Clown was seated in a lawn chair next to her, and he simply sat over her enjoying her beauty. He rubbed lotion on her legs and on her belly while blood washed up on the tide. Fully dressed in his clown costume that bared no skin whatsoever, Klines also laid back in his chair snoozing under the gray skies. The two lovers held hands while the waves of blood washed the sand underneath their chairs.

37. Ten Years After
"50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain" 7:40
Cricklewood Green
London, England

Alas, the horrible creature emerged from the lake. He had a green scaly face and glowing yellow eyes with vertical pupils. This wretched creature rode a motorcycle on the water and wore a black leather jacket. After he rode across the waves on his motorcycle, he sped the motorbike through the town of Sheboygan. The bike ramped over Town Hall and the fountain erupted into flames. A murderous Clown started a chainsaw and entered the grocery store. Shit was no longer on sale.

36. Amon Düül II
"Soap Shop Rock" 13:48
München, Germany

The motorcycle pulled into Barbara’s driveway and parked, blocking Barbara’s car in the garage. Lloyd the venomous creature from Hell entered the home and ignored all of Barbara’s complaints. He rummaged through the mail on her table and opened some of the envelopes—he glanced at her electric bill just to see how much it was, and perused another letter and read it out loud: “Dear Barbara, we appreciate your business, yada yada yada, yada yada yada” unfolded the letter, checked out the enclosed gift card, then folded everything back up and tossed it on the floor. This deadly creature continued his search through the house, looking through drawers, underneath the couch cushions, and into every room. He opened up one bedroom and found Patty standing in front of the mirror examining her new penis and simply closed the door. Lloyd migrated to the basement and turned black and white with the rest of the décor. Lifting up a trap door in the cellar, he found what he was looking for, as a pack of rabid wolves emerged from the cellar door.

(6:55) There was an eerie unsettling feeling presiding over the community festival in the park as each of the observers were covered with blood. Lloyd on his motorcycle pulled up to the venue and a pack of rabid wolves snarled at the people with their red glowing eyes. The blood soaked band continued its performance on the stage as the wolves attacked the audience.

35. Deep Purple
"Child in Time" 10:20
Deep Purple in Rock
Hertford, England

Reginald came home and found the children playing safely and soundly in the living room. However, he did not have any children. “Who the fuck are these damn kids”, he wondered. They greeted him with a smile, he tried to be nice, but could not help but wonder where in the Hell these little bastards came from. He maneuvered through his own home, and there were kids everywhere; they had made a mess too. One of them was in the kitchen and retrieved his last beer out of the refrigerator, popped it open, guzzled a drink, “Hi Reginald,” and walked into the living. There were empty beer bottles scattered all over house and these couldn’t be any older than 8 years old. He searched his home for an adult.

In the bathroom, a child was playing in the bathtub. The little girl was sitting outside the bathtub splashing whatever was in the bathtub. Inside the bathtub, an adult woman was drowned lying face down in the tub. Blood dripped from the faucet. The child looked up at Reginald, smiled, and continued to playfully dunk the woman’s head underneath the bloody water. Suddenly, an army of children burst into the bathroom. The dead woman came to life, grabbed Reginald’s arm and bit it. The shower turned on and blood flowed from the shower head, blood flowed from the sink which just mysteriously turned on. As he was screeching in agony from being bitten, a child busted a beer bottle over his head and giggled. They all repeated this and then hoisted Reginald’s barely conscious body into the bloody bathtub with the dead woman.

34. Os Mutantes
"Meu Refrigerador nao Funciona" 6:20
A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado
São Paulo, Brazil

Benny made some snide comment about Patty’s cock and she slapped him in the face. Hers was bigger than his and if anybody should be castrated it should be Benny. He tried to fight her back, but she beat him down, straddled on top of him, and beat him senselessly; even bashed him across the face with the iron they had brought along for their vacation. The beating left Benny an even bloodier mess and she knocked several of his teeth out. She left the house and hopped on the back of Lloyd’s motorcycle and they rode to City Hall. Lloyd smoked a cigarette while he watched Patty pin the Mayor of Sheboygan down on the floor of City Hall and brutally anal rape him.

33. Simon & Garfunkel
"Bridge over Troubled Water" 4:55
Bridge over Troubled Water
Forest Hills, NY

The Great Chief Black Hummingbird developed a fondness for a boy in the town of Sheboygan. It wasn’t any sort of physical attraction or anything of that nature. This boy, Worsel Brittlemeyer, was nothing like the rest of the people in Sheboygan. Although the townsfolk found Worsel to be a bit odd and too eccentric, Black Hummingbird saw something special in him because he was unique. Due to the fact he was somewhat of an extraordinary in Sheboygan, coupled with the fact that his own uniqueness did not necessarily equate to good decision making, Worsel Brittlemeyer was always in some sort of a predicament. While the rest of the town may have been cursed, Worsel Brittlemeyer seemed to run into as many miracles as he did predicaments. Just when things were about to go spinning wildly out of control, just when it was about to be deemed hopeless, something peculiar would happen and the situation mysteriously resolved.

32. Magma
"Malaria" 4:22
Magma [Kobaïa]
Paris, France

Wolves entered the home and surrounded the little girl seated on the couch. She tried to kick at them, but they kept biting at her and swarming her. It was no use and there was no she could have warded them all off. Once they engulfed her, the little girl’s eyes became X’ING’s, and they dragged her out into the streets and left her there. Ten minutes later she stood back up and had a terrifying look on her face as her eyes were simply shaped like the letter X. At night, she stalked the street with the pack of wolves parading behind her. Whenever there was no moon, the wolves were unleashed and somebody would die.

31. Nucleus
"Torrid Zone" 8:52
Elastic Rock
London, England

Benny decided he was leaving to go find Patty, but Barbara created an obstacle. She informed that he wasn’t allowed to leave. Barbara was attempting to be nice, Benny was attempting to be civil, but Barbara was evil and creepy. Any attempt Benny made as to why he had to go, she stared, and her glare became more eerie with each comment. Finally, she led Benny into the basement suggesting she had a surprise for him. At the third step, Barbara shoved Benny from behind and he tumbled down the stairs. There was a dead child at the bottom of the stairs who rose up and said, “Help me Benny. Please help me.” Benny stood up, still dizzy from the fall, and the black and white room was spinning. With each twirl, more dead children surrounded Benny and some of them had knives. Barbara entered and bashed Benny over the head with a frying pan. She dragged him over to the corner and placed Benny in a stockade. She sat on a bench staring at him and some of the children came over and sat on her lap. One kid whispered something in her ear and they all laughed out loud at Benny, pointing at him and everything.

30. Out Of Focus
"World's End" 10:01
Wake Up!
München, Germany

The fish had seized a factory and unveiled their creation. They opened the crate and out emerged a man with a black mustache, dressed in Old West garments. Thus another machine was created and it revealed, exactly, who was present on Mt. Sinai during the period in which the Commandments were allegedly written. In the middle of the night, in what was now a dirt road, a fake emblem of God, the mayor, and the President walked one side of the street while the man with the mustache approached on the other. One side was afraid, and the man with the mustache tormented them. People gathered around to watch. In the blink of an eye, the image of God, the mayor, and the president all became black and white except for the red blood that was splattered on their faces. The man with the mustache drew his pistol and fired shot after shot at people; he shot fast and sometimes simply flipped the chamber. These guns seemed to have unlimited bullets. Suddenly, he stopped, and blood spilled out of his lips as he dropped dead.

29. John Lennon
"God" 4:11
Plastic Ono Band
Liverpool, England (1940)-New York, NY (1980)

It grew silent as everybody looked around to see what killed the man with the mustache. There was an arrow sticking out of his back as he lie dead in the street. The President, the mayor, and the image of God remained on the street. They had assumed victory, miraculously, and were joined by all the other prominent figures of modern society in the street. From out behind the bushes emerged that eccentric wonder Worsel Brittlemeyer. They gazed in awe as to how he so bravely saved the most essential people on the planet Earth. And, he was accompanied by an Indian Chief, Chief Black Hummingbird. Everyone stared, and was closing in on applauding as the most important factors of modern society were prepared to give thanks. (1:03) Chief Black Hummingbird reared back the bow and fired an arrow into the chest of The President, dropping him dead. Another shot, the mayor was dead. Another shot, their God was dead. And with each shot, and arrow was struck through the chest of all the fabrications that dictated the white man’s lifestyle.
28. David Bowie
"Width of a Circle" 8:10
The Man Who Sold the World
London, England

All of these aspects had been dead for centuries. In actuality, they were never needed. But, after this occurrence, they were quickly resurrected and it was as if it never happened. Had they have died; the curse would have been lifted. Instead, they claimed to have power over the curse, and declared war. They belittled the curse with televised propaganda and enshrined a doctrine that the curse was attempting to cripple what it meant to be an American; as if any of them actually knew. A Senator thought he knew and awed an audience by simply stating on the newscast that we needed to realize what it meant to be an American. This fool could have said anything, and basically did. The reaction from the crowd was even scarier than the effects of the curse.

Thus, once again, the military was sent to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. A police state was adopted and the heedless population blindly cooperated. Unfortunately, like most Americans, the military did not even know what they were fighting and could not even see Chief Black Hummingbird. And thus he did it again; Black Hummingbird invisibly marched through the police brutality and put arrows in their chests.

27. The Grodeck Whipperjenny
"Evidence for the Existance of the Unconscious" 5:59
The Grodeck Whipperjenny
Cincinnati, OH

It was easy for these people to believe anything. The man with the mustache returned and led the police state to the beach. He had been the first casualty from the arrow, and therefore they assumed that he was one of them. But, he was manufactured by the fish. Gazing out at the tranquil lake, it once again turned to blood. Another tsunami was underway as the bottom of the lake was fully revealed. Riding in front of the wave was Lloyd on his motorcycle armed with a machine gun. The venomous Lloyd fired an array of bullets into the Police State as the tidal wave was coming. When they turned to run, an army of black and white fish opened fire with their assault rifles. There was nowhere to go and the tidal wave crashed down upon them and washed them all into the bloody lake.
26. Van Der Graaf Generator
"Lost" 11:17
H to He Who Am the Only One
Manchester, England

On television, the blood splattered President spoke of a great victory. Images were shown of the Police State gunning down Indians and how they rescued children. In-between images of victory, bodies of military personnel were washed ashore face down. Once their blood soaked bodies were retrieved from the lake, a crowd cheered the act of a hero.

Norman Beaumont set the Village Square ablaze. He marched through the streets with a flame thrower, shooting flames out in all directions, turning the city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin into a 15-alarm fire emergency.

Chief Black Hummingbird raced in and shot Norman Beaumont. After he dropped the flame thrower, another Nokopone raced in and apprehended it. They shoved Norman in the back guiding him down the street. Images raced through his mind as he was not cooperative with the Nokopones. All he wanted was vengeance for his daughter’s death. Up in the distance he was met by The Clowns. They stepped aside and revealed Petry, his daughter, standing behind them with Klines the Clown—her soul mate.

As buildings burned and fires triggered explosions, Norman wept the moment he saw his daughter. People were racing through the streets in chaos, many of them covered in blood, as all of The Clowns and The Nokopone Indians smiled. Petry and Norman embraced in a long warm hug as a newscaster attempted to state a commentary but was soon engulfed in flames—the camera crew videotaped her racing through the streets on fire still carrying the microphone—they left the camera running as she dropped face down in the street smoldering from the flames, watching her body burn. Norman finally told Petry that he really loved her, and welcomed his new son-in-law, Klines the Clown, into the family.

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