The Top 25 Songs of 2008

Pitchfork Brigade + The Top 150 Songs of 2008
Part 1: Pre-Planned Destination on the Outskirts of Heredity
Part 2: Gluten Free Nation
Part 3: Handling Success
Part 4: The Pitchfork Brigade
Part 5: Our Corporate Sponsored Panel of Experts
Part 6: No Future

Part VI: No Future

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25. Portishead
"Machine Gun"  4:46
Bristol, England

There was a certain degree of happiness and celebration upon being acquitted. However, that was short lived. Immediately upon being released, he had no place to go. This particular state was no longer his home and he no plans on ever returning. All he had ever known had either turned against him or affiliation was no longer permitted. He had not a single dime to his name, nor had any possessions for everything he owned been confiscated by the government and supposedly donated to the victim’s families.

24. Women
"Lawncare"  4:27
Calgary, AB, Canada

Once he looked at the world upon being freed, he utterly despised his whole existence. Brandon Kindle had not committed any crimes whatsoever, yet served hard time in which he had been repeatedly raped, disgraced, and beaten nearly to his deathbed. That was a harsh punishment, and too much to endure for somebody who was never a criminal.

23. Killerbirds
"Killer"  3:31
Victoria, Australia

Deciding where to go and how to get there was an issue. The world he no longer recognized and there was nowhere to turn. Courtney miraculously came to his rescue as he had walked aimlessly for three miles away from the prison. His parents were no longer in the equation and he never wanted to see them ever again. Even that once beautiful city where he shot the film seemed in disarray. The University had been sanctioned because of the conviction and all seemed to have distanced themselves from his association. All of his previous friends had been exiled and sought refuge in areas far away from here.

22. The Ruby Suns
"Kenya Dig It?"  4:17
Sea Lion
Auckland, New Zealand

The media proceeded as if nothing ever happened. They continued to act stupid and report the same senseless shit just as they always had. None of them offered an apology or acknowledged their errors. Brandon distinctly recalled one commentator, the one who gave the “imagine the victims seeing this film in stores” spiel, and he saw him again through a window. Brandon re-assessed the definition of a victim. Imagine in one of the victims or a member of the victim’s family had to watch this disgraceful imbecile spew another asinine commentary.

21. Ponytail
"Celebrate The Body Electric"  7:00
Ice Cream Spiritual
Baltimore, MD

One place spread the news of his acquittal by once again carrying the DVD. They made a huge spectacle of the ordeal as well. The Gluten Free Nation poster was proudly displayed in the main window and they ran a huge sale on the movie. Management of the independent store claimed they knew he was innocent all along as the official evidence made no sense whatsoever, “too many people are influenced by the media,” they told regular customers. Many others also claimed to have known this all along as well. The video store was vandalized and somebody spray painted “RAPIST” on the building.

20. Albert Hammond, Jr.
"The Boss Americana"  2:57
¿Cómo te llama?
Los Angeles, CA/New York, NY

The vast majority was probably unaware that Brandon Kindle had been released. When he was found guilty, the news and media swarmed both the courtroom and the prison to capture footage of a criminal being served justice. It was all they spoke of, it was on every channel, and it was on the cover of every magazine. They had created such hysteria, that many people were sick and tired of seeing it. When he was found innocent and released however, the media never even mentioned it and suddenly vanished from the scene.

19. The Hold Steady
"Sequestered In Memphis"  3:33
Stay Positive
New York, NY

Justice was finally served. The victims and the victim’s families were ordered to refund the settlements they received in the lawsuits, including those who received compensation for punitive damages for having a gluten allergy. However, it was revealed that a significant portion of the proceeds never went to the victims, they went to the government, lawyers, and banks who funded the witch hunt. Furthermore, there was increasing evidence that most of the alleged victims were never raped in the first place. Only one magazine reported this, and they were dismissed as “liberal media.”

18. Black Mountain
"Wucan"  6:03
In the Future
Vancouver, BC, Canada

The victims and the victim’s families attempted to apply a guilt trip for having to return their settlements, including the ones who were never raped in the first place. They claimed they were still suffering, rape was atrocious, cried, and stated that Brandon Kindle and company were being insensitive to their pain and sorrow. “You’re seriously going to take money from us? Rape victims? That’s cruel!” Also, many of them stated they had already been awarded the money and taking it back would be illegal. News coverage for this debacle lasted one evening, and told from the side of the victims in an attempt to make Brandon Kindle seem tyrannical for demanding his money be returned from the victims. FoxNews claimed ordering the money back was unconstitutional—as was everything else in existence except for Glenn Beck, who seemingly wrote the constitution himself.

17. Spiritualized
"Sweet Talk"  4:04
Songs in A&E
Rugby, England

Like prison, society was a cliché. For the most part, the people on the outside were just as stupid as the inmates—behaving in manners in which they are “supposed” to. Stupidity had prevailed and it dominated the world. How was stupidly so effectively able to transform society into a stupid cliché? The media they followed made them this way. They created the opinions, the created “The American Way”, the prison…many of them even rewrote history. They played bad music, wrote stupid articles, solicited bad ideas, aired stupid shows…appealing to masses meant omitting innovation or brilliance that would be too hard to understand. And these simpletons dictating the current standards lacked the ability to conjure an original idea, nor think for themselves, and their panel of experts had zero credibility whatsoever. Instead, they dictated their pathetic little belief system based on advertisements their corporate sponsorship poorly wrote for them… and people had become so stupid that they actually believed it.

16. Mercury Rev
"Senses On Fire"  3:31
Snowflake Midnight
Buffalo, NY

Brandon suffered from PTSD because of prison and everything else he had been subjected to in recent times. He had recurring nightmares about the constant abuse he received in the joint. This was coupled with a sheer hatred for the media who only assisted with the prosecution, and aimed intentionally hurtful remarks regarding everything he had believed. A huge lack of trust for the world transpired and intensified. The media was lying and everybody else was too, all of these so-called victims and their families. Sadly, it even affected his relationship with Courtney. There was no possible that he was in any condition to be in a relationship with a woman. He developed somewhat of a abhorrence for women due to the way they behaved throughout the entire ordeal, with their fake crying and phony resentment towards perceived victims. It was perhaps the worst of the side effects, but Brandon even attempted to distance himself from Courtney, who had been his only friend. Even though she and her father were the ones who eventually had his charges dismissed, he was scared to trust her, scared to trust anybody. At any given moment, she could say that he raped her and the world would believe her… it was best to remain alone and away from everybody.

15. Sigur Rós
"Fljótavík"  3:49
Með suð í Eyrum við Spilum Endalaust
Reykjavík, Iceland

One afternoon while walking around alone, wearing headphones to drown out the noise, he witnessed a little kid being bullied. The younger kid, maybe 6 or 7 years old, had been playing innocently with a girl around the age of 12. A group of bigger kids around the ages of 12-14 disrupted the ordeal because they wanted to hang out with the girl and assumed making the smaller child look little and stupid would impress her.

14. Tindersticks
"The Turns We Took"  5:30
The Hungry Saw
Nottingham, England

The older kids deceived the smaller boy into thinking they wanted to play with him too. He was smiling joyfully and enjoying playing with the older kids, when suddenly one of them set him up to be tripped, knocked him down to the ground, and beamed him with the soccer ball. The little boy stood up, sobbed, but held back the tears—unsure if it was intentional or why they would be so cruel as to dupe him for no reason. “You hurt me,” he said with a sad look, looking miserably at the perpetrators who were still pestering him. One of them mocked his crying, another called him a sissy, and the other shoved him down again.

13. Paul Weller
"Empty Ring"  3:03
22 Dreams
Woking, England

Brandon Kindle removed his headphones and stepped in front of them, preventing them from further harming the child. “Do you stupid ass kids think you’re cool or something? You’re bigger than him, like way bigger. What are trying to prove here?” He spoke calmly to them, but at the same time let it be known that he did not approve of them ganging up on this poor kid. In return, the assailants became sassy with Brandon, who simply told the little kid to run home safely. The three teenagers persisted with Brandon and called him childish names that obviously were not going to hurt his feelings after all he had been through.

12. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
"I Called You Back"  4:33
Wilding in the West
Louisville, KY

They then insisted that there were three of them, just one of him, and that they could kick his ass too…as if he had never been ganged up on in a prison. The mouthiest one of the bunch threw a punch at Brandon, who simply jerked the biggest one of the group in front of the punch; the mouthy kid accidentally laid out the biggest kid, and had to quickly apologize. It could have turned ugly as visions of being ganged up on in prison flashed through his head, and he momentarily thought about killing these three kids in retrospect to what happened in prison. And when the cops showed up and immediately interrogated Brandon for the assault, he almost felt like he was back in prison again… or maybe going back. The three kids lied and told the police that Brandon assaulted them and was trying to steal their money; Brandon told his side, but the police did not believe him. They were prepared to arrest Brandon when the smaller kid entered the scene with his father and older brother. They confirmed Brandon’s story and were prepared to beat the teenage bullies senselessly. Brandon was let off with a warning and told his was “lucky this time,” the cops said nothing to the bullies.

11. The Helio Sequence
"You Can Come to Me"  4:00
Keep Your Eyes Ahead
Portland, OR

The vast majority of the world had believed he was guilty and a ruthless menace. People who were considered prominent experts, high paying jobs, prestigious positions who were awarded the grandest of benefits and privileges: the prosecution, the commentators, the talk show hosts, the audience encouraged to boo, the assault against the film, and all of their lame commentaries, their poorly developed opinions, and they looked so stupid now… bad stupid. As did the victims, and the victim’s families. And who looked the stupidest of all? The society who fell for their obvious bullshit.

10. Ladyhawk
"Night You're Beautiful"  3:03
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Some claimed the atrocities were justified as punishment for the film, that the freedom of speech is displayed was against freedom of speech. It was what he deserved for infringing on the rights of the poor helpless gluten free sufferers and the elegant standards of America. That, if you are willing to attack the policies of America, then you deserve this sort of mistreatment and abuse. Also, the money that was wrongfully returned from the rape victims and their families should now be awarded to the gluten free dieters. The state had the right because they were a victim too. Those obscenity charges were still valid, and he talked bad about our military too. Most complainers had never seen the film.

9. Deerhunter
"Cover Me Slowy" 1:22 + "Agoraphobia"  3:23
Atlanta, GA

It was painful watching news analysts and commentators voice their opinions. Even after their mistake that should have nullified all of their credibility, they were still stating opinions that attempted to convict any person accused of any crime. Brandon Kindle easily found the flaws in their statements, detected all of their misconceptions and contradictions, and they obviously had no idea what they were talking about. Apparently, the news and media only associates with dumbest morons on society—those most influenced by their diatribe. Since Brandon knew firsthand how it operated, he knew not to trust any of them.

8. Blood on the Wall
"Rize"  2:51
New York, NY

Commercials were brainless and possibly responsible for the demise of intellect in common society. These despicable ploys, gimmicks, jingles, and other modes of deception to fool easily impressed shitheads into buying their poorly manufactured products had ruined entire communities. The CEO’s of these corporations were too stupid to even create an inventive marketing plan because they had follow the exact same protocol for advertising on TV (this non-brilliant CEO is a multi-billionaire who everybody thinks must be gifted); TV had become so stupid because they had to follow a set of regulations initiated by a conglomerate of corporations and the government on what opinions to convey and what senseless programs to air at specified time slots. Commercialized TV finally surpassed government and religion as the worst component controlling society… and the TV even gained control of government and religion as all aspects were controlled and corrupted by money.

7. Wolf Parade
"Fine Young Cannibals"  6:32
At Mount Zoomer
Montréal, QC, Canada

There were still a number of people in denial. Even though he had been acquitted and the evidence clearly proved his innocence, people still claimed he did it. Brandon Kindle would never be able to shake the reputation of a serial rapist. When people informed the detractors otherwise, they would either state sarcastically, “yea right,” or, “but still…” One woman had the nerve to state in a debate, “if you honestly believe that he is innocent, you’re even more naïve than I thought. People are so blind to the truth… wake up people.” To the woman: and you’re basing your claims on what? The TV you so sheepishly cling to? All you are doing is parroting commentators. As if you were there… you stupid cunt!

6. The Walkmen
"Canadian Girl"  4:05
You & Me
New York, NY

Finally, there was a reunion with friends. Each of them shared the atrocities they had been dealt since the incident. Many of them were deeply angered and wanted to make another movie just to stick it to them. His friends were attempting to motivate him and Courtney was still trying to reach out and earn his trust. Brandon Kindle had been severely altered by the incident and was nothing at all like the person who joyfully wrote and directed that first comedy.

5. French Kicks
"Sex Tourists"  3:27
New York, NY

Brandon Kindle agreed to appear on TV for an interview and was interrogated about the film. It was a religious republican who the testimony that ultimately freed him. Yet, in the film, there is a scene that suggested discovering a person might be a Communist would be significantly better than analyzing a candidate and realizing that he might be a Republican. Also, the Embargo Action against the U.S., the Pro-Communist stance, not to mention the assault on those on gluten-free diets… explain.

It’s not those Republicans like Bert.

“What do you mean, not those Republicans?”

Brandon Kindle had finally reached his end. He had been pushed to edge and finally unleashed all of the pinned up rage that had been brimming inside of him.

“First of all,” Brandon officially lost his patience with national TV on national TV, “it’s a fucking movie! Anyone deeply affected by a fucking movie, is a fucking moron! I have every right in the world to voice support for a true Communist state just as you guys boast your support for a fascist police state; especially if my perspective is in direct retaliation to every corporate media channel in existence being permitted to accuse anyone of being a Communist. As long there are stations such as FoxNews attempting to suggest certain people are Communists in a negative limelight, I am permitted to, humorously nonetheless, create a news station set in another nation that accuses people of being a Republican. And yes, I am a Communist, the Anarchist type, and if media stations are permitted to portray my people as criminals, then I am permitted to do the same…and with conviction. At least I never had any Republicans wrongfully imprisoned… at least I know what I am standing for and fighting against, and that I constructed my own beliefs based on logic and personal experience instead of simply believing what I am told I am “supposed” to believe. Furthermore, on the stand, Bert made some snide remarks attacking my beliefs, in which I took in stride humorously... that's the reaction I expect from the right wingers when I direct comments about them.

“But,” interrupted the interviewer, “this country founded on an opposition to Communism; being a Communist is un-American.”

“Really?” That response angered Brandon. “It was founded? And you were there to witness this I assume? No, this country was founded on Communism… but the white people came in 1492 and ruined everything. As for your arch-nemesis Karl Marx, he wasn’t even born until the 1800’s, this country was already founded. You’re just making up bullshit by parroting J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy… look how they are historically perceived now… puts you in that same category now doesn’t it.”

4. British Sea Power
"No Need to Cry"  3:43
Do You Like Rock Music?
Brighton, England

I respect all people’s beliefs so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others and they are devised without manipulation. Allowing the government to put a ban on gay marriage is an infringement on the rights of others. As for the gluten free assault, as you have now called it, was a satirical parody of society’s uninformed quest to ban gay marriage. It was intended to be absolutely ridiculous, just as wanting to ban gay marriage is absolutely ridiculous. Any person offended by this either did not see the movie, were too stupid to understand it, or they themselves were a racist and were distraught about having to consider the concept of banning gluten allergenic marriages based on Biblical beliefs equally as obtuse as everything they had ever been taught and stupidly believed. 

And, that should be evident by the response the film generated. They called the concept of denying marriage rights to gluten free dieters foolish; and it implied the exact same logic people use to oppose gay marriage. Therefore, if you are going to go to this extreme to support marriage of gluten free dieters, then you have to take this same stance for all marriages. Come on, let’s hear you stand up for homosexuals the same way you defended gluten free dieters... let’s have that totally equal Communist state then shall we.  

The audience was dreadfully silent and the interviewer was at a loss for words.

3. Helvetia
"Broken Bones"  4:45
Headless Machine of the Heart
Seattle, WA

Couple that tidbit with the fact that making my film was a representation of freedom of speech… that yes, I support gay marriage, yes, I despise religion, yes, I despise TV, yes, I think drugs should be legal, yes, I think the United States spends way too much money on the fucking military, yes, I think the US foreign policy fucking sucks! Yes, I think the United States was wrong in every war they have created. Yes, I cuss. Fuck. Shit. Mother Fucker. Now, let’s see you support that freedom of speech with the same tenacity as those who eagerly defended a shitty 3rd rate mall food court chicken place that sucked to begin with… waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A fucking sucks, and so do their political and religious beliefs. Support that freedom of speech mother fucker! Can you?

2. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
"More News From Nowhere"  7:58
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
London, England

It is highly doubtful that Brandon will ever have another girlfriend or ever experience true love. He is plagued with nightmares and is unable to allow himself to become close with anybody. In his dream, he was walking alone down a street. He was somewhat frightened for he kept having flashbacks of being assaulted in prison. Plus, there were cold stares by the other citizens walking on the street… people who despised him because of everything that happened. Somebody ran up behind him and abruptly turned around, startled, and stabbed the assailant in the eye with an ink pen. The assailant was Courtney. She had spotted him down the street and playfully tried to startle him as a joke. She looked beautiful and was smiling cheerfully when she grabbed him from behind, thinking he would laugh too, just as they always did. 

Brandon, without hesitation, quickly jolted, and stabbed that beautiful smiling face directly in the eye. She dropped to the ground in agony with blood gushing from her eye, and the ink pen still protruding from her eye. While she was screeching in pain, their entire relationship flashed before him…laughing in the car on the way home from school, he smile at the bagel café, and even her on the stand defending him. As she was lying on the ground bleeding, all of the victims surrounded him… it was a recreation of the day he was arrested. Then, he woke up… jolted out of his sleep.

#1. Titus Andronicus
"No Future Part One"  7:39 + "No Future Part Two" 6:54
The Airing of Grievances
Glen Rock, NJ

The thought of him ever harming Courtney made him sick to his stomach. It was obvious that he was never going to adjust and there was no way he would ever have a normal life. Brandon was forced to abandon everything, for it was all deemed hopeless.

What did you really want? What are your beliefs?

I wanted rid of government completely. I wanted government out of my life, I wanted religion out of my life, I wanted all these corporations out of my life, I wanted rid of money and anything that attempted to control natural thinking. What I want is what is natural.

What is natural?

Think about it. Are your beliefs actually your own? Did you really build that? Not your business, that opinion you have? Did you build that? Or, are you going by what somebody said? What you read in a book, including The Bible? Or are you going by what somebody else told you to say? 

Take away everything you heard on TV… take away everything anyone has ever said that was an attempt to persuade you into thinking with their beliefs, to buy their products, to obey their regulations… take away everything you learned in school… take away all those lessons in life… take away everything you were taught to believe… take away everything your parents told… and what do you have left? What’s left, that is what is natural… and that’s where I’m going.

What do I want? If I could say only one thing with the whole world listening, it would be leave me the fuck alone!

Let me guess, you are censoring all of this? You want to go to a commercial so that some brainless corporation can air their deceptive gimmicks hoping people will buy their bullshit? The reason you can’t, is that you’re a fucking hypocrite; and everybody who protested this film is fucking hypocrite; as was every fucking asshole from this shithole TV station who relentlessly sought to have me convicted of crimes I did not ever commit.

Part 2

Upon walking out of the interview on live television, the exact same commentator who gave the “imagine being a victim” spiel was in the other newsroom giving yet another lame commentary suggesting somebody else needed put away… and stating what they should do.

Brandon stormed into the studio on live television and approached the stage. The commentator stared at Brandon, it came that time when where had to know he had been wrong. He faked a smile to Brandon, “well, I see they finally let you out.” Brandon Kindle did not say a word in return. He ran up to him aggressively and stabbed him in the face with the letter opener that was lying on the studio desk where he had been reading fan mail. Brandon kept stabbing him repeatedly, jabbed out both eyes… he had lost control and was using excessive force, lunging the steel point into his throat, his cheeks, his neck, even his forehead. The jabs came fast and abrupt, and he induced several more contusions even after he was dead.

He dropped his bloody corpse too the studio floor and attacked another commentator, killing him too. Security entered and he stabbed all of them, creating a gigantic bloody massacre on national television, then running out the door.

Protestors were outside as they were protesting his appearance on the show, and he attacked them too, killing off several of them before the police finally arrived and apprehended him.

This time, he was sentenced to the electric chair. He laughed at the verdict and seemed excited, jumping around for joy after the sentencing and attempting to kiss the judge. The majority of the onlookers felt he finally got what he always deserved. He smiled and shouted insults as he was removed from the court; Courtney cried, his friends looked remorseful.

Brandon Kindle never had a chance, and a mob of reporters flooded the scene as he was escorted out. He kicked at them, spit on them, resisted arrest, refused to cooperate with the police, and knocked several of the news cameras over. Courtney entered and tried to stand up for him even as he was zapped with the stun gun.

Camus reading…

Kindle strutted down death row. All of them looked stupid. The preacher prayed for mercy on his soul; Brandon yanked The Bible out of his hand and flung it into the crowd. He spit in the preacher’s face, and pushed away the guards. They were prepared to take action, but he willingly sat in the electric chair and applied the attachments himself. Some cried, many laughed, including Brandon. It was a nationally televised execution, his last dying request. Some prick was giving a commentary as if it were a form of entertainment. Brandon looked at him, winked, and smiled. When the executioner pulled the switch, there were mobs of people that gave a standing ovation.

"Black River"  3:48
22 Dreams
London, England

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

None of the original songs were ever intended to be used in this type of format.
Descriptions in no way shape or form intended to be a truthful reflection or interpretation of the song or the artist in reference.
All characters and themes completely fictitious and any similarities to actual people living or deceased are coincidental.

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The Stranger written by Albert Camus
In direct retaliation to, and fuck all of the following people: Chick-Fil-A, Glenn Beck and his constant accusing people of being a Communist, supporters of Mitt Romney who based their beliefs from FoxNews, daytime television, ESPN, most TV commentators, and especially all media coverage of anyone accused of anything.

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