The Top 25 Songs of 1999

The Top 125 Songs of 1999 + Death on Mars
Chapter 1: Prologue: Cause of Death Unknown
Chapter 2: When Reality Becomes Dreams
Chapter 3: Incoherent Realizations
Chapter 4: Ceres
Chapter 5: Earth Was Not Prepared

Chapter 5: Earth Was Not Prepared

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25. Blur
"Tender" 7:41
Colchester, England

I had even lost interest in finding a relationship with another woman. Back there, I had removed myself from any potential encounter and kept walking. There was no way I could ever date a woman who was attracted to me. It was fairly easy because most women did not want anything to do with me. Those who did were completely fucking psychotic. Should I even encounter a decent sane woman with superior qualities, then I could never date her because my life was so dilapidated that I would only ruin her. The only person who could heal my mind was I, primarily because I was the one who damaged it.

24. Bluebottle Kiss
"Give Up the Ghost" 4:05
Sydney, Australia

The people from Earth arrived first. They were on a specific mission and that was to find the body that had disappeared from the monitor. Upon reviewing the replay, the body clearly arose and walked away. He had travelled many miles, but they came equipped with a cruiser. Once the made-for-TV event was conducted, and the speech the Earthlings would quote forever was finished, they drove the planet in search for the missing person. The entire time they were searching for him, it was being televised, and they would relate progress reports to the TV audience.

23. The Olivia Tremor Control
"Paranormal Echoes" 3:30
Black Foliage: Animation Music Volume 1
Athens, GA

Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere (as if any of Mars had been “somewhere” at this point), I discovered an area of the ground that did not resemble the rest of the ground. Upon walking near it, the ground was easily moved; it was as if it were a cover of some sort. I heard something coming from beneath—it was a faint chirping sound. I examined the covering and was able to pry it free from the ground. When I opened the lid, I discovered life on Mars. There was a colony of evil looking bats down in the hole. They had glowing eyes and hissed at me. My heart raced as I nearly went into shock and was stricken with the worst terror I had ever experienced. I panicked, and nearly screamed. Quickly, I placed the cover back over the dungeon and ran away. For several hours, I suffered severe anxiety and was worried they had escaped and were chasing me; even though I was already dead.

22. Danielson Famile
"Guilt Scouting" 4:12
Tri-Danielson!!! (Omega)
Clarksboro, NJ

Being as I felt the zap of the laser from the other planet and was seen by the bats, it dawned on me that I may not be dead. That said, I was either a zombie or this was my afterlife; a mixture of Purgatory, Heaven, and with the bats, Hell. Then I was spotted by the people of Earth from Aerospace Headquarters. They could speak my language and had the same features as me. I had mixed emotions about being discovered on Mars by Earthlings and feared they may try to take me back to Earth; I refused to go back to Earth.

21. Prolapse
"Cylinders V12 Beats Cylinders 8" 7:45
Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes
Leicester, England

We talked about matters and it was a bit awkward. They were wearing spacesuits and kept videotaping me as if I had any interest in being on their stupid TV show. I informed them that I had no problems breathing in the atmosphere; they informed me that I had died years ago and this was a miracle. I had mixed emotions about the affair. It would have been nice to discuss matters with them, but they were not being realistic with their true natures and were imitating daytime TV hosts. They were excruciatingly annoying and were ruining what had been a pleasant era of solitude. Since I could breathe, they assumed they could too. The two astronauts removed their helmets, and soon asphyxiated and blood poured from their noses. In a matter of moments, they dropped to the ground dead—on national TV.

20. The White Stripes
"Cannon" 2:31
The White Stripes
Detroit, MI

A different flying saucer landed. I figured it was more Earthlings and I did not feel like being bothered with their senseless diatribe; and the last thing I wanted was more harassment over how the two reality TV astronauts died. I kicked the camera off to the side and sped away on the cruiser—which now came in handy. The arriving ship however, was not from Earth. They were on foot, and never found the body who was on their Voyager video because he sped away on the cruiser. Instead, they discovered two dead bodies lying on the ground and concluded the person who threw a rock at their Voyager must be one of these two astronauts and since dead. However, they did examine the camera and peer into the lens studying it; and it was captured live on national TV in numerous homes throughout Earth.

19. Sleep
"Jerusalem (Pt. 3)" 9:01
San Jose, CA

Up in the distance, I saw what appeared to be a town. There was a street and many houses that were shaped like hangars. It was the village that was in my dreams while I was dead. I rode through the village on the space cruiser. Just like in the dream, everything was illuminated with red lights. There was nobody around though and it appeared as if it had been abandoned. I went to the front door of the one that was home to me in my dreams and knocked. Nobody answered, and I peaked in the window. The hangar home had fallen victim to an unknown atrocity; it appeared the entire village suffered the same fate. When I opened the door, there was but a blackened skeleton sitting on what a couch. This person could possibly pass for Brian. I looked around, but was afraid. There was a possibility that the village is in ruins due to an inter-galactic pillager. I grabbed the book that was lying on the couch and fled the village. It was spooky, and I kept peaking back to make sure nothing was following me.

18. Lemon Jelly
"Homage to Patagonia" 9:34
The Yellow EP
London, England

I was able to cover more ground on the cruiser. With this thing, travelling Mars was not only fun and exciting, but I could easily travel across terrains that had been taking entire days. The first thing I did was revert to where the Earthling astronauts landed and raided their ship. It was interesting seeing products from Earth again and there were certain items that I never thought I would see again. Once I depleted the chambers for anything I thought might be useful, I jumped on cruiser and bailed. The aliens from the other galaxy were discussing how wonderful it would have been to have been able to discuss matters with those two astronauts. After the missing person raided the ship, they two boarded it and examined the interior. It was a joyful occasion for the two friendly astronauts and they took a few souvenirs and left. I had gone to the other ship, but was unable to board it because the passengers were returning. And, these guys were not from Earth. I started to run away from them, put they chased after me waving their arms. For reasons unknown, I looked back and felt sympathetic towards them; they seemed nice. I had never seen aliens from another planet before and felt I should be more sociable (this was also my problem on Earth, I shunned an entire world because I fell out of favor with them—if only I were more sociable). I turned my vehicle around and greeted them with a smile.

17. Royal Trux
"Coming out Party" 5:30
Veterans of Disorder
Chicago, IL

Several weeks later, the two astronauts completely healed and returned to life. Just as the man before him had done, the two astronauts had bizarre dreams about being on Mars when they awoke. They were unsure if they were dead and had no recollection of actually dying. However, this time around there was two of them, and their time during death was spent in complete different frames of mind, thus creating more confusion. Plus, they had died in a different culture of Mars than when the original subject came back to life. It did not take quite as long because their bodies were never preserved and they were not embalmed. Also, they do remember going to Mars, but not much else after landing.

16. Smog
"Hit The Ground Running" 6:57
Knock Knock
Austin, TX

All things considered, it was a fairly nice visit. Neither party could understand what the other was saying, but they simply went with it. The aliens allowed him to board their ship and cheerfully gave him a tour. He was a bit reluctant and did not wish to leave with them; they never anticipated taking him away. It was a nice ship, and they gave him some gifts—he had no clue what they were or what uses they had. He showed him the book he found, and they scanned it and gave it back to him. He spoke of the planet Earth, but they misinterpreted everything he was saying; their planet had deemed Earth inhabitable because of its closeness to the sun; they also assumed the Asteroid Belt was a protective fortress blocking intruders. Also, he told them that the camera they acquired was a recording device and they might be on national TV. They assumed it was a gift from him and kept it. They shook hands, smiled, and said goodbye. The aliens vowed to return, and they made a video using that camera depicting the culture on their planet—the ratings for that show soared until the camera finally died.

15. Jim O'Rourke
"Through The Night Softly" 4:47
Chicago, IL

However, the planet Earth was not prepared for a multitude of things that happened. To begin, seeing a human on Mars was both a phenomenon and a source of bewilderment. The story behind the first person on Mars was never revealed. Then, when the two astronauts died on national TV, it was disturbing and traumatic. The way they died was equally gruesome as blood spewed from their nose and they rolled on the ground in agony—it was a most painful death. Many people on Earth assumed that they were killed by the first human-like figure who they first encountered—a person who looked vaguely familiar to several people in a few communities; or, they were killed by the aliens. The most baffling of all, and the source no one had prepared for: when the two astronauts returned to life and walked back to their ship, the video that had been monitoring the first subject captured the astronauts alive and walking after there was video evidence they died in horrendous fashion. Meaning, if one went to Mars, more than likely they would die and come back to life. And that begged to question: would you be willing to die an agonizing painful death knowing you could potentially return a short time later? Mars brought this possibility.

14. Bardo Pond
"Crawl Away" 9:27
Set and Setting
Philadelphia, PA

There was a roof sticking up out of the ground. I rode in to investigate the matter. This was once a city and it looked as if it had been completely destroyed. Some of the buildings had collapsed and there was yet another body. The scary portion of this was the top of the building sticking up out of the ground. I attempted to dig because I was curious how deep it was. However, I did not have a shovel, and it was deeply entrenched. The dead ones presented a great danger; it meant that being on Mars did not necessarily equate to immortality—or they could come back to life at any moment. Perhaps there citizens of Mars buried underneath that were still alive. I spotted two living creatures behind one of the buildings; they looked at me, studied me curiously, and then ran away. I did not wish to chase after them because I felt they were afraid after been stricken with this sort of disaster. Furthermore, I felt the presence of a supernatural abnormality; I sensed that I was in great danger. Fear overwhelmed me, and for the first time, the still silence was chilling.

13. Tindersticks
"I Know That Loving" 5:48
Simple Pleasure
Nottingham, England

There were at least two recent landings, and I hoped I had not disturbed an abomination that had haunted this village. If danger was present, it was best for me to leave it alone as I was not qualified to conquer an unknown entity that destroyed an entire planet. Should there be some survivors remaining, a rescue mission was en route with proper equipment. There was nothing I could do. Furthermore, for all I knew, there were other areas on Mars that had been populated, and maybe they knew of this village. There are ghost towns on Earth too.

12. The Microphones
"Where It's Hotter Pt. 3" 2:59
Don't Wake Me Up
Anacortes, WA

It was a bizarre alignment of the planets. Jupiter was at its orbital point in which it was closest to Mars, as was the sun. The lights from both reflected The Asteroid Belt brilliantly and the sky looked dazzling with an array of remarkable colors and segments of Ceres shining from both the Sun and Jupiter. Two astronauts were still exploring the planet and remembered the vision of one body that had mysteriously disappeared and mysteriously returned to life. They walked among the ghosts of the cursed village; the ghosts multiplied and the village once again returned to its lively form, brightly lit, and festive…it was 36,000 years ago.

11. Mogwai
"Cody" 6:33
Come On Die Young
Glasgow, Scotland

A massive tunnel had been constructed; it originated above the ground (there was nothing on top of it) and it descended deep into the underground like a mine shaft. Walking through the tunnel, the story of a great farmer was revealed. Beginning with the first formation of life—they were immigrants from another galaxy. A tall slender space creature stood proudly holding a shovel; he was dressed in black and white garments similar to how Amish people dressed. He was 12 foot tall on the image, and upon walking by it came to life; it was similar to watching an old filmstrip projector. The Martian dug, and was later joined by some people; in a flash he was seated at a table having dinner with other Martians similar to him; in the next flash, he was dead. People were running through the streets as massive debris was dropping from the sky. It was impossible to determine where it was coming from, but it appeared that a building collapsed. For miles, there was nothing. But, up ahead in the distance, there was row of beings standing side-by-side waiting for the approach. It seemed to take forever to get there, and it was difficult to determine if anybody ever did.

10. The Make-Up
"Save Yourself" 3:23
Save Yourself
Washington, D.C.

Operation Rescue Mission was initiated (and named by some unoriginal American Jackass), and a squad from Aerospace Headquarters visited Mars to bring back the two astronauts. The initial subject who returned to life was never found, but the two astronauts were brought back to Earth. It was a huge risk returning to Earth, especially since returning from the dead. But, they were people of Earth and actually eager to return. However, they were severely altered from the point in which they initially began the mission as television performers. They were frequently plagued with disturbing dreams about Mars and uncertain whether or not they could continue life on Earth—they no longer had the desire to eat or drink, but was unsure if this would last. Yes, they were home, but they did not feel as if they belonged anymore. The two astronauts were no longer like their peers on the planet, and feared mortality would eventually regain control.

9. Guitar Wolf
"Cosmic Space Girl" 2:59
Jet Generation
Nagasaki, Japan

I’m an Anarchist without a television set—good luck persuading me into anything. I was able to analyze the situation and see through the bullshit. Once I dissected the bullshit, there was nothing left. Instead of a blue planet, I saw a void of white nothingness.

8. Old Time Relijun
"Archaeopteryx Claw" 3:09
Uterus and Fire
Olympia, WA

I asked them, the society that I had lived in, to fill that void of white nothingness with your own ideas; to come up with something original, something complex, something that had never even been conceived ever before. With that challenge on the particular forefront, I was presented with a quote from the 1800’s.

7. Brainbombs
"Slayer" 3:37
Urge to Kill
Hudiksvall, Sweden

Society was weak. They had witnessed the end of a world. Earth was no better than Mars, and the direction the inhabitants were heading, extinction loomed in the horizon. Visions of the fate of Mars adjoined life on Earth; they could easily picture that same fate on this planet. Everything they had ever known could be lost unless something drastic took place. Picturesque landscapes were replaced with a tunnel that depicted the buildings crumbling and the Earth as an abandoned grave-site.

6. Oneida
"Bombay Fraud" 3:40
Enemy Hogs
New York, NY

To counter a representation from the past, I offered another segment of historical content from the past. Historically speaking, it takes 40 days to cleanse the soul. It would take 40 days to rid the world of bullshit. A challenge was initiated: no TV for 40 days. No anything for 40 days. For 40 days, you will live isolated from all contact with all other human beings. You will abandon all of your possessions, you will disband any dependency on any other person, you will be free of all things that currently influence what you have long considered free-will; and for 40 days without outside secondary arbitration dictating the real you, you will focus on what actually is important, and what was once bullshit.

5. Sam Prekop
"So Shy" 5:19
Sam Prekop
Chicago, IL

Those aliens finally returned to Mars. They had brought more gifts, and had even decoded the scriptures of the scanned book that was found on the couch. It was a somewhat unsettling feeling this time around; they did re-unite with their one friend, but there were a line of similar beings lying dead in a row on the ground. I attempted to explain to them that the people of Earth had discovered that they could die and return to life on Mars—no matter how long they had been dead. Immortality had finally been discovered. Many of them were arguing and fighting over who got to go first, and businesses attempted to profit from it. For $86,000, they would dig somebody up from their grave and deliver them to Mars. Only the privileged were coming, and I wanted nothing to do with them. They smiled and responded with a language I did not understand; except they were able to say “Hello,” and a few other words they had mispronounced. They returned the video and had successfully interpreted the book. “See you later,” they said with a foreign accent, and once again left Mars.

4. Built To Spill
"The Plan" 3:30
Keep It Like a Secret
Boise, ID

The goal was for every single person residing on the planet Earth to do this at the same time. And for 40 days, the Earth was closed. All work shut down immediately; it could resume in 40 days. It was designed to save the planet, for one time in their lives, do something drastic—this was the only thing that could have saved the human race.

3. Beulah
"Matter vs. Space" 3:00
When Your Heartstrings Break
San Francisco, CA

They evacuated their homes, left the office, shut down all business, and away they walked. It was difficult at first—certain people could not live without the phone—what was happening on TV—and some people simply could not shut the fuck up for five minutes. Many of these people actually worried about their children, who were completing the exercise as well. This was their 5th child; any person giving birth to child #5 does significantly more harm to the well-being of society than any person having an abortion. Yet there were no signs suggesting that child #5 raises health care rates, depletes the economy, and wastes necessary resources such as food, soil, and oxygen—child #5 contributes to pollution and over-population.

2. Wilco
"Via Chicago" 5:34
Chicago, IL

I discovered that he did not build that. It was a joint collective of a society on whole and the end result was not that impressive. I no longer wished to be a part of them and that’s when I withdrew completely. They were scheduled to return on day 41, but I will not be returning. Not now, not ever.

#1. Kid Silver
"Don't Bring Tears to a Table" 4:18
Dead City Sunbeams
Dublin, Ireland

It took me 40 days to realize my place in this world, and that place was no place. There were things that I had realized and things that I learned in a book that had been interpreted. I now had the power to decide my own fate, where to do it, and who I wanted to do it with. And one day just out of the blue, I disappeared without a trace and was never seen or heard from again.

"Racing Daylight"  4:49
Dead City Sunbeams
Dublin, Ireland

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

None of the original songs were ever intended to be used in this type of format.
Descriptions in no way shape or form intended to be a truthful reflection or interpretation of the song or the artist in reference.
All characters and themes completely fictitious and any similarities to actual people living or deceased are coincidental.

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