The Top 125 Songs of 1999

The Top 125 Songs of 1999 + Death on Mars
Chapter 1: Prologue: Cause of Death Unknown
Chapter 2: When Reality Becomes Dreams
Chapter 3: Incoherent Realizations
Chapter 4: Ceres
Chapter 5: Earth Was Not Prepared

Prologue: Cause of Death Unknown

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125. Starflyer 59
"20 Dollar Bills" 2:14
Everybody Makes Mistakes
Riverside, CA

How I died was not important. Everybody dies, my passing was but another number and I had no desire for anybody to know the details of it. My cause of death was to remain unknown for I found that to be irrelevant. Should I die by means of being murdered; my killer was to be acquitted of all charges. There was to be no autopsy, no monuments erected at the accident scene, no false sentiment, and definitely no heightened awareness for whatever disease finally did me in. Life for the “survived by” list was to go on as ordinary. Most important, my death, nor the cause of it, should never to be regarded as a sensitive subject. I never wanted a funeral or even a proper burial. Let it be known that I was never comfortable in this world, and therefore desired my departed existence to be disposed of on the planet Mars to be studied in whatever means seemed appropriate.

124. Outrageous Cherry
"Out There in the Dark" 3:09
Out There in the Dark
Detroit, MI

On the day he died, his wishes were granted. His body was preserved, and the next expenditure to Mars, his cadaver was transferred to the planet Mars. Scientists intended to conduct a study to examine how the Martian atmosphere affects the human body. He was not buried, and there was now a dead human being lying alone on the red surface of the planet Mars. Other Scientists were interested in this study as well for new developments could be made in the decomposing process on Earth.

123. Kleenex Girl Wonder
"Tendancy Right Foot Forward" 3:38
Chicago, IL

Believe it or not, I used to have a girlfriend. Back then, I actually cared about something. Not much though, I had gradually stopped caring before I met her. But, she gave me something to care about again during our time together. She was the reason I sought to do better in life; she was the reason I doubted the validity of my existence. I wanted more for her than I was able to provide. Once the realization hit that I was never going to be the person I felt she deserved, I shunned her—I pushed her away hoping that she would find a more suitable person, the person that I wished that I had been all these years.

122. Mouse on Mars
"Yippie" 3:51
Niun Niggung
Düsseldorf, Germany

They had some good times, they did. We were not supposed to relate the details of this person’s life, but we could not help but at least examine some of the essentials. Other people’s perception of him was significantly different than the perception he had of himself. His detailed message for us to dispose of him on Mars sounded depressing, and it appeared as if he had nothing going for him during his life on Earth. But, after investigating numerous aspects of his life, we discovered that he was at least moderately liked by some people in his community (at least six people).

121. Filter
"The Best Things" 4:26
Title of Record
Cleveland, OH

My death was never to be considered tragic. Truth be known, I had a death wish since the age of three and would have killed myself sooner had I the nerve to actually do it myself. On that note, I did live dangerously for I never feared death; should it have come at any moment, it was somebody doing be a special favor. The speed limit was way too slow for me. Whenever I did travel at the posted speed limit, I felt like I was going nowhere; travelling at speeds in excess of 100 mph did not seem all that fast either. That speed limit was a huge factor as to why I became an Anarchist in the first place. Police taking radar equated to harassment. I knew what I was doing, and the last thing I wanted was the fucking pigs harassing me and taking my money just because I knew how to properly operate a vehicle.

120. Le Tigre
"Deceptacon" 3:05
Le Tigre
New York, NY

He did lead a fast life, and a rebellious one at that. He was the epitome of a non-conformist and intentionally refused to follow the guidelines the rest of society had been instructed to obey. That girlfriend of his was the same way—actually worse. When we finally tracked her down, we were a bit stunned with what we found. Here he was talking about wanting to provide a better life, and this girl seemed uninterested in typical fashion. We found her at a punk rock concert with a wild haircut and vociferous clothing. She cursed at us for questioning her about her ex-boyfriend and refused to tell us anything. Her name was Courtney and we somewhat suspected that she might have been the one who killed him—for that still remains unknown.

119. Karma To Burn
"Twenty Nine" 3:03
Wild Wonderful Purgatory
Morgantown, WV

Numerous aspects that led us to conduct an extensive investigation, particularly the police report related to his death. Certain details seemingly had been omitted, and those being the details leading up to the end. They did document, with careful precision, a bizarre series of events leading up to the final displacement. Officer O’Malley reported a disturbance involving his vehicle and he had warrants issued for his arrest. However, those were merely for petty unpaid traffic tickets and nothing too severe. O’Malley reported a high speed pursuit to dispatch and requested back-up. Supposedly, the police were searching for him downtown, but they were unable to locate him. The report indicates that he was found not long after the pursuit, but the remainder of the account was left blank.

118. Lenine
"Rua da Passagem (Trânsito)" 6:09
Na Pressão
Recife, Brazil

The primary #1 reason we conducted the investigation was because video footage was haphazardly leaked from Aerospace headquarters. Somehow, there was mysteriously a dead body on Mars—a human being. It was a bleak disturbing image of video footage featuring this person simply lying dead on the surface of Mars. Obviously, we wanted answers pertaining to who it was. We were not sure if it was a mission that had crashed or maybe even an extra terrestrial being that had landed on Mars; it could have been a native Martian that was recently discovered. Regardless, it was big news and we wanted the story even though they declared that it was classified.

117. Spain
"Every Time I Try" 5:16
She Haunts My Dreams
Los Angeles, CA

Our study revealed numerous peculiarities. To begin, he was not employed with the space program. Also, he was indeed from the planet Earth and we were able to reveal his identity. However, none of his loved ones even knew that he was deceased. Nobody knew of this bizarre mission and many seemed shocked to hear the news. The most interesting aspect of all, however, was the notion that he had been dead for over a year. Based on the video footage, he appeared to have only been dead for a few hours—a couple days tops. Couple all of this with the incomplete police report and it should be obvious how we suspected foul play somewhere.

116. Arto Lindsay
"Prefeelings" 4:51
Richmond, VA

After I died, there was some sort of strange phenomenon taking place. I cannot speak for everybody else, but most others were either cremated or buried on Earth. Some people believe there is a Heaven and a Hell and signs and bizarre incidents accompanying the passing from one world to the next have been duly reported. I was fortunate because I actually did enter another world physically. And lying there on Mars, unburied, above the surface, in an entire different elemental structure of atmosphere, the effects were euphoric. For all I know, everybody else had experienced the same thing down in their own caskets. As for me, the bewildered phasing in and out between two worlds was extraordinary beyond comprehension.

115. Dark Star
"Graceadelica" 6:09
Twenty Twenty Sound
London, England

Involuntary movements of the dead are common. After the body has died, there are still various compartments throughout the body that still contain air. When this air finally escapes, it can cause slight twitching and sometimes even jerks. In this case, however, the movement of the cadaver seemed far more intense than normal. We assumed that it was because of the atmosphere on Mars that was causing this phenomenon, or that the new “air” within his body affected the decomposing process. Observations of an arm twitch or movement of the finger at this phase of the process was as ghostly as it was peculiar. At one point, his body rolled over into a different position, and that allowed us to conclude that Mars was capable of high winds.

114. Today Is the Day
"In the Eyes Of God" 3:11
In the Eyes Of God
Nashville, TN/Clinton, MA

We reviewed his file and found evidence that expunged any indications that he would ever be considered a primary candidate for hiring by the aerospace program. He had documented in his journal that he was an extreme Anarchist and disgusted with all aspects of government and authority. It seemed that he was plotting some sort of a revolution, but was going about it all alone. Some realms of society considered him an adversary, as he was thoroughly hated by the police and those with overly conservative political beliefs.

113. Arab Strap
"New Birds" 6:23
Mad for Sadness
Falkirk, Scotland

His waning days on Earth were a complete enigma. He had become reclusive and showed little interest in participating in various activities within his own community. A significant portion of the population did not even know this man even existed. However, he seemed to have at least played a factor in other communities—people recognized him, but did not know him. A few people had spoken to him briefly, but nobody genuinely knew him personally. Also, he had become somewhat nomadic and had recently resided in several states. And that’s what might have led to the greatest puzzlement we found: nobody who actually did know him personally even knew that he was deceased.

112. Gomez
"Revolutionary Kind" 4:33
Liquid Skin
Southport, England

It’s hard to say that I was depressed or had lost motivation. In fact, it was quite the opposite. What I really wanted to was to experience new and exciting things every day. However, the world I was living was not willing to offer any such remarkable characteristics. These people, I had seen them a thousand times—they were everywhere, all of them. The things they did for enjoyment, I had already done and grown bored with them. I genuinely wished to be a part of society, but I had my own ideas about what I wished society would become. Sadly, it had become boring. There were very few extraordinary revolutionary visionaries, society lacked innovation and brilliance, and simply put, I was not willing to digress or stupefy myself in order to fit in with them.

111. Compulsive Gamblers
"Pepper Spray Boogie" 2:36
Bluff City
Memphis, TN

Unless a major revolt was to take place on the Planet Earth, I did not wish to be a part of it. I did not want to live there and I certainly did not wish to die there. Most of what the Earth became corresponded with the beliefs in government, religion, money, corporations, and TV; those aspects had become corrupted from the desire to seek profits and their influence corrupted everything else. The only thing that could have saved that wretched race was total annihilation of all aspects that controlled freewill and altered the course of destiny. At one point, it seemed most of the world was but a figment of their own personification; these people were taught to pretend to be something else in order to satisfy the bureaucracy of society. This was a severe violation of human code as far as I was concerned and I sought to subjugate this infringement with critical thinking.

110. No-Man
"Night Sky, Sweet Earth" 6:40
Hemel Hempstead, England

I recall fading in and out as if from a deep sleep involving a vivid dream. After that, it was a complete dream state. My body remained motionless and I could not move at all. Furthermore, I had no coherence as to where I was or even my own surroundings. But, it felt as if I was alive and I was walking and talking with people I had never met. Some of the people I encountered during my death dreams were people from my past, but they were in settings in which I had never been to before. Back when I was alive, however, I frequently had dreams that took place in settings I had never seen before and some of those past elements of previous dream states crept up in death. And, I remembered seeing that girl I loved, my family, some friends, and some strange unknown entities that I hope to never see again. These were not dreams that stopped in the morning either, for I could not wake up—they persisted and it was as if I was alive in a whole another world.

109. Dir en Grey
"ゆらめき" 5:08
Osaka, Japan

All indications led us to believe that he was killed wrongfully. We believed that either he was disposed of on the Planet Mars as a means to cover up a homicide, or the fact that he had become a forgotten recluse made him a prime target to sacrifice for scientific experimentation. There were witnesses who claim to have heard gun shots and some witnessed him being uncooperative with the police over what he felt was injustice. Also, there was another matter involving a conspiracy to rid him of society. He had angered a group of people who viewed him as a threat to their standards, and were heard stating that the world would be better off without him.

108. Aphex Twin
"Windowlicker" 6:07
Limerick, Ireland

It is common for people’s dreams to occur in the environment in which the subject is currently located regardless of the progression of bizarreness. For example, people on vacation may have dreams taking place in whichever city their vacation resides; people go to movies and have dreams about the movie. Naturally, being on Mars for that prolonged of a period of time, dreams began taking place on Mars. Perhaps it was the fact that his body had been affixed with the Martian soil and the Martian sky, but soon all dreams took place on Mars. Images of his place of employment was now on Mars, his peers were on Mars, and the peculiar places from his past dreams on Earth now also resided on Mars. There was a shooting on Mars.

107. Brokeback
"A Blueprint" 3:10
Field Recordings from the Cook County Water Table
Chicago, IL

For reasons unknown and that have no logical explanation in accordance with scientific principles, his body did not decompose on Mars. Furthermore, due to lack of insect life, he was not devoured by parasites or worms. We were anticipating seeing a skeleton in the video, but the body was still fully intact. Should another species ever land on Mars, they would discover the full remnants of a human being. There was some speculation as to whether or not we should conduct a study and dissect his tissue to see the effects, but for now, we were simply going to let it be and see what would happen. It had been nearly a full year, and we set a time table as to when we would alter anything.

106. Tristeza
"A Little Distance" 5:54
Spine and Sensory
San Diego, CA

There was a colony living on Mars. They were friendly people and had been living there for centuries. However, it was in a remote place of the planet, and the tiny few square blocks was the only portion of the planet that had any life. Most of them lived in homes that resembled hangars made of aluminum; food or water was not relevant. They had some technology and a form of communication. With a population of only about 20-30 people, these people did not know violence and never created weapons; it was not in their repertoire to harm or kill anything. I had gotten to know some of them and I fit in fairly well I suppose.

105. Songs: Ohia
"Goodnight Lover" 6:58
Axxess & Ace
Lorain, OH

My eyes temporarily opened. The light from the sun wasn’t quite as bright as I had been accustomed and I actually considered it perfect lighting. All I could see in the distance was red tinted soil and I merely assumed that somebody buried me even though I did not ever want such a thing. But, I wasn’t buried I don’t think—the sun was above me and I could feel air. The dim lighting was tranquil and I simply closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Upon falling back to sleep, I was now lying in my bed, in my own bedroom, next to my girlfriend, in a home in the Village Colony. She was sleeping soundly and that dim sun barely flickered through our window. I wasn’t sure if the sun was rising or setting or when she was even going to wake up. I took a stroll around the neighborhood. A couple people were out and about, but I have no idea who they were or what they were doing. I was still feeling lethargic, and the dreamy state of the neighborhood at this hour appeared hazy and surreal—almost hallucinogenic.

104. Rainer Maria
"Planetary" 5:22
Look Now Look Again
Madison, WI

The body not only ever decomposed, it fully healed. Had headquarters have had a monitor on the situation similar to that of a hospital, the outcome would have been shocking to the average person and deemed impossible. Through some miraculous phenomenon, his skin was in far better condition than when he arrived. His organs were perfectly healthy and returned to their natural color. He was still dead, but somehow he was a healthy dead body who appeared to be having a good hair day. All body parts were in pristine condition and could have been used for organ donation if necessary.

103. The High Llamas
"Triads" 5:50
London, England

We looked at the video monitor and he was somehow standing upright on his feet. This, to say the least, freaked us the fuck out. Everybody entered at once and marveled at the odd spectacle that was taking place on Mars. He was still dead though, his eyes were closed and he wasn’t moving; his head was slouched and his arms draped to the side. None of us actually saw the body rise and we have no reasonable explanation how it happened. The only thing we could theorize was that he was blown in the wind, somehow balanced, and there had to have been some anti-gravitational effects that we were unaware. Because of the obvious lack of gravity, we had to monitor the situation closely to see whether or not he would actually float away and drift off into space. Perhaps his body had decomposed from the inside and was full of air. That was the conclusion that we informed the public.

102. Rowland S. Howard
"Sleep Alone" 7:38
Teenage Snuff Film
Melbourne, VIC, Australia (1959-2009)

His body dropped back to the ground and that somewhat disproved any notion that he had become hollow and on the verge of floating. When my body hit the ground, it shuttered something. I felt as if I jolted out of my sleep. The dreams were gradually fading and reality was drifting into the forefront. These dream sequences had been taking place for nearly a year; it was as if he had led an entire existence the whole time he had been on Mars. Brian set down the newspaper and looked over it; they all smiled and left the room at the same time. We noticed his finger twitching and that reinforced our theory that he was becoming weightless, for we could see his finger blowing in the wind. It almost feels as if my hands can move.

101. dEUS
"Instant Street" 6:15
The Ideal Crash
Antwerpen, Belgium

I awoke and found myself seriously out in the middle of fucking nowhere. It seemed a little chilly, but I wasn’t that cold. I felt groggy and wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep. Surprisingly, my mouth was not dry and I wasn’t hungry—but I was never one to eat breakfast anyway. A million things were racing through my head. I had some stupid ass dreams last night. For whatever reason, I dreamt that I was over at Brian’s house and that stupid fucker didn’t say a fucking thing the whole night; his ass just sat there in his chair reading the newspaper.

It seemed like I had things to do. Then, I looked at the sun and had no fucking idea what time it was. My phone was gone and there was no clock. And, what the fuck was I doing sleeping outside in this fucking place. I couldn’t remember if I had to work or not. But, it seemed like I had plans to do something with Brian. Christy was still home I think; I hope she hasn’t been trying to call. I wondered how much I drank last night. Nothing, I don’t think. I was with Alex and Staci. Wasn’t I? Shit, I hate it when this shit happens. I should probably see the doctor about these dizzy spells. Well, fuck it, I’ll just go home and figure this shit out later. I’m sure what I did last night will come to me as I am walking.

And, that’s when we all almost fainted. We stood there watching the monitor and froze. We were absolutely speechless. The body simply got up and walked away.

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