The Top 125 Songs of 1970

The Top 125 Songs of 1970 + Three Days In Sheboygan, WI
Part 1: The Manifestation of a Curse
Part 2: Winners of The Ultimate Dream Vacation
Part 3: Love Affairs Between the Dead and the Living
Part 4: A Great Terror is Among Us
Part 5: This Chair

Section I: The Manifestation of a Curse

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125. Atomic Rooster
"Death Walks Behind You" 7:34
Death Walks Behind You
London, England

Many years ago in a town now known as Sheboygan, WI, two different series of murders took place in the same week. The first was the complete genocide of a small Indian tribe known as the Nokopones. There had been some sort of prediction that the tribe was cursed and many of the elders had feared this would happen. Another band of misfits, known as The Clowns (due to how they dressed and wore clown make-up) was also massacred in the region. Like the Nokopone Indians, The Clowns had been deemed cursed as well, and had been preparing for their disastrous fate for years. They had worn the clown outfits as a disguise to ward off their predicted date of death.

124. Vanilla Fudge
"Need Love" 4:59
Rock & Roll
New York, NY

The Clowns consisted of 9 members who had been exiled from colony life due to what was then perceived as aberrational behavior. They migrated north and west, often running from police and bounty hunters who wished to see them dead. Once they retreated to the middle of a forest somewhere unknown to white people at the time, they disguised themselves as clowns. However, even though they resembled clowns, they still carried guns on their holsters and rode horses. Even though they were considered outlaws, they had not committed any crimes.

123. Kevin Ayers
"Lady Rachel" 5:16
Joy of a Toy
Herne Bay, England

The Nokopone Indian tribe had been residing there for years. They were but a small tribe consisting only of 9 members. Another group of white people had moved in and lived peacefully with them, The Clowns. There were 9 clowns and 9 Nokopone Indians, and although they lived separately, they had become allies and peaceful neighbors. It was desirable living conditions for the two cursed legions, and days were spent smoking peace pipes and performing various rituals for both parties knew they were scheduled to be doomed on August, 21st.

122. Randy Newman
"Underneath The Harlem Moon" 1:54
12 Songs
Los Angeles, CA

Even though they were removed from society, those who knew of them still feared them. Furthermore, even though there was plenty of space readily available, the white people wished to utilize their grounds to form a new society. Their new town was going to be as pristine as any colony in the new world, and these degenerates dressed as clowns fucking around with these damn Indians were impeding progress.

121. Tomorrow's Gift
"One Of The Narrow Minded Thoughts" 3:30
Tomorrow's Gift
Hamburg, Germany

While both parties were away gathering crops and vacationing in the wilderness, the town had been built and the personal belongings of The Nokopone and The Clowns were disregarded. They returned to find that streets had been paved and buildings erected. It was an old west style town and several white people were now residing there. Immediately, The Clowns and The Nokopones were regarded as outsiders and caught the attention of the townsfolk.

120. Ash Ra Tempel
"Der Vierte Kuss" 6:26
Ash Ra Tempel
Berlin, Germany

The posse of clowns stood in front of a building as a group of white people stared at them. None of them could figure out why they were dressed as clowns and they did not approve of anything that distracted from the norm. A person tied his horse to a hitch and a group of rugged wranglers emerged from the saloon staring down The Clowns. One little girl clutched her parents in fear—those clowns frightened her. Children cried, pointed at them, and they did not like those Indians either who approached and joined them. They walked down the dirt road amidst stares by cowboys tapping their guns, rifles perched out windows, and a sheriff prepared for a duel.

119. Groundhogs
"Thank Christ for the Bomb" 7:25
London, England

An ancient artifact was buried underneath Ralph’s Barber Shop, along with past members of the Nokopone Indian Tribe. They felt it was disrespectful enough of Ralph to simply build a barber shop over their elders who were now with the dead, but found it even more disturbing that they were not permitted to dig underneath the porch to retrieve The Ancient Artifact. But, it was an item of utmost importance, and to them, having this returned was more important than Floyd and Sherman receiving a shave. “Are these people too lazy to shave themselves?”

118. The Rattles
"Man" 2:49
The Witch
Hamburg, Germany

With the pack of clowns standing out front securing the sector, the Nokopone Indian Chief crawled underneath the porch to dig for The Ancient Artifact. They were not bothering anybody, and the space underneath the porch was not being used for anything. However, people began to emerge to from the buildings, stopping their horses, and gradually surrounding The Clowns. The remainder of the Nokopone Indians entered the picture and stood alongside The Clowns. Both parties stared at each other and tension was mounting.

117. Tamam Shud
"Heaven Is Closed" 5:11
Goolutionites and the Real People
Sydney, Australia

Many years prior to this, The Ancient Artifact was handed down by The Great Chief Black Hummingbird. There had been knowledge from the spiritual leaders that the rest of the tribe was doomed. They had been instructed to bury this artifact in their homeland so that away when the day of fate finally beheld upon them, they would be able to unite with the spirits in the kingdom of the dead. Without it, the tribe’s death would be as ill-fated as their life.

116. Funkadelic
"Music For My Mother" 5:39
Detroit, MI

Floyd emerged from the Barber Shop with a rifle and immediately fired it into the group. People scattered away upon hearing the gunshot and took cover. However, the Nokopone Chief was underneath the porch digging up the artifact. After the shot was fired, the brave Chief did not flee, only dug faster in order to preserve the tribe. Ignoring all orders from Floyd, the Nokopone Chief dug as fast as possible and finally located the artifact. While Floyd was threatening the group and chaos was erupting in the streets, The Chief chanted a few words into the artifact as he clutched it in his hands. He dumped a liquid from the satchel he had around his neck, and re-buried the artifact.

115. Kris Kristofferson
"Me and Bobby McGee" 4:18
Brownsville, TX

A flock of people arrived on horses including the sheriff and the deputy. Sheriff Ramsey noticed the chief chanting underneath the porch of Floyd’s Barber Shop and shot him in the leg. Floyd, nothing but a fat barber, dragged the wounded chief out from underneath the porch and out into the streets. He was bleeding from the leg, but showing no pain. Floyd shoved him down onto the street and held the gun to his head execution style.

114. Candi Staton
"Another Man's Woman, Another Woman's Man" 2:31
I'm Just a Prisoner
Hanceville, AL

The Clowns drew their guns and the mob of people also drew their guns aimed at The Clowns. The Nokopone Indians also prepared for combat, drawing their weapons and circling around the mob ready to defend their dignity. People were shouting at one another and a crowd had formed in the streets. Sides were drawn, but The Clowns and The Nokopones were far outnumbered. For no reason whatsoever, the way these groups felt about each other brought out the worst in them.

113. Morning Dew
"Cherry Street" 4:10
Morning Dew
Topeka, KS

Floyd had The Chief down on his knees in the street and interrogating him about what he was doing underneath the porch. The Chief did not understand what he was saying and his responses were foreign to Floyd. After a series of exchanges in the foreign language, Floyd bashed The Chief across the face with the butt of his rifle; the Chief dropped to the ground with blood bursting from his nose and Floyd kicked him in the ribs several times.

112. The Human Beast
"Brush With the Midnight Butterfly" 5:24
Edinburgh, Scotland

A member of the Nokopone Tribe stalked behind Floyd with a hatchet, grabbed his arm that held the rifle, and chopped off his hand with one clean sweep. Blood squirted from his arm, and the rifle dropped to the street. The sheriff attempted to shoot at The Indian who chopped off his hand, but instead shot Floyd in the same arm in which his hand had been chopped off. The Clowns fired back and a shootout took place in the streets.

111. Fabrizio de André
"Il Ritorno di Giuseppe" 4:07
La Buona Novella
Genova, Italy (1940)-Milano, Italy (1999)

During the initial shootout, The Chief did not move from the center of the street. Down on his hands and knees, he simply stared at the ground beneath and conducted another series of chants. In fact, he seemingly ignored the entire shootout and continued with his ritual. Once he was finished, he stood up and raised his hands to the sky. Standing in the middle of the road completely outstretched, The Chief was gunned down in an array of bullets. It was the only fatality of the battle as The Chief lie dead with the blank stare in a puddle of blood that clotted in the dirt on the streets.

110. Taste
"On The Boards" 6:02
On The Boards
Cork, Ireland

Finally, The Clowns retreated to the East, and the Nokopones retreated to the West. Several of the white people had taken shelter inside the buildings and numerous windows were shot out. They tied The Chiefs ankle to a horse and dragged him away. Just as The Chief had prayed for in his final chant, he was not given a proper burial; simply taken out into a field and burned. The white man was unaware that if he were to be burned, not only would it make his spirit stronger, but a curse would also be unleashed in this region in due time.

109. T2
"No More White Horses" 8:35
It'll All Work Out in Boomland
London, England

Both parties, now separated, knew that their day had finally come. It was that ill-fated day that had haunted them in dreams. Somewhere along the lines, they may have hoped the prophecy would prove inaccurate. But, at the same time, they had faith in The Chief who was murdered in the streets. Whatever fate awaited them, they were certain what happened beyond that was destined to be far more extraordinary than the cursed life they led on Earth.

108. Mott the Hoople
"Thunderbuck Ram" 4:49
Mad Shadows
Hereford, England

When the sun rose, it was officially August 21st. Each group gathered around in their respected circles for meditation, then wondered off to exercise their spirits in solitude. At one point, all of the 17 remaining members from each tribe sat alone, in deep thought, preparing for the passage from this world into the next. For exactly 60 minutes, there was complete silence as each member cleansed his/her soul and readied for themselves for the upcoming ambush.

107. Lucio Battisti
"Emozioni" 4:52
Poggio Bustone, Italy (1943)-Milano, Italy (1998)

The time was set and The Clowns regrouped and walked through the woods back towards the town. To the West, The Nokopones did the same. Both groups were walking at a similar pace to where their ultimate destination lied. Images from the past reflections of the dreams crept up upon them, as each individual was haunted with the nightmarish image of his/herself dead; flashes revealing all the potential ways their death was going to transpire, followed by that grim vision of their body completely lifeless.

106. Procol Harum
"Whaling Stories" 7:08
Southend-on-Sea, England

Death was not to be feared. The posse had been rounded up and was approaching in the forest. Without flinching or showing any sign of retreat, the brave Nokopones continued at the exact same pace in which they had began. Lightning flashed across the sky the instant they were met by the posse, who surrounded The Nokopone Indians; The Sheriff claimed that they were under arrest. The fearless Nokopone Tribe simply ignored the sheriff and kept walking; they walked right past the sheriff and past the entire fleet without uttering a single word or paying them as much as a glance. Sheriff Ramsey jumped off his horse and shot one of The Nokopones in the back with his rifle.

105. The Guess Who
"No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" 4:53
American Woman
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

After the brave Indian dropped dead to the ground from the bullet wound, the rest of the tribe did not even acknowledge the fatality. Without even looking back at the assailants, or even down at the one who joined the dead, the remainder of the tribe continued walking gracefully with dignity. The posse of white men turned in their direction and opened fire, shooting all of them in the back. All of The Nokopone tribe was killed in the forest; the prayers of The Chief had been answered.

104. Emerson, Lake & Palmer
"Knife Edge" 5:08
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Bournemouth, England

The Clowns were prepared to fight. As soon as they heard the shots, they drew their knives and a few guns. A posse was approaching, but instead of running away and hiding, they aggressively attacked. Deputy Allen was stabbed in the leg and pulled off of his horse. The Clowns gathered around him and stomped on his face, kicking him, busting out his teeth.

103. Guru Guru
"Stone In" 5:43
München, Germany

A mysterious white light illuminated the forest. The lights shun from behind each of the trees and glowed through the paths. They seemed to not only be moving, but multiplying. As the light grew brighter, illuminated figures seemed to march through the woods. Many of them had the figure of a human; they were those of the dead. Leading the way was The Great Chief Black Hummingbird, and standing by his side was The Nokopone Chief who was gunned down in the streets.

102. Warpig
"U.X.I.B." 7:38
Woodstock, ON, Canada

People raced to the assistance of Deputy Allen. Another shootout took place in the forest, but there were 40 men against 9 Clowns. One by one, each of The Clowns were shot and killed in the forest. The scene was that of a brutal massacre. In a small portion of the forest, 9 dead clowns with holes in their painted faces lie dead with blood splattered on trees and spilling out onto the ground.

101. Wishbone Ash
"Handy" 11:36
Wishbone Ash
London, England

Once again, The Chief’s prayers were answered. The Clowns were rounded up, stacked on top of one another, and burned in the forest. They had become friends during life and The Nokopones were the only people on Earth who accepted The Clowns. Those Clowns had been abandoned by their white heritage and thus have been forsaken in the heavens of the white man’s God. In death, The Clowns joined the spirits of The Nokopone Indians. Because both had been burned, however, they possessed the ability to travel freely from the land of the dead and the land of the living. The region of Sheboygan, WI now has two deadly curses—one from The Nokopone Indian tribe, and another from The Clowns. For all eternity, the two curses shall remain amalgamated in unison; and August 21st, this year, it shall prevail again.

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