The Top 100 Songs of 2008

Pitchfork Brigade + The Top 150 Songs of 2008
Part 1: Pre-Planned Destination on the Outskirts of Heredity
Part 2: Gluten Free Nation
Part 3: Handling Success
Part 4: The Pitchfork Brigade
Part 5: Our Corporate Sponsored Panel of Experts
Part 6: No Future

Part III: Handling Success

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100. The Mae Shi
"Lamb and the Lion"  2:24
Los Angeles, CA

Once officially released to DVD, Gluten Free Nation had become a cult favorite that had not been fully unleashed upon the masses yet. People had heard of it, heard from several sources that it was a good movie, and seemed eager to watch it. The film was generating quite a buzz and all persons involved were receiving requests for other events such as appearances on Late Night Talk Shows.

99. Times New Viking
"The Wait"  2:33
Rip It Off
Columbus, OH

For the first time in his life, Brandon Kindle enjoyed a certain degree of popularity. He had proven his naysayers wrong and people suddenly had interest in his ideas and beliefs. They were no longer attempting to dictate their own standards of success they expected him follow. Some even claimed they had known of his superb talents all along.

98. Hercules & Love Affair
"Blind"  6:20
Hercules & Love Affair
New York, NY

The initial rise to fame was a most busy and frivolous period. Brandon found himself constantly being interviewed for magazine articles and various other media appearances. They had declared him “the next big thing” and were anxious to know what else the young star had in store. To accompany all of this madness, Brandon and the entire film crew attended royal banquets, hosted wildly extravagant all-night parties, and were introduced to other stars in show business.

97. The Duke Spirit
"My Sunken Treasure"  3:58
London, England

Jessi developed a huge fondness for Brandon and aggressively pursued her desires, even though they were not totally compatible. He had little interest in her and found her borderline intolerable. There were several other women suddenly interested in him, many better than her. However, she was the ideal woman in the perception of most of regular society and several people encouraged him to be with her. Like several of the other women though, they were primarily interested in the concept of being with a potential star who presented potential riches. Brandon had yet developed an appropriate system of defense, and she was able to get him inebriated at a party and take advantage of the situation.

96. The Stills
"Being Here"  3:35
Oceans Will Rise
Montréal, QC, Canada

She was around constantly. Even after the very first night she lured him into her home, Jessi was already scheduling plans for them to do together. To make matters worse, she was attempting to dictate how he handled his affairs with newly found fame and making suggesting for his next films (none of her ideas were any good—she wanted him to be a mainstream artist). Getting rid of her was not going to be easy, and eventually he simply tried ignoring her.

95. Eat Skull
"Puker Corpse"  1:51
Sick to Death
Portland, OR

People still wanted to see the film banned and deemed it obscene. The distracters printed defamatory articles coupled with allegations of insensitivity, racism, and treason. However, Brandon Kindle countered this with more antics and caused problems in the media by not caring about this criticism whatsoever and showing complete disregard for censorship.

94. The Roots
"75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)"  3:16
Rising Down
Philadelphia, PA

Brandon had a hostile confrontation with an assembly of protestors. He made a mockery of their complaints and responded to their harsh criticism with shrewd remarks attacking their beliefs. His comments were intended to be humorous and he won over the majority of the small audience that was on hand to witness the tirade. Most thought he was amusing and some suggested, “This guy rules.”

93. Baja
"Go Wolpertinger! Go!"  4:38
Stuttgart, Germany

After much hoopla surrounding the events, Brandon needed a break from all of it; and needed a detox period from the excessive partying. He returned to his hometown to visit friends and family, and share his success stories with people he had known since childhood. The old neighborhood was vastly different than the lifestyle he had been leading for the past several years. Aside from his closest friends and relatives, few people in this town even recognized him. It was surprising to find that few people in his own home town had ever even heard of the film, let alone actually seen it (these same people were unaware certain film festivals even existed). Regardless, that was exactly what he needed, and it was nice being able to lay low for the time being.

92. Cotton Jones
"I Was Stoned By the Choir"  3:07
The River Strumming
Cumberland, MD

Certain things never change. Brandon was never fully embraced in this community and apparently still wasn’t. He received glares from ordinary pedestrians and was subject to hassle by the residents of this community. It was a mutual hatred for the most part. He remembered why he was so eager to move away in the first place.

91. Facing The Plastic
"All You Have"  2:53
Anoka, MN
Anoka, MN

Since he had been successful, he felt as if he no longer needed to tolerate the constant scrutiny in the pathetic suburbs. He had accrued an international fan base, won a major film festival award in another country, and even signed autographs for people who had become star struck with him. This town meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, and once again, he could not wait to leave it.

90. Quiet Life
"Were You Singing"  3:20
Act Natural
New London, CT/San Luis Obispo, CA

Through no coincidence, there was yet another chance encounter with Courtney. She had returned for a visit as well. The two shared quality time together as he accompanied her to her father’s bagel café… Bert’s Bagels. Bert never fully approved of Brandon, but was far more pleasant after Courtney informed him that he had become a celebrity. They laughed, joked… Bert was nice enough and Brandon took his jokingly insults with a sense of humor, primarily because of Courtney.

89. Radar Bros.
"Pomona"  3:58
Los Angeles, CA

Success doesn’t always change everything, for what had been instilled first shall frequently prevail. While they were congregating at Bert’s Bagels, for hours, neither of them wanting to leave the other, Brandon questioned whether or not he had ever fallen in love with Courtney. She was extremely beautiful and looked the part of that suitable companion he always envisioned himself being with. All the way from her oddly colored nail polish that decorated her cute toes to her gorgeous blue eyes; her smile was beautiful too. She laughed at his jokes, and countered them with even better ones of her own. Observing the two seated at the table, listening to their conversation, most would assume that she was the rising star over him. There was something sparking in this relationship.

88. Abe Vigoda
"Skeleton"  2:13
Los Angeles, CA

She had a way with her and met all the bizarre requirements Brandon sought in a companion—she was left handed and despised coleslaw too. However, Brandon was uncertain if all of these “requirements” were natural or instilled from the ever-evolving flame that began in High School with Courtney. Too many obstacles prevented them from being “together” together, and perhaps his desires to be with her caused him to seek the most suitable substitute…somebody exactly like Courtney, but not necessarily Courtney… but somebody who looked exactly like her, acted exactly like her, drove the exact same car, etc.

87. The Sea And Cake
"Window Sills"  3:44
Car Alarm
Chicago, IL

This was supposedly a civilized community, yet it seemed a distant memory in contrast to the prosperity he had previously been enjoying since he was away discovering he was a person who mattered. After the initial welcoming party subsided, things at home were exactly the same. His mother continued explaining lessons to him as if he were stupid (people in general explain things senselessly), people found him extremely odd, and he was desperately ready to leave again, and this time with no intentions of ever returning.

86. Tapes 'n Tapes
"Headshock"  2:48
Walk It Off
Minneapolis, MN

Beginning any sentence with “I almost feel like…” became a huge pet peeve. What had become of this society? It was amazing how alien he felt in his home town, the town where he was born and raised, listening to these dumbasses explain stupid concepts as if they were philosophically relevant to anything. If they were unwilling to accept him, let alone acknowledge that he had accomplished something brilliant, then he was no longer willing to tolerate their diatribe; rudeness evolved into hostility.

85. Moby
"Alice"  4:27
Last Night
New York, NY

The outlook on these wretches was bleak. Brandon was no longer a product of ordinary society. He had revolted against their conventions and deemed this community in disarray temporarily hopeless. The shit they believed in was extraordinarily obtuse and he saw no appeal whatsoever in their lifestyle, the music they liked, reality TV, and those movies they watched were all exactly the same… there was no way possible that anybody liked that sort of stupid shit. Even their jobs… he questioned how people could be so enthused to sell useless products to other assholes like themselves.

84. Sloan
"Burn For It"  2:35
Parallel Play
Toronto, ON, Canada

All these people are fucking crazy! Assholes, all of them. They never knew how to handle me, and still don’t. Fuck ‘em.// Brandon decided for his final days in this disgusting wretched community that he was going to be himself, just as he had been…the himself that became a success story. The same himself who still had at least a small core of friends here, those poor kids, stupid kids, and other degenerates society despised. A reunion of friends was anticipated and they were going to induce craziness on the conservative community. There were no repercussions, he was a superstar now, and the good ones were supposed to go crazy every now and then.

83. Bauhaus
"International Bulletproof Talent"  4:02
Go Away White
Northampton, England

His final night in his hometown, Brandon decided he was going to extreme measures. The adventures of the night were conducted with a degree of anguish, as if the mission was to purposely anger the citizens he despised. There were no intentions in staying here even one more night; whatever he did would leave an everlasting impression and he would be nowhere near to see its results. The night began miserably at the most mainstream club on the circuit. And argument between old foes turned violent. His friend Eddie drilled some bro in the face with a full shaken-up beer can, and that led to their evacuation.

82. The Saturday Knights
"Surf Song"  3:46
Denzel, WA

We hosted a welcoming party for that moment to shine. Their relentless energy was infectious as they disregarded the norms of the establishment. Some people do enjoy life when things get a little crazy, or way the fuck out of control. Excessive tipping leads to employees joining in on the festivities—especially when they had grown tired of the same boring routine—especially when the customer requests equally aberrational behavior. By the end of this magnificent evening, the bartenders and servers of this establishment were even nuttier than the group who originally caused the commotion…taking pleasure in drinking on the job and using excessive foul language towards other patrons.

81. Constantines
"Shower Of Stones"  3:05
Kensington Heights
Toronto, ON, Canada

Brandon encouraged his friends to split town. He had extraordinary stories about how he thoroughly enjoyed life and blossomed once he was far from home. It was an experience to realize his potential for he no longer had to act a certain way due to fear how he was being perceived by his family and other conservatives in this community.

80. Elbow
"Grounds For Divorce"  3:39
The Seldom Seen Kid
Manchester, England

It was a great night… one that required that 2nd cup of coffee before embarking to the airport. While walking to the store, some girl pointed at him, stopped, and gave him a villainous look. Brandon assumed she may have recognized him from the film and hated it. Or, she simply did not like the way he looked or was dressed, like the others around here. Maybe, it was somebody from high school who held a grudge on him for whatever reason. He paid her no attention and continued to the coffee shop.

79. Jason Collett
"Nothin' To Lose"  4:25
Here's to Being Here
Toronto, ON, Canada

One day, Brandon thought, these people will accept me. He had a degree of bitterness to the fact that he was unnecessarily exiled from his own community. As he walked the neighborhood observing his past memories, he noted the senselessness in the mutual conflict he shared with the world. It didn’t have to be this way. He saw neighbors in their yards, and wondered if they even remembered him… probably not… it had been years; they were never significant in each other’s lives anyway. He no longer needed to have anything to do with them, there was no need to impress any of them now…it was all a thing of a depleted past.

78. The Whigs
"Production City"  3:02
Mission Control
Athens, GA

Brandon had spent nearly 20 years in this community and none of them even knew him. However, he had only resided in his new home for just a few years and they seemed to know him well. If Brandon needed to console in somebody he felt knew him best, it would not be here in his own hometown; it would be the ones he made the film with. The friends he was with last night were fine, but they still had their differences. Simply put, he did not belong here and viewed the fact that he was born here as a waste of 20 years of life.

77. Joe Jackson
"Uptown Train"  5:47
Burton-Upon-Trent, England

The continued distraught was disturbing when he initially returned. He had hoped to make the community proud. They would see how he changed, found his place in life, and made something of himself. That they would cheer, greet him with smiles, and remark how excited they were for his successes. “Remember us when you’re famous,” they would often joke. Instead, Brandon was the one who was forgotten. The end result was the complete opposite of what he had hoped.

76. Destroyer
"My Favorite Year"  6:07
Trouble in Dreams
Vancouver, BC, Canada

That girl approached him on the sidewalk and she looked evil. She ran up to him and pepper sprayed him… then immediately assaulted him and shouted obscenities at him while she struck him with her fists. Brandon dropped to the ground, blinded by the pepper spray, and attempted to defend himself against her kicking him in the face. A group of guys joined in, and they took turns beating him, stomping him, and holding up—setting him up for another violent blow. When the police arrive, he was down on the ground in a pool of blood, nearly unconscious. His face was blackened and bruised, and his eye had swollen shut… not to mention he was still blinded with the pepper spray. The girl positively, without a doubt, identified him as the assailant who violently raped her just a few days ago. Other women also identified Brandon to the police claiming he had raped them too. Brandon Kindle was handcuffed and taken to jail… the neighborhood serial rapist had finally been detained.

Top Image by: Sofia
Bottom Image by: Key Walker

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