The Top 100 Songs of 1999

The Top 125 Songs of 1999 + Death on Mars
Chapter 1: Prologue: Cause of Death Unknown
Chapter 2: When Reality Becomes Dreams
Chapter 3: Incoherent Realizations
Chapter 4: Ceres
Chapter 5: Earth Was Not Prepared

Chapter 2: When Reality Becomes Dreams

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100. Aim
"Demonique" 5:19
Cold Water Music
Barrow-in-Furness, England

He was gone, completely vanished off the video screen. We had been monitoring him for over a year, and all of sudden the body had disappeared. There was no way to track him, and finding him might be impossible. This could not be possible; there was no way imaginable a dead person simply arises and walks after being dead for one full year. This was no man, no ordinary man anymore; he could not even be human at this point. Suddenly, we were very afraid. None of us had ever dealt with this and had no idea what he might be capable of doing.

99. ProjeKct Three
"Masque 1" 5:41
London, England

I had found myself in numerous peculiar situations before and this seemed to be the most baffling. None of this looked familiar and there wasn’t anything in sight that remotely resembled civilization. As I was walking home, I was trying to recollect what exactly happened last night, or how I even got here. The last thing I remember was sitting at Brian’s house and Christy was lying in bed. Wait, if Christy was in bed, then that meant we were at home; and Brian was over at our house. And he was reading the newspaper, which meant that he brought the newspaper over to the house. I wondered why Brian would bring the newspaper over to the house and sit downstairs and read it while we were contemplating going to bed.

98. Unida
"Human Tornado" 4:22
Coping With the Urban Coyote
Palm Desert, CA

We were prepared to release this story that the aerospace program had sent an unqualified civilian to the Planet Mars and had drastic results. However, it was doubtful anyone would believe the story unless we had more proof. When we arrived to aerospace headquarters, there was major turmoil. With everything in a full ruckus, we were able to cross the lines and enter the region monitoring the Planet Mars. Back in headquarters, it was an even more state of frenzy. This body that had sent to Mars had disappeared. While we may have been glad to see their little experiment become a failure, it also terminated our story for we had no proof whatsoever that such a body ever existed.

97. Blackalicious
"The Fabulous Ones" 3:00
Davis, CA

I’ve never even been to place before. This was a far stray from my usual routine. Every morning, I would wake up and walk next door to get coffee. The girl who lived next door to me was outside engaging in her routine. I had never walked past her without indulging in some sort of erotic fantasy. She had the ability to turn a 5 minute shower into a 10 minute shower; it’s a good thing we did not have to pay a water bill. She was the reason washing my sheets became essential twice a week. I wondered where she was now.

96. Fila Brazillia
"Slow Light" 4:20
A Touch of Cloth
Kingston upon Hull, England

The sun seemed to take forever coming up this morning. It wasn’t as bright as it normally was and the sky had a bizarre color to it. I actually found it quite beautiful, but the placement of it in the sky seemed off balance. It seemed more distant than normal, but that led me to believe that it must be twilight or early morning. However, it seemed that for the past year or so, the sun had only been this bright. When I walked last night, it was never brighter than this. There is definitely something peculiar with the sun, and I was trying to remember what happened to it.

95. Püdelsi
"Psychopop" 3:17
Kraków, Poland

Christy is going to be pissed. Somehow, I ended up in the ruins and I am sure she is at home waiting for me. I hope she doesn’t break up with me again. This was the reason I broke up with her in the first place; because I know that I am capable of bad decisions and she deserved better. I vividly remember us breaking up, but I do not recall when we got back together. She had been around for the past year, we were staying at that house; that house was significantly different than the one we used to live.

94. Dominique A.
"Douanes" 4:33
Provins, France

Finally, something looked familiar. I had been here before—this was the place Dexter and I discovered you could row a boat to Iceland. And then, there should be a house right up here. It’s a house with a carpeted stairway immediately inside the opening of the door, and upstairs is the never-ending lounge with endless stairways and patterns. There is a shortcut I take from there, but I believe that it is a violation to enter through the front door. However, there is a patio out back where it rains, that patio, the one where that blonde haired girl always sits and stares at me whenever I walk by. But, there is a spiral staircase made from black steel that leads to the endless ramp. I can go there, get off the endless ramp, and then cut across to the village I live.

93. Piano Magic
"Snowfall Soon" 5:01
Low Birth Weight
London, England

The house wasn’t there. I looked around to see where the house might be. There was nothing in sight, but I know I’ve been here—I’ve been here for a long time. Maybe I could call Brian to give me a ride. But, I do not have a phone. The air is getting brisk, I hope the weather the holds up; I hope it doesn’t get much colder. That’s the problem with living in the village, its right out in the middle of fucking nowhere. Sometimes it’s nice wandering out in the desert, but sometimes you can drift away too far and regret it later. I have done this too many times, and too many times have been wandering around aimlessly trying to find my way home. Stupidly, I have never created any landmarks out here in the middle of nowhere. It should be just up ahead.

92. Marmoset
"Raincoats in Sea" 2:01
Today It's You
Indianapolis, IN

I briefly suspected that a nuclear holocaust might have taken place and the whole world was now a desolate wasteland. But, that wasn’t possible because they didn’t have nuclear weapons here. There wasn’t any talk of the world coming to an end lately and it wasn’t in the forecast. It wasn’t like my old house, where there seemed to always be the threat of a nuclear war, global warming, or the world coming to a catastrophic end. That place had the bright sun and the blue sky. However, their biggest fear was the world becoming like this. And now, it really is like this.

91. The Sadies
"Eastwinds" 3:40
Pure Diamond Gold
Toronto, ON, Canada

That place suddenly seemed vivid in my memory. There was a café; that was where I bought coffee every morning. The sky there was blue and there seemed to always be a crowd. I am not there anymore and somehow I am here. Back then, I hated those people, that crowd, and could not wait to move to my new home—here. Suddenly it occurred to me that I wasn’t exactly sure where here was or how I got here. One day out of the blue, I was surrounded by dim skies and red soil. There is no grass here, none, not like the grass back there.

90. The Black Heart Procession
"Blue Tears" 4:55
San Diego, CA

Sometimes I get the two places confused. Am I there or am I here. There seemed brighter, but I was more miserable in those days. That’s why Christy and I split. I moved here to get away from everybody. However, this environment seems to be a drastic change. Am I happy here? I visited my family under the bright sky in the heavily populated city; my mother had come to visit me a few times. One day, her house was under the dim sky and her yard was gone. She was concerned about my well-being. Some of us had migrated to my grandmother’s basement, and that seemed to be ever-changing. There had been nothing but gloominess and despair in that basement, and eventually the sun stopped shining through the windows. Somebody boarded up the window. It was dark down there.

89. Spirit Caravan
"Sea Legs" 4:26
Jug Fulla Sun
Potomac, MD

We had a party one night, and Brian was there, Alex was there, Tara was there, and so was Paul. I got really fucking stoned that night, and shit got out of hand. That was the first time I wandered out here in the desert. Some reason, some members of my family were there and I did not agree with the politics they supported. That was night time. But, there’s some trouble with that logic. Paul did not live here. Paul lived in the town where I was born, and I had not seen Paul in years. I had to stop and think about this one: did fucking Paul move here too?

88. Už Jsme Doma
"Pot" 5:16
Prague, Czech Republic

So, we went to The Night Club. That was…when? When the fuck was that? Probably last night, because I got fucking hammered. They had this really fucked up band playing and everybody there was a fucking weirdo. I recall the saxophone player vividly. He wasn’t… fucking … human. He was a fucking freak. Everybody there was fucking freaks. None of them had any arms and their faces looked like clowns. They did not speak, they stared at us. Brian and I had to run out of there. And, we ran through the forest and were nearly attacked by these creatures. There was no sun at all and the sky was purple. I wonder where this forest is now. What the fuck was the name of that band?

87. DMX
"Party Up (Up in Here)" 4:30
...And Then There Was X
Baltimore, MD

The chief of the aerospace program entered the headquarters and was absolutely livid. He could not comprehend how these assholes mysteriously lost an entire cadaver on the Planet Mars and he stormed into the room and yelled at the other employees; he even knocked over somebody’s Styrofoam cup of coffee. I remember my work. These assholes used to piss me off severely, especially the customers and their stupid questions. That day I finally left was a huge burden off my shoulders. The fucking mob complained over something stupid, something I had no control over, and I had once again been set up for failure. That’s when I decided that I was going home. These unreasonable bastards can figure out their own solutions.

86. Beck
"Debra" 5:42
Midnite Vultures
Los Angeles, CA

I broke up with Christy. There was some other girl that I liked, but I never pursued it. I had vowed that I was going to stay single for the rest of my life and that I was done with women. But, she had something special about her. I know her, she worked at City Market. Every morning, I would hope that she was working just so I could see her. I can’t remember if we ever hooked up at night; and now I don’t even remember her name. Suddenly I was back with Christy. I haven’t seen this girl in forever, and nearly forgot about her. Once upon a time, I thought I had experienced love at first sight, but she completely evaporated from my memory for no reason in particular. Christy did not even live in the same place as City Market. After we split, I moved away. But City Market had a blue sky. Shit, what about Courtney? Wasn’t I dating Courtney? Courtney was after Christy, and it seems so bizarre that I ended up with Christy and not Courtney.

85. The Cinematic Orchestra
"Channel 1 Suite" 5:51
London, England

My lifestyle has changed completely so many times. There was once a time when I lived here, a time I lived there, and now I live here. Now, was completely different than what I had done before…it was odd how I ended up living here. Not long ago, I did not drink, smoke, smoke weed and I ate healthy. Then, I ditched that whole lifestyle and participated in more drug induced activities—like I did long ago. The people that I associate with now are far different than my exes’ family; this was either before or after Christy, I do not remember. There were numerous bizarre encounters. Those people at the fucking night club. A girl who sat with her legs crossed and smoked cigarettes in the red dress. There was something about her face. It was dark and one of her eyes was blue…completely blue, even the sclera and pupil. She had this way of showing up in the most peculiar places. It’s like one minute I was here out in the middle of nowhere, and she would mysteriously be hiding behind a tree…and she had magical powers.

84. Death In Vegas
"Soul Auctioneer" 6:00
The Contino Sessions
London, England

I would often find myself in peculiar places. That night Brian threw me a party, I did not know a single person there. We walked up to the door and it opened by itself. The sky was that color purple that I liked, but the lights on the inside of that place had light bulbs; regular light bulbs. It was a grand ballroom and supposedly I was the star attraction of this party. They all knew me, and I did not say a word. The dance floor was huge, and the crowd of people approached me and gathered around. At the time, I considered all of those people to be freakishly bizarre and that was the first night the girl with the one blue eye kissed me. A lot of people kissed me that night. Christy was not even present—Courtney and I just broke up for good. I believe that was the welcoming party for after I moved here. That night, even though I did not utter a single word, I felt as if I belonged. That was the first night that I flew.

83. Nine Inch Nails
"The Wretched" 5:26
The Fragile
Cleveland, OH

That feeling that I belonged was what I always wanted from my old home. Those days were wretched and the police constantly harassed for me no reason. I had ideas about what I wanted to become, but they were never realized. Eventually, I lost my place in that world and had to leave for good. So, that’s when I decided to move here. It wasn’t always good here. For the longest time, I had deserted my home and abandoned society completely. My days were spent outside in a desolate wilderness out in the middle of nowhere doing absolutely nothing. That’s about when the sun stopped shining, and I could only think to myself: Wow, it seriously came down to this. I had moved somewhere with Courtney and she was gone, and then I moved here and everything was empty and remote. Perhaps I had realized something after it was too late.

82. Colour Haze
"Pulse" 5:10
München, Germany

The police were chasing after me. It seemed like I got away. Shit, I hope they’re not still looking for me. They turned on their lights, and I fucking floored it. After I lost them, I took off running through a downtown street and attempted to blend in with the crowd. There were fucking cops everywhere though, and it seemed as if they were staring at me every place I went. One of them tried to stop me, but I ignored his fucking ass and dashed across the street. A whole fucking crowd of them were standing on the corner pointing at me, but I dipped down the alley to lose their fucking asses.

81. The Angels of Light
"The Man With the Silver Tongue" 4:13
New Mother
New York, NY

I contemplated calling Brian. But, I could not recall his phone number. As I was walking, I was trying to think in my head what his number was. I was trying to think back to a time when he might have said it out loud. However, I could not think of anything he had ever said. Even at The Nightclub, he did not say anything. We were talking about the purple sky, but I do not recall him talking back to me. There was some strange animal in the woods. It was a person, and he was licking a tree. This guy did not have any arms and his face was painted. He ran away the moment we saw him. We chased after him, and he went into The Nightclub.

80. Trans Am
"Runners Stand Still" 3:45
Washington, D.C.

He continued thinking outlandish thoughts that he figured were real life events that had occurred the past year. However, whatever he was thinking was only going to be illogical because he was still in that dream state that occurs when a person first wakes up. The mind is still consumed by dreams that have altered the state of conscience; the deeper the sleep, the harder it becomes to comprehend what was real and what was a dream. Furthermore, he was still in a hazy hallucinogenic state and the world still appeared surreal with visual oases that were never there in the first place. He continued walking in the direction towards home with periodic glimpses of his past creeping up on him.

79. Cardiacs
"Cry Wet Smile Dry" 3:28
London, England

There had been voices in my head ever since the day I was born. Finally, they returned perfectly intact. This was the guidance I so desperately need, and I had nearly forgotten about them. The voices in his head were still hazy as well. However, they were simply delighted to once again regain their abilities. His mind was perfectly intact as it had been, but it always had serious issues. Sometimes he would simply laugh for no reason—his voices created funny images. Some of them had also been altered by the dream state, and were imagining various aspects from the year of dreams into the present state of reality.

78. Stereolab
"Caleidoscopic Gaze" 8:09
Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night
London, England

This must be the place where Connie McCreamy mentioned she buried our first set of microwavable containers. I remember thinking after we bought them; with these new microwaveable bowls I could accomplish anything. It opened an entire section of the grocery store. Before, I used to high-tail it to the frozen foods section to buy my dinner. Then after these bowls, I noticed that there were items that could be prepared from a box that wasn’t even frozen. The effects this was going to have on our culture were limitless. Still, if the box did not have microwave instructions on the back, the product was considered useless. And came that day when Connie McCreamy bought me a pan. Then, there were lots of items at the store that I never even considered. I still never had any business in the baking aisle. That day she came over and made a cake still freaks me out. Somebody came over to my house and totally baked a cake in my oven, and didn’t even buy it at the bakery. That was insane. The first person to make a cake had to have been a brave soul. I just put all this shit together and threw in the oven, and out came this: a mother fucking cake!

77. Fridge
"Of" 5:44
London, England

It didn’t have any icing on it though. Back in those days, it’s not like icing was growing from a stalk at the farm—in a plastic round container at that. Icing that comes into something other than the conventional plastic container creeps people out. Charlie, you’re home early. Yea, I went to the party, and somebody had icing in a pop-top aluminum can, and I was not comfortable with that shit. Duncan Hines just put a bunch of shit together. What the fuck are you doing Duncan Hines? I’m making some shit called icing for Betty Crocker’s mother fucking cake. Hey Duncan, you want to go play some basketball? No, I’m staying home and making some more of that icing shit.

Duncan Hines took a lot of heat for making icing. The pitchfork brigade showed up at his house and threatened to burn it down because he did not want to play basketball. His wife stopped loving him. You don’t give a fuck about me; you don’t care about these kids—the only thing you give a shit about is this, this, this …this fucking icing. There’s icing in the refrigerator, icing in the cabinets, icing in the toilet, there’s fucking icing everywhere. And you, you sit here all God damn day stirring this shit in a fucking bowl—keeping records of it in your journal. This recipe had 3 cups of sugar—tasted like shit; this recipe had 12 cups of sugar—tasted good but the mother fucking kids were bouncing off the God damn walls. Fuck you Duncan. You’re stupid. You’re a piece of shit. Get the fuck out of my log cabin. What happened to the Duncan Hines that I used to know, the one that I fell in love with, the one who used to slaughter entire herds of cattle.

76. Weltraumstaunen
"Pollenflug" 6:30
Berlin, Germany

“Yo,” interrupted one of the voices, “anybody wanna tell a nigger where we can even get some mother fucking cake mix around here?”

It grew deathly silent. He finally reached the top of the hill and was anticipating seeing the village from atop the hill. However, there was nothing. There was no village. No lights. No streets. No pavement. Nothing he recalled from any of his pasts. And, it looked the exact same in every direction. There was nothing anywhere. "Didn't think so."

“OK,” the previous voice angrily interrogated again, “I got a trivia question for all ya mother fuckers. Dig this. Answer this question and you win a prize. Ready? What is the name of this city that we live in now?”

Once again, it grew completely silent. There was not one single sound in the air—no birds chirping, no insects, no grass, no movement, no trees, nothing. What the fuck is the name of this town that we live in? Damn, this is a question everybody should know.

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Bottom Image by: Photoshoproadmap

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