The Top 75 Songs of 1979

The Best of 1979 + Identity Theft
Chapter 1: Subject Classification
Chapter 2: The Rise of Bartleby Deacon
Chapter 3: Second Chance
Chapter 4: The Great Nation Exposed
Chapter 5: World War 49
Chapter 6: Identity Theft

Chapter IV: The Great Nation Exposed

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75. M
"Pop Muzik"  4:54
New York-London-Paris-Munich
Paris, France

A change was underway. There was something else being derived other than a new occupant at the top of the tower. Bartleby Deacon rode into town and instantly talked shit to the townsfolk. The tower was altered to his liking, wages cut, and benefits dropped. But, there was a foreseeable change in the entire structure. There had been the way things had always been. The way things had always been had always been this way; things somehow change, and have changed. That was those days, this is these days. One day, a long long time ago, people started having sexual affairs outside their own family. Nobody knew how it happened, one day somebody tried it and the results were better than expected.

74. David Bowie
"Boys Keep Swinging"  3:20
London, England

Wallford was suddenly popular. They hated him because of his odd mannerisms, because he was to blame, because he was a boy. Rebecca was a girl, an impressionable Subject E girl at that. Connor proved a bust; but suddenly, due to an error she had committed, the said boy was now a popular influential commodity. Rebecca believed in everything Wallford told her. She was a replaceable puppet in the middle of the tower, their secretary, and deemed incapable of making important decisions. However, the world appeared much different under the influence of Subject A Wallford than under the influence of Subject B Connor.

73. Electric Light Orchestra
"Don't Bring Me Down"  4:04
Birmingham, England

During the next era, the age of imminent change, Wallford enjoyed popularity in the workplace. Since he had been proven correct and far more admirable than the ousted Senior VP, the girls in the tower sought to impress Wallford. Walking by, he was frequently stared at, gawked at, lusted over, and women would doll their make up to look more appealing to him. Many even resorted to formulating illogical excuses just to be in his presence. There were suddenly more required trips to the center of the tower and those dwelling there made frequent visits to the bottom. However, he had little interest in them or their lifestyle. One must attempt to attract a Subject A in the same manner as other Subjects…the looking and the crazy nights has a different definition.

72. Elvis Costello & the Attractions
"Party Girl"  3:23
Armed Forces
London, England

Even though the Subject E office girls looked pretty in their elegant business attire, they had followed the same protocol and were essentially exactly the same. After work, they hung out at the same clubs, wore the same skirts, drank the same shots, and held the same standards. The first night out with them, Wallford found himself in Subject B/E territory—a habitat for Subject E’s who assumed they were Subject A’s. It featured a headache inducing dance floor. Even though Wallford pretended to be cheerful for their sake, he was miserable.

71. The Cars
"Candy-O"  2:36
Boston, MA

Gradually, the tower began accepting the policies eradicated by Wallford’s belief system. The previously set system was under serious duress. Orders were no longer blindly followed as the lesser paid central tower employees began questioning the integrity of those who thought they were in command. Certain procedures were uniformly abandoned. Security suffered stressful symptoms as the Subject B’s suddenly failed to impress anybody…they could no longer be trusted, and the girls they had been belittling with notion of “breaking in”.

70. Stiff Little Fingers
"Barbed Wire Love"  3:33
Inflammable Material
Belfast, Northern Ireland

With finances and religions fabrications completely out of the picture, some women resorted to natural behavior. They, just like the boys, display natural symptoms of lustful desires. Anna the Subject F, who had reserved her natural desires as all Subject F’s do, finally reached the point of desperation and went outside her natural element; as did her closest companion co-worker, Rebecca, who sat right next to her and assisted with the plotting. The two women accompanied Wallford into a Subject A habitat…loud rock concert featuring marijuana usage, freaks, and other aberrational unconventional revolting elements that comprise those with different mentalities who had been pushed too far by the governor. It was total role reversal as the two girls resorted to constant attempts of flattery and spending money in order to impress Wallford. Finally, they broke him in, got him intoxicated enough, and took turns fulfilling their sexual cravings with him.

69. AC/DC
"Walk All Over You"  5:10
Highway To Hell
Sydney, AU

They boasted their success story to the other women in the skyscraper and assumed they had conquered a beast. Wallford now belonged to them, and because they were higher up on the tower, they had the ability to walk all over his free spirit. However, they did not dictate the top of the tower. The males within the family felt violated and claimed Anna and Rebecca as their personal property. The sad reality of the human race is, Wallford was not pregnant, nor would ever get pregnant…therefore, not slayed. Unfortunately for the female sector, that is the primary difference making boys more difficult to conquer than girls (although most women in this case normally resort to the next step, which is violence and physical abuse, which has worked wonders for many women.)

68. Lowlife
"Thinking Naturally"  2:11

Rather than adapt to any sort of potentially more suitable atmosphere, there became some sort of a competition to break in Wallford. Those towards the top of the tower attempted to dissect him and create yet another replaceable replica. Thinking naturally was obviously feared, for this may be a confessional testimony that the system is flawed. New policies were enacted to belittle Wallford, and they even resorted to a uniform police—a means to prove who worked on the bottom and who worked on the top. Their ideas alone simply were no good enough. There was just one problem, his crew refused to follow these delegations. Security was summoned to enforce the policy.

67. Rhino 39
"Xerox"  1:07
Rhino 39
Long Beach, CA

And the girls wanted him to be exactly like the boy they had been taught was ideal. The girl was to alleviate all forms of originality, rebelliousness, and unconventional habits to be exactly like their friends. Wallford only slept with the two girls because he was drunk. Although their neurotic jealousy created complications, Wallford was never going to be like them.

66. Poison Girls
"Under the Doctor"  2:49
Brighton, England

There were numerous obstacles with the standards that had been implemented. To being, a Senior VP had already been ousted and Wallford was too valuable. The main factor was that the middle of the tower technically did not have the authority to implement new policies. Because he thought naturally, did not possess a Xerox personality, and simply remained strong, he did not follow orders just because somebody said. To him, they had the right to claim to be able to adopt policies, but he had the right to not follow them. Therefore, he didn’t. Security had a love/hate relationship with him, but some reason always believed the Subject B’s who frequently called (it’s difficult to consider security Subject E’s). He had helped the chief out of a major debacle… she worked with him; reprimanded those who abused him. Soon, security avoided the issue and had to remain strong themselves.

65. The Mekons
"After 6"  5:01
The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strnen
Leeds, England

Upon taking over, Bartleby Deacon refused to refund Don Patterson the thousands of gold coins Connor had cost him. Bartleby claimed that policy had been followed, Don signed a contract, and he was not responsible for the error—that was the old regime. All of Don’s claims were countered in the exact same fashion that Ned attempted to say the tools were burglarized. Don related the situation to Wallford whom he had gradually befriended. This was the first news that Wallford received that Bartleby Deacon had occupied the top of the tower. Immediately, his thoughts turned to Abigail. He wondered how she was doing or if she was even still with that loser. Then, Don heard that story, and suddenly was empathetic and understood somewhat. The little freak was a little smarter than he gave him credit for. “He’s weird,” he told the members of his crew working against Bartleby Deacon, “but he works. He’s actually fairly intelligent.”

64. The Stranglers
"Duchess"  2:30
The Raven
Guildford, England

Thoughts turned to Abigail. Perhaps it was possible to see her again. Maybe, he could call and say he was calling Bartleby Deacon about an infraction just to see if she would answer. The memo did have the number attached. He finally called from the phone at the bottom of the tower and called again. Then he called again and she answered the phone. It was nice to hear her voice again. However, he did wish to ask for her and simply hung up the phone without saying anything.

63. The Damned
"Noise Noise Noise"  3:11
Machine Gun Etiquette
London, England

It was a shame about what happened to those people in that building. Suddenly, just like that, there weren’t any drunken bums on the street. The TV set claimed the story was a terrible tragedy, security was investigating, and that it was just awful what had happened. Those people living on the outskirts, the suburbs, and the next county over believed the TV set. However, those living in the immediate area, those who had encountered Ned, secretly laughed and cheered, shrugged, “fuck ‘em.”

62. Tom Verlaine
"Kingdom Come"  3:43
Tom Verlaine
Wilmington, DE/New York, NY

This is when things began spinning wildly out of control. Wallford had contemplated leaving the skyscraper due to mistreatment, but now reconsidered. He felt as if he were a slave to the system—they all did. Life at the bottom left little to be desired; as did the labor. Now he had a purpose and she co-occupied the top of the tower.

61. Avengers
"Corpus Christi"  3:27
San Francisco, CA

Occupants of the upper tower utilized the religious documents to control the behavior of the lower tower employees. Plus, it offered a false pretention of hope that there was a possibility of a better life as soon as they finally died… the system of capitalism was so bad that these often ridiculous tales provided the only hope for happiness… the governor nor business manager could ever provide that; happiness only occurs after death, never while living. Supposedly, some bloke named Jesus was the son, the savior and he would provide salvation. The most obvious teachings of this man called Christ, however, was that he was a staunch opponent of the skyscraper structure and the means utilized to reach the top. Therefore, whenever the top office occupants preached ethics according to the Gospel as a means of controlling the population, they retaliated… just as Jesus did… and turned over the tables in the top offices of the skyscraper towers.

60. Blondie
"Shayla"  3:58
Eat To The Beat
New York, NY

The great nation had become the world’s largest pawn shop. It wasn’t a means of re-selling unwanted merchandise lying around the home, many of the citizens were treated as pawns. The majority of the population basically led meaningless non-existence lives. Their role was to generate currency for both the governor and the top of the tower. None of them had any opportunity to make history… they were but another number in the over populated society trapped in a pattern of work, low pay, high rent, excessive rates, and an array of dreams and ambitions unrealized.

59. Punishment of Luxury
"Laughing Academy"  5:01
Laughing Academy
Northeast England

Despite all the inadequacies, the corruption, and the glaring flaws within the structure of the system, the human race has shown abilities to progress towards cultural and technological advancement. Even though a significant portion of the human race has become pawns, opted out of benefits for various reasons, and the amount of Subject G’s who were met with violent opposition from the mediocre Subject B, C, and E’s (and had become Subject A’s and F’s as a result), there are applications that can tell a consumer the artist performing a song just from hearing it over the phone. The amount of brilliance required to achieve this major accomplishment is almost beyond comprehension—considering in 1750 oxygen had not yet even been discovered (this should have been one of the first things people noticed). The satisfied conservative sees these Subject G achievements and truly believes the system is working efficiently as possible. Visionaries, however, question how far human culture could advance without provisionary constraints on the Subject G or without the hostile opposition from the mediocre minded Subject B’s and the governor. Or, regardless of social status, race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or belief system in general: what if the entire human race had equal opportunity to become a Subject G? And intellect was considered more rewarding than currency? “I want to be there,” they said in unison.

58. Lucinda Williams
"Jug Band Music"  2:27
Lake Charles, LA/Los Angeles, CA

Recreational enjoyment is equally essential to sustaining a happy lifestyle. Human culture in the system of pawns has been groomed to curb pleasures in order to save currency on material gadgets. Many of the citizens has missed out on numerous pleasures due to the lack of gold coins; or missed out due to the means of earning currency; or missed out because the means of pleasure had been forbidden by the corrupted governor and the hostile mediocrity. The result caused unhappiness and bitterness towards the employment agency. How far would we have advanced if all of those contributing to the benefit of society were never denied happiness due to lack of gold coins or fabricated standards established by the violent opposition?

57. Buzzcocks
"Why Can't I Touch It?"  6:34
Singles Going Steady
Manchester, England

There are those who physically and mentally drained themselves throughout the course of a week. When the week is finished, the poor pitiful pawns are denied happiness because the pleasurable thrills cost too many gold coins. Some people have put a price on pleasure and feel they have the right to charge excessive fees for workers to participate in the events, to enjoy the feature, to obtain the product. Many of these were a significant part of the massive struggle to finalize the product. However, one person, a person who was not even present during the course of labor, denied accessible privileges to the workers because the greed motivated cur did not compensate them enough gold coins for their efforts. Therefore, the most common answer to the “Why Can’t I Touch It?” question is simple: Because you do not have enough gold coins.

With the proper amount of gold coins, a person can touch anything. Therefore, people charged more gold coins to touch so that, in turn, they could afford to touch others. Most people, unfortunately, were unable to dictate the amount of gold coins they could charge…and were touched excessively and repeatedly violated for however much the cur felt like giving .

56. Devo
"S.I.B. (Swelling Itching Brain)"  4:30
Duty Now for the Future
Cleveland, OH

Several of the working citizens suffer from stress and anxiety caused from having been reduced to a cultural pawn. The act of faking kindness to customers, the governor, those at the top, and other miserable curs has caused them to lose focus on their own interests. Because they have good ethics and are unwilling to swindle their way to the top of the tower in order to receive gold coins, they often lose the desire to be a prevalent reduced role of society and choose to withdrawal. The nervous tension of frequent useless questions is torture, the constant attempts of belittlement are excruciating, and therefore, they refrain from all pleasurable activities in society because they hate everybody.

55. Joe Jackson
"Is She Really Going Out With Him?"  3:35
Look Sharp!
Burton-Upon-Trent, England

He saw them, but they did not see him. For the tour of his new purchase, Bartleby Deacon brought along his prize, Abigail, as an attempt to impress both her and his “subordinates” (meaning: the people “under” him). It appeared yet another typical case of a beautiful woman walking around with a gorilla. It was an epidemic that was spreading…pretty girls falling for unimpressive lies by degenerate overweight oppositional mediocre minded slobs. There was definitely something wrong with Abigail going home with Bartleby Deacon; he did not fit her image.

54. Ângela Rô Rô
"Cheirando a Amor"  2:42
Angela Ro Ro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

But, she saw him too. The years spent with Bartleby Deacon had been torture. Somewhere in her mind, she always dreamed that he would come back and rescue her. In dreams, she saw Wallford. Knowing, however, the fate of the doomed society, she understood that he was powerless to do anything. But, she constantly devised schemes to make her pawn dreams become a reality.

53. Robert Fripp (w/ Daryl Hall)
"North Star"  3:12
Wimborne Minster, England

And powerless he was. So it appeared. When all was said and done, Abigail was who he really wanted, and all he desired in life. The difference, however, the desire was mutual. Bartleby Deacon resorted to unethical inhumane tactics to win a one-sided love affair and both parties were miserable. Perhaps it was their misery that made Bartleby happy. Wallford followed them, sneaking around corners and behind walls. They made extensive eye contact and smiled at each other. He leaned in the window, she ensured he Bartleby wasn’t looking, and they kissed…and she walked away… with Bartleby Deacon. So near, how far.

52. Triumph
"Young Enough to Cry"  6:03
Just A Game
Toronto, ON, Canada

The pain of the previous heartbreak was recollected. He remembered the hurt, the humiliation of ultimately being exiled from the community and how the townsfolk had turned on him. Life had been filled with turmoil ever since. Not that it was ever that great to begin with. And she was again with him, and he had never got over her, or over him, or forgiven the incident. It was a life altering event that filled his once free spirit with spite, hatred, and a desire for vengeance. Unfortunately, he had everything, her included. The laws had been made and nothing could be done. It’s not like he could up and kill the president and get away with it. The desire to say that he loved her was silent, a secretly blown kiss goodbye.

51. Pere Ubu
"Say Goodbye"  5:22
New Picnic Time
Cleveland, OH

They said on the TV that the great nation had far more liberties than those other places. The great nation was the greatest nation because they boasted the most skyscrapers. It was the people at the top of the skyscrapers who enjoyed all of these supposed liberties; the people at the bottom had none.

The TV was a Subject B, adored by Subject E’s, set to control the Subject A’s. This is where the rumors perpetrated that the great nation had the most liberties; Subject B’s are prone to be manipulative and deceitful.

If the nation was so “free”, it would not depend on the tax collector to maintain itself. The tax collector had the liberties to confiscate personal property, even more wages, and would prefer to bankrupt the unwilling citizens in order to sustain its costly operation—an operation that crippled liberties, increased parking enforcement, and was even more controlling than the religious pamphlets. Without warning, the tax collector could rob a working citizen of all of his/her gold coins and inconveniently leave that person penniless. They would leave somebody to die, take away the means required to survive, just to have guns, furniture, and advancements in parking enforcement technology.

The great free nation also boasted the world’s largest display of humans held in captivity. The tax collector has provided the agency with the best parking enforcement equipment available, a supply of deadly guns, and assistance from the TV tower. A majority of the citizens being held in captivity were there for not satisfying the tax collector or engaging in recreational activities the corrupted governor had deemed wrong…even though the citizens voted otherwise. Neither the tax collector nor the parking enforcement was overwhelmingly approved, but existed anyway.

Then, when it all fails, it is time to say goodbye and leave the great nation for good. Disgusted with the policies, the tax collector, and the lustful desire for gold coins, the best option is to leave and reside in a different great nation. The debts are too much to bear. Unfortunately, they want more gold coins in order to leave, charging excessive fees… to many for those who have become desperate.

It was the 4th of July—Independence Day. The word “Independence Day” should only be reserved to the great nations who actually have liberties…free countries, freedom from the gold coins.

Top Image by: SapphicErotica
Bottom image by: Thepeoplesvoice.org

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