The Top 75 Songs of 1968

The Best of 1968 + Four Events In American History
Chapter 1: The Disappearance of the Roanoke Colony
Chapter 2: The Slave Revolt of 1712
Chapter 3: The Boston Massacre
Chapter 4: The Trail of Tears

Chapter II: The Slave Revolt of 1712

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75. Buddy Guy
"A Man and the Blues"  6:17
A Man and the Blues
Lettsworth, LA/Orland Park, IL

It wasn’t even officially their home. The white people had already begun confiscating the land from the natives. No longer was this the land of the free—that moniker lost its meaning long ago. Instead, the free range was transformed into villages and shops where people had to pay currency just to sit by a tree…freedom ain’t free. A few of the white people who claimed they were practicing freedom were also crippling the freedoms of others…people they called slaves in their precious Land of the Free.

74. The Human Beinz
"Dance On Through"  3:04
Youngstown, OH

By 1712, herds of Europeans had already flooded the coasts of the great land. The natives were pushed west and no longer permitted to freely roam the territories inhabited by white folks. Perhaps they were allowed, but there is an even greater possibility that they did not wish to intermingle with the colonists. There was drama and turmoil on their streets—horrific acts they had never been accustomed. The concept of slavery was foreign to them. Even their festivities seemed to encumber some sort of despair; often spawned by the white people with the religious books. The world must have sucked for them.

73. Churchill's
"Straight People"  3:51
Tel Aviv, Israel

Even though their world had to have sucked, as obvious by the frowns in the religious killings, they felt they had the right to dictate the entire world. They were exactly like wild animals and their bodies were completely coated with long shaggy hair…and the white people were the only race with fully hairy bodies. They treated the people with darker complexion like the animals, even though the black male was not entirely covered with shaggy fur; even though their religious pamphlets ordained people to follow The Golden Rule; even though those same doctrines made their entire lives suck miserably. These white people had something dreadfully wrong with them—something embedded in their underdeveloped brains that indicated that it was kosher to capture free-spirited humans and use them as slaves.

72. Os Mutantes
"O Relógio"  3:30
Os Mutantes
São Paulo, Brazil

The underdeveloped minds, so severely deranged that they were capable of horrendous acts of loathsome injustice—deeds no decent civilized competent mind would ever consider—these flaccid minds assumed they were the most advanced in the Universe. God gave them these Negroes in order for them to fulfill a lifestyle of laziness and stupidity at the costly expense of others. And best of all, more Negroes meant more currency to fully ensure that the most heartless uncivilized underdeveloped pea brains shall inherit the Earth… just like God said…and etched in stone. Because the all-knowing omnipresent entity could not fathom paper, permanent ink and perfect penmanship, HE assigned Moses to carve this shit in a language less than 5% of the Earth (.000000000000000026% of the Universe) was speaking at the time. Moses is proof that their God is make believe, fictitious, and improbable, yet they claim to have the right to belittle other Gods, the Negro Gods, Buddha, Allah, David Koresh, Dickie Thon, and all the beings other peoples consider God. All beings must worship one God and one God only—the one God that made their lives suck and their brains capable of performing cruel acts of evil on those who follow the spiritual creed of a God that encourages not but goodwill and pleasantry.

71. The Yankee Dollar
"Follow Your Dream's Way"  6:37
The Yankee Dollar
San Luis Obispo, CA

These mother fuckers even made the Negroes row the ships—ships they didn’t want to be in. They tried to turn the niggers against the Indians. To the Natives, the men of color were but other strange descendents from across the Ocean. One could only imagine the fearful thoughts that raced through their minds when they first witnessed the diabolical cracker bring forth a tribe of colored folks in shackles and chains (Indians never even knew shackles and chains even existed). Somebody made these things of torture and they wondered: “What could these people possibly have done to receive such oppressive treatment? The natives, by chance, witnessed abuse, cruelty, and extreme crimes against humanity as the inbred honkeys whipped and tormented black people publicly in the streets. The time they wasted inducing punishment and government control, mother fuckers could have been working, done the shit their damn selves, and historians would not be viewing them as malcontent bastards.

70. Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '66
"The Frog"  2:43
Look Around
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Get this: The Niggers did not wish to be slaves. They did not possess the ambition to be confined to chains in order to fulfill the lustful dreams of currency for the underdeveloped inhumane corrupt rulers; or their fabricated God; or their most shameless act of imbecile worship—some foolish asshole proclaiming to be sort of a king (this has since been surpassed and the most shameless act of imbecile worship for white people is now the television set). Niggers not wanting to be slaves came as a total shock to Connie Weatherford, whose life primarily consisted of standing stone faced with a frown in front of the village shops preaching morals that she had misinterpreted from the reading.

It was a downright sin! A shameful act that could have come from the devil himself—these unruly niggers did not wish to participate in their manifest destination as seen with hands bound with chains. This was God’s will for these people, and they should have been proud to be a slave. A mother fucking slave! For slavery leads to salvation, even in the headquarters of the dumbest white honkey mother fucker in the stolen village (and that’s one stupid ass mother fucker right there). Salvation = a slave confined to gold chains.

69. The Outsiders
"CQ"  3:27
Amsterdam, Netherlands

New York City had a bit different slave system than southern plantations. At the time, the overall population was around 8,000 mother fuckers—which were considered “big as fuck for a colony” by colonists living elsewhere back in 1712. And they thought they were all advanced too-- saying shit like: “Damn mother fucker, its 1712—where the fuck have you been? You need to get with the program, its 1712 now, and you be acting like its all 1704 and shit.”

The residents lived in proximity; houses so near each other you could comfortably watch white bitches strip before bed, and slaves were able to communicate. A most contradictive notion that should have disproved all premonitions from the underdeveloped white folks was that there were legitimately free black men roaming around on the streets; this should have been proof that (GASP!) black people are actually real people with extraordinary capabilities (and this should have been obvious long before the pathetic Romans constructed their degenerate empire).

However, their conditions were wretched as many were starved, mistreated, and abused. It finally reached the point when they decided the white imbeciles had no right to dictate their standards, deplete their culture, eliminate their happiness, tell them when and where they may go, and what time they have to go to bed. On April 6th, 1712, the decided they had officially had enough…1712 crept on mother fuckers living in the past real fast.

68. Velvet Opera
"Flames"  3:11
Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
Coventry, England

Approximately 70 slaves armed with knives, guns, and hatchets established a meeting and gathered during the night. They had ample supplies and were prepared to resort to cruel tactics of their own to reclaim their identities. A building was set ablaze, purposely, and they allowed it to be. It was a piece of shit shed that only a dumb white man would find reasonably important. It was after midnight, and many of the white people had been asleep. But, this shed was too important—and they sprung their beds: “Hot damn! The mother fuckin’ sheds a burnin’!”

67. Dr. John
"Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya"  5:36
New Orleans, LA

When the whites emerged to extinguish the fire and possibly salvage the sacred shed, they were attacked. It was a most grizzly act of warfare, resembling how the king’s knights had done to their unsuspecting village in their native homeland. A white master tossed a bucket of water onto the fire, turned around to get more, and a hatchet was buried into his face, killing him instantly with blood squirting into the fire and sizzling. It was a brutal slaughter that saw nine dead honkeys. According to Connie’s God in her puritanical pamphlet, the butchered honkeys received due punishment for the sins they had committed; except this contradiction contradicted that contradiction and Connie’s congregation could not comprehend that their automatic puritan path to hell could be delivered by a mob of unruly Negroes they assumed would be happy slaves… messengers of God were not supposed to be black (at press-time (The Bible's initial press-time)the underdeveloped authors of the clutched Bible were unaware of their existence, even though they had already supposedly figured out the entire universe—the nigger-free universe that orbited the Earth).

66. J.K. & Co.
"Little Children"  3:05
Suddenly One Summer
Las Vegas, NV

As children, never before did they imagine that it would come to this. Their childhood dreams did not involve killing another human being in this brutal of a fashion. They had been pushed to this extreme, outside of what was natural, unprovoked, this was not their request. No person carrying a hatchet instigated the situation that eventually led to this outbreak; the situation was instigated long ago in Africa. The white man brought them here against their will; if these sociopaths even had one of ounce of empathy running through their religion addled brains, they would have foreseen this coming long ago—and would have acted the exact same way should the roles be reversed.

65. The Soft Machine
"Why Are We Sleeping?"  5:31
The Soft Machine
Canterbury, England

Following the ambush, which proved the obvious testament that no human being shall be denied liberties in any circumstance—especially for having never committed any serious violation in humanity over the course of a lifetime. The outcome would ultimately reveal the validity of the religious documents or any notion claiming the white race of New York City supported freedom. Ideally, the attack would have served as a realization that the white masters had violated a moral code of conduct coupled with an admission they would have done the same under those same conditions. To prove white people were advanced in intellect and fully understood the religious doctrines they based their entire lives upon, only an admission of guilt and a formal apology to the slaves would be acceptable. And, all slaves should now be freed because obviously they are not conciliated with enduring slavery and have not committed any infractions that deserve this unjust treatment. Anything less than that would raise serious questions about the plight of the white master and discredit the virtues and integrity of the religious manual; the more extreme the response, the more the values of this society of 1712 would be seriously objected and furiously hated.

64. The Turtles
"You Showed Me"  3:16
The Turtles Present the Battle of the Bands
Westchester, CA

In 1712, white puritans living by the Bible had a long list of ordinances that they considered mortal sins—such as masturbation, listening to symphonies in certain forbidden chords, saying words such as fuck, pussy, and shit, and even writing questionable pieces of literature. This Bible thing had showed them exactly what to do; this sermon had assumed that a woman would perish into the flames of hell for all eternity just for stimulating her clitoris with the tip of a carrot (rumor had it that it fit perfectly). Therefore, they must have thought that bringing oneself to self-inflicted orgasm was a more severe crime in the eyes of God than keeping a person enslaved and abused. That concept alone made all of their integrity questionable enough. Their book had mentioned forgiveness as a gateway to heaven and that should have been Priority #1. Should their reactions be considerably more destructive than fucking their own pussies, moaning of fuck yes, while listening to a symphony in E7minor, than that would certainly put the 18th century religious puritans in the same place in history as the Nazis.

63. Thelonious Monk
"Easy Street"  5:56
Rocky Mount, NC (1917)- Weehawken, NJ (1982)

Perhaps they could have run away, far off into the wilderness and started their own colony. It was, after all, their right to do so. There could have been yet another nation, an independent nation, and their pre-existing culture would be upheld. Back to the days before the colonies, before conquered by unholy holy men, to a time when life was pure. This colony could have lived harmoniously with the natives and became a sanctuary for free men…the model for ethical values.

62. The Pretty Things
"Private Sorrow"  3:52
S.F. Sorrow
London, England

Unfortunately, the modernized safe haven was not an option. The white man would not allow a black colony to exist on Indian land. Black colonies were not even permissible in their African homeland without the white man intervening. They claimed to even have rights to govern nations outside their domain… the Dutch ruled this nation; this nation was occupied by the British. And for what? For everybody to follow their foolish religious beliefs and to work in their fields? These were evil men. Having been a slave since childhood, given the history of their upbringing, white people were seen a tyrannical enemy out to prevent any culture except the imbecile king’s from expanding any further.

61. Van Dyke Parks
"Vine Street"  3:43
Song Cycle
Hattiesburg, MS/Los Angeles, CA

And the slave culture was not permitted to expand any further either. The niggers were not allowed to dislike being mistreated. It was as if they were supposed to enjoy their own oppression, and there could be no better lifestyle than being an abused slave to a white master who was so stupid, that he did not even understand the religious book that governed his life. Perhaps if the slaves conformed to their barbaric God and dedicated their lives to conquering tiny villages for money and power, than they would finally be accepted by the crackers…there were no compromises.

60. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
"Time/Confusion"  5:14
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
London, England

As should have been expected by the Christians, there was no apology. There was no realization whatsoever, and the society of Puritan colonists did nothing except validate their stupidity. Niggers had been perceived as malicious demons just because they did not wish to be confined to the shackles administered by the loving friendly Christian masters. Many of these good faithful Christians, however, formed the colony in order to practice religious freedom—apparently their practices had been outlawed overseas, perhaps since the Medieval period. Slave holding was their definition of practicing religious freedom, and they were so devout in their fellowship that they even translated a Bible into Algonquin, which by the way was the first Bible printed in America, with hopes and intentions that maybe the Indians would support cruelty and slavery as well.

59. Fever Tree
"San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)"  4:03
Fever Tree
Houston, TX

Although the colony was allegedly under control from Great Britain, America was not yet a white nation... the land still technically belonged to the natives. However, there was mysteriously a governor of this territory now called New York. He had been a General in the British military and now assumed he had the right to govern Indian land and enforce slavery. The cur had previously fought in some sort of battles fighting for something he felt was essential to his lifestyle—something worth fighting and killing over; apparently governor Robert Hunter felt that individual freedom from slavery was nothing any person should ever fight to achieve. Or, Robert Hunter felt that his people had the right to whatever they please to anyone who was not exactly like them. There had even been bloodshed and killings of the natives in this region.

58. Tomorrow
"My White Bicycle"  3:17
London, England

The governor ordered, not asked, two different militias to intervene with the affair. He had the power and the opportunity to provide verisimilitude to the devoted Christian following of white people. There was the option to order soldiers to be involved to fight for freedom, because that is what all American soldiers do…they free people from the oppressors. However, Robert Hunter, as with 95% of the other colonists living back then, also possessed an impressionable under developed mind. Rather than give some hope and dignity that America’s forefathers possibly stood for at least something worthwhile, Robert Hunter behaved like a complete imbecile and ordered the troops to suppress the rebellion immediately. This basically ensured the argument that government and religion is only a requirement for buffoons.

57. Tyrannosaurus Rex
"Wind Quartets"  2:55
Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels of the Ages
London, England

The revolt consisted of 27-50 people; the militia had hundreds. Allegedly, there were rumors that the slaves had intentions to rid this fine Earth of the under developed uncivilized tyrannical white people, and accomplishing that would jeopardize all of the great things they had achieved over the course of several thousand years. Great things such as, well, such as, ???, well, supposedly there were a few things the white master forefathers had been proud of…and to hear them tell the story with such robust was always an enjoyable source of amusement. The militia hoping to secure these, these, ordinances that meant something to these people, blissfully gathered and gleefully obeyed commands like a stupid mutt with its’ tongue out—this was the fine quality example of individuality and intellect that needed to be observed by the unruly negroes…niggers need to act more like these troops and simply follow orders administered by this Robert Hunter who once fought for something that was important to him.

56. Spirit
"Darlin' If"  3:38
The Family That Plays Together
Los Angeles, CA

They rounded up all of the Negroes and detained them. The militia outnumbered them and had far more resources at their disposal. Furthermore, the governor granted the militia total amnesty and the troops were free to do whatever they pleased; the freedom seeking Negroes did NOT have these same privileges. In other words, it was not a fair fight. During the process of arrest and detainment—something the inbred underdeveloped honkeys technically had no right to do—the slaves were further abused and treated harshly. Because their minds lacked the intellect to think of a creative means of amusement, they found pleasure in whipping the niggers for the others to see in public; it should have been obvious that these people would find solace in whipping niggers, their jaded minds actually believed and followed the ludicrous belief system implied by the puritans, and one would have to be a complete dipshit to do that.

55. Moby Grape
"Murder in My Heart for the Judge"  3:02
San Francisco, CA

A trial was set to convict these niggers. People who believe in freedom and American equality claim such a thing as a fair trial had always existed. However, the only ones present to determine whether or not the enslaved Africans had committed any crimes were other white slave holders. Should the trial have been held before the Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee, people throughout the universe, God, Jesus, other black people in the community, the accused, or white people with sophisticated developed minds whose parents were NOT related, than the accused would have walked free and the white militia would be under arrest. But, this wasn’t even their land and they technically did not even have any right whatsoever to put these people on trial in the first place, and the Negroes were found guilty on all accounts.

54. The Beacon Street Union
"Mystic Mourning"  5:58
The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union
Boston, MA

It was a quick trial too, so fast that one has to question whether or not the accused were even given a chance to defend themselves. Sentencing was sent down fast too and all of those who participated were sentenced to be executed. These people claimed to have the right to judge a man by the color of his skin; their God had forsaken them.

53. Steve Miller Band
"In My First Mind"  7:35
Children of the Future
San Francisco, CA

Six of the 27 who were apprehended committed suicide. Killing themselves was a far better option than living even five more seconds with amongst the white masters. Despite the fact that they had never even committed any crime, just because they were born in a region where people have darker skin pigmentation, at the exact same time in which their Native village was taken over by somebody else. For no reason whatsoever, they were given the worst life imaginable. {}{}White people commit suicide too. They do this when they become so disgusted with the world that they no longer wish to live in it—this is a brutal decision for one to ever have to make. Many base this decision because they do not agree with the puritan preacher nor the governor—two affiliates who seem to cause the most suicide and their virtues have repeatedly be proven obtuse.

52. The Beatles
"It's All Too Much"  6:26
Yellow Submarine
Liverpool, England

Several of them were sentenced to be burned alive at the stake. Because they wished to be free from the shackles and chains, free from having to refer to a buffoon as "master", they were once again bound up publicly with chains. One of them was hung from chains downtown. As for the others, they were bound and surrounded by wooden planks which stacked high enough to surround them. A fire was lit and the smoldering smoke caused them to gag and cough. The flames finally touched the skin, and the pain was excruciating. Soon the flames roared higher and the human body was engulfed in flames, finally completely on fire, while the slave screamed out in agony. The forgiving Christians watched with smiles and they celebrated the fact that the niggers were finally killed.

51. C.A. Quintet
"Trip Thru Hell (Part I)"  9:02
Trip Thru Hell
St. Paul, MN

The final one was "broken on the wheel". He was bound to a large wheel with open spokes. This breaking wheel had been outlawed in most civilized places. But, the Negro was placed on the wheel, tied down, and "broken." What this meant: New York had employed an executioner, a puritanical Christian who applied for employment to kill and torture those assigned by his society that his gullible easily impressed little brain blindly believed. Once on the wheel, the town executioner beat him with an iron pole, breaking first his legs, his limbs, and then striking upwards through the spokes of the spinning wheel breaking his ribs and his spine. He even received a good pounding upside the head for good measure, because he was a hated Negro. Once all of his bones were broken, he was left to die slowly, high on the rise to be eaten alive by rats, buzzards, and other scavengers. (read more)

Killing all of these unruly niggers made the governor so proud (read the letter here) that he insisted that he now had to authoritative power to create new laws that coincided with their religious pamphlets. There were to be no more than three Negroes congregating in a group at any given time—violators would receive 20 lashes in public. Any conspiracy to escape or kill a white man was given the death penalty. Finally, to set a Negro free, the white master had to forfeit a large sum of currency to the greedy governor. Ratings: (Scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being good and 1 being as poor as humanly possible)

Government- 0, Religion- 0, American Freedom- 0, American Forefathers- 0, Meaningful Accomplishment by those considered "royalty" in 1712 and before- 0. Meaning: Do NOT trust these people.

Top Image by: http://www.blackpast.org/?q=aah/new-york-slave-conspiracy-1741
Bottom image by: http://www.gothic.stir.ac.uk/guestblog/feast-your-eyes-glut-your-soul-on-my-accursed-ugliness-gothic-horror-thinking-in-images/

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