The Top 50 Songs of 1979

The Best of 1979 + Identity Theft
Chapter 1: Subject Classification
Chapter 2: The Rise of Bartleby Deacon
Chapter 3: Second Chance
Chapter 4: The Great Nation Exposed
Chapter 5: World War 49
Chapter 6: Identity Theft

Chapter V: World War 49

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50. The Fall
"Frightened"  5:03
Live At The Witch Trials
Manchester, England

And so began World War 49. The troubles for Wallford surmounted past unreasonable control. He was on the verge of exile from yet another community. However, aside from those who claimed to have some sort of authority, Wallford was generally well-liked by the regular citizens. Therefore, the plan was to fight the power and reclaim his own personal natural identity. He was better than them, and at times might be the best. There was no need for turmoil from the mediocre opposition.

49. The Sods
"Pathetic"  2:05
Minutes To Go
Copenhagen, Denmark

Loopholes within the structure prevented complete take-over from either side. They could claim high rates for penalties. But, those who chose to fight back had the laws of business ethics, price gouging, and the 8th Amendment working in their favor. The opposition created the laws, mailed the letters, and charged the rates without due consideration for improper working. Most simply paid without a struggle in order to avoid future hassle. Future hassle never ended with Wallford as he had been deprived of everything.

48. Chrome
"Mondo Anthem"  3:34
Half Machine Lip Moves
San Francisco, CA

The strenuous affair between Bartleby Deacon and Don Patterson delved in the darkest pits imaginable. However, the two had never met in person. Despite his successes on the outside world, Don was not permitted to freely roam the top of the skyscraper tower. His dealing was via telephone to the replaceable pawns in the center of the tower. The pawns were representatives of the skyscraper policies where contradicted the regulations of the Great Nation. It was indeed a Great Nation, and still could be. But, Civil War #XIX was underway. It appeared the headquarters from the skyscraper were attempting to secede from the Federation, all the while attempting to uphold control on the population. How did they think it would last?

47. P-Model
"Sophisticated"  4:23
In A Model Room

Unfortunately, The Great Nation employed the tax collector who promoted the same policies adapted by the seceding slave trading skyscraper confederacy. In practice, the deceitful Subject B Corporation claimed that if the governor’s tax collector had the right to violate the 8th Amendment and disregard any business law regulations, then they too had that same right. The surface of decay was revealed as people grew weary of these lack of ethics, spoke negatively of the tower occupants, and refused to the pay the excessive fees. Foreclosure was frightening enough. But, Don, Wallford, and a Subject F & G formed an allegiance. If the corporation was to be accountable to federal regulations, then the tax collector had to abide as well. It was a means of ridding two menaces at once.

46. Magazine
"Feed The Enemy"  5:47
Second Hand Daylight
Manchester, England

The tax collector and the bank tower depended on handouts for survival. In turn, they developed laws forcing people to contribute to their wealthy lifestyle. A propaganda device was instilled to create the notion that these organizations were essential for the benefit of the human race. However, in The Grand Scheme of Things, the human race was not dependent on either the tax collector or the skyscraper in order to survive…it was the other way around. All for the sake of accumulating gold coins, the bank tower and the tax collector shamelessly created a blackened world of distraught and despair, and manipulated the minds of millions to make their crimes against humanity seem essential. People were denied the privilege to make history, denied happiness, and working tirelessly just to feed the enemy.

45. Smokey Robinson
"Cruisin'"  4:23
Where There's Smoke...
Detroit, MI

With the threat of World War 49 looming in the horizon, Wallford proposed to Abigail that they should just leave, abandon this silly chase for coins, and run away to live happy. The children played a factor. She had become attached even though she initially did not wish to have them. Bartleby Deacon would create chaos, even if they were just speaking to each other. But, the two of them dreamed of being together, boarding that ship, and living a life of romance and enchantment. In order for this to happen, however, unethical business practices needed to be practiced. She had everything she needed, just the person providing it was a complete imbecile. Wallford had to devise a method to ensure the continuation of “you want it, you got it…forever.” A fugitive lifestyle with children was not enticing.

44. Suzi Quatro
"Stumblin' In"  3:32
If You Knew Suzi
Detroit, MI/Chelmford, England

During their visit, Wallford and Abigail reminisced on the cherished love affair they once had. It was so natural, so frivolous, so free. They wondered how their lives would be without intervention from the hostile mediocre opposition. Two lives severely altered due to the unnatural quest for gold coins. Their love was still alive and there was still that spark. What’s meant to be will be. The judgment of the effectiveness of the coin seeking system could be determined solely if Abigail was meant to be with Wallford or Bartleby Deacon.

43. Talking Heads
"Life During Wartime"  3:41
Fear of Music
New York, NY

Presentation: Exhibit 24, A Better Lifestyle. Option 17: Escape. Passports, visas, a change of name; all had their appeal. But then what? That presented the best option of one sole subject, maybe 2, or whoever else opted to leave. That was the original premise of the skyscraper to being with. But, they made a pretty good team. But, some teams have unlimited rosters. In everybody is happy with Exhibit 24, and then Exhibit 23 would become null and void.

42. Soft Boys
"Leppo And The Jooves"  5:29
A Can Of Bees
Cambridge, England

The court calls to the stand Crude Tactic #268: Flaw Exposure. In the infamous case The Working Citizens vs. The Skyscraper, the court ruled in favor of the skyscraper. The claim suggested that the skyscraper was not in any violation of ethical conduct by presenting flaws within the human individual, exposing weaknesses, and exploiting them by creating a premise of dependent reliance to compensate self-worth…regardless if truthful or fictitious. Therefore, that meant that the people working at the bottom, the factories, and in the markets had the right to expose the flaws of the top of the skyscraper and create a premise that they needed the workers in order to survive. Their propaganda could be countered with the shared vision of the better life and the way things could be if these terrorists weren’t so reliant on excessive gold coins. All we do is resonate one single vision. Public Service Announcement: This year, we encourage each and every one of you to refuse to pay your taxes. The corrupt governor depends on your taxes to destroy free will. By paying taxes, you are supporting terrorism.

41. Billy Thorpe
"The Beginning"  4:15
Children of the Sun
London, England

Exhibit R: The Most Advanced Society. FAMILY FEUD…with your host, The Omnipresent Narrator. Two people stood at the center facing each other, hand on the podium, prepared to slap the buzzer. The question had 5 possible answers. The Omnipresent Narrator explained the rules and asked the questions. “Throughout the history of the universe, name an example that defines Advanced Cultural Society.” The man slapped the buzzer: “The Human Race.” “The Human Race. Survey Says!” ERRNT! Big Red X on the screen, Strike 1. When that Big Red X flashed on the screen, that’s when the window busted; that’s when the fires started.

40. Motörhead
"Damage Case"  3:06
London, England

Back to business as usual, back to thinking naturally, back to being yourself. This had worked in the past; the failures resulted from pretending to be somebody else. And the damaged case had allured them all. Just as he won over Rebecca and Anna, and Don Patterson, resorting to the ways of Damaged Case had its appeal. The music was once again loud and all conventions were defied. Soon, it caught the attention of Alan and Amy—The Subject G Committee. It also caught the attention of the violent opposition.

39. Public Image Ltd.
"Memories"  5:09
Metal Box
London, England

In times of war, hostility is met with hostility. Benny knew the ploy would benefit him, and make him look better at the expense of somebody else. He knew it was wrong, looked around, and did it anyway. The music lowered, the idea swindled, and Benny’s place in the tower was fortified. However, the crew turned hostile and violently confronted him. Benny was exposed, reported, and the news of his deed spread. He attempted to deny everything. If one must deny an action, or not wish to have it exposed, perhaps that is a confession of wrong doing. Subject G spoke of the supposed democracy; a vote was taken and Benny was sentenced.

38. Igra Staklenih Perli
"Gusterov Trg (Lizzard Square)"  4:26
Igra Staklenih Perli
Beograd, Serbia

In turn, the plans were exposed. They were brilliant. It turned out there was somebody sheerly remarkably working on the bottom. This far exceeded the intellect supposedly coming from the top. Wallford has free time (because he couldn’t afford anything else) and drew up an artistic strategy that would prove prosperous for all. However, he did not have the authority to actually incorporate these ideas. People questioned why he wasn’t running the show; and the majority of the tower wished that he was. Unfortunately, there are those jealous mediocre minds who insist unconventional brilliance will never work—and they will see to it that it will not; that is, until they are trying to impress a Subject E, then will claim to be the originator.

37. Kollaa Kestää
"Mun Huoneeni"  5:52
Jäähyväiset Aseille
Tampere, Finland

A Subject G recognized brilliance without jealousy. Alan & Amy reviewed the stratagem and felt it was worthy of considerable praise from the top. The photos, diagrams, and documents created by Wallford were taken to the top occupant, Bartleby Deacon. The intentions were to show that brilliance had derived from the bottom of the tower, these ideas would benefit the entire skyscraper, and that Wallford should be considered for a promotion. Instead, it was the opposite. The concepts were dubiously ridiculed, flaws were fabricated and spread, attempts were made to make the ideas seem foolish and irrational. It wasn’t even permitted to express agreement with the concepts. And once again, without knowledge as to why, Wallford was under severe oppression.

36. Supertramp
"Goodbye Stranger"  5:51
Breakfast In America
London, England

Once it had been exposed that the top occupant’s wife’s ex-lover was employed at the bottom, Wallford was subject to much antagonism and once again exiled. Having grown tired of the constant distractions and the sense he was fighting a losing battle, Wallford gathered his belongings and decided it was time to go. This time around, however, there were people who did not wish to see him go. But, he had no choice… Bartleby Deacon had made it impossible for him to survive. It was a bittersweet goodbye.

Occasionally, one has to reflect on past aspirations. “I’m better than them, in fact, I think I’m the best,” Mark E. Smith once stated. Wallford turned around and rode back into town. The Fall

35. Family Fodder
"Disco Purge"  2:59
Sunday Girls
London, England

A police car was parked outside. The officer was nowhere to be found. Somebody pulled up in a wheelchair. He was old, stricken with something, obviously in bad shape. His history is never known. After he stopped the wheelchair on the sidewalk, the officer approached. For reasons unknown, he interrogated the old man in the wheelchair. Nobody ever knew what was said or why the man bound to the wheelchair was being questioned. Maybe he was just being helpful, they assumed. But, the officer hoisted the handles of the wheelchair and the elderly man was dropped face down on the ground. The officer used excessive force, smashed his knee on the back of his head, and bound his arms tightly behind him. The man in the wheelchair was unarmed, and obviously unable to run away. He was thrown in the back of the squad car and taken away.

34. Throbbing Gristle
"What a Day"  4:39
20 Jazz Funk Greats
London, England

Shut down the factories and secure the gates. A picket line was formed as the factory workers sought something more historical. If the goods weren’t manufactured, the skyscraper couldn’t receive any gold coins. Manipulatively, the revolt was belittled and the claims were falsified. Fires were built. The governor claimed to have the right to intervene just because some Alzheimer’s riddled incestuous old geezer had previously done the same. The replacements were confined inside, the windows busted, and the building set ablaze. They were people just like them, however, not like the governor. In a strange twist, the replacements sided with the strikers—it was they who started the blaze. The factory was destroyed from the inside out and the police attacked with severe hostility. The power abusive cur who harassed the handicapped man was killed in the riot.

33. Leonard Cohen
"Came So Far for Beauty"  4:03
Recent Songs
Montréal, QC, Canada

With nowhere else to go, Wallford sat outside the café on the outdoor seating patio. It was raining, and the rain fell in record quantities. The storm included high winds, thunder, lightning, and monsoon like conditions. Outside, Wallford was fully exposed to the inclement weather conditions and unsheltered. He sat in the violent storm, eating his food from the plate—eggs over-easy, toast, and hash browns. Wallford and the plate of food were obviously soaked in the rainstorm. Appearing both unscathed and hopeless at the same time, Wallford endured the storm, sat all alone in the pouring rain, and ate hash browns as the downpour raged and flooded the streets.

32. Delta 5
"Mind Your Own Business"  3:14
Mind Your Own Business Single
Leeds, England

I’ve done you people no wrong, why must you stare at me? The unconventional habits stifled the opposition and seemed to bother everybody. Eating breakfast in the severe thunderstorm was odd enough, but it was the way he walked, the way he talked, his ideas, they were not normal…nothing about him was. But, perhaps they were natural… he possessed natural thinking for he was not influenced by the set of norms formulated by the governor; there is no desire to dwell in the top of the skyscraper. But, perhaps they were instilled. Wallford had been pushed outside in the rain. There was no way around it or any alternatives, yet they kept inquiring.

31. L Voag
"Living Room"  3:00
The Way Out
London, England

And so the storm continued, as if it were ever going to stop—it was the only setting possible for World War 49. Just look at that dumb mother fucker, sitting out there in the rain, eating wet food. His food will get soaked. But, he had been exiled from the comforts of indoor seating and had lost the desire to conform to any of their habits. He was on indefinite hiatus, a work stoppage, a silent revolt against the skyscraper tower for the theft of his love, Abigail…the coins they could keep…they were useless to him. Even though he had been excommunicated, they beleaguered wondering why he did not come inside. He had rejected their comforts on purpose; they felt it should be them rejecting him. They did not want him inside, but they did not want him outside either. If bothered them that he blatantly refused their comforts and would rather sit in a violent rainstorm than inside with any of them. He didn’t wish to be bothered with those curs on the inside any longer.

30. The Slits
"Liebe And Romanze"  4:44
London, England

Amidst thunder, high winds, and a flash flood warning, he did, at least, have to bend over the plate in order to prevent his food from washing away. The plate was flooded as his hash browns sat in a pool of rain water. His napkin was soaking wet as were his clothes; his socks were even drenched inside his shoes. It was one of those storms that the shivering winds caused a temporary shortness of breath.

Steven, a Subject F, watched the hapless misfit from the window. He was seated alone as well. Steven thought about what a person must have gone through to sit outside and have breakfast in a monsoon, a meal he had paid for. After contemplating all the possibilities, Steven picked up his plate, carried it outside, and sat at the table with Wallford. The two did not say a word, just a sly smile and a shared meal.

29. Manfred Mann's Earth Band
"You Are - I Am"  5:13
Angel Station
London, England

Another patron exited the comforts of indoor seating and joined them. A young couple nodded to each other, and they too sat outside in the rain. By coincidence, Abigail and her children were also patrons—and they too sat at Wallford’s table in the rain. Without speaking a word to anybody, the outside seating area was soon filled. People then stood outside, holding their plates, eating standing up. Perfect strangers scooted their chairs aside and invited other strangers, the standing ones, to sit with them. Herbie and Don joined. The crew from the bottom, Anna, Rebecca, Alan, Amy… As it turned out, Wallford would not need to weather the storm alone.

28. This Heat
"24 Track Loop"  5:57
This Heat
London, England

What it meant, nobody knew. For the first time, that eccentric little freak looked adorable. They had always assumed he was gifted with something spectacular; there was something that set him apart from everybody else. Some assumed he was a superstar. Now, he seemed vulnerable—just like everybody else. Perhaps he had always been exactly like them—only human. Or, perhaps they had always been exactly like him—a superstar with some special gift. Regardless, a sense of sympathy set in coupled with a degree of curiosity. The only thing he ever did was envision a better future for everybody.

27. The B-52's
"Rock Lobster"  6:51
The B-52's
Athens, GA

And came the parking enforcement. A group of people seated outside in the rain constitutes as mysterious behavior—potential terrorist activity. The cruiser was stopped and the arresting officer ordered everyone inside immediately (he shouted this over a megaphone). Wallford’s expression did not change as he made no attempt to move whatsoever. Some patrons turned around, glanced at the officers, and then returned to their meals—completely ignoring them. The officer again ordered everyone inside. Nobody noticed, nobody moved. He commanded yet again, forcefully with threats, and was totally ignored.

He set the megaphone resting at his side as a look of discontentment came across his face. What was wrong with these people? But, they were exactly that, people…just like him. He tossed the megaphone into the cruise and he and another officer disappeared into the front of the café. Shortly afterwards, they emerged onto the patio carrying trays with their plates of food. People scooted their chairs over and the officers set down their trays and sat down.

However, the officers were being stared at, not welcomed. Somberly, the first officer murmured an apology, removed his rain gear and tossed it in the trash. He sat back down and stared at the other officer. He took a deep breath, took off his rain gear, and trashed it. Nobody stared any longer; no words, just friendly smiles-something about this was actually enjoyable.

26. The Red Krayola
"Discipline"  7:03
Houston, TX

The tornado sirens roared as the winds picked up highly. Silverware napkins were blown away in the wind. Lightning struck nearby and thunder roared. Rain pelted people in the sides of their faces. Nobody moved; together they could weather the storm.

Bartleby Deacon sat alone perched atop the skyscraper. Unaware what was taking place outside, he was creating a new storm. All wages were cut, all wages denied, and all ideas implemented by people he did not like deemed failures. It was now his skyscraper…an emblem that he was in control. All features related to the skyscraper were altered to prove they were his. Because it was his, and he had the right to do so. His ideas were solely implemented, even though they all sucked. All procedures had to meet his approval and all actions had to be conducted a certain way…his way.

Maybe a tornado did touch down. After they were finished eating, they remained outside in the storm. The powerful rain had the ability to cleanse, the ability to strengthen, and the ability to make things stick together.

The middle of the tower still supported Bartleby Deacon. He obviously knew what he was doing or else he never could have acquired a skyscraper. After unleashing the new code of conduct emerged a crack in the foundation. However, this crack originated at the roof.

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Bottom image by: deviant art

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