The Top 25 Songs of 1979

The Best of 1979 + Identity Theft
Chapter 1: Subject Classification
Chapter 2: The Rise of Bartleby Deacon
Chapter 3: Second Chance
Chapter 4: The Great Nation Exposed
Chapter 5: World War 49
Chapter 6: Identity Theft

Chapter VI: Identity Theft

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25. The Endtables
"The Defectors"  4:03
The Endtables
Louisville, KY

On average, people dedicate 40 hours per week working in the Great Nation. Technically, that is less than 1/3 of the week. Another 50 hours a week is spent sleeping, which consumes half of the remaining time. Another 10 hours is spent getting ready for week and traveling to and from the work place. And because many companies schedule employees a half an hour longer to compensate for lunch, that is an additional 2.5 hours. Also, since most companies lack innovation, they schedule their employees to have the exact same schedule as all other companies- therefore creating longer commutes due to the fact their lack of brilliance has led to a dilemma called rush hour. That puts the total up to 102.5 hours a week, average depending on cooperation from the rest of the world, dedicated to either work or sleep.

Factor in other meals, dinner, preparing the meal, travelling to the restaurant, cleaning up the dishes, and shopping for groceries, that’s easily another 10 hours per week. Factor in other work related issues around the home; auto repair, yard work, etc. The average human now spends approximately 125 per week engaging in some sort of laborious activity. That leaves 43 hours a week for the average human to partake in whatever activity he or she pleases. Unfortunately, other chores are often required, bathroom usage, and stagnant periods of doing nothing but waiting, and that drops the total into the 30’s. Therefore, work has come to define certain individuals; and since the reward for work is gold coins, the goal became to take 5 gold coins and turn them into 5,000. It was the only reward many even knew about. Those who dedicated a significant portion of their free time watching television gleefully bought into this concept and were happy; those who were uninfluenced by the TV finally grew irate that this lifestyle was unsatisfactory. We welcome you to World War 49.

24. The Undertones
"Teenage Kicks"  2:26
The Undertones
Derry, Northern Ireland

The quest for currency may not be natural human behavior. But, the lustful desires of mating are. On average, since humans spend almost as much time thinking about lustful fantasies as they have free hours in a week (many fantasize co-workers, people on the bus, grocery store clerks, servers, Rachael Ray during periods that are not allotted to free time). Approximately 10 hours of each week is spent masturbating; engaging in lustful thoughts about mating. This means quality leisure time is spent searching for suitable pornography, lubricating vibrators, and checking around the house to make sure nobody else is home. Then, a significant portion of the social time is spent trying to court potential mates—and too many people want to waste this time yapping about senseless bullshit instead of getting down to business.

Prior to World War 49, however, male subjects had to give female suitors gold coins in order to speak to her; many of the gold coins were spent on drinks and other purchases. The male tried to impress the potential female with tales how he has achieved a significant amount of gold coins. The female pretends to be interested, lavishes in the free samples, but usually leaves… with her female friends, meaning the male wasted all of the gold coins for a mere percentage of his allotted masturbating time.

23. The Raincoats
"You're a Million"  3:54
The Raincoats
London, England

Although it does happen, it is rare for a female to attempt to lure a male with gold coins. In 288 BCE, some incestuous horse fucker named Pegasus adopted the notion that men should have more gold coins than women… because the population primarily consisted of inbred degenerates. The villagers all bought into this foolishness. Technically, Abigail had more gold coins than Wallford, but they were not officially hers. She had limited access to them. There were two obvious options: steal Bartleby Deacon’s gold coins and run off with Wallford or divorce Bartleby Deacon and take half of his gold coins legally. Unfortunately, neither would work. Option one, they would be caught, detained, and placed in a cage for life. Wallford was in a terrible bind as it was…a divorce would only make matters worse.

22. James Chance & The Contortions
"I Dont Want to Be Happy"  3:21
New York, NY

The major difference: Wallford had no interest in gold coins. The means to obtain them was a major turn-off; a ploy so unappealing that he even lost interest in the products people desperately needed excessive gold coins. The recreational activities that required fewer gold coins proved more genuine and pleasurable; the expensive activities only appealed to those obsessed with accumulating currency…the mass audience that he did not was to be an integral part of. Due to the standards that were dictated in 656 BCE, those who did not follow the enshrined fabricated standards set by the inbred banker should be cast aside and tormented. And Wallford’s crew was cast out, harassed, charged fees, and subject to any means necessary in order to force them to conform to the top of the tower. However, those who adopted these policies were never too intelligent to begin with, and it only made them despise their system even worse. Thus, the revolt and World War 49.

21. The Residents
"Is He Really Bringing Roses?"  2:38
Shreveport, LA

They all had heard the rumors surrounding the battle between Bartleby Deacon and Don Patterson. A lawsuit had raged and policies incorporated in order to create blockades. However, very few had ever seen either of them face-to-face; Don never, Bartleby Deacon once, or vice-versa. There had been a major crack in the roof, it was still storming outside. Wallford knew both of them. Plans were being outlined for a merger or a change of guard. Bartleby Deacon had violated too many morals and his ousting was imminent.

20. Circle X
"Albeit Living"  2:27
Circle X
Louisville, KY

Under the current structure, the scum had risen to the top. If shouldn’t have come to any surprise for one had to possess the ultimate scumbag characteristics in order to secure the top. Definitively speaking, the word scum is ambiguous. According to the survey, Bartleby Deacon met the definition of the word scum more than those dwelling at the bottom. Furthermore, the scum at the top of the tower dictated the life on the bottom—if there was scum on the bottom; it was a direct result of the scum at the top (two different types of scum).

19. Swell Maps
"Harmony in Your Bathroom"  5:27
A Trip To Marineville
Solihull, England

During his small percentage of free recreation, Wallford was ultimately faced with the most unfortunate turmoil. Bartleby Deacon falsified documents to the governor and the tax collector was making threats. Then, all of the past problems and debts from those previously exiled communities took precedent. They all wanted his gold coins and offered nothing in return for them. He had been stripped of all of his possessions, poorly compensated for his valiant efforts, and the means of escape was even depleted. Despite the fact that he had nothing, and only enough gold coins for basic survival, the major scum at the top attempted to seize more gold coins, coins that he did not even have. It appeared the primary goal was to make him commit suicide. However, one must always take into consideration that the oppression was not universally supported.

18. Wire
"A Mutual Friend"  4:27
London, England

The black raven of death was perched high on top of the skyscraper. It was dark and the storm still raged. Lightning flashed brightly and the black raven flew away—exposing the crack in the rooftop foundation. As the bird swooned down, the descent from the skyscraper represented the sales chart that was ever so essential to these people, yet in pathetic shape. Down at the bottom, World War was in full blossom. They no longer had the gold coins to pay the fines and the falsified sense of need was diminishing. There was a difference this time: The bottom disgruntlement had finally risen to the middle, and the resentment was rising.

17. Frank Mills
"Music Box Dancer"  3:12
Music Box Dancer
Montréal, QC, Canada

It was a nice house; nice backyard, and a cookout with friends and family. The images raced the highlight reel of the family video. Happiness was what they really wanted; these people had achieved this blissful state within the realms of the system. A nice guy he was; and she was a wonderful woman, so lovely and frivolous. The two kids were adorable and smart. Enter the household of the successful Subject G. It was a quaint home with a welcome mat. Holiday excursions took place at this home. Kids played with other kids, there was enough to eat and drink, and they were liberal with the recreation activities. The money was there and everything was provided. These kids had the perfect opportunity and were raised properly. Even during the storm, the sun shun brightly on the harmony of this happy home. There should have been more homes like this. People enjoyed themselves here.

16. The Cramps
"Human Fly"  2:15
Gravest Hits
New York, NY

Bartleby emerged from the tower and embarked on activities in the community. He cut in line in front of some elderly people at one store; another store opened a new check-out lane for whoever was next, and he cut all the way to the front from the back of the line. Bartleby complained about his order at the café, which was accurate, but told management he ordered something else and demanded a refund—scolded the teenage girl working at the register. He told another cashier at the market that he had given her 20 gold coins when he only gave her 5—the item cost 12 coins, which he obtained for 5 and received 8 gold coins in change. He drove poorly and frequently blocked traffic; parking enforcement was called to clear a space just for him. Plus, he frequently stood in the way, obstructing the flow of traffic, talking to people about non-sense.

15. The Germs
"Shut Down (Annihilation Man)"  9:41
Los Angeles, CA

World War 49 proved that the majority was no willing to tolerate the madness; it was reminiscent of when the majority finally ceased breeding with family members, and possibly directly attributed. Bartleby Deacon was being followed by people not employed at the tower. Complaints about the cashier led to confrontation with other customers. He was being called out and even being called names. The day had come when Bartleby Deacon finally became the enemy.

He inaccurately claimed to know what he was talking about and insisted others were foolish. This is the way handled everything. He once claimed that The Germs sounded like a wimpier version of Journey—a patron at the music pub was more interesting to the other patrons-- Bartleby Deacon needed to belittle him in order to make him appear better. No matter how inaccurate his claims, he continued to argue invalid statements to turn everybody against the interest statements. His arguing tactics included false accusations, claims those who disagree with him support terrorism, and over-dramatizing statements made by others in order to conclude that these people must be “insane,” “crazy”, or numerous other similar adjectives. Or statements such as, “thank God this person isn’t in charge of anything, the world would be in bad bad shape if that ever happened,” yet provided no evidence to back up his claim.

However, Bartleby Deacon was in charge of most everything and the world was already in wretched condition. Even his own organization was failing. He was being followed by an angry mob who followed him down an alleyway.

A beetle was turned over on its’ back lying in the middle of the sidewalk and struggling to return upright to its’ 6 feet. The beetle was kicking its’ legs but getting nowhere—these are useless creatures. Ants had begun to attack. A massive amount of ants were swarming the defenseless beetle on the sidewalk. There was a struggle of decision: Does one help the gross ugly looking beetle to its’ feet? Or, let nature run its course? Aside from the penguins episode, BBC’s Planet Earth has claimed that they do not interfere with nature. Being attacked by ants must have been terrifying; assisting the giant beetle may have deprived the much smaller ants. Or, maybe the ants were trying to help the beetle; maybe the giant beetle had wronged the ants or maybe it was the other way around. Because nobody spoke ant nor beetle, no determination could be made. Insects and humans have numerous similarities.

14. Renaldo and the Loaf
"Strutter"  3:41
Renaldo and the Loaf Play Struve' and Sneff
Portsmouth, England

Enter yet another happy home; albeit slightly different than the Subject G happy home. The Subject A happy home provides a certain degree of harmony. There is no predicting what the activity will consist of however. The decorations are odd, unlike any other home—even other Subject A’s. Most often, the household is filled with music and other forms of artistic fun. Gatherings here could include putting together odd collages, conversations involving peculiar philosophies, deranged humor, and all night dance parties that somehow erupt out of the middle of nowhere. People of all sects are welcome, but rarely participate. The household is not perceived as “quaint” by the majority, and often significantly smaller than the suburban home. But, those who do free themselves, even just for one night, release themselves from the perceived norms of society and thoroughly enjoy the Subject A gathering.

13. Bette Middler
"The Rose"  3:44
The Rose Soundtrack
Honolulu, HI

The registry listed the compatibility rating between Abigail and Bartleby Deacon as a 0.6%; Abigail and Wallford were listed as 98.3% (anything over 80% is considered good; anything over 90% is completely rare—of all the trillions of potential matches in the Great Nation, a rating of over 95% will rank in the top 10). A type A/G tweener does not cope well with being in a forced marriage…complete and total misery at the top of the world. Down at the bottom, in an alleyway in the city, despite pushed to the edge, one smile of amusement glistened in the storm; Wallford’s smile, happily joking with his crew members. Abigail had other plans. The percentage of available recreation time was limited, and someday she was going to die. She could either live merely a dream without taking a chance; be a soul that never learned to live. Or, she could make history. Wallford did not deserve a life of misery; Bartleby Deacon did not deserve an abundance of special privileges.

12. Crass
"Crutch of Society"  1:52 + "Heard Too Much About" 1:09
Stations of the Crass
Epping, England

A. Storms and fires rattled the back alley as the bottom marched down the path. Parking Enforcement awaited them at the end of the alley—prepared to arrest them all. The crutch of society had been sucked dry of morals by intimidating threats. World War 49 was to be the war to end all wars, and they were not going to cooperate with parking enforcement any longer. As they prepared to rumble, tapping pipes into palms, parking enforcement was not going to shove the down the drain without a fight. And, they neared, with pipes, chains, switchblades, and all the other devices for street gang warfare.


B. People in the ghettoes, the working class people, and all those drained from the constraints of the skyscraper and the governor unleashed their rage on parking enforcement at The Battle of Paradise Alley. It had hardly been paradise and the battle was crucial for victory. The people in the ghettoes and the factories aggressively beat down parking enforcement with pipes, bats, and chains; they destroyed their vehicles and apprehended their weapons. Paradise Alley was now theirs.

11. The Flying Lizards
"Tube"  5:09
The Flying Lizards
London, England

No wages…no benefits…and ultimately, no customers. The skyscraper was on the brink of collapsing. Many was fine with this, but the skyscraper sheltered decent people, and helped pay for the Subject G happy home. It had the potential to represent something wonderful, a symbol of advancement in society. But, it was at the top where all the problems dwelled…it had become too powerful and too corrupt—the regime had been passed down to family members rather than qualified experts, the exact same concept of medieval inbreeding.

The top, despite its ability to dictate is acquired with gold coins, not democracy. Should the latter exist, Bartleby Deacon never would have even taken office. Presidents had been ousted, kings executed, and entire regimes overthrown; the movement to topple Bartleby Deacon from his own office would make history.

10. The Knack
"My Sharona"  4:53
Get The Knack
Los Angeles, CA

Subject E girl frequently states: “OMG! I’m such a Subject A!” However, there has been outside influence—the primary difference between a Subject A and a Subject E. This time, however, the influence had been altered. There was a Subject A who had allured a Subject F who was far more impressive than that Subject B; a Subject D not to be fucked with. Gradually, the easily influenced Subject E took influence from different sources and eventually turned against the TV, the tabloids, and even other Subject B’s. There are those occasional puzzling moments in history where Subject A material becomes more popular than the Subject E mainstream formula…albeit if it is just temporary. When this happens, for better or for worse, different forms of deceit are utilized. Standing in the front of the show, a guitarist shatters a rhythm, and those cool drum beats. The Subject B & E’s had entered the Subject A facility. Certain individuals still required free tickets and free drinks to behave naturally. Too prolonged search of the man with the most gold coins leads to bitterness.

9. Gary Numan
"Cars"  3:50
The Pleasure Principle
London, England

In the center of the road, an odd creature had been attempting to fly. This thing looked to have wings, but had been immobile. It was as if they wanted to prevent it from flying. No particular reasons were given for this.

The police had created a carricade closing the street. It was an important road, but they blocked it anyway. In the center of the blocked district, the odd creature was put on display. I’ve done you people no wrong, why must you stare at me.

World War 49 heightened. Mobs of people crashed the barricade, trampled the enforcement agency, and destroyed their vehicles. They stormed the towers; torches burned documents and tables were turned. They stomped procedures, shredded policies, and trashed the offices. Chairs were thrown through windows and the rebellion entered and exited by means of broken windows.

8. Led Zeppelin
"Fool in the Rain"  6:13
In Through the Out Door
London, England

In the quest for what is natural, which may or may not include sharing a meal in a downpour, the ultimate question presents the subject of relationship status. Til death do us part or the option of a lifelong series of 2-3 week excursions to try them all out. This is also coupled with the concept that nothing is universal, could vary from individual to individual, and covered all areas in-between; i.e., “til death do us part, aside from a few short excursions here and there over a course of a lifetime.”

The rain had bonded them together; created friends, and maybe even more.

After a few drinks of merriment, the conversation moved towards intimacy. They discussed the weight of one another, and she took the liberty to touch his leg—suggesting her leg was different and offered him to feel it. She lifted his shirt, lifted her shirt, in order to draw comparisons. As they compared and contrasted the differences, she moved in closer, allowing her body to press against his. Perhaps she was being sinful, or maybe she was just naturally curious. Her back area, she spoke of her ass, and it rubbed against his area that was forbidden to be exposed in public. Without his approval and seemingly without offending anybody else in the group, she satisfied her curiosity, and felt him up completely—lightly touching all areas just to see what it would feel like. In some circles, this was a violation, and he was the one who had been violated. But, it made her feel sexy, a masturbatory subject that her husband would never find out about.

7. Gang of Four
"Ether"  3:51
Leeds, England

Don Patterson had a different means of dealing with those who had wronged him. The city had been disposed of the Subject B bums of the street. There were more of them and they had stolen less. Bartleby Deacon had ripped him off severely, but getting rid of him required a bit more planning.

Thus came the ultimate contest of power as Bartleby Deacon attempted to make Don Patterson’s life miserable using the same ploys that had been successful against Wallford. They were not quite as effective on Don, however, as he had plans to make Bartleby Deacon even more miserable than Wallford.

It was in the midst of World War 49 as tensions were high and uproars were taking place in the city streets. People were killing one another as the war for gold coins rampaged destruction.

Back in the middle of another street, it was dark outside. The barricades had been busted down and the unrest shifted the attention away from the odd creature. During some sort of a miracle, the restraints were seemingly evaporated from the odd creature. It was still dark and the odd creature was still gathering strength. It had never flown before, nor had it ever been given the opportunity; many questioned whether or not it even could fly. Most had ruled that this thing did not have the ability to fly; some still believed.

Soon, the upper tower had undermined the top. In general, they all wanted rid of Bartleby Deacon. The rebellion against the top had escalated further than parking enforcement had hoped.

6. Joy Division
"New Dawn Fades"  4:48
Unknown Pleasures
Manchester, England

Wallford, unfortunately, had to die. There was no reasonable resolution within grasp and it reached the point where the future was deemed completely hopeless. The problems had mounted too severely and there was no way to ever be out of the mess entirely. Eventually, he would only be exiled from the world. Wallford was already pushed to the edge, and could not take much more—the fight was over and he lost. The past history of Wallford was so checkered, so severely damaged, only a lonely gun could set him free. No miracles were available in the streets set ablaze. Perhaps it was simply the name…Wallford. Despite having abilities, for reasons unknown, he was repeatedly denied the option to utilize them.

5. The Pop Group
"We Are Time"  6:29
Bristol, England

You might think you know what’s going on, but in actuality, you really don’t. In fact, you’re clueless. None of us knew anything. A clue hadn’t been discovered since 1582 and even that raised questions. Then came that amazing discovery called oxygen. The odd creature walked off of the platform. They had not noticed; they were too busy trying to figure it out.

In the concert hall, the band enamored the audience. They thought they knew what they we’re getting into, but they had no fucking clue. The Pop Group wasn’t the pop music some may have expected. And when they thought they had the matter resolved, thing became even more unstable.

It was the first time in the history of the universe that the odd creature had been alone and permitted to leave the platform. No longer under the microscope, the world was not fully prepared for uncharacteristic abnormalities.

Bartleby Deacon expected this to happen, but instead, this happened. It went well beyond his limited expectations. His expectations were ordinary. Although deceptive, he could be easily deceived because he not possess creative brilliance, could not even conceptualized, let alone understand, the characteristics that dwelled in that strange and ever changing world called outside the norm.

4. Frank Zappa
"Watermelon In Easter Hay"  9:05
Joe's Garage
Baltimore, MD (1940)-Los Angeles, CA (1993)

Prior to flipping upside down on the sidewalk and becoming immobile, the hard shelled beetles emerged on the sidewalks at night. The purpose was not obvious to anyone, and maybe there was no reason in particular. They merely crawled along the sidewalks seemingly going nowhere. There wasn’t anything particularly graceful with the motions and most found the mere sight of these insects utterly disgusting. Should one of these hideous creatures ever crawl on the bare skin, that would induce panic with most people.

Despite the lack of gracefulness, overturning meant death involving worst case scenario—being covered with ants and possibly eaten. Ungracefully, they, like everybody else, were simply searching for their place in the world.

It did not require much for ultimate disaster to finally strike. Walking over a crack in the sidewalk, the insect stumbled and flipped onto its’ back, upside down and hopeless. The gross looking insect kicked is 6 legs in desperation in an attempt to regain its ungraceful natural pose and return to its search for something meaningless.

While on its’ back desperately struggling for survival, the world did not even notice and continued with its’ usual routine…their own quests for something meaningless. They had been too busy searching for their own place in life that they were unable to even consider the worth of a helpless ugly insect.

The Earth continued its’ rotation as the dominant species, now populated in the billions, returned to their own lives.

Some of them had found their place in the world, and they really did. Others had accepted the place in which they had been assigned and made the best of it. It was still World War 49 and fires still burned in the city streets that may or may not have been anybody’s place in particular. Others simply continued with that lifelong quest for that special something, that something totally meaningless. And some day they’ll find it…many of them really will.

On that particular night, a miracle occurred.

A displaced soul who had lost his place long ago happened to walk past. His place had been lost long ago and it was doubtful it would ever be found. For no reason in particular, he stopped and flipped the hideous looking insect back onto its’ 6 feet… and then walked away.

3. The Clash
"The Card Cheat"  3:49
London Calling
London, England

His tenure at the top was never going to last. Nothing he had did he ever work to obtain. Bartleby Deacon stole the credit card tips delegated to his own employees to pay expenses he cheated. Eventually, they would have to revolt against him. Maybe it was he who had created the additional sins, such as pride, in order to control the population.

They wanted to succeed and feel good about themselves. Instead, he set them up for failure. They were never permitted to give their best service. He let the supplies run out without advanced notification and left them out to explain to angry mobs. He made them perform additional tasks, tasks that only benefited him, tasks that isolated the customers; and for lower wages. To make matters worse, the targeted demographic was the worst clientele possible—those people who had become impossible to even deal with, other people like Bartleby Deacon. The cheater was eventually doomed to fail, just as he had hoped the others would do.

His lover wouldn’t be around either. He had cheated to obtain her as well, and took her out of her natural element and into his—without any concern whether or not she ever wanted to be there. He had taken all of their identities and made them all the same—a pawn for the sake of his gold coins. They had been removed from their natural element and forced to dwell in the domains of the skyscraper.

Meanwhile, over there in the middle of the street, the odd creature looked around, leaped from the platform, and flew. The odd creature may not have soared over the towers, but it soared high enough out of their reach. And flying down the middle of the street, they all stopped and stared, pointing at it. Look…it’s really flying! Some believed this moment would happen all along.

2. Pink Floyd
"The Trial"  5:19
The Wall
London, England

Back in another alley, Wallford was surrounded, backed up against the wall. This odd creature, sadly, had been deemed unable to fly; and fewer believed he ever could. There was the parking enforcement, the debtors, the tax collector, the Subject B’s, and the mediocre violent opposition—they were all there and taken him hostage.

He was charged with the crime of envisioning something different—a war crime during this era of World War 49 and had become a targeted subject. The horrendous crime meant there was little support for the current tower…he was a traitor. It meant that he had odd ideas and a perceived unorthodox way of thinking…he was a lunatic. These abnormal thought patterns were frightening; and even more petrifying was the horrendous notion that somebody objected and found impurifications in the standards they had blindly believed an devoutly supported. They did not want to admit that they had been misled; they wanted to be the clever ones. And, they wanted him to be exactly like them, exactly like everybody else…to never be an individual who thinks outside their regulated thinking patterns.


However, he wanted them to be the clever ones too. He wanted each of them, all of them, to be individuals. There was no belief in uniforms; the forced installment of standards crippled creativity…the lack of innovation diminished the hope for progress. Even though he had supporters, Wallford was finally sentenced to death. Whatever, it was his only way out anyway.

And somebody else was sentenced to be exposed to his peers… Bartleby Deacon. Don, Herbie, and a few others made their way to the top of the tower. Strings had been pulled as the allies in World War 49 formed an allegiance to overthrow the corrupt ruler. They stormed into his top domain and dragged Bartleby Deacon into the access room.

They beat him in the face repeatedly, kicking it, stomping it, bashing it in completely was hard blunt objects, busting out all of his teeth. They jerked him up by his collar and opened the elevator door. Pushing him near the edge, they placed a folded up packet of documents into his back pocket…the documents that outlined exactly how he died and why. It was the official creed claiming victory to World War 49. They hoisted him into the air and tossed him down the elevator shaft, where his face was further mangled by the elevator cable. He plunged 1000 feet to his death as his head smashed into the bottom spring and the elevator crashed down upon him.

#1. Suicide
"Dream Baby Dream"  6:25
Dream Baby Dream
New York, NY

And so the odd creature flew down the street and finally soared higher and higher…and eventually perched itself on the ledge at the top of the tower. The crack was gone. Somebody new had occupied the tower…already.

Down at the bottom of the elevator shaft, a mangled body was discovered. During the investigation, the police found a set of documents in the back pocket of the deceased. Although the body was unidentifiable, the documents clearly indicated who it was and determined the cause of death—and ultimately the end of World War 49. Furthermore, numerous witnesses inside the tower were able to identify the body and confirm the documents contained within were 100% true.

The documents contained a suicide letter and outlined the events that led to the suicide. It was written with much angst, hatred, and a complete loathing for the entire system. It depicted a grieving loss, a lack of concern for those who wronged him, and concluded with a gigantic “FUCK YOU” dedicated to the world. The suicide letter was signed by Wallford Bailey. Contained within the documents was also his identification card…proof that the dead body mangled in the elevator shaft was indeed Wallford Bailey, who had to die.

At the top of the tower, Wallford Bailey now resided at the top. However, in his back pocket, inside his rich wallet, is the other of 2 identification cards that were generated on the same day. It confirmed that Wallford Bailey was indeed Bartleby Deacon; and his lovely wife Abigail confirmed that he always had been. He had the money, the beautiful wife, the ability to lead his own life, and was mysteriously free of all debts and troubles. The newly acquired power and currency he had, he gave it all away and distributed equally within the tower and to the factory workers who created the means of generating gold coins. He had been on the bottom his entire life, and there was no way now that he was ever going to shun the ones who saved his life.

Abigail parked her car, free of charge, and for the first time ever, loving embraced her husband, the man she truly loved.


And they all toasted a celebration to victory and the newly found happiness.

END CREDITS: Renaldo and the Loaf
"Fluorescent Showboat To Tangier"  3:17
Renaldo and the Loaf Play Struve' and Sneff
Portsmouth, England

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

None of the original songs were ever intended to be used in this type of format.
Descriptions in no way shape or form intended to be a truthful reflection or interpretation of the song or the artist in reference.
All characters and themes completely fictitious and any similarities to actual people living or deceased are coincidental.

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