The Top 25 Songs of 1968

The Best of 1968 + Four Events In American History
Chapter 1: The Disappearance of the Roanoke Colony
Chapter 2: The Slave Revolt of 1712
Chapter 3: The Boston Massacre
Chapter 4: The Trail of Tears

Chapter IV: The Trail of Tears

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25. The Red Krayola
"Leejol"  2:45
God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It
Houston, TX

Thus, the white people fought wars against each other, and the Indian Territory became the great Nation. The natives witnessed sheer acts of brutality, warfare on what had been their home for generations—the land that they loved, cherished, and respected—warfare that disobeyed the laws of the land and showed no respect. One tribal leader noted: “The white people are fighting amongst themselves in horrible fashion. Cannons. Seriously? White people are that determined to kill one another that they will fire cannons?”

24. Captain Beefheart
"Son of Mirror Man - Mere Man"  5:20
Strictly Personal
Glendale, CA (1941)-Arcata, CA (2010)

Once Indian Territory became the united states of america, there was still conflict amongst the white people. There were simply too many bad deeds being practiced and they could not decide which ones were appropriate and which ones should be illegal. The colonies of white people bickered with one another, sometimes feuding. They had elected a President, the now ruler of Indian Territory; the great Indian Territory was now a part of the united states of america.

23. John Fahey
"Lion"  5:11
The Yellow Princess
Takoma Park, MD (1939)-Salem, OR (2001)

There was one major problem: some of the white people were actually good decent people (some, not all, a vast minority). Cool white people were actually a problem. The majority of white people feared the natives, acted like complete assholes in their presence, and even refused to speak with them or allow them in their vicinity. However, the decent white people actually attempted to communicate with the natives, seemed peaceful, respectful, and even spent a few days here and there staying with the tribes. Being as these were the only people to actually converse with the natives in a professional etiquette, many of the natives wrongly assumed that all white people might be this way. Or, it also opened the notion that the whites should not all be vacated because some of them were decent people.

22. The United States Of America
"The American Way of Love"  6:42
The United States Of America
Los Angeles, CA

It was the ones in the southern colonies who presented the greatest disturbance. Overheard in one tribe while on peace pipe recreation: “These white people; Get this shit: these mother fuckers around here have become obsessed with the cotton that grows freely in these fields—some bullshit about socks and skirts—you can’t even eat it. Nobody in the Grand Scheme of Things needs cotton in order to survive. Certain white people have purchased the fields with some royalty currency, enslaved black people to pick all of the cotton—by means of force and brutality—and they take the cotton that grows freely and sell it for large amounts of currency to other white people; they do not even share any of the earnings to the black slaves. It’s a free field that grows abundantly, and they have commanded control over because they think the gateway to heaven is by getting rich.”

His friend paused from hitting the pipe and responded: “Dude, that’s just wrong. Bad wrong.”

21. Baden Powell
"Euridice"  3:06
Poema on Guitar
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1937-2000)

Prior to the arrival of the white man, the Indian Territory was a sanctuary. The people, who discovered this land, thousands of years before the beginning of the genocide which officially started in 1492, lived as one with nature. They were not interested in conquering other territories or converting other tribes to their spiritual beliefs. In fact, most tribes held a creed that it is not right to take something that does not belong to them rather than assume their God gave them the power to access everything regardless of its inhabitants. Natives did not pollute the Earth nor were they compelled to destroy nature in order to have excessive gadgets decorating their teepees. Certain aspects of nature, such as lakes, streams, and certain trees were considered sacred.

20. Haymarket Square
"Ahimsa"  8:14
Magic Lantern
Chicago, IL

The white colonists felt that in order to resolve the “Indian Problem” was to “civilize” the Natives. They felt that Indian culture was savage, primitive, and irrelevant. Suggestions for civilization included converting to Christianity, conforming to the economic standards of capitalism, and even slave ownership. That Bible that had been translated to Algonquin proved irrelevant and most found the content within to be utter non-sense that did not pertain to them. Capitalism was a symbol for greed and destruction; nobody in their right mind would ever adopt those policies after living relatively harmoniously with nature for so many generations. Even the concept of slave ownership was downright disgusting. Simply put, the white Americans offered nothing but evil into their culture. Even today, those three concepts are primarily delegated to those considered intellectually challenged. The most advanced race of species in the universe would never practice any of these deeds.

19. Otis Redding
"The Glory Of Love"  3:00
The Dock of the Bay
Dawson, GA (1941)-Madison, WI (1967)

Some of the Indians did conform, somewhat, with the standards of white culture. There were some decent white people, and they proved it was possible to live harmoniously with the white colonists without surrendering too much of their natural culture. In many instances, whites had even integrated with Indians and vice versa. Whites had considered five of these tribes to be “civilized”, far more civilized than the whites who coined the term. They were skilled farmers and even taught white people how to live off the land. In actuality, white people should have conformed to their standards, and the opportunity was there to do so.

18. Vince Guaraldi
"Great Pumpkin Waltz"  3:36
Oh, Good Grief!
San Francisco, CA (1928)-Menlo Park, CA (1976)

If presented the opportunity to reach some sort of spiritual enlightenment, an overwhelming majority of people would choose a Native Indian over a Christian any day. One of the primary purposes of religion in the first place is for spiritual guidance. A high percentage of those who were actually bold enough to participate in a spiritual ritual with the Native Indians have experienced some sort supernatural phenomenon and quite possibly actual contact with the spirits among the dead; few have experienced this from reading the pamphlets suggesting we are all going to hell. Therefore, it would have made more sense to civilize the white people and have them abandon the concepts of Christianity and conform to the spiritual standards of the Natives.

17. Johnny Nash
"Hold Me Tight"  2:43
Hold Me Tight
Houston, TX

Despite the fact the Natives were the far more advanced race, albeit far less barbaric, the 7th president of what was now the united states of america, andrew jackson, decided that the Indians were no longer welcome in their own territory. He signed a bill referred to as the Indian removal act that stated the Native Indians had to leave their territory so that white people could grow more cotton and generate commerce for the proud symbol of white supremacy. Supposedly there was to be a degree of fairness and no Indians were to be removed against their will. However, white politicians had always been deceitful wrongdoers ever since the kings and caesars dictated advanced communities.

16. Ennio Morricone
"C'era una volta il West"  3:43
C'era una volta il West
Rome, Italy

They were delegated to move west, across the great Mississippi River to land that was “purchased” from other white people (even though there were already Native Indians living there too; technically the land belonged to these Indians, not the French, but the stupid colonists gave cotton generated currency to them (the French, not the Indians) anyway—talk about a waste of money, and to this day, they still think they struck a bargain). Perhaps the voyage west could be a pleasant one, the open range, vast bold skies, and a new way of life. Unfortunately, there was nothing wrong with their present way of life, and the land the whites delegated for them was shitty desert land in the middle of nowhere; the Indians were left to die, even the supposedly “civilized” ones who had been living harmoniously with many of the whites.

15. The Zombies
"Beechwood Park"  2:42
Odessey and Oracle
Saint Albans, England

To say the least, the whites did not even care about their world. Those Indians had been living on that land for generations, and the whites wanted it so that they could produce cotton and spread slavery. During the regime of the Native Indians, there was never any indication that the end of the world was nearing. Furthermore, there were never pollutants and impurities in the soil that supposedly produced more currency. Even out west, the white people had nearly exterminated all of the buffalo for what appeared to be for the sake of inhumane cruelty. The only reason that they were even able to acquire the Native Indian land was because they were cruel enough assholes to disregard all sense of ethics and morals and take something they had no business apprehending by means of taking advantage of the humanity of others; the Indians were not cruel or barbaric enough to simply kill people unprovoked just so they could engage in other unethical practices. White people are the only race that does this, which makes them the least advanced race in the history of the universe. If God is a great person, and God created man in the image of himself, God is definitely NOT white; the white man God may have serious issues.

14. The Kinks
"Johnny Thunder"  2:30
The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society
London, England

Some of the tribes resisted the opposition. They opposed the removal act the exact same way the colonists opposed the Townshend Acts that spawned The Boston Massacre. Furthermore, if they were to be “civilized” then that meant their rights were protected by the decent white man’s Constitution. These white slave owning settlers had no right to enact this disagreeable treaty.

13. Pink Floyd
"Let There Be More Light"  5:38
A Saucerful of Secrets
London, England

As tension escalated, the peaceful Indians finally had to resort to violence in order to prevent the white man from achieving the goal of the Andrew Jackson supported ethnic cleansing. The Seminole Indians fought bravely; they refused to relinquish their homeland to the cotton growers. In a fierce raging battle, the outnumbered under equipped Seminoles warded off the profit seeking white man. Once again, the now American government was present with the opportunity to re-evaluate their goals, admit injustice, and possibly make amends. There had already been too many times in their checkered history this had been presented to them, and one would think that if they were as advanced as they made themselves out to be, they would have learned that it is considered dishonorable to behave like a king or any other member of the parliament’s royal family; another potential disgrace was already underway.

12. The Band
"Chest Fever"  5:12
Music From Big Pink
Toronto, ON, Canada

As with the New York City Slave Revolt of 1712 and The Boston Massacre, the white man in power was bound and determined to claim white supremacy. Instead of issuing an apology, they equipped the militia with more money and more advanced weapons of mass destruction. The new goal of the red coated AMERICAN troops was to seize valuable Indian property in order to raise money for the tax collector—who in turn spent it all on warfare. The Indians did not break people on a wheel nor open fire into unarmed civilians who opposed their fascist policies and outrageous tax scandals; people merely seeking freedom gunned down by those claiming to be representing it. With advancements in warfare weapons of mass destruction, the Indian tribes were coldly fading fast and unable to last very much longer.

11. Silver Apples
"Program"  4:08
Silver Apples
New York, NY

It was the Creek Indians who officially coined the term the Trail of Tears. They relinquished their land, signed the treaty, and headed west to the desolate hell hole Andrew Jackson claimed was a fair trade; their once white friends claimed to be a real haven. The Creeks basically surrendered and realized too late that they had been screwed over; The Seminoles saw through this manipulative scam. We were dealing with a race of people with a tarnished history of ruthless cowardly acts ever since arriving in their territory; they were too scared to actually embrace any culture of the Native Indians. Their vision would prove prophetic—some years later, Chief Joseph’s tribe had already left their territory—left it all for the white man to do whatever the fuck he wanted with it (build a railroad that would soon be nearly extinct, talk about an impulse purchase without careful consideration). The Nez Perce tribe was en route to Canada, leaving the land called America completely, and to start anew. But, that wasn’t good enough, because it was not what they had assigned. The totalitarian white people tracked them down, apprehended them a mere 50 or so miles from the Canadian border, and demanded they march back down south 1000 miles to the area the honkeys declared they had to live. This alone costs America the government the right to claim any other nation has harsh dictatorship—look at yourself first before enacting any sort of Embargo Act.

10. Harry Nilsson
"Everybody's Talkin'"  2:32
Aerial Ballet
New York, NY (1941)-Agoura Hills, CA (1994)

Upon leaving against their own terms, the relocated Indians did not exactly find fortune in their new settlement. In the new territory, the foreign land was never home. The hardships were extremely difficult to adapt to and many found it impossible to adjust. They had been perfectly happy for generations, and now, for no legitimate reason at all, their world was taken over and transformed into something unsuitable. The new territory was reminiscent of a wasteland stricken with disaster.

9. Can
"Thief"  5:06
Delay 1968
Köln, Germany

The greatest mystery of all was how they became the enemy. For no reason whatsoever, the white settlers despised them. Perhaps it was because they did not believe in breaking people on the wheel. The earliest settlers, the ones who vanished from Roanoke were enough. It all happened so fast and seemingly from out of nowhere; more and more settlers kept approaching. They must have been doing something right the whole time in order to generate so much of their royal interest. But, it finally came down to this… the land they had preserved so dearly was now being confiscated; and the ones who had maintained for so long were now targeted as criminals, killed, beaten, jailed, enslaved, and treated as second rate citizens just for disobeying the foolish king.

8. Jimi Hendrix
"1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)"  5:48
Electric Ladyland
Seattle, WA (1942)-London, England (1970)

It was the biggest betrayal in history. The uncivilized whites had declared the five tribes “civilized”, but forcefully removed them anyway. Not long ago, they were laughing and trading with the white man; those same white people aimed guns at them and told them they were no longer welcome on their own land. They said that it was impossible to live the way of the Indians; having slaves pick cotton was the only lifestyle they were able to comprehend. “And they also threw this in my face…they said, anyway, you know good and well, it would be beyond the will of God, and the grace of the king”… two corrupt entities whose history needs erased.

7. Canned Heat
"On the Road Again"  5:03
Boogie With Canned Heat
Los Angeles, CA

Andrew Jackson employed typical politician deceit. He said that it would be “even” exchanges and offered words of encouragement—“None of the Indians would be removed against their will.” What he said and what he did were two different things; white people are often too stupid to realize this. If they weren’t being removed against their will, then why was a war taking place with the Seminoles? More than likely, he lied about that too. Simply put, Andrew Jackson was as big of a piece of shit as possible—arguably even worse than Hitler (claiming to be a Jackson supporter is no different than claiming to be a supporter of the Third Reich). The Indians were not even hooked up with adequate transportation or supplies. They had to walk, approximately 1000 miles, over mountains, a major river, and avoid trespassing on slave farmed plantations in order to reach the destination. Many of them died along the way while traveling that long road. What made it worse was the notion that they had been deemed as wicked and were suffering from extreme depression from being exiled from society. Even worse was the fact that the privileged honkeys who expected them to walk this great distance were so lazy that the fat bastards struggled walking even two blocks—the pieces of shit could not even perform the work in the fields they stole.

6. Tommy James & The Shondells
"Mony Mony"  2:57
Mony Mony
Niles, MI

We may also credit the courageous Seminoles for eventually starting the Civil War and abolishing slavery. Their resistance to the southern slave holder and the oppressive federal government was exactly like was the Boston and Philadelphia revolutionaries was fighting for against the red coats. The tables turned; it was now Andrew Jackson who was the red coated descendent of an idiot king. Slaves escaped plantations and joined the fight with the Seminoles and they fought bravely, celebrating numerous victories. There were even Northern whites and people in the government who supported the Seminoles (namely Abe Lincoln and Davy Crockett). This may be the greatest fight put up by an extreme underdog in the history of the universe.

5. The Doors
"Not To Touch the Earth"  3:55
Waiting for the Sun
Los Angeles, CA

The sequences of disturbing images from 1838: Tribes of Indians walking treacherous terrains, coughing, dying from deadly diseases. The whites inflicted them with polo using blankets they claimed to be gifts—they stood perched on a hill giggling while the whole tribe slowly died. The pipe was capable of inducing spiritual visualizations from the ancient ancestors. White people volunteered to slay the Seminole were killed, young men dropping off a horse with an arrow through his chest, other white soldiers scalped. Slaves running away from the plantation ignoring commands from the masters—turning and shooting white soldiers in cold blood. A corrupt president signing a bill, intensifying military operations. Seminole Indians surrounded and executed; dead Indians lying in puddles of blood streaming down the grassy hill. Indian women de-robed and sold as slaves. Andrew Jackson posed for a famous portrait; the battle had limitless expense.

4. The Beatles
"Revolution 1"  4:16
The Beatles [White Album]
Liverpool, England

The Cherokee enacted a revolution of their own. They had signed the treaty, but it was met with protest within the tribe. Rather than resort to violence or destruction, they attempted to utilize the ploys which allegedly existed within the white man’s constitution. Working within the system using due process and the “civilized” court system, the Cherokee appealed the bill and sought to have their case reviewed. This was, after all, the white man’s definition of freedom in what became The United States. Meanwhile, in other news, Seminole Chief Osceola had some androgynous traits and commonly considered a badass-this paved the way for more revolutions to come.

3. Led Zeppelin
"How Many More Times"  8:28
Led Zeppelin I
London, England

Proof of political contradiction (which still exists today by means of television) was plaguing the new country which was supposed to be against these tactics. Andrew Jackson claimed to be against the Bank of America claiming it “for the privileged” in an attempt to appeal to the working class. However, he spent over 30 million 1838 dollars on an ethnic cleansing (one that was not supported by northern whites nor black slaves nor Native Indians—less than 1/4th the actual population). The Seminoles had no class system—they were all working class, the class he was claiming to support.

Even as their population was depleting, the Seminoles refused to surrender. Far outnumbered, they were still winning prominent battles. In terms of warfare, the individual Seminole was a far greater badass than 10 American soldiers combined—and it wasn’t even in their nature to act this way. Perhaps it was because they legitimately were fighting for freedom, not just believing the propaganda claiming to be a supporter of freedom. Losing this battle for them meant losing everything that had ever known and loved—their culture would be erased forever. The brave Seminole warriors would rather die than surrender to a bunch of capitalist honkeys. They were the skilled hunters, and even had access to guns—an accurate marksman, once an invading oppressor was in the sight of a Seminole gun, that meant his ass. Many of them retreated to other areas of Florida, but they never made that long torturous walk west to the deserted unusable land the crackers claimed they “had” to live. The few and the proud who did remain, the hostile American government finally gave up searching for them. While they didn’t exactly “win” the war, the Seminoles are the only nation in history to never sign a treaty nor relinquish any land to the American government—and that applies to all the other bitches on either side of both Oceans.

2. The Velvet Underground
"Lady Godiva's Operation"  4:56
White Light/White Heat
New York, NY

Fast Forward: The whites had their way. Having changed all of Indian territory into commerce seeking strip malls and chain stores, the world is now faced with Global Warming and the possibility of extinction; most Americans are now so stupid that the one nation alone depletes any hope for the human race. Most of the reservations were unsuitable and the genocide was nearly complete. There were some attempts to make resolution to the ordeal, but many still claim that Indian lifestyle (which still does not fully comply with white supremacy) is unfit to sustain a society (they had a society way longer than America has lasted to date).

The greatest slap in the face, however, is the ultimate quest for currency. White society lives for money and sacrifices their own personal well-being in order to have green bills. These same whites expect Indians to be the exact same way or else they will not be considered “civilized.” Then, to rub in the defeat, to rub their faces through the mud, the white supremacists placed a portrait of the man responsible for the ethnic cleansing on the cover of the $20 bill… and demanded that all Indians need to strive to have them in order to survive.

Why would any Indian even want a $20 bill? It would be considered a disgraceful atrocity to expect the Jewish community to strive for currency with a portrait of Adolf Hitler on the cover; Andrew Jackson should be viewed in the same context as Hitler. A good country would be ashamed to even admit that Andrew Jackson was once a citizen of its’ nation, let alone a President—claiming to be a supporter of Andrew Jackson should spark similar reaction as Marge Schott having to sell the Cincinnati Reds for complimenting Hitler. The good people should demand that this derelict be removed from the $20 bill. In fact all portraits of him should be publicly burned and any statue in his image should be destroyed. There should be a red mark in the registry because he had been president and one current leader should apologize for the fact that this nation upheld his beliefs for so long. Once a year, on “Columbus Day”, there should be a public ceremony, a spectacle similar to dropping the ball on Times Square, that features the burning of a gigantic image of Andrew Jackson—and the population should laugh and cheer while the image of face smolders in the fire.

Then, to make matters even worse, white people began referring to the Indian peoples as Native “Americans” claiming it was politically correct. In one sense it is adequate because the white settlers referred to them as Indians, but to refer to them as “Americans” is insulting. They were here long before the pathetic “America” was ever even thought of, and it was the term “Americans” who destroyed their culture. More than likely, fuck America, and being referred to as an “American” is beyond disgraceful.

#1. Van Morrison
"Madame George"  9:45 (#1 All-Time)
Astral Weeks
Belfast, Northern Ireland

However, the Cherokee appeal was denied. The platoon of slave trading cotton farmers were prepared to move in, but most of the Cherokee still remained on their land. They had the right to be there, they had been here for thousands of years. And, many of them had even befriended their white neighbors. But, they were friends no longer—friendship is only to go as far as the dollar bill will allow it. Their friends showed up on their property with devices capable of killing the entire nation. They pointed those weapons of mass destruction, muskets to the chest, chamber to the head, and ordered them march, to be removed from their own land. They were no longer welcome in the society of their own nation.

Thus came The End—forever. This extends far beyond a break-up which many consider the most heartbreaking experience to ever endure-people have committed suicide over that. This wasn’t being let go from the job after 20 years without reason and just before retirement. This was far beyond anybody today could ever fully comprehend.

Their resentful feelings of anguish surpassed all of those aforementioned severities. This was a harsh realization that is considered worst case scenario for any society; this was the worst nightmare fully realized. This was the very end of their history and heritage; an entire culture wiped out completely. Their nation was taken over and they had been defeated. Every last single thing they ever stood was about to be gone—erased completely and any attempt to salvage any previously existing ray of hope was completely vanished…forever. It was all lost—everything.

And they were forced to walk away from it all, shamefully, at gunpoint, after having lost everything. Downtrodden and depressed from their worst nightmare becoming a reality, the defeated Cherokee tribe made the long walk westward. This wasn’t a journey anybody ever wanted to make, never dreamed it would happen, nor felt they actually had to. The journey was long and full of despair, where even the great warriors wept along the way. It truly was the trail of tears, a trail in which many of them lost the will to live—a significant portion of them died during the travels.

The brothers and the sisters they lost along the way spawned even more sorrow and grief. More tears were shed reminiscing on the days of old; images of carefree days in which they had all been happy, lived harmoniously, and shared laughs around a campfire. It was all but gone now, and a fading away in the distance with each somber step towards the west. That was it. It was time to say goodbye…to everything…forever.

END CREDITS: Van Morrison
"Astral Weeks"  7:07
Astral Weeks
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

None of the original songs were ever intended to be used in this type of format.
Descriptions in no way shape or form intended to be a truthful reflection or interpretation of the song or the artist in reference.
All characters and themes completely fictitious and any similarities to actual people living or deceased are coincidental. Based on factual events.

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Want real change? Demand Andrew Jackson be removed from the $20 Bill!

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