The Top 150 Songs of 1978

The Best of 1978 + Collision Course Distress Signal
Part 1: Grave Diggers Love Deadly Bus Drivers
Part 2: The Disturbance Beneath
Part 3: Poor Planetary Disposition
Part 4: The Mysterious Obituary
Part 5: The Indestructible Distress Signal of Planet Placidity
Part 6: 26 Years Ago In the History of The Universe

Part I: Grave Diggers Love Deadly Bus Drivers

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150. Kiss
"Strutter '78"  3:41
Double Platinum
New York, NY

Every morning he rode the same bus to work. Every morning he had the same bus driver. After some time, he eventually knew some aspects of her personal life, her name (Dowetta), her occupation (bus driver), some of her likes and dislikes, and the fact that she was beautiful. Hal worked as grave digger; he boarded the bus carrying a shovel and sat in the same seat so he could see Dowetta. The way she handled the bus was a work of art.

149. Firefall
"Strange Way"  3:24
Boulder, CO

Unlike working at Jo-Ann Fabrics, Hal's occupation (grave digger) made it difficult to meet women at work. Customers who enter Jo-Ann Fabrics arrive fruitful, frivolous, fun-loving, and happy; the customers at the cemetery were always sad, somber, some of them crying real tears. It wasn't like Jo-Ann Fabrics where all the lady customers lustfully throw themselves all over who is working at the counter non-stop from open to close; the women Hal often encountered wept and some of them blamed him for their unfortunate misfortune. They cry, cry to Hal, requesting a hug, talking about the lifestyle of Agatha- she was too young to die (she was 96).

148. John Paul Young
"Love Is in the Air"  3:32
Love Is in the Air
Glasgow, Scotland

Then came the best day imaginable. Dowetta plowed down some unsuspecting mother fucker who was crossing 4th Street. Being as she was the one partially responsible for his death, she was expected to attend the ceremony at the graveyard. Hal could not keep his eyes off of her as love and joy filled the funeral atmosphere. He dug a special grave, just for her, in an attempt to impress her...it was his best work ever.

147. Suzi Quatro
"Suicide"  4:09
If You Knew Suzi
Detroit, MI

Due to the fact that she had committed Vehicular Homicide, Dowetta was let go by the county transit system. She did not handle her firing with extreme joy and some claim she may have overreacted. In the office where she was given her termination papers, she totally freaked out- yelling "Nooo! Nooo! Nooo!" She was gasping for breath, crying, and eventually escorted out of the building. Walking down the street, she still balled, screaming out "Nooo!" The pedestrians passing by assumed she was doing an impersonation of Mother-Sister from Do the Right Thing.

146. Armand Schaubroeck
"Ratfucker"  3:50
Rochester, NY

The cemetery was his domain. Planet Earth was the domain of another. Some other had this fucking block. In all of the elements essential for desirable death, people behind the scenes pulled all the strings. This was no Christian lifestyle; this was not heaven, this was not the perfect kingdom, and this sure as shit was not Jo-Ann Fabrics. Customers from Jo-Ann Fabrics knew of this domain, cherished it, and soon their final place on the universe was his domain. That's the way of the this world.

145. Ebba Grön
"Tyst För Fan"  2:30
Rågsved, Sweden

Free will begins here. Not in the womb. Upon birth, the standards of living on Earth are defined not by one's own personal belief system, but by the fabricated concepts as to what should and should not be considered essential to the lifestyle of the dictatorship. Before even being born, citizens of Earth have already been ordained a supposed set of standards they are supposedly set to subsequent.

144. Ian Gomm
"Hold On"  2:58
Summer Holiday
London, England

Carl and Sandy live in a parking garage. This what not a standard of living accepted by the standard conventionalists. One should always live in a house. But, Carl and Sandy owned the parking garage, and people paid currency to park their vehicles there. It was a nice of a place as any. They had a kitchen, a bathroom, and the freedom to roam in the open air- unlike the office clerk who did not qualify as "free-range" chickens.

143. Emmylou Harris
"Defying Gravity"  4:16
Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town
Birmingham, AL/Nashville, TN

Blissful sunshine defies death. Frolicking with enjoyment, the Earthly inhabitants cherish the life they have been granted. The x-ray telescopes from up above do not notice the beauty of those they have mercilessly sacrificed to preserve a questionable entity that is virtually unknown. In the Grand Scheme of Things, the peaceful pedestrians marching merrily under the shimmering sun potentially bestow upon the universe that hopeful spectators desiderate. The confusion caused by the path of destruction represents what the opposition fears- they have the embodied the opposition themselves.

142. Peter Gabriel
"White Shadow"  5:19
Peter Gabriel (2 Scratch)
Woking, England

Hal lurks in the graveyard with a shovel. He is the ultimate fear. His domain either represents the end of it all, or a new beginning, depend on what one believes. The other employees, other men with shovels, lurk in the night. Some people have seen them, seen them in places where they do not wish to see them- at night in bed, in their sleep. Loved ones have visited Hal, it is gripping terror.

141. Funkadelic
"Groovallegiance"  7:00
One Nation Under A Groove
Detroit, MI

As viewed from an x-ray telescope from a spatial plane of a different galaxy, the Earth's core is an embryonic seed. It has yet to blossom and the other sectors of the universe are uncertain what sort of being shall derive from its smoldering ash. Some fear the new birth will unleash havoc upon the planes of parallel existence while others welcome the forthcoming prophecy with celebration. The universe is divided; attempts have been made to promote both issues, and to protect the disarray.

140. U.K.
"In The Dead Of Night"  5:34
London, England

The dance of the grave diggers. The hole for the deceased is dug with artful choreography, spinning shovels, and dazzling dance moves. The majestic resting place for all eternity requires artistic deliberation. We strive for the future- the long term future- no future is more long term than eternity. Elegance of Home Sweet Home-make it beautiful...forever.

139. The Boomtown Rats
"Like Clockwork"  3:38
Tonic For Our Troops
Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

The digger has but a short time to make eternity suitable, beautiful, delectable, desirable. Many work in the late night, all around the clock, all hours. But it is not bad. Displaying both differences and similarities to Jo-Ann Fabrics, the diggers drink merrily with return customers. They have returned from the dead. The spirits in the graveyards are friends, companions, drinking mates. There are frequent social functions, alcohol induced, at the cemetery- a joyful union of the living and deceased.

138. 10cc
"Dreadlock Holiday"  4:28
Bloody Tourists
Manchester, England

There are parties at the parking garage. Hal and the diggers have befriended Carl and Sandy; these parties represent the most extremes of lifestyles and deathstyles. The deceased have frequented the parking garage and are always welcome. They say it is haunted, some people fear the parking garage. The parties are always the best. Many are dead already with nothing left to lose; they can abuse drugs with no repercussions, they drink alcohol, listen to reggae, sing, dance, fuck, and laugh in the face of death. Don, Lisa, & Fernando also frequently arrive, often with a side dish. They are friends to us all.

137. Angela Bofill
"Under the Moon and Over the Sky"  5:43
New York, NY

It was an open casket. The funeral party mourned. But, invisible to all except Hal and the other spirits, the beautiful brunette cadaver opened her eyes and sang the tune. The spirits heard her, she was a beautiful spirit. Her song was beautiful, as she sang from the casket, lying on her back, looking up at the translucent sky. She continued singing as she was lowered in the ground; now seated on the concrete divider wall with the others.

136. Generation X
"Ready Steady Go"  2:58
Generation X
London, England

The stolen bus was taken to the parking garage. It was no longer going to be an ordinary bus. They painted it shiny silver, glossy, souped up style, decked out interior, pimped out mags, neon lights, and a rocking stereo system. The Rock and Roll Bus Machine had a purpose.

135. Crack The Sky
"Long Nights"  3:58
Safety Numbers
Weirton, WV

Life just ain't the same without bus driving. A major part of my life had been depleted. But Hal will save you. He loves you. There is no stronger emotion in the universe than the power of love; and Hal freely expressed his insurgence of emotional strength; a love for Dowetta. He danced for her, showed up in her yard, digging a hole in her lawn trying to express his love. She watched from the living room window.

134. Foghat
"Chevrolet"  3:22
Stone Blue
London, England

Hal and Dowetta walking down the street. He is still trying to court her, she is trying to resist. They sing, exchanging lyrical lines. Hal: I'll buy you a watch and chain; Dowetta: I don't want your watch and chain. Another grave digger provided the guitar solo; the deceased popped their heads from the ground to sing back up.

133. Kitty Winter Gipsy Nova
"Stars and Clouds"  4:42
Feel It

Riding a bike slowly on the sidewalk. It was a sunny day, the one everybody hoped for when they read the forecast. Was it enjoyed? Darlene awaited Paul; he never arrived. He was out delivering the mail. But nobody knew what happened to him after that last letter was delivered to 4646 Lake Shore Drive. That was the last letter, and the last of Paul.

132. Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson
"It's Not Supposed to Be That Way"  3:21
Waylon & Willie
WN: Austin, TX/WJ: Littlefield, TX (1937)-Chandler, AZ (2002)

Paul, dressed in the mailman uniform, walked through the desolate desert. Next to the oasis was her bicycle. He rode the bicycle slowly past neon lights, skyscrapers, and a graveyard. He sat on an unmarked grave, in mailman attire, joined by Douglas Wilson, a man with a thick mustache.

131. The Walker Brothers
"Death of Romance"  3:47
Nite Flights
Hollywood, CA

A funeral was taking place. The mailman stood in front of the mourners- he was front and center for the sermon. The preacher gave an impassioned sermon; Hal + Workers + Spirits bowed their heads in prayer. Women wept. Men bawled. Some freaked out. The Grave; The Casket; Inside the casket was the bicycle and nothing more.

130. Rush
"The Trees"  4:45
Willowdale, ON, Canada

Too many people have died. There is a layer of caskets beneath the Earth. Some suggest the ultimate goal is to build a protective shield around the Earth's core using a combination of maple and oak caskets. The pattern in which cemeteries is placed across the globe dictates the diagram that shall forever preserve the Earth. Once the protective layer is complete, there will be no more death. We are all human sacrifices to stabilize the balance of the inner Earth. But the balance above the surface has been disrupted.

129. David Gilmour
"Mihalis"  5:46
David Gilmour
Cambridge, England

Whilst the grave diggers union surrounded the headstone depicting a bicycle, the casket opened and the bicycle rose from the dead. Emerging from the ground illuminated with a bright flourescent light, the glowing bicycle peddled freely across the graveyard; down a deserted road, and across the desert. The unoccupied bicycle never stopped peddling, riding through city streets- in the path of pedestrians.

128. Hawklords
"Free Fall"  5:14
25 Years On
London, England

The hotel lobby was empty as the receptionist was twirling her hair. Steam emerged in the lobby and thus appeared a bicycle. Room 27 was allegedly haunted. The glowing bicycle boarded the elevator and peddled to room 27. It entered the room and within seconds re-emerged with the spirit of Jonas Heard from below. A bicycle carrying a ghostly passenger dissipated from the bullet proof glass.

The bicycle towered over the city and the ghost of Jonas heard plunged from the bicycle. He spread out his arms and fell from the sky. Floating freely with the backdrops of buildings blurring behind him, he succumbed into the depths of the underground. The Earth shook, the caskets collided, balance of the underworld was in disarray.

127. Dead Boys
"Ain't It Fun"  4:33
We Have Come For Your Children
Cleveland, OH

One random window busted out on the 3rd floor. Kenny leaped from the window stark naked. He sprinted down the street clutching a long razor sharp shard of glass. Blood covered his naked body as he dashed down the sidewalk naked and bloody. The sun glistened on the rooftop of 4646 Lake Shore Drive; it was 4:17 PM. Without hesitation, he launched himself into the street and was mowed down by the bus operated by dear Dowetta. A bicycle lurked in the background.

126. Weidorje
"Rondeau"  8:49

Much had to be aligned to ensure Kenny's grave receive special treatment. The balance of the underworld lies within the coordinates of his grave site. These exact same coordinates shall forever disrupt the harmony of the world above- the world that assumed its dependence on the core. Due to special attention assigned to the product, total disruption was temporarily offset. The world prepared itself for partial disruption; total disruption in the forecast.

Top Image by: http://www.porhomme.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/ateliers-dembellie-porteur-bicycle-leather-1.jpg
Bottom image by: http://www.charlesayoub.com/news/public/uploads/images/17937698541209104.gif

Cover Image by: http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~springer/photos/Reisdorph/Reisdorph,AlbertHarold&FrancisWedding1926.jpg


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