The Top 100 Songs of 1979

The Best of 1979 + Identity Theft
Chapter 1: Subject Classification
Chapter 2: The Rise of Bartleby Deacon
Chapter 3: Second Chance
Chapter 4: The Great Nation Exposed
Chapter 5: World War 49
Chapter 6: Identity Theft

Chapter III: Second Chance

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100. The Boys Next Door
"The Voice"  3:56
Door Door
Melbourne, Australia

Even though the modern city was primarily populated with liberal minded people, it still seemed as it Bartleby Deacon was governing this large city. A significant portion of the city’s population would have despised Bartleby Deacon if they ever met him in person. And, they did not support most of the laws. The officials that they voted for were supposedly against these regulations too, but the laws were passed anyway, no matter who had been elected. Furthermore, the laws were stricter and the police were even more barbaric.

99. Simple Minds
"Factory"  4:15
Reel to Real Cacophony
Glasgow, Scotland

The people in the skyscrapers dictated all the regulations even though they had not been elected, lobbyists they were called. Those working on the top floors of the towers made laws, regulated wealth, and ordered the citizens to pay them more currency to live, eat, dress, or park their cars; they had even created public indecency laws so the citizens were forced to use their earnings on clothes; too go along with wages that were confiscated for ordered ID cards, licenses, taxes, and registrations. Some people were required to pay currency to the people in the skyscrapers in order to even obtain a permit to contribute to the benefit of the society. Many people simply worked in factories, uncomfortably manufacturing products sold to the people working in the middle sections of the skyscraper (the Subjects who blindly supported the top of the tower) for more currency to those at the top of the tower—while listening to fabricated meandering bullshit about how people living in other great nations have it so rough.

98. Killing Joke
"Are You Receiving"  4:59
Almost Red EP
London, England

People who chose to do nothing were frowned upon. However, those who contributed the best conditions would allow, but revolted against the people in the skyscrapers were regarded as degenerates and a threat to society. Many of these civilians were harassed by law enforcement, delegated to unsuitable living conditions, denied opportunities for advancement, and sometimes prosecuted for their beliefs. Claiming to be against the system or a proud supporter of a different, even more complex system of values that promoted equality was grounds for scrutiny from Subject B’s in the middle of the tower—which consisted of inaccurate allegations of being unpatriotic, guilt trips, enemy backlash—which led to the belief that these people needed to be detained.

97. Rainbow
"Since You Been Gone"  3:21
Down To Earth
London, England

Wallford could only find employment at the bottom of the skyscraper. It was a low wage job that barely paid the excessive fees the governor deducted in order to sponsor parking enforcement. The person at the top of the tower confiscated more deductions for the tiny cramped living corridor he was placed in. He primarily thought about Abigail, who unfortunately was forcibly committed to Bartleby Deacon. This was a recurring theme, and Wallford now spent a majority of his time all alone.

96. The Adverts
"I Looked at the Sun"  4:16
Cast of Thousands
London, England

Work in the bottom of the tower was excruciating. Furthermore, he was frequently expected to kiss the unimpressive asses of the fools who created the tower; fools who would constantly belittle him; fools who would deceitfully offer advancement but take all of the credit for his/her own promotion. The apartment was dismal and infested. All he did was work and receive nothing in return. The governor and the people at the top of the tower took all of his earnings—many of their ancestors were related to each other. He didn’t even want rich luxuries and wealth…he just wanted to have something, some outlet for enjoyment. All enjoyment required skyscraper fees and subject to law enforcement.

95. The Dickies
"Waterslide"  2:33
The Incredible Shrinking Dickies
Los Angeles, CA

The decision to abstain from contributing to society by choice is a questionable displacement. There does, at least, exist the notion that the refusal is a direct retaliation against the system. However, it does raise the notion of laziness and incompetence. Furthermore, just like the governor, The Subject C decision is not able to sufficiently sustain itself without dependency on handouts from working citizens—while offering nothing in return (again, just like the governor).The governor and the Subject C alcoholic bum on the streets are exactly alike, and equally deplorable; both only provide hideous scenery while leeching from the factory workers—except the governor forces the charitable contributions by means of force and threats in order to support its laziness and incompetence. What wages they do not keep for warfare and expensive furniture are distributed between the people at the top of the skyscraper (60%), parking enforcement (25%), and welfare to the Subject C (10%). (The other 5% is put towards something moderately useful so it appears as if they at least did something meaningful and can use that for future manipulation).

94. The Bizarros
"Young Girls at Market"  2:57
The Bizarros
Akron, OH

People who only mate for financial security are, by definition, whores. Establishing a relationship with a partner strictly because of his/her monetary assets is commonly referred to as leeching, prostitution, and gold digging. I want a rich man = I am a dirty prostitute who, like the Subject C and the capitalist governor, is too lazy and incompetent to generate the funding required to possess the idealized lifestyle that was fabricated on the television set. Not only do these gold digging leeches lack the intellect to do anything other than sit home and watch brainless episodes of skyscraper monitored and sponsored shitty sitcoms, or go shopping for useless nick-knacks, decorations, and gadgets for the television fabricated happy home, but the fact they are mating so frequently with the Subject B skyscraper supporter, in conjunction with the laws of heredity has diverted society back to the medieval period when reproducing meant incestuous sexual excursions within family functions.

93. Patti Smith
"Revenge"  5:07
Chicago, IL/New York, NY

Some have suggested that wrath is one of the 7 deadly sins. However, there is nothing that states deliberately pissing somebody off is a deadly sin. Revenge is merely a retaliation; the end result of a different action that was unprovoked. It is in instigative, but the consequence of being unjustly provoked by another. Perhaps the cause of the revenge factor may be attributed to the other deadly sins or sometimes a combination of several. Wallford sought revenge in response to greed and envy; another was the result of sloth and gluttony.

92. Generation X
"Night of the Cadillacs"  3:23
Valley of the Dolls
London, England

The city was over ridden with downtrodden leeches. However, the tower had indicated sympathy for this group. They adopted the moniker of “those in need”. At night, they would lie, cheat, deceive, and swindle currency from those who worked in the factory with little joy to show for their hard work. With the loose currency they swindled, they did not spend the coins on anything useful—such as food or the bus in which they claimed it was going to be used for. Instead, the coins primarily went to 40 ounce bottles of cheap beer.

91. Adam & the Ants
"Nine Plan Failed"  5:18
Dirk Wears White Sox
London, England

Ned Porter had not held a job in over 6 years. His last position he worked for 3 weeks and was fired for poor performance…utterly unacceptable laziness. During those 3 weeks, he called in sick 4 times. It was easy work, yet he struggled to grasp even the basic essentials and was unable to do anything; and frequently made a mess, leaving trash around for others to clean up after him. All of the other workers spoke negatively about him when he wasn’t present. They all hated him because he was such a lousy employee. He wasn’t very intelligent other and had done poorly in school.

90. Sham 69
"Fly Dark Angel"  3:09
The Adventures of the Hersham Boys
Hersham, England

What was even worse, Ned spoke confidently about his abilities, lied, lied to customers, and attempted to tell management that he had completed a long list of important tasks—he did none of them. Ned was a full-fledged alcoholic and was finally dismissed for talking on the company phone for over an hour (about nothing, while sitting down, doing nothing). When he was asked to get off the phone and return to work because a long line had formed at the drive up window, he curtly held up his index finger indicating “one moment.” The 2nd time, he copped an attitude claiming he had already done everything and that somebody else should be working for a change, and that he was tired of doing everybody else’s work. This went against Burger King policy and he was required to turn in his uniform.

89. Emmylou Harris
"Sorrow In The Wind"  3:29
Blue Kentucky Girl
Birmingham, AL/Nashville, TN

It was the 4th job he had been fired from in 6 months. Ned never told anybody he was terminated from the position for the conduct in which created the situation. Instead, he told sad somber sorrowful stories about how he unjustly lost his position of several years, claiming that they had to downsize because they moved his particular Burger King to China. “Those slant eyed chinks are taking all the good jobs.” The goal was to receive sympathy, handouts, and an excuse for not seeking employment elsewhere. The sympathy lasted several months, but now, Ned is homeless, drunk, a swindler, a crook, and can be seen making messes in convenience stores while bumming from the low paid cashier and shoplifting.

88. Shooting Star
"Last Chance"  6:57
Shooting Star
Overland Park, KS

Wallford walked 5th street developing a strategy to better his situation. In the process, he witnessed Ned ask a man for 25 cents, the sad stranded story, then he tried to up it to a dollar, then two dollars. The man gave him two dollars, but was obviously angry, annoyed, and had no interest in Ned or any of his bullshit. Ned appeared apologetic, remorseful, then spent the money on a 40 ounce bottle of King Cobra.

Wallford was determined to never live like that. He was not happy with his current situation even though he, at least, had an apartment. But, it was the system that he despised and he was not put on this Earth to work at the bottom of a skyscraper. There was more to the world that he had to offer and the bottom skyscraper position was nothing essential to The Grand Scheme of Things of the universe. Somehow, Wallford had to alter the schemes in which were plaguing him and keeping him dismal. The top of the skyscraper had been occupied by treacherous means—and that was disturbing the course of the future. Perhaps, he though, he needed to utilize treachery of his own to overrun the skyscraper occupants and create a better standard of living for everybody. He was still a natural Subject G.

87. The Jam
"Wasteland"  2:51
Setting Sons
Woking, England

Ned was a prominent member of the drunk home-bum crowd. Some of them would squat in abandoned homes or sleep under bridges or on the sidewalk. It was a dreadful part of town and people hated walking through there. In fact, people dreaded seeing the bums on the street period because everybody knew they would try and stop them with some lame story about how they needed money. Most of them had no tact whatsoever. “Hey, big man, let me ask you something. I really hate to ask this, but I need a favor (look distraught)…” Then proceed to blatantly lie about some sort of predicament that contradicted everything. They could never get straight to the point, and wasted even more of people’s precious time with their non-sense diatribe.

86. Pelle Miljoona
"Automaatti"  2:11
Pelko ja Viha
Hamina, Finland

Don Patterson had worked for his money. Starting with nothing, he worked his way to success. As the owner of a construction company, he earned his living through physical labor and honest practice. A Subject D, Don Patterson was never one to be fucked with even though he was extremely considerate to most people. As a native of this city, he had vowed that if given the opportunity, he would clean up these streets. The bums were nerve wrecking and he despised even the mere sight of them. They did not bother him with foolish tales of despair how they needed his money. Don had people working with him, hand most of the basics covered, and even had a mean streak towards those who wronged him. One shady business owner akin to Bartleby Deacon attempted to swindle Don’s business away…he mysteriously slipped and fell out of a skyscraper window.

85. Rickie Lee Jones
"Weasel and the White Boys Cool"  6:04
Chicago, IL/Los Angeles, CA

Maybe these bums just need a second chance. He offered them a position that would clean up the environment at the same time. Don had purchased an abandoned building, rounded up the bums, and said he would pay them decent wages to clean it up for renovations. Also, he offered them insurance and said that they could even stay in the building for free. Upon renovation, it was going to be turned into an apartment complex. Don told each of them they could even have their own apartment with discounted rent if the completed the task and performed decent work. It was the perfect opportunity for them.

84. A Certain Ratio
"Choir"  3:21
The Graveyard & The Ballroom
Manchester, England

The first week of the assignment, not much had been completed. There had been minimum clean-up, but nothing else. When Don arrived, he found many of them sleeping (at 1:00 in the afternoon) and there were empty beer bottles scattered all over the place. Obviously displeased with their lack of effort, Don explained to the group the goals and that more needed to be done. Ned retorted that they had been extremely busy and thought that this was their day off. They had celebrated getting a job last night and were extremely tired from having worked so hard all week. It had been awhile since they worked, and maybe this was hard work for them; give them some more time.

83. Teenage Head
"Curtain Jumper"  4:03
Teenage Head
Hamilton, ON, Canada

Don Patterson had a business transaction at the Skyscraper Tower. He hated dealing with them, but sometimes it was unavoidable. Although he immediately hated him, Don noticed Wallford working at the tower bottom. When deciphering what he was going to do with his last chance, Wallford decided he was going to attempt to enjoy himself and simply be himself. He cranked up the music in his area, rock and roll music in the basement, and his crew appeared to be having more fun than being productive. The girls in the other office seemed thrilled to be in their presence. Don felt the music was too loud and that Wallford was a freak of some sort. That was the first impression. Wallford had no knowledge of this.

82. The Only Ones
"Curtains For You"  4:15
Even Serpents Shine
London, England

Impression #2 was even worse. Don was already irritated because the home-bums had done nothing with the renovation project and drastic measures were being planned if necessary. Wallford had declared that he was no longer willing to take shit from anybody and resort to some Subject D tactics of his own…the only thing he was taking was his life back…drastic measures were being planned for that if necessary. They both happened to be outside smoking. Don Patterson suggested he played the music to loud and that it was inappropriate. Wallford suggested it was even more inappropriate to meddle in affairs that do not pertain to him, and told him to mind his own business…then laid out a complex theory about how what he does with the music is appropriate, how those bastards at the top of the tower are the ones with the poor work ethic, how his situation requires that sort of behavior to compensate for lack of wages and benefits and for dealing with so much bullshit, and redefined the definition of “proper”… then walked away. Don, irate, attempted to retort, but Wallford interrupted him… “Not interested. Go bother the people upstairs.”

81. Beyond the Implode
"Lassitude"  2:00
Last Thoughts EP
Runcorn, England

Assigned with the task of satisfying one unknown customer within a reasonable time frame, Wallford and his crew from the bottom exceeded all expectations. However, Connor from the center of the tower did two things: 1.) He took credit from everything claiming he did it all pretty much by himself, and discussed how he supervised the whole operation. 2.) He added his own input which fucked up everything. The major error he had committed, which ruined the whole operation, he blamed on Wallford and the crew from the bottom. Don Patterson happened to be the customer and he confronted the eccentric employee about the error. Obviously, Wallford had no knowledge of this. Encounter #3 fluctuated between irate and impressed.

80. The Kids
"Here They Come"  4:26
Living in the 20th century
Antwerpen, Belgium

Wallford had grown disgusted with the turmoil inflicted by others. His assignment was perfect, but some unknown ruined it and took credit for the group’s efforts. This Connor was the nemesis—just like the nemesis surrounding the streets. There were police constantly harassing him over petty charges, false accusations, and theft of his earnings…why didn’t they do this to Connor. The other group, those fucking bums standing there on the corner selling tools. Those tools had to be stolen, but the police harassed Wallford instead. He evaded the police marching in the streets to inquire about the tools. The name on the tools he recognized, it was the same logo for a job he completed. A drill was purchased for a mere $2. Supposedly this was somebody never to be fucked with.

79. The Misfits
"Hollywood Babylon"  2:20
Lodi, NJ

There was turmoil in the terminal tower. Wallford was under sever duress for the an error that ruined a high paying customer. It was a costly error, thousands of gold coins to repair. Rebecca believed everything Connor had told her. He completed all satisfactory expectations and that head case from the bottom added an unnecessary element that cost the skyscraper thousands of gold coins, in which they were attempting to deduct from Wallford’s earnings to compensate for the error. Rebecca terrorized Wallford while harmonized with Connor. She even told all other personnel what a loser Wallford was. She attempted to suck up to the occupant at the top of the tower and informed everything (everything she had heard from Connor because she believed anything he said). She was positive about the case, certain because she heard it directly from a trustworthy source—Connor. Wallford was terminated without cause, informed that he owed the tower thousands of gold coins, and Connor was promoted to Senior VP.

78. The Sex Pistols
"The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle"  4:19
The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle
London, England

The home-bums sold all of Don Patterson tools and spent the money on 40 ounce bottles of King Cobra and one expensive pizza. By the next day, they had nothing to show for the tools they sold. When Don arrived the next day, Ned told him that the tools were stolen by a burglar. However, he had no valid response for why the building was left unlocked and unattended. For some reason, Ned assumed Don believed all of his lies and kept fabricating more illogical tales explaining the disappearance of the expensive tools.

77. Teenage Jesus And The Jerks
"Orphans"  2:29
New York, NY

An unexpected source provided evidence. Despite the fact they had become enemies, a drill was returned—along with a sincere apology and further explanation as to how his crew did not commit that error. One last chance to explain themselves resulted in prolonged anger. Don made a few phone calls and most of the basics were covered. His crew brutally resorted to violence on the Subject C population. The building was ambushed and the bums were beat down, kicked, stomped, and throughout the entire building, all of the bums were rounded up and beaten senselessly.

76. Lou Reed
"The Bells"  6:31
The Bells
New York, NY

The sectors of the building were barricaded and there was no way to escape. They had been locked up in a room that had been boarded up and nailed shut. All of the bums banged on the door they had been enclosed, pleading they would change their habits. Smoke emerged from the window and the roaring flames created an inferno from the busted window.

Subject F #1. Anna worked with Rebecca—at the desk right next to hers. She had witnessed the debacle brought upon by Connor and finally spoke up—it pained her to actually have to speak to these people. The truth officially came out, “Connor is the one who committed the error, I saw him do it. Even took a picture because he thought his altercation of the logo made everything look better and I thought it looked horrible—he’s such a fucking douche-bag anyway.” Because she did not speak much, people believed her…everyone except Rebecca that is, who was uncertain, still believed Connor, and was unwilling to admit she was wrong—especially after she had gone through such drastic measures to have Wallford terminated, the error deducted from his pay, and Connor promoted.

Many of them were still bloody from the beating. Smoke had filled the room and they were crawling on the floor. It was getting hot and they were sweating. Ned kept knocking on the door, assuming somebody was listening, and explaining more lies as to what really happened. Nobody was there. The fire spread into the room and the city’s entire bum population was burnt up in the fire…only blackened skeletons remained smoldering in the debris.

Subject F #2. A guy named Herbie had ridden into town with Wallford and they were harassed for no reason and served in a jail cell together. Herbie now worked with Don Patterson, and Don trusted Herbie. Because of Herbie, that acquaintance he had done time with in county. After Wallford returned the drill and made the apology, he saw Herbie on the way out. The two spoke for several minutes, catching up on times and discussing current matters.

It turned out that Herbie had a lot to say about the admittedly eccentric Wallford. Tired of being swindled, cheated, and lied to, Don Patterson stormed the top of the tower and openly complained to the chief occupant. Wallford returned to the bottom of the tower with an increase in wages and a refund of the gold coins that had been deducted for the error. Connor went from Senior VP to being unemployed in less than a week. Due to incompetence and a multitude of other deviant crimes exposed, even the occupant of the top was forced to vacate the skyscraper as the corporation was sold. The top of this tower had a new occupant… Bartleby Deacon.

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