The Top 150 Songs of 2008

Pitchfork Brigade + The Top 150 Songs of 2008
Part 1: Pre-Planned Destination on the Outskirts of Heredity
Part 2: Gluten Free Nation
Part 3: Handling Success
Part 4: The Pitchfork Brigade
Part 5: Our Corporate Sponsored Panel of Experts
Part 6: No Future

Part I: Pre-Planned Destination on the Outskirts of Heredity

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150. Department of Eagles
"In Ear Park"  4:03
In Ear Park
New York, NY

There came into this world an exception to the laws of heredity. Should ever such a concept be void of any type of standard regulations, it should be those that attempt to dictate that everybody shall be exactly the same; exactly the same as they have always been for thousands of generations. Under these conditions, it would be pre-determined as to who was permitted to accomplish what. The goal was to make him exactly like the protocol implied by those without freewill.

149. Beach House
"Wedding Bell"  3:55
Baltimore, MD

He was the only stand-out feature the Kindle family had to offer. Some of the physical structures obeyed the fabricated law, but it was the personality traits that held no similarities. In general, this supposed law rings true in the majority of the instilled population as many people rebel against their parents qualities. There particular parents vowed to do things differently by following the exact same protocol outlined by Dr. Spock several decades ago… it was the way you were supposed to do it.

148. Hospital Ships
"Sink Your Teeth Into Me"  2:44
Oh, Ramona
Lawrence, KS

Mom was that phony liberal who forced stereotypical acceptance. She had one gay acquaintance several years ago and assumed that made her “in tune” with minorities. The dad did not even need to exist. Grandpa was that narrow minded conservative who genuinely believed women had the power to shut down a legitimate rape and have the baby anyway—he was serious about his convictions, even though everybody with a proper education found him a ridiculous imbecile. All parties involved developed their beliefs based on what they were taught by others, or had seen on TV, or what they heard at the mall. They were incapable of conjuring an original idea of any complexity.

147. Sam Amidon
"Little Satchel"  4:18
All Is Well
Brattleboro, VT/Dumbo, NY

As a child, he sought acceptance in his first community, which consisted of family—mom, dad, baby sister, grandparents, aunts & uncles. Since he was the first born, each factor had their own vision as to who they were going to raise him to be—none of them ever considered one day he might just be himself. Instead, they offered advice on topics they possessed novice expertise and life lessons from their own limited perspective in an attempt to ensure that the child would embody their own replicated personifications.

146. Broken Social Scene Presents: Brendan Canning
"Churches Under The Stairs"  4:20
Something for All of Us...
Toronto, ON Canada

It’s not as if these people were anything special or extraordinary. They were moderately successful within their own realms of capabilities, but it would be wrong to assume every other person should be limited to these same realms; they were unaware other realms even existed or were acceptable. These exact same people frequently annoyed other people outside their social circle and were never perceived as anything extravagant to the unbiased observer.

145. Lackthereøf
"Lockup Upstairs"  3:59
Your Anchor
Portland, OR

Any demonstration of his natural persona led to lectures, scolding, and spankings, even if nobody had been offended. The mom dragged him outside of a restaurant against his pleas of innocence to reprimand him and lecture him the proper way to behave in public. In actuality, it was she who had annoyed the server; the staff felt that she was the one in need of obedience and needed taught appropriate etiquette concerning others; the boy getting spanked was the only member of the family that any of the staff even liked.

144. Warpaint
"Burgundy"  4:40
Exquisite Corpse
Los Angeles, CA

The restaurant incident finally depleted entertaining outbursts of uniqueness around family members. His mind eventually developed his own original concepts, but they were never shared among his family—who doubtfully would have approved of any of them anyway. Instead, the only member of the family capable of conceiving any sort of brilliant innovation became reserved and simply listened to everybody’s lessons and advice…remaining quiet while growing more unimpressed with his own family each day.

143. Plants and Animals
"Guru"  6:53
Parc Avenue
Montreal, QC, Canada

School provided yet another entirely new dimension of controlled thinking. However, it was an entire different form of excessive control. As with his family, Brandon was observed articulately by his teachers. They were supposed to challenge Brandon and encourage critical thinking and intellectual growth. While a couple exceptions did just that, most of the underpaid staff attempted to contort Brandon to be exactly like the model shown on TV. They utilized their own personal failures to create another replica of the resentment; most of the staff and counselors despised Brandon Kindle—even worse when he was adored by many of his peers.

142. The Child Readers
"Infant Wings"  3:57
Music Heard Far Off
San Francisco, CA

Brandon gradually distanced himself from his family members entirely. He shunned the teachers and even frequently removed himself from activities with his peers. None of the understood him and it was doubtful any of them like him on an equal basis; many of them were excruciating to even be around because they had been molded into the replicas. He found solstice in the drugs and knew for a fact it would be something else they would disprove.

141. RZA
"Good Night"  5:04
Digi Snacks
Staten Island, NY

At age 15, Brandon Kindle lost his virginity to a woman who was 38. She was his drug supplier and former prostitute. Jezebelle never chastised him and actually listened to him occasionally. However, she too offered another set of lessons and advice. But, she was far more in touch with reality than anyone in his family or that principal who was a loathsome joke.

140. Desolation Wilderness
"Come Over In Your Silver Car"  5:19
White Light Strobing
Olympia, WA

The neighbors grew increasingly suspicious; Brandon did not turn out to be a good by. Yet, they had given the proper advice ever since he was young. Back then, he was not allowed in their yard. That kid was always peculiar—they never liked him. They called the police on him frequently, for mere suspicions. How, he was on drugs, walking down the street obviously stoned…he deplored the ideal suburban lifestyle.

139. Dead Meadow
"The Great Deceiver"  3:04
Old Growth
Washington, DC

His grades at school did not reflect his intelligence. He was frequently reprimanded for trivial concerns, monitored closely in the hallways and classrooms, and subject to strict discipline. They knew that Brandon held superior intellect, but he was incorporating that gift for elements not doctrine in the “How-to Manual”. The reflection of the bad grades was too often directly attributed to his rebelliousness, for he received “zeroes” as disciplinary measures for disagreements… which ultimately meant he would be denied a scholarship.

138. Erykah Badu
"Me"  5:37
New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)
Dallas, TX

Money is the ultimate form of control in regards to the laws of heredity. Due to the fact that we are dealing with multi-generational corporate control, one has to be associated with the privileged in order to think critically as a youth. The under privileged youth must conform to all policies eradicated by the previous proprietors of the inheritance, or else he/she runs the risk of leading a troubled life. The Kindle family was not exactly poor, but they were not excessively wealthy either… their schools taught children to strive for middle management. Brandon the original was presented this option to either conform to the quest for middle management and deny his natural state, or face living in poverty his entire life. He chose to maintain self-preservation.

137. The Lionheart Brothers
"Down at My Place"  4:06
Dizzy Kiss
Trondheim, Norway

The only students who rallied behind him were those with the least privileges. It was the poor kids, the stupid kids, and the ugly ones who liked him best. The smart kids, the rich kids, the preppies, and the jocks thought differently of him. It’s hard to say that he was genuinely despised, but his differences were never fully accepted or embraced either.

136. Days
"Motion"  3:12
Gothenburg, Sweden

Brandon’s attempts to fraternize with the popular mainstream crowd were disharmonious. There was a situation in which he had to partner with Courtney—commonly considered the prettiest girl in school. On the extreme circuit, she was a 1, and he was a 10… the mall valedictorian meets the troubled punk. What nobody knew, for approximately six hours a week during high school, they were both temporarily 5’s.

135. Annuals
"Just Stay In"  3:03
Wet Zoo
Raleigh, NC

Lab class was only one hour a day, school was only 5 days a week, and that accounted for 5 of the 6 hours. Courtney drove a car and Brandon did not; Courtney secretly drove Brandon home from school periodically. This would have been a huge shock to both party’s social gatherings. However, they would also stop at various places along the way…they lived close to each other and would sometimes enter each other’s houses when nobody else was present. They would often eat together, drink coffee, annoy the living shit out of each other playing songs while arguing over which style of music was better, and other various teenage concerns. She even spent the night at his house when his parents were out of town.

134. Foals
"Balloons"  3:01
Brighton, England

The two pretended to not like each other, yet never seriously dated anyone throughout high school. Even when she spent the night, they acted grossed out by the whole ordeal. Due to how society had shaped them, they would not meet society’s approval and neither revealed their times spent together to anybody else, nor revealed their true feelings for one another. Courtney’s dad would oppose her companionship with Brandon, and he would be forced to change his entire lifestyle.

133. American Music Club
"Decibels And The Little Pills"  5:41
The Golden Age
San Francisco, CA

Courtney and Brandon lived two blocks away from each other. On the social structure, their parents belonged to the same class. The two were somewhat groomed to follow the laws of heredity, which she somewhat embraced, he loathed, and her father wanted her to be more successful than him because she was smarter, his parents were dumber and expected him to be exactly like them. Outside of class, and during the car ride home, she did not reject her fascination for Brandon. Somewhere along the lines, she may have wanted something more than being the pretty good girl who shopped for clothes and texted “OMG!” to her friends about celebrities. Courtney understood concepts, but rarely developed any.

132. The Republic Tigers
"Feelin' The Future (Album Version)"  4:51
Keep Color
Kansas City, MO

The fact that Courtney secretly had a crush on Brandon and was relatively enamored with his unique way of thinking provided him with hope for the future. Somehow, she had given him the confidence that his beliefs were not as demonic as his family and teachers made them out to be. But, at the same time, it somewhat grounded him. His fantastic vision of life was temporarily offset and altered by her presence.

131. The Impossible Shapes
"Our Love Lives"  3:21
The Impossible Shapes
Indianapolis, IN

Her perception of life was altered also. However, Brandon’s influence on Courtney was embraced by her friends whereas his was not. Mysteriously, Courtney’s friends now viewed her as a bit crazy and loved this outrageous free-thinking behavior she was sometimes prone to display. Brandon was acting like a pussy for not wanting to experiment with crystal meth.

130. Dengue Fever
"Oceans of Venus"  3:32
Venus on Earth
Los Angeles, CA

The constant peer pressure led to more attempts to alter what had been an original personality. A teenager is supposed to have friends and Wilson did at least desire an active social life. He soon grew tired of those in his direct locality and yearned for something more exciting than what was offered in the suburbs. That led to Wilson bravely venturing out on his own and exploring areas outside the neighboring district.

129. Acute
"The City"  3:12
Arms Around a Stranger
London, England

Weekend excursions into the inner city were becoming more frequent. He was still too young to enter the establishments in which he was most interested and they did not accept him at the time. The poser punks attempted to belittle him due to his age, and the street thugs tried to deceive him. Wilson learned more lessons in this development. While many claim he learned them “the hard way”, at least he learned them on his own terms firsthand rather than simply believing what the television had to offer.

128. The Jet Age
"O, Calendar"  3:04
What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?
Silver Spring, MD

As he had with every other aspect he had been challenged with in life, Wilson learned from his mistakes. Before he had even graduated high school, he had become too swift to be taken by the street thugs, unfazed by the pretenders, uninfluenced by the medium, and not persuaded by the sales tactics inflicted upon by others. This was a milestone achievement considering the amount of people that attempted to dictate his own volition.

127. Okkervil River
"Blue Tulip"  6:18
The Stand Ins
Austin, TX

Wilson no longer simply believed what anybody advised him and examined all the surrounding details and considerations before endorsing validity. He analyzed their lessons the same way those around him attempted to monitor him closely. Once he developed the ability to distinguish illogical fallacies, he lost respect for his family, friends, and teachers who had attempted to alter his natural persona, who had berated his beliefs as iniquitous, with flawed misconceptions they blindly believed without ever bothering to research any of it.

126. Crystal Stilts
"The City In The Sea"  5:00
Alight of Night
New York, NY

Because of that, he despised his domineering mother was still attempting to construe his unique characteristics to be more in tune with Dr. Spock’s. She commanded him to choose something more practical, and that his dreams were unrealistic. His dad was too nonchalant to ever intervene; he had no clue how to react anyway and only spewed out clichés that could not have impressed anybody. Their entire relationship was in turmoil and he lost respect for all of them; they refused to compromise or even consider his desires in life. The moment he graduated, he left home and left the state completely to attend college which he had to pay for himself. He even changed his phone number shortly afterwards so his family could not ever reach him. For all he cared, he would never see any of them ever again.

Top Image by: Jen Girdish
Bottom Image by: Ai-Kan

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