The Top 75 Songs of 2007

The Bad Sugar + The Top 150 Songs of 2007
Part 1: The Days When There Once Was a Sun
Part 2: Lab Rat Decontamination
Part 3: This Shithole (Applies to Everywhere)
Part 4: The Sunless Gang
Part 5: Genetic Disorder
Part 6: Allergic Reaction

Part IV: The Sunless Gang

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75. The Shins
"Sleeping Lessons"  3:58
Wincing the Night Away
Portland, OR

Brittany, as a prostitute, was but one of many different versions of herself… if it could even be considered a version of her real self. She was only somewhat interested in sex, and the money was to feed her crack and heroin addiction. All of this was a symbol of rebellion against her step-father, the religious code of ethics she was expected to follow, and everything else she despised. She hated them and in return became everything that they hated.

74. Black Lips
"Lean"  2:52
Good Bad Not Evil
Atlanta, GA

She no longer bore any resemblance whatsoever to that cute loveable child as seen in the photograph of her kindergarten yearbook. The drug addiction fueled her motivation and each action was directly attributed to obtaining the products required to feed this addiction. Sucking a trucker’s cock was but going through the motions to obtain that precious $20, that ride to her dealer’s, and the bliss that is cooked over an open fire on a silver spoon.

73. Celebration
"Tame The Savage"  4:29
The Modern Tribe
Baltimore, MD

The guys she fucked had no respect for her and this further fueled her anger. They viewed as but a brainless whore; they would pick her up, give her $20, ram their cocks into her mouth, and forcefully pull her hair, ramming their shaft in and out of her without any passion or romance. Sometimes she would take their money, request a ride first, then leave without providing any services; basically a theft in which the duped victim could do nothing but feel ashamed.

72. Air
"Mer Du Japon"  3:05
Pocket Symphony
Versailles, France

James Bailey had seen her around. People were cruel to her, but nobody cared for her because she was a junkie and a whore. He would like to have helped, but it was out of his league. It had only been recently since he joined The Sunless Gang. That bitch he was married to finally suggested the divorce and he was at last free. He had spent the past several weeks sleeping in his car, barely sleeping, staying out late to wherever degenerate options remained open late.

71. Busdriver
"Kill Your Employer"  3:52
Los Angeles, CA

His co-workers noticed obvious changes in behavioral patterns and James Bailey was in dire need of a psychological evaluation. He remained sleeping in his car and ignored their advice. He was different than Brittany for he worked in an office and had to dress admirably each day. However, he was feeling indifferent with his corporate decision, loathed his cubicle, and was losing touch with the intentions of his employer. Haven’t you noticed that’s its 4:30 PM and the sun still hasn’t come up?

70. The Bamboos
"I Don't Wanna Stop"  4:12
Melbourne, Australia

He had spent the past several years suppressing his ambitions and desires for excitement by pretending to be in a love affair with some bitch that he hated. She was a boring wretched cunt who longed for nothing more than to sit at home and complain. This bitch was killing him and all of youthful energy was wasted on sitting at home tending to her pathetic needs upon a guilt trip. When he finally left her, he finally realized that he was alive. And he lived, lived fruitfully, stayed out and did whatever he wanted.

69. The Go! Team
"I Never Need It Now So Much"  3:27
Proof of Youth
Brighton, England

He didn’t have any friends in The Sunless Gang, yet he frequented their establishments every night. Nobody would talk to him, assumed he was that freak who sat around by himself. Occasionally, though, he would meet a new acquaintance… somebody from the outside world. These were the best nights, the times that reminded that, yes, he was somebody… and the sex was way better than with that stupid wench he had been married to.

68. The Octopus Project
"Snow Tip Cap Mountain"  2:15
Hello, Avalanche
Austin, TX

Then he developed a drug problem of his own, although nowhere near in the same realm as Brittany and the crack dealers. It had been years since he smoked, and the effects were invigorating. He would often get high by himself, sitting in his car on some desolate road that he now called home, and watch the transfixations of the sky transformulate a triangular transmodular alienation represented in 30,000 styles of tranquility.

67. Joe Beats
"Sleep Or Bust"  3:24
Diverse Recourse
Providence, RI

If only somebody else had dropped from the sky when the sun refused to shine, all might have been the way it was always supposed to have been since incarnation. Not long ago, he was a married man living in a home working that career oriented job his peers assumed was the appropriate lifestyle. He wasn’t ever going to pass a drug test again. The insomnia totally took over, and he was out every night…yet only talking to other people once in a great while… leading an entirely different lifestyle in the morning when he returned to the office.

66. Softlightes
"The Robots In My Room Were Playing Arena Rock"  2:33
Say No! to Being Cool. Say Yes! to Being Happy.
Belmont, CA

Because he had no place to go, he was visiting differently places each night. Because he was searching for something that wasn’t there, his quest was leading him to obscure alleys. Because the insomnia had completely distorted his thinking patterns, his ability to function as a normal human being was quickly fading. Occasionally, somebody would be fascinated… but most looked at him differently. There was a fear that if the sun didn’t shine, they would end up like him.

65. Momus
"I Refuse To Die"  3:36
Ocky Milk
Paisley, England

Solitude rarely prevented him from attending. Maybe he could meet somebody, or maybe the rescue unit was under way. However, he did not have anywhere else to go, and years of wasted energy pinned up inside of him. Furthermore, he had that baggie that he scored from the backstreet. As long as he was stoned, he had an excuse for aberrational behavior; but he refused to resort to same meandering bullshit that equated to the lifestyle of his dead wife.

64. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
"Satan Said Dance"  5:27
Some Loud Thunder
New London, CT/New York, NY

Thus came the desires to do something extremely foolish. A normal lifestyle had failed. The Sunless Gang was failing. He was not fitting in anywhere, yet a place in the world was still a desire. They all bored him. So he sought out the most rambunctious outfits associated in the community. As she searched for the world where God did not exist, where all the sinful activities proudly displayed in the window case, somewhere along the passing on a sidewalk, there was both an interest and a disgust with each other.

"Morning Rage"  5:15
War Stories
London, England

7:22 AM was exactly like 7:22 PM. When you don’t sleep, the sun rising and setting do not matter anyway. At all times, it is 1:00 PM, and that is the time to engage in the most destructive of activities for simple enjoyment. James Bailey was losing grip in his own sanity, and this was made relevant by 120 mph car rides to nowhere. This took precedent when finally there was some action somewhere where there shouldn’t have been. It was totally obvious when he pushed the copy machine at his office down the stairwell.

62. Alcest
"Ciel Errant"  7:13
Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde
Paris, France

Fuck her, she’s stupid. Everybody that lives in this town is stupid. They sat around devising theories about when the sun would be returning, and where exactly it went. Many of them devised what they considered elaborate theories which basically parroted what they said on the TV. And finally, he spoke to them… “they don’t know.” As if they’ve ever been to the sun, as if they truly know it’s real patterns, as if anybody knows this shit. Nobody has ever been to the sun… they’ve been wrong a thousand times, and they will be wrong again.

61. Yeasayer
"Wait for the Wintertime"  4:52
All Hour Cymbals
New York, NY

The sun never shun in this community. It was commonly considered “right in the middle of the mother fucking warzone,” and therefore the sun was never even noticed. And when the good shit was going around, shit could get out of hand real fucking fast. One toke, one desire, and one dead mother fucker where he did not belong.

60. MGMT
"The Handshake"  3:39
Oracular Spectacular
Middletown, CT/New York, NY

Let’s think of all the ways they had been wrong. But, they were not willing to embrace this. They objected with wrath and set out to prove this despicable piece of shit wrong. That’s when the alienation began; well, it began well before that; but it was now when he realized he despised all of them. Their world did not resemble his world, and he no longer wanted any part of it. The drugs were the easy way out—a nice escape route to the path of prosperity to that place they called his.

"Center Where Sight"  4:08
Mobile, AL/Oakland, CA

They could circle the car fast. Some person who proclaimed he knew the ropes pulled down the alley with the money he assumed could purchase a quick score. In what seemed like a flash second, there were a dozen of them surrounding the car, where he was yanked out, stomped on, beat down with a pipe, his cash looted, and his car destroyed. This was the wrong neighborhood to attempt to dictate the way things should and should not be.

58. The Locust
"The Unwilling...Led by the Unqualified...Doing the Unnecessary...For the Ungrateful"  3:53
New Erections
San Diego, CA

Somebody shot White Mike. Word travelled fast, and it was realized that somebody fucked up. Another showdown was imminent. The Pizzoli Gang set up the ambush, designed the raid, crept underneath the window pane, and bust in. They came in shooting, all of them. Bang, bang, bang… within moments, 14 had been killed. But, one got away. More of them awaited, and they pursued this miserable fuck running from the scene. It was the one who shot White Mike… turned and fired and gunned Donahue right in the fucking head. They tackled him, beat all his fucking teeth in, crammed the gun in his fucking mouth, and that was the end of this fucking prick.

57. The Fiery Furnaces
"Navy Nurse"  6:29
Widow City
Oak Park, IL/New York, NY

For the 1,200th day in a row, not shit went right. Nothing has gone according to plan, and shit only seems to be getting worse. Perhaps if I could have two days straight in which everything goes perfectly well, then, that would be the day that the world changes. But, it turned out the opposite. Day 1,200 in a row was the day the sun finally stopped shining. Maybe it was something I did, or maybe I don’t give a flying fuck if I ever see the sun again. Fuck it, real life was over-rated anyway.

56. Wooden Shjips
"Blue Sky Bends"  7:42
Wooden Shjips
San Francisco, CA

This shit I smoke makes the sun shine. It might not shine the way you mother fuckers think it should be shining, but your fucking version of reality has always been distorted. You fuckers, that’s why I smoke this shit in the first place. The sun was boring. That blue sky, gray skies, all that shit… it had become a fucking cliché. But, smoking this shit, listening to that shit, it all becomes fucking brilliant. This is the way I choose to live, because they way you chose for me was ultimately rejected. Go ahead, fucking cry because the sun went away… I’ll just sit here and create a new sun… my mind is the fucking sun.

55. Super Furry Animals
"Carbon Dating"  4:35
Hey Venus!
Caerdydd, Wales

Do you recall when you were a child? Ever see those pictures of you as a baby? You were beautiful, man. The smile you had when you was a baby… that shit sparkled, man. That was the fucking sun. You know, man, and then somewhere along the lines, the whole thing contaminated by the bad sugar. But you, man, you were once the ingredients that was going to make everything pure again. You know, the allevienating preservative that could de-contaminate the spoiled process that destroyed the whole mixture. But those other ingredients, they got to you, man… and now, this mixture… there might not be any hope left.

54. Caribou
"Sundialing"  4:40
Dundas, ON, Canada

When God made all this, all these ingredients was supposed to blend together, you know, like cookies. It was all supposed to come out beautiful. But, you know, God ain’t perfect obviously. Some of the ingredients went sour man… somebody poisoned the recipe. Maybe The Devil, but who knows? At this point in life, it’s a moot point, man. There’s no way of telling. But, the whole thing spoiled.

53. Gravenhurst
"The Western Lands"  4:15
The Western Lands
Bristol, England

And so nothing blended together. None of it meshed. The sugar was bad, and it contaminated the entire process. It was supposed to be the best part, the main ingredient that would make all things in the mixing bowl better as a result. It was bad though. The bad sugar didn’t sweeten nothing—it poisoned everything. That’s when we started looking for something sweet, something to make all of us better.

52. Trans Am
"4,738 Regrets"  3:52
Sex Change
Washington, DC

Too much of the batter had already been poisoned. The leaches were like viruses that fed off the sweetness of the better ingredients that could preserve the entire batch. There could have still been hope. For, God adds something special to mixture…something he created… something that could save it all and make the ingredients once again blend together, just as they were always supposed to. But, the viruses suck away that sweetness.

51. Panda Bear
"Bros"  12:32
Baltimore, MD

For many many years, the preservation society worked to save the mixture from the bad sugar. Some of the ingredients were too good to be wasted. The contamination process was salvageable, there were recipes that could overturn the soiling, the allevienation process that blended the beautiful ingredients. And of course, there was always the sun… that ray of sunshine that offset the spoilage, that created that spark, that spark many of us used to have back when we were children. This shit went on for fucking years. Then one day, God gave up, and declared the process a failure. It was time to move on. The sun was shut down for good, and the bad sugar was allowed to dictate the course of humanity.

Top Image by: Hello-Zombie
Bottom Image by: The Death of Youth

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