The Top 50 Songs of 2007

The Bad Sugar + The Top 150 Songs of 2007
Part 1: The Days When There Once Was a Sun
Part 2: Lab Rat Decontamination
Part 3: This Shithole (Applies to Everywhere)
Part 4: The Sunless Gang
Part 5: Genetic Disorder
Part 6: Allergic Reaction

Part V: Genetic Disorder

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50. The Horrors
"Jack The Ripper"  3:02
Strange House
London, England

He was the poison that destroyed us all. There was something in his genetical components that disgusted the path of beautiful intrensity. This person was the killer, and he would not stop until the intrensity of all that is beautiful was ruined. More of these genetic mutations multiplied diabolically.

49. Black Diamond Heavies
"Guess You Gone and Fucked It All Up"  2:59
Every Damn Time
Nashville, TN

How could you let the killer go free? The components that deteriorated the beauty should have been easily detected. And, it was. However, it was not easily destroyed. These strands of this virus not only multiplied, but they concocted a defense mechanism and a divisive strategy to spread freely to those least suspecting.

48. David Vandervelde
"Nothin' No"  4:19
The Moonstation House Band
Holland, MI/Nashville, TN

I had yet been contaminated, but I loved her anyway. It was difficult to determine if she had been inflicted by the bad sugar, or if she was, in fact, the bad sugar. Her soul was that black, and that was that disturbed. But, I decided that I would rather be infected by the bad sugar then not be with her.

47. The White Stripes
"Icky Thump"  4:14
Icky Thump
Detroit, MI

My life had become a major struggle as I attempted to maintain the qualities I was certain were standard, and those that I knew had been the victim of the contamination process. It was the notion that I was so attracted with something so horrifying that led me to question as to whether I was becoming infected myself, or I had been summoned by the preservation society to decontaminate something beautiful. In turn, I become the object of hatred, and never knew what exactly to believe.

46. Les Savy Fav
"Patty Lee"  3:52
Let's Stay Friends
Providence, RI/New York, NY

Nobody ever attempted to decontaminate Brittany once the process began. Unlike so many others, she was born unmediated… as a child, she was gorgeous. The beauty would remain, but on the outside only. Thing got out of hand, and once they did, it spun wildly out of control. Just one day, something so beautiful died… and through the death of beauty sprouted an entity of ugliness that sociopathically loathed all things beautiful.

45. Jarvis Cocker
"Black Magic"  4:21
Sheffield, England

On the outside, she remained beautiful. For $20, she could poison the sugary interior of desperation. They drove by, she walked the street, they wanted to fuck her. One look into her eye altered the thought processes generated from one function to the next. And that other one, it did not care of contamination—it had gradually become contaminated since it experienced the open air. In the backseat, thrusting that altered mechanism deep inside her vagina… once she grabs hold and clamps down, the main ingredient becomes as contaminated as the rest of the Earth.

44. The Apples in Stereo
"Radiation"  3:16
New Magnetic Wonder
Denver, CO

After they had become contaminated with the bad sugar, a process began to reverse the affliction. Something had caused a regret, and a secret needed to be returned to the uniform standards in which they had drifted. It was the secret, though, that prevented complete amalgamation. Even though it had been quarantined, something on the inside created tension…and concealment of this secret dictated a new set of standards.

43. The Ponys
"Poser Psychotic"  3:46
Turn the Lights Out
Chicago, IL

For those who had been deeply contaminated since birth, the disappearance of the sun embarked nothing new. The streets had always been filled with darkness and gloomy despairs. It had been several years since any of them had ever even seen sunshine. Black skies perfectly complimented the violent rampages taking place on the city streets. And they walked, as if nothing had ever happened.

42. Architecture In Helsinki
"Hold Music"  3:54
Places Like This
Melbourne, Australia

The quest for sensual satisfaction continued its dominance on invigorating cultures. Freedom was each individual always wanted, yet they suppressed their personal desires as a means of fitting in with a society. It appeared that society was abruptly ending, and the time for personal yearning was closing quickly. Tomorrow, suddenly, was no longer a definite. Therefore, right now became the most valuable moment in existence.

41. Okkervil River
"John Allyn Smith Sails"  4:33
The Stage Names
Austin, TX

They acted like fucking imbeciles when faced with hostility. That was the point I decided that I no longer wanted to be a part of any of them. All of the worst times that I had, all of my bad decisions came as a result of acting unnatural in an attempt to please somebody else. When all that serious shit was going down, I abandoned them. My voice of reason: you know, it’s not important to us. Let’s just go home and chill out by ourselves… do those things that we like. We don’t need these people.

40. The Earlies
"Burn the Liars"  2:45
The Enemy Chorus
Abilene, TX/Manchester, England

As they burnt down their own neighborhood, it was obvious that all of them had become infected. And those that attempted to stop the fire… they had been infected too. All of those that created this environment—they were the original contaminants. It was their lies that corrupted the rest of them.

39. Health
"Triceratops"  3:16
Los Angeles, CA

Maybe they finally realized that the cause of their own pollution was instilled upon them by a series of serious illnesses that plagued the global population since the first incompatible ingredient was wrongfully added to the mix. As if they were ever going to find it now… in the dark. But, they had been oppressed for ages. Even if only for one day, for the climax, they were going to claim victory of the stench that had polluted their homes for the entirety of its foredrawn conclusion.

38. Gowns
"White Like Heaven"  8:11
Red State
Los Angeles, CA

Brittany would frequently be haunted by childhood memories. These were not visions of despair or abuse, this was a time in which she was frivolous and happy. There were images of a cute young girl playing blissfully in a blackened pit of boiling jackal’s blood. She was a purified conglomerate of pristine ingredients swirled into a world of the ugliest contaminants, and those wretched vulgar impurities destroyed the beauty of innocence. Thus, she injects the remedies into her haunted veins to forget about the time when she once offered some sort of joy to the criminals around her.

37. Frightened Rabbit
"Be Less Rude"  3:00
Sing the Greys
Selkirk, Scotland

She directed immense hostility towards purified spirits. And some of them had falsely assumed that they had been purified; and these wretches assaulted her with the worst of insults. The wrongfully purified was deceptively the most contaminated and the primary cause of the spread. I had been cured because I found a light… my light blackens your sickness. I shall forever embrace my sickness, because it is your light that sickens me. Nobody would ever fall in love with this much discrepancy; and so many people to blame for it all.

36. Arcade Fire
"Keep the Car Running"  3:29
Neon Bible
Montréal, QC, Canada

Nobody knew who was actually cured and was seriously infected. Most thought they had been cured, and it was everybody else that was infected… and this was the primary spoilage caused the bad sugar. Extracting the bad from the good possibly could have saved everything. That’s when the mass killing spree unfolded. It was time to shoot the king and all the king’s men. The getaway car awaited outside, three shots fired, and that was the end of who many assumed was that powerful.

35. Battles
"Atlas"  7:07
New York, NY

The polluted population has reigned throughout the entire course of history. The world had been created in the exact image of every set standard that they themselves established long ago. It was their world; they made the rules, they set the precedents. And now, it had come to down to this; it was all coming to an end. Their reign had been a failure, and it was officially time for upheaval to ensure their ousting. Armed with clubs, pipes, and machine guns, the oppressed stormed the offices and demolished their elegant creations.

34. M.I.A.
"Paper Planes"  3:25
London, England

An unruly militia stormed the corporate offices. Security was no match for the guards joined the militia…their jobs meant nothing anymore. Each office was ransacked; they burst in, fired three shots, seized all the valuables from the drawers, and crashed the CEO out of the window. In the grand thick of darkness, it became apparent who was infected and who assumed they had been cleansed.

33. No Age
"Boy Void"  1:46
Weirdo Rippers
Los Angeles, CA

Total demolition of all things considered authoritative was the task force mission. Mobs of contaminants disturbed the fixtures and altered the history. Windows were busted, buildings were burned, and anything signifying prominence over society was disintegrated.

32. Angels Of Light
"Black River Song"  3:15
We Are Him
New York, NY

No retaliation was ever offered. It was as if they had surrendered. Did they surrender long ago? Or, did they simply stop caring about what they had once perceived as essential to sustain society? It was this society that they strove to be a part of that ultimately jeopardized their very own freewill. And if the criminals should suffer, then the society on a whole should suffer.

31. Dungen
"En Gång I År Kom Det en Tår"  3:45
Tio Bitar
Lanna, Sweden

It was a billboard that depicted an important message. Somebody once paid an enormous sum to display this message; and once upon a time this very message was to have had an impact that altered decontamination. They were HIS words… the words that HE wrote in HIS book. Accordingly, one should only live in accordance with HIS guidance… and no other way. Nobody had ever met this HE person, this HIM… and now his message burns brilliantly in the afternoon sky where the sun once provided a light.

30. Gaslight Radio
"One Kid"  4:08
Good Heavens Mean Times
Melbourne, Australia

Neither had been born infected. In fact, both of them were purified ingredients that brought hope to the decontamination process. Brittany, however, had become complete infected by the bad sugar. James Bailey was not yet completely contaminated. There still existed some sort of a glow that the world still needed to extinguish in order to make him exactly like them. Others clung to a desperate pretension that the glow somehow spread. Most could not see the glow, but since it was dark, it became more noticeable.

29. The Lovetones
"Pieces of Me"  4:57
Sydney, Australia

Even though the sun had seemingly diminished, the world continued its usual path. There was still an orbit, but it was a mystery what exactly was being orbited. People remained on the planet. But, their course of destiny needed serious alterations or that would lead to the realization of a shared vision known as your worst fucking nightmare… I did not succeed my dreams. At this moment, you are now free to embrace the fact that you are a miserable fucking failure and be complacent with it; or… you ain’t got much time, there, fellow human being.

28. Robert Wyatt
"On the Town Square"  5:26
Bristol, England

And they passed each other by on the streets. He had become familiar; he even knew her name. Brittany, as she was called. But, what the fuck was his name? He had caught her attention long ago. Obviously, he had taken the time to find out her name. They walked together, one block. Finally, for the first time in history, the two once pure souls of the doomed society known as their shithole community spoke to each other. Hi, she spoke first. You’re cute, she came on too fast.

27. The High Llamas
"Can Cladders"  3:26
Can Cladders
London, England

Walking down the street with a miserable fucking junkie at this hour. At last, it had come down to this. But who was he; nobody else would speak to this despondent representation of a glow about to fade. James Bailey informed her of his name; and that he did nothing; that he had nothing; that he wanted nothing. She looked good, but that was the extent of it. Brittany suggested they hang out sometime, and that he needed to spend some time with her…if you know what I mean. She offered him some of her crack, some heroin, and a piece of that lifestyle that would forever tarnish everything he had already ruined.

26. The Sea and Cake
"Transparent"  4:48
Chicago, IL

Visions of him inside her bed were met with both lust and fear. As far as looks might have been concerned, they might have matched. But, it had gone on too long. The end result saw an unrealistic fantasy of a chance meeting of the two long before she was corrupted. Something in that conversation seemed to insight something sincere that shouldn’t have surfaced superlatively. Or, it should have. He saw the impurities that defined what was natural; everybody else only saw what was severely blemished…or they sought that succulent felicity elicited in-between her long sultry legs. Inside those thighs was the source of contaminating impurities, and where her infection ultimately derived. Maybe he wanted to help her; maybe he was simply fascinated with her. Maybe, he was just lonely. Or, there was that notion that he saw something within her that he also noticed within himself. So, do you really want to fuck Brittany?

Top Image by: Dugm2
Bottom Image by: Vibe Addict

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