The Top 50 Songs of 1998

The Top 125 Songs of 1998 + Family Affair
Section 1: Teenage Pregnancy
Section 2: Proud Parents Of The New Generation
Section 3: Love Affair #13
Section 4: Sex Partner #3
Section 5: From the Cradle Til Death Do You Part

Section IV: Sex Partner #3

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50. Billy Bragg & Wilco
"Walt Whitman's Niece" 3:54
Mermaid Avenue
Barking, England/Chicago, IL

At this point, Wilma had every right in the world to ditch me and move somewhere else. However, she did not…nor did she ever even speak of it. She remained living with me at the apartment. I suppose this should have been obvious being as most of the apartment was hers anyway. On the other hand, I had every right to leave her too. After all, I was no longer obligated to provide for because she technically was no longer my daughter. It was difficult to comprehend all of this.

49. Sportsguitar
"Chasing Bugs" 3:22
Happy Already
Lucerne, Switzerland

We had all agreed that nothing would change no matter what the results from the DNA lab produced. However, I could not help but think about it. As it stood, I was residing in a small apartment with an 18 year old girl who was now no relation to me. I was not sure what title I had anymore. Was I still her father? Maybe a step-dad? Guardian? Whatever the case, we had to pretend as if nothing changed. I did not want to discuss the topic with her just yet because I was uncertain about how she felt about the whole ordeal. She seemed fine; she seemed better off than me.

48. The Notwist
"Moron" 4:46
Weilheim, Germany

Wilma had to have sensed that something was troubling me with this whole situation. She made attempts to be overly kind and supportive, often cooking the meals in her kitchen… that I was paying for assuming that she was my daughter and was merely being a kind father. However, since we were still living together, I could not help but view her differently. Anytime she would discuss some obstacle that was troubling her, or if I noticed her behaving in a manner in which I did not approve, I would start to say something, but then think to myself, “fuck it, she’s not my kid anymore.”

47. Dälek
"The Untravelled Road" 4:39
Negro Necro Nekros
Newark, NJ

Then, I wondered if I even liked Wilma. Before, I had altered my entire personality just because she was my daughter. I tolerated all of her bizarre mannerisms simply because I was her father. I even ate at shitty ass fucking Arby’s just because she worked there. Also, I wondered if it was even morally appropriate to even have her staying with me. Nobody else knew of this yet, because I was too ashamed to tell anybody that she wasn’t really my biological daughter. I contemplated the notion of telling her to leave, or I could allow her to keep the apartment and I would leave. There was no real reason for us to even associate with each other anymore.

46. Boris
"Huge" 9:15
Amplifier Worship
Tōkyō, Japan

The more I thought of the situation, the more distraught I became. Wilma was technically the only reason that I became attached with Tess in the first place. When Tess was pregnant, I had altered my whole life to become a better person; and it turned out that I did not really have to commit myself to any of it. I could have enjoyed my life. As I grew more distressed, my actions were becoming more erratic. Fucking marshmallows! I hated marshmallows. I dedicated my life to God damn mother fucking marshmallow packaging for a daughter that was not even mine. This was such a shameful act; I was embarrassed to even face anybody. Tess—that fucking slut. I hated her too, and wished horrible things upon her. Hours I spent, all hours of the day, visualizing dreadful schemes that I wished to convey on Tess; only to find myself indulging into bizarre sequences that made little sense as I reminisced on the past. When Wilma was a baby, she shot me with a gun that somebody had left lying around… I wished now that it had killed me… or killed Tess instead. The sky was always gray—even when the sun was shining.

45. Pere Ubu
"The Duke's Saharan Ambitions" 4:56
Cleveland, OH

Tess, the stupid whore, had the nerve to show up at my apartment to discuss the divorce settlement. She talked on and on, but I did not pay attention to a single word she said. Finally, I became so outraged thinking about what she had done to my life that I resorted to violence. Once it reached the level where I couldn’t take it anymore, I beamed the fucking bitch in the side of her face with a 16 ounce package of marshmallows. It was a perfect strike, as it made a loud slapping noise once it whipped up against the side of her face—as an added bonus, it even busted open the bag of marshmallows. After getting pelted in the face with a bag of marshmallows, I figured the bitch would have learned her lesson and got the fuck out of there. Instead, she picked one of the marshmallows up off the floor and pelted me in the face with it. Then, she kept firing marshmallows at me from off the floor. I didn’t need to take this shit, so I threw marshmallows back at her. We were viciously throwing marshmallows back and forth at each other, ducking behind tables in chairs to avoid getting beamed, when Wilma stormed into the house. She was immediately pissed off not only because there were marshmallows scattered all over the floor, but Tess was not welcome in the home. Instantly, Wilma joined in and bombed Tess with array of marshmallows. I joined in on the ambush, and Tess finally retreated out the door.

44. Amon Tobin
"Bridge" 5:56
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Montréal, QC, Canada

The fact that Wilma immediately took my side in the marshmallow war forced me to reconsider the terrible thoughts that had been plaguing my mind. It also occurred to me that she was, in fact, still Elizabeth’s sister, and Elizabeth was still my daughter. Plus, I had almost forgotten about Elizabeth. But, no matter what happened, I still loved Wilma, and it appeared that our unity was unconditional. Very few people would have immediately rushed to my assistance in the aforementioned scenario, and Wilma proved that she was at least worthy to remain my best friend. And even if the changes I made in my persona were not critically necessary in afterthought, the bottom line is that it did happen and nothing could be done to change that. I had modeled myself in the fashion that would be impressionable to Wilma, and the fact remained, that is who I was… who I was had been all for her.

43. Fugazi
"Closed Captioned" 4:53
End Hits
Washington, DC

Elizabeth finally came over to visit. It had been over a week since I had seen her, and it was great seeing her again. Wilma had gone over to pick her up for the weekend, as Wilma missed seeing her sister too. With Elizabeth around, it seemingly made matters easier to discuss. Being as she was still smoking, we mostly sat out on the balcony discussing the whole divorce scenario and all the bullshit that surrounded everything. Thankfully, she was more at ease with things than I would have imagined. It’s not as if we were going to be out of her life forever just because Tess and I were getting a divorce and Wilma had left home. In fact, Elizabeth seemed pleased that she had a place to hangout downtown with her sister.

42. Blonde Redhead
"Distilled" 3:30
In an Expression of the Inexpressible
New York, NY

In general, when parents have two children, there is a tendency for one to be closer to one parent while the other sibling grows closer to the other parent. Perhaps this is because parents often have to divide the workload involved with raising kids. While I did love my daughters equally, and would never choose one over the other, it just turned out that I was always closer to Wilma and Elizabeth was closer to Tess. Whenever we watched movies at home, Wilma always sat next to me and Elizabeth always sat next to Tess. That made matters even more ironic how it all played out—Wilma was still technically Tess’s daughter and no relation to me, but had sided with me over her; Elizabeth was still my daughter, not Wilma, but it would appear that I was still closer to Wilma and not Elizabeth. While we were sitting in the living room, Elizabeth sat on the floor across the coffee table from Wilma and I seated next to each other on the couch. These were little things that I was noticing, but then again, it was technically Wilma’s apartment too and most guests sit on the floor in proximity of the home owners.

41. Royal Trux
"The Banana Question" 3:48
Chicago, IL

Finally, arose the ultimate tension breaker. Wilma and Elizabeth were bickering over something stupid just like they always do, and somehow I came up. Elizabeth blurted out, “that doesn’t matter, he’s not your dad anymore…he’s my dad.” Wilma retorted with laughter and a “fuck you, you dumb little cunt,” and the two teenage girls proceeded to say overly harsh things about each other and laugh loudly about each of them. Although I was stunned at first and a bit dumbfounded thinking this was too sensitive of an issue to joke about, eventually I laughed about it too. The funniest joke of all was when Elizabeth revealed that Wilma’s real dad was my old friend Milton Oswald…gross. Milton and I had recently befriended each other on Facebook too; he seemed to be doing fine although he probably never suspected that my daughter had been his all along.

40. The Brian Jonestown Massacre
"Love" 3:54
Strung Out in Heaven
San Francisco, CA

“Well, I don’t claim him as my dad. This is my real dad.” Wilma propped her legs over my lap and kissed me on the cheek. She kept her legs across my lap, and Elizabeth laughed again and claimed that her doing that was gross and disgusting. Elizabeth also claimed that Wilma was no longer allowed to sit close to me, or give me hugs or kisses. Then, Elizabeth even suggested that she should be the one able to stay here at the apartment and Wilma had to return home and live with mom. “Fuck that!”

39. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
"Softly" 6:00
Gorky 5
Carmarthen, Wales

It was nice having Elizabeth as the mediator. She and Wilma remained close sisters and frequently discussed all aspects of the situation; the two of them talked on the phone constantly and frequently hung out with each other. Also, Elizabeth was able to relate information to me regarding Tess and the aspects surrounding that bullshit. At age 16, Elizabeth acted like a mature adult—far more mature than the rest of us. However, she remained close with Tess and insisted that Wilma should not speak so harshly of her own mother. On that note, I never uttered any harsh words about Tess around Elizabeth. When she visited, we had a briefing of what we considered “business” (papers to sign and shit) and the rest of the time we never spoke of Tess or the divorce proceedings. We went about things happily and made the best of it. Plus, she had to be on her best behavior because she was hoping for me to assist her with buying a car. At least her taste in music was improving.

38. Tortoise
"TNT" 4:28
Chicago, IL

As much as everything appeared to be going as smoothly as could be expected, I was still periodically stricken with tension. Elizabeth was correct in regards to the fact that Wilma should probably refrain from any sort of intimacy with me. Being as she was no longer my daughter and now of legal age, people could possibly get the wrong impression if she continued to behave in the same manner in which daughters show affection with their parents. I attempted to avoid all physical contact with her and sit far away from her on the couch. All issues concerning any sort of sentimental fondness, I endeavored to eschew any bodily contact, and treated her in the same fashion I displayed to, say, my co-workers.

37. Gillian Welch
"My Morphine" 5:53
Hell Among The Yearlings
New York, NY/Nashville, TN

However, Wilma did not relinquish exhibiting affectionate tenderness. She still insisted sitting exceptionally close to me on the couch and frequently put her feet on me. One evening, she even rested her head in my lap. I felt she was getting too old for this sort of shit anyway, and I attempted to shun her. But, who was I to say that she was getting too old for anything; I had lost that right because I was no longer her father. It seemed like she was constantly touching me, or wanting to cut my hair and various elements such playing with my fingers or kissing me goodnight. Had we always been this way? I don’t recall kissing her goodnight since she was like 9 years old; maybe she was just being nice or trying to make me still feel accepted as her father. We did, after all, declare everything would remain the same.

36. Mice Parade
"Peeking Around The Corner" 6:52
The True Meaning Of Boodleybaye
New York, NY

To make matters worse, we had only one bathroom and she was still utilizing a portion of my closet for her clothes. I was growing uncomfortable with her coming out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her—and she would sit around on the couch with nothing but a towel around her and rub her foot against my leg. She would frequently enter my bedroom (with me still in there lying on the bed) wearing nothing but a bra and a pair of skimpy panties and proceed to change her clothes in front of me. One instance, she was wearing a g-string and I could see her ass. If I was still her father, I would maybe have said something about her wearing those types of panties to work at Arby’s. And who the hell bought her that shit? Tess? Fucking slut! That made me hate her even more, that she bought these sorts of clothes for my daughter.

35. The High Llamas
"Showstop Hip Hop" 6:00
Cold And Bouncy
London, England

I don’t know, maybe this was just how people lived these days. Let’s face it, the only thing I knew about modern times was whatever Wilma kept me up to date on. Being as she was now 18, I suppose this was just the new trend nowadays. It wasn’t that long ago that homosexuals getting married was frowned upon by the world, and in Wilma’s generation it was perfectly acceptable. I had changed my stance on numerous issues, gay marriage, legalizing weed, and now it appeared as if I was going to have to accept female nakedness—even though I wasn’t positive whether or not to consider her my daughter or roommate. This wasn’t the easiest thing for me to grasp, and I felt that it might be inappropriate for a cute girl like Wilma to be flaunting her body around another man; especially if he was once considered her father—for 18 years. She would lounge around in skimpy clothes, even change her clothes, and simply try to have a conversation with me as if nothing was abnormal; then I felt criminal for questioning, not questioning, suppressing…fuck it, I should probably just not think about anything but marshmallows.

34. Lambchop
"Life #2" 4:41
What Another Man Spills
Nashville, TN

Wilma wanted to live downtown, but she never went anywhere; and nobody ever came over. I felt as if she should be out enjoying herself. But, we had been through a lot involving our family, and maybe she just needed me. I considered how troublesome this whole situation might be for a girl her age, then felt guilty that I was trying to reject her at a time when she probably needed the most attention; and she had been trying to make me feel warm and comfortable this entire time. Therefore, I vowed to not relinquish my fatherly affection just yet and be more supportive to her emotional needs. That night when she propped her feet on my lap, I actually massaged them. It was disgusting at first because I could not get over the fact that I raised her and had never touched her feet in the same manner that I fondled her mother’s. But, the tension eventually eased as I comforted myself in knowing that she wasn’t actually my daughter anymore, and it was nothing more than rubbing her feet…even though I have a foot fetish.

33. Queens of the Stone Age
"Regular John" 4:38
Queens of the Stone Age
Palm Desert, CA

If Wilma wasn’t willing to go out and enjoy herself, that should not prevent me from doing so. I desperately needed a night out to get away and think about something else. She went to work at Arby’s that night and I went out downtown to check out the scene and maybe see a show. It was my first night out without any family member in a long time. Also, it allowed me the opportunity to encounter experiences in which I had been deprived my entire life. After all, I was single, and free to do whatever I pleased. Fortunately, I wasn’t the oldest person present, although I did find socializing a bit awkward because most of the people were ten years younger than I; even with Wilma and Elizabeth and their friends, I did not have very many acquaintances in their 20’s…they were all either in their 30’s & 40’s or teenagers. I was still having fun, and enjoyed checking out other women for the first time in nearly two decades. Some day, I figured, I would develop the nerve to actually speak to one of them.

32. System of a Down
"Sugar" 2:34
System of a Down
Glendale, CA

I was actually having fun being out by myself. My curious nature led me to places in which I had no business attending, and it was exhilarating experiencing some things for the first time ever. It is considered healthy to explore one’s wild side, especially when it had been suppressed since the age of 17. Because of my faux daughter, I was unable to participate in such acts of thrill seeking pleasure such as mosh pits, marijuana usage, and booty grinding. Being the ripe old age of 36 meant that it was never too late enjoy life to the fullest extreme…and I attempted to experiment with all of them in one night. Have to admit, the woman who danced exceptionally close to me and brushed up against me had me fully aroused…I had an excuse, it was the first woman I had physical contact with aside from my wife in over 18 years…I just had to keep holding something in front of my crotch to conceal the “little dude” from sticking out.

31. Drugstore
"Spacegirl" 4:25
White Magic for Lovers
London, England

My first night out by myself did not last as long as would have liked. Wilma sent me a text stating that she was leaving work early and coming home. When I told her that I was out downtown, she insisted that she was coming to meet me…and bring Jodi. Generally, I enjoyed seeing Jodi because that’s all it would be—seeing Jodi. Tonight I was sort of drunk, had used marijuana, and was feeling the urge to allure other females. Jodi was not somebody I could fulfill this with (because of Wilma), and I felt that once again I had to act in a certain manner…a respectable manner that differed than the way I had been behaving the entire evening. To be honest, I did not want them to come meet me, and could not understand why they even wanted to…they weren’t even old enough to get into any of these places. Furthermore, I wasn’t Wilma’s father anymore, so I could not allow her to consume alcohol in my presence. As I was trying to sober up and act as if I had been on my best behavior all night (interesting how the tables had turned), the girls showed up. Unfortunately, I was still a bit intoxicated and felt that Jodi looked freaking hot.

30. Six Finger Satellite
"New Kind of Rat" 5:01
Law of Ruins
Providence, RI

I walked around downtown with a swagger, accompanied by Jodi and Wilma. Since it was getting late, Jodi decided that we should just get some beer and go back to the apartment; she purchased the beer with her fake ID (I pretended to have no knowledge of this). A while back ago, Wilma admitted to me that she smoked pot on brief occasion (about once every couple months) and tonight was going to be one of those occasions (she said that she needed to with all the stress she had been through). Once again, Jodi was dressed in what was commonly considered slutty attire (Wilma wasn’t dressed much more moderate). As we walked back to the apartment, she openly flirted with me and frequently touched me (one time wrapping her arm around my waist to feel my belly suggesting that I was in great shape for my age). I was already aroused enough from dancing with strange women and did not need her pulling this; it made me even more uncomfortable recollecting her blunt confessions the night of her drunken High School graduation party.

29. Danielson Famile
"Body English" 2:07
Tri-Danielson (Alpha)
Clarksboro, NJ

Back at the apartment, Jodi once again went to extraordinary measures to expose herself in front of me. After the two of them got stoned, it only became worse and she kept giving me the eye. At one point, she sat across from with her feet propped on the table, periodically sitting with her legs spread so I could see up her skirt. At first, I assumed that she was doing this because she was infatuated with me. But then I noticed that Wilma striking similar poses, and even had her shirt raised exposing her belly and her short cut-off jean shorts were unbuttoned and unzipped. Had she always been like this? It is quite possible because I may have never noticed because I was too busy checking out Jodi; I do remember that I was the only one in the house back then that was flustered with Jodi’s sexuality—Tess, Wilma, and Elizabeth did not seem to mind and YES, were dressed in the same fashion. I never paid any attention to Wilma’s sexuality because she was my daughter and I simply never looked at her that way; and I wasn’t going to start now.

28. Bodychoke
"Victim" 5:56
Cold River Songs
London, England

However, the two girls seemed to be in competition for my physical attention. It seemed as if Jodi was attempting to fondle me but Wilma would not allow her, and created obstacles preventing her from getting too close to me. Wilma was cock blocking, and one time even snapped her fingers at Jodi for taking a prolonged stare at me when I got up to go to the kitchen (why the fuck didn’t she do that when that bastard was feeling up Tess). I couldn’t believe that I was referring to Wilma as a cock blocker. This is when it dawned on me that I was the one having the notion that she was no longer my daughter and I was the one accruing changes even though we agreed nothing would change.

As I was considering ways to resort back to my old mindset when it was certain that Wilma was my daughter, Jodi kept bending down enabling to see down her shirt. They were both stoned, and scantily dressed Wilma had passed out on my shoulder. Jodi claimed she was ready to crash; Wilma wanted me to lay down on the couch so she could lie down too. Then, Jodi jokingly asked if she could sleep in my bed with me. This was too much for me to endure at this time, so I decided that I was going to bed…by myself.

However, I had to carry Wilma into her bed and she asked me to undress her as she laid sprawled out face-up on her bed. She claimed she was too tired and insisted that I needed to take her clothes off so she could sleep. I ignored her. On the way to my bedroom, I returned to the living room to grab my wallet off the table. Stoned Jodi was lying on the couch with her shirt completely unbuttoned with her breasts fully exposed. Also, she pretended to not notice me while I was looking for my wallet and pulled off her panties right at the moment that I was kneeling on the floor in-between the couch and the table—meaning her woman parts were but a few inches from my face. I was trying to be quiet and she “accidentally” tossed her panties at me while I was retrieving my wallet off the floor. She then apologized and asked me to sleep with her on the couch. I ignored her too, even though she looked hot.

What the fuck was wrong with these damn girls? I wondered if Wilma acted this way around Jodi’s father. But then again, I was no longer Wilma’s father.

27. Fatboy Slim
"Praise You" 5:23
You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Brighton, England

Wilma and I had been through too much together for me to simply abandon her based on the notion that I did not wish to see her prancing around the house in her panties. After careful consideration, I took responsibility for my actions and felt as if I had been mistreating Wilma. She was but a young girl going through a difficult period and the only father she ever knew was me. I made a conscious effort to terminate any thought within my own brain denying the fact that she was still my daughter. And once the cleansing process of mind was complete, I would continue to praise and cherish her the same way I always had; as a daughter.

26. Pulp
"This Is Hardcore" 6:25
This Is Hardcore
Sheffield, England

Throughout the day, I was trying to revitalize my stance as Wilma’s father. I was being exceptionally kind to her while not paying attention to how she was dressed. It was difficult trying to balance these two emotions, but I had been successful doing so for over 18 years.

She must have sensed a changed in my behavior and seemed a bit depressed as she sat next to me on the couch. Finally, she came right out and asked: “you like Elizabeth better now, don’t you?”

“No,” I was trying to sound as comforting as possible, “of course not.” I smiled, put my arm around her shoulders, and hugged her close to me.

Wilma smiled, and then hugged me back. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and then kissed me on the lips. And then, she kissed me on the lips again. She kissed me on the lips again and this time with tongue. The moment her tongue entered my mouth, caressing my tongue, she straddled on top of me.

I don’t know, maybe it was because I’ve always had a thing for girls in tight capris. Maybe it was because I’ve always had a thing for girls with freshly pedicured toes. Maybe it was because her nipples had been protruding through her slightly transparent shirt all day.

Perhaps I need no justification whatsoever. We were, in fact, both of legal age and of no relation. I was, in fact, born a heterosexual male with an overly stimulated sex drive. It was just a normal reaction, for I had often fantasized about this, but the fantasies involved other women—not the girl I assumed was my daughter.

Naturally, when we started kissing, my hands lightly caressed her bare foot that was snuggled against my leg. My hand went up her leg and I clutched her firm buttocks; this is common desires for a male when contacting a woman wearing tight leggings/yoga pants. I even stuck my hand down the back of her pants so I could fondle her bare ass. And my hand slid in-between her legs, and the next thing I knew my finger was plunged into her tight soaking wet pussy. Once my finger entered her vagina, she moaned, and realized that I had the same desires she had. While she was rocking back and forth on my finger, she removed her shirt—this was the first time I had seen her bare titties since they were fully developed. Wilma had what I considered the perfect body, a tight belly, perky tits, and perfectly shaped nipples…I eagerly sucked on them.

She dismounted herself from on top of me and lied down on the sofa, pulling me on top of her. We kissed, and I again took the pleasure of fondling her bare body, kissing her neck, her breasts, her belly button, her toes, and then pulling off her tight leggings and sexy panties. This was definitely the first time I had ever seen her pussy since I used to have to give her baths as a child. Her bush was also perfect and her snatch was incredibly tight. I had to lick her clit for several minutes both because I wanted to and to lubricate it enough to fit my shaft in there.

Once I was inside her, I realized what I had always suspected. Yes, Wilma was a virgin. I was there when she took her first steps, took the training wheels off her bike, lost her first teeth, graduated High School, and now losing her virginity. I was a rare case who experienced all of this with his daughter/non-daughter/whatever the fuck she was. Three months ago this act seemed taboo and extremely unlikely; but before I had to chance to even think about any of it, I was having hot passionate sex with the girl I had always assumed was my daughter. I had raised her; I didn’t realize that I had raised her to be like this. It seemed like just yesterday that I walked her to the bus stop for her first day of kindergarten; now here I am fucking her. Kids grow up so fast these days.

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