The Top 25 Songs of 2007

Part 1: The Days When There Once Was a Sun
Part 2: Lab Rat Decontamination
Part 3: This Shithole (Applies to Everywhere)
Part 4: The Sunless Gang
Part 5: Genetic Disorder
Part 6: Allergic Reaction

Part VI: Allergic Reaction

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25. The City Lights
"Spy Theme 3"  3:18
El Sol
Sydney, Australia

The poisoned ingredients could have embraced the opportunity to finally meld once the disappearance of the sun signified historical failure. Instead, the contaminants blamed other ingredients that caused the spoilage of the products. Warfare was declared on warfare, and all items that once were suggested as absolute uniform standards were attacked with violent hostility. It was as if the goal was mass destruction of everything that exemplified human existence.

24. 31Knots
"Sanctify"  3:16
The Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere
Portland, OR

Most of the buildings that once served as landmarks were transformed into blazing infernos. In every direction in the dark sunless sky, the landscape was decorated with flames from the massive skyline blaze. Those flames became the decorative setting, though the smoke was unseen in the darkness. James Bailey’s ex-wife attempted yet again for the two to spend those final moments together… it would be ending soon, and they could forget the past few months and reminiscent on that time back when it was good. He coldly rejected such as offer, as he watched the world burn from above… and studied a junkie named Brittany walking alone amidst exploding skyscrapers.

23. Pissed Jeans
"People Person"  4:58
Hope for Men
Allentown, PA

Police officers both joined with the fiasco and attempted to put it all to an end. A massive insurgency was directed towards the police department and it became too dangerous for key figureheads to even admit to being a police officer. The demise of the police orders finally took precedent and the squad cruisers enjoyed the same equality as the typical road jalopy… and many of them were burned and destroyed. As it surmounted, the words “law enforcement” officially became obsolete.

22. Dälek
"Tarnished"  6:45
Abandoned Language
Newark, NJ

The mayor initiated a curfew, as if anybody was ever going to abide by it. They spoke of this enforced regulation on the news, as if they knew anything, as if they knew where exactly the sun disappeared, as if they understood the religion they preached. It was this exact same newscast and the dependency on the television that spread the contamination. People tuned in to receive the expertise of all things considered knowledgeable, and that guidance led to potential extinction. These programs were still fueled by earning money, and the final catastrophe was sponsored by commercials. 

21. Bluebottle Kiss
"The Weight Of The Sea"  4:37
Doubt Seeds
Sydney, Australia

Occupants of foreign nations still assumed they had authority to dictate instilled pollution upon uninterested citizens of other blendations. When it looked like it was coming to an abrupt end, the insurgency turned angry. Knowing that their time was possibly short as well, the foreign militants disobeyed their commanders allotted the freedom as it was defined by each individual. This was the moment they sincerely became heroes.

20. Liars
"Sailing To Byzantium"  4:03
New York, NY/Los Angeles, CA

Some set out to search for the sun, but the sun was nowhere in the vicinity of where it usually hailed. It was gone. To James Bailey, the world did not change as it was crashing into turmoil. It was constantly night now, but there was no way to ever sleep. Maybe it would grow colder, but there was also the possibility that the sun was never that warm to begin with. Life without a sun could have been a new experience, but this society had been so severely contaminated that it was unable to fathom any notion that contradicted the instilled possibilities that had been preached to them since long before they were even conceived.

19. True Primes
"We Have Won (Reprise)"  6:10
We Have Won
New York, NY

Brittany injected a special dose as the quality of the substance had reached record breaking greatness. It was rumored to be this good, and it lived up to its billing. One injection, and the building above her exploded with intense fury. Flames were smoldering on the street as the panes of glass were crashing onto the sidewalk. She ignored all of it—the world was fading in and out and its total destruction was something she never even cared about these days.

18. Wilco
"Walken"  4:28
Sky Blue Sky
Chicago, IL

James Bailey was walking home. This mass annihilation of a society gone astray was well-deserved—all of the casualties he supported. There was no certainty whether or not the world would actually end, but he was hoping that it would. He saw Brittany again, in an altered state, staring blank into the sky, perched on the porch step of a burning building, as she transcended into another world and watched it burn. There was that notion that maybe she needed him; there was something about her. But, she didn’t need him, she didn’t need anybody. Maybe it was he who needed her, his glow was fading and hers was already diminished…maybe he needed her to finish it off for good.

17. Dan Deacon
"Wham City"  12:12
Spiderman of the Rings
Baltimore, MD

In a dazzling display of artistic brilliance, the sky mysteriously changed colors. A multitude of various patterns of colors raced across the sky, as if flashing the entire history of the incarnation as told with the magnitude of pigmented swirls and abstract visuals. There was no longer anything to orbit, no control of what had been ordained the purpose; the planet was now free, and it was free falling through the universe. One day, it might be free from all of those constraints and no longer in need to orbit anything. Or, on some other day, it would continue the same that plagued it in the first place, find a new sun, and continue its dependency on an unknown interstellar object that was completely alien to all the patrons onboard the sinking ship.

16. Animal Collective
"Chores"  6:35
Strawberry Jam
Baltimore, MD/New York, NY

He was a cute kid—those family videos of him crawling across the floor and haphazardly into a wall bearing that beautiful smile had become a feature attraction. To many, he was still beautiful. That’s why it was so disturbing attempting to decipher what exactly caused all of that insanity. During that interval when there would either be the end of everything or a fresh beginning, James Bailey remained isolated, feeling inhuman, while rejecting any consideration to return to society. It was apparent that he had been stricken with a sheer hatred and a dire loathing for all things in The Universe. There was no longer any motivation left.

15. The Besnard Lakes
"Devastation"  5:50
The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse
Montréal, QC, Canada

Falling freely without constraints causes the greatest fear, which is called "unknown". The perilous descent into potential aversion could have been the greatest approbation in the failed history. It had already been a sheer failure, the creator had abandoned them, and the free fall was the only hope for decontamination. More brilliant lights flashed across the sky, and many of them more destructive than normal orbital lightning that used to cause substantial damages. Purples rays blasting remnants of buildings created massive sparks and ultimately the demolition of its placement in the chapter of various failures.

14. Grinderman
"Honey Bee"  3:48
London, England

They had always been concerned with the disgusting filth, and most of them could not even imagine a life without it. It had tarnished their personalities and construed their interests. These creatures on the free falling planet were too easily offended. He had been proud to not share any common interests with any of them, and he wasn’t willing to begin a quest for questionable friendships now. He felt they had turned on him. But, what did he really want anyway? No matter what course was ultimately chosen, he was never going to experience pure happiness because he had to share with this world that he despised.

13. King Khan & The Shrines
"Welfare Bread"  4:08
What Is?!
Montréal, QC, Canada/Berlin, Germany

Money was of no value to him. In order to obtain currency, one had to appeal to somebody else. Money itself came from somebody else. The only way he could ever achieve it was to falsify a pretension that he genuinely had any interest in any of these contaminants residing on the same planet as he. And the only useful feature that money really had was to give it away to another wretch in order to purchase something marketed by some other incompatible virus. The cycle was disturbing and he decided he would rather have nothing than continue with the satisfaction of the controllers.

12. Deerhunter
"Strange Lights"  3:38
Atlanta, GA

Somehow he developed a final fascination for Brittany. But, he even shun that notion. She was a prostitute, there were certainly numerous other guys enamored with her. He had been taught not become involved with hookers anyway—excessive fraternization with her would only cause problems. It could have been different if she was never contaminated; back in those days when there was a sun in the sky. This new sun, someday, could change everything. The attraction was always there, but whether it was strong enough to deem one another soul mates was irrelevant for that required the dependency on another person and that entire aspect was dwindling.

11. Andrew Bird
"Simple X"  3:37
Armchair Apocrypha
Chicago, IL

The beautiful free spirit suffered a severe allergic reaction to the contamination. His components were never compatible with the elements of the world in which he was infused. There only way to achieve happiness, and that was to completely alter every aspect of his chemical structure so that it coincided with the rest of the polluted society. The end result would ultimately be unrecognizable.

10. The Thrills
"Should've Known Better"  3:33
Dublin, Ireland

Although they were brought into this world on the same day, Brittany and James had two entirely different degrees of contamination. Her contamination came first; pre-dating his by over a full decade. He did not have the necessary ingredients to become fully contaminated, particularly the way that she had become infected. It was this degree of contamination why he was most attracted to her. There were no longer any goals to adapt to the society that had been plagued, he wanted to dwell in the ruins that had been most affected… but he was not welcomed as she had been.

9. Sister Vanilla
"K To Be Lost"  4:41
Little Pop Rock
East Kilbride, Scotland

There was no place of suitable residency for the failed experiment. Someone assumed that his brilliance could spark a legacy that initiated the ultimate change, but that false pretension was realized a failure long ago. And now, the once beautiful free spirit had become completely lost along the way. Even when the Earth plummeted to a new domain, he drifted the burning streets with the one theme that horrified all things in existence… my place in this world is no place at all in the entire universe. My displacement created a mistaken existence.

8. Electrelane
"Five"  6:26
No Shouts No Calls
Brighton, England

He had run out of places to establish association, yet there was still some sort of lingering yearning for acceptance. That was when temporary desperation settled in and he ventured his outside element to avoid loneliness. This led to a venture to the worst kingdom in humanity, for he had already been rejected everywhere else; and this land had been rejected by everybody else. The only thing illuminating the streets was the fire that had been set by the riot; and the riot remained in total uproar. As an experiment, for no reason in particular, maybe just to feel accepted, he was caught up in the madness and participated in the riot.

7. LCD Soundsystem
"All My Friends"  7:37
Sound of Silver
New York, NY

It had been a long time since he slept. They had to evade the man with the machine gun who stormed the upheaval and soon he was surrounded with new friends. This was the first time he experimented with crack; later his first experiment with injection. These crack heads he found himself surrounded with, they knew Brittany, and she was suddenly present. James had finally drifted so far outside of his natural element that there was no way of ever returning, even though this was not what he defined as natural either. Tomorrow, he would regret this fraternization and question the decision thoroughly…and view the experience the same way the microscope viewed all of his undertakings.

6. Los Llamarada
"Break the Silence"  4:23
The Exploding Now
Monterrey, Mexico

The allergic reaction was painful and gradually becoming worse. He was a pure spirit that was created to socially blend with other spirits. Unfortunately, the necessary interaction was growing increasingly absent and this was causing severe mental instability; he was faced with the opposite circumstances contradicting what his creator had intended. As more time passed, the required components for the achieved plan of physical and mental wellness became afflicted from deprivation. He was created for blending and now all alone in a mentally depleted state succumbing to total madness.

5. Of Montreal
"The Past Is A Grotesque Animal"  11:54
Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
Athens, GA

Isolation and abandonment led to contradictive consequences. A desire to mesh with somebody reached desperate anxiety. In order to be with somebody, that required a means of appeal, and he no longer appealed to the qualities that appealed to him. Furthermore, the lack of appeal led to apprehensive angst. There was no longer any certainty that determined who had been infected and was preserved. He could no longer function systematically in a manner that corresponded with complete compatibility; and seemingly lacked the ability to concoct with the residents of this world. The tirade of lunacy created a struggle that resulted in a disturbing impact. Any desires for intimacy was repressed due to feelings of inadequacy and the harsh realization that his components differed entirely than the genetic structure of the entire population. Finally, he felt as if the entire world was either pure and he was the one contaminated, or he was the only one with purities remaining. In actuality, his infection was brought forth with a different strand of contaminants that did not resemble normal contamination.

4. Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene)
"Farewell to the Pressure Kids"  5:49
Spirit If...
Toronto, ON, Canada

The expectation to conform to popular society elevates unnatural symptoms of insanity. In turn, the desire to deviate from the perceived conduct that defines popularity also generates negative assessments—albeit coupled with admirable judgments. However, being born in a natural state that naturally does not coincide with any given aspect of instilled popular comfort causes extreme dissentient reactions throughout society.

3. Frog Eyes
"Bushels"  9:41
Tears of the Valedictorian
Victoria, BC, Canada

All of those dreams and ambitions of superstar success had all but faded. There was once a time when he dreamed of fame and prosperity, and that he would be loved by the entire world. Do you remember those days? Back when you were a child, sitting there with your friends, daydreaming about when that moment would come when you wow that audience… and they would all cheer for you in a state of awe… that walking onto that stage called life would generate immense applause. Those aspirations have all but depleted, and all that remains is a sinful desire to engage in the utmost of destructive social behavior; the desire to remove all elements that caused the ultimate despair, and that is pretty much everything. You got it, boy, you got this sort of glow to ya. It’s something special, man, it’s not anything the world had ever seen. You’re gonna do it; someday, you’re gonna set the world on fire…I can see it, I can feel it… You, man, you are elegance in a world of gloom, man… you give us all hope. And now, the world was actually on fire, and all he wanted to do was watch it burn.

2. Papercuts
"The World I Love"  3:10
Can't Go Back
San Francisco, CA

This was not his world. Maybe there had been a time where he wanted to be an integral part of it, but that would have meant conforming to the ugliness. All of the others that he once aspired to impress, he now loathed all of them. This world he no longer recognized, and no longer wished to be a part of it. He had loved this place, but that was perhaps an instilled affection. The bad sugar finally brought him down, and he could either blend with the botched ingredients to formulate the disfigured formulation, or allow the recipe to manifest itself minus one chief ingredient.

1. Helvetia
"Old, New Bicycle"  4:20
The Acrobats
Seattle, WA

He drove up and down the boulevard searching for that girl who invigorated his passions. It was widely considered the worst community in existence, and viewing the setting, most would agree. Behind a burning building, he spotted her—Brittany, and he offered her a ride.

“So, you finally want me to suck your dick.”

“How much do you charge for that?”


James Bailey pulled his car down a desolate alleyway where nobody could disturb them; nobody could even see them. Everybody else was participating in the upheaval surrounding the chaos.

“What do I get for $1000?” he asked her.

“Shit, anything you want.”


“Oh yea,” she said unbuttoning her shirt and rubbing his crotch.

“They say the good shit’s going around again. You got any?”

“Is that what you want?”

“No. I don’t really get into that shit. Just asking if you got any.”

“Not yet.”

“I bought a gun the other day.”


“Let me ask you something… if somebody you knew was on life support and basically a vegetable, would you pull the plug?”

“Uh, yea, definitely” this was an adamant response without hesitation.

“I have a gun, and I’ve written a suicide note that I have right here in my back pocket. However, I don’t have the nerve to pull the trigger myself. There’s some sort of ailment that I have instilled in my head that I do not wish to die by means of killing yourself…it just sounds so grotesque. So, I have a thousand dollars for you… and it will be a quick ordeal. All I need you to do is take this gun, aim it at my head, and pull the trigger. You don’t have to worry about getting caught…like I said, I have a suicide note already written. What you do after that is your business, but I would recommend that you place the gun in my hand so that it looks legit. I already have a cover wrapped around the handle, so you don’t have to worry about leaving any fingerprints. A thousand bucks, and I’m sure that’s significantly more appealing that having to suck my nasty cock.”

She shrugged, “sure.”

He handed her the gun, and without hesitation or even giving it any consideration whatsoever, she aimed the barrel at his head and unloaded the components. From outside the car, one could see several flashes of gunfire, and blood and brains that had exploded onto the window. Brittany placed the gun in his hand, took the $1000, and exited the vehicle. She spent the entire $1000 on crack and heroin and died of an overdose two weeks later.

END CREDITS: Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene)
"Gang Bang Suicide"  6:22
Spirit If...
Toronto, ON, Canada

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

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Bottom Image by: Buzznet/Melody Joy


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