The Top 150 Songs of 2007

The Bad Sugar + The Top 150 Songs of 2007
Part 1: The Days When There Once Was a Sun
Part 2: Lab Rat Decontamination
Part 3: This Shithole (Applies to Everywhere)
Part 4: The Sunless Gang
Part 5: Genetic Disorder
Part 6: Allergic Reaction

Part I: The Days When There Once Was a Sun

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150. Burial
"Near Dark"  3:59
London, England

I’m glad that I’m not like the rest of these mother fuckers. Looking at all these fucking assholes makes me sick. Their world, that world, this world… it’s all a fucked up world. That’s exactly what it is. Could I have done something to make a difference? Maybe I could have prevented everything. But, probably not. I would rather kill all of these fuckers than help any of them.

149. Wu-Tang Clan
"Wolves (feat. George Clinton)"  4:16
8 Diagrams
Staten Island, NY

Even when he was young, there was something peculiar about his whole existence. This was the experiment that needed careful analysis. They added him to bring another dimension that could have either saved the project or lead to its’ demise. Early on, he showed the symptoms of the worst possible contamination. He was a serial killer suffering from that very same initial allergic reaction.

148. Sondre Lerche
"Well Well Well"  3:27
Phantom Punch
Bergen, Norway

Their own happiness seemed intertwined with despair. More often than not, the only thing that made them happy was another person’s suffering. It was that suffering that made their suffering seem more enjoyable. They relied on somebody else’s negligence to make their existence seem essential.

147. The Swell Season
"Falling Slowly"  4:04
Once: Music From the Motion Picture
Dublin, Ireland

Those other people smiled periodically. And for awhile there, I smiled too. But those smiles slowly faded, as did the glow that I once possessed. For no reason whatsoever, they threw me into a world in which I did not fit. These things living in my presence attempted to alter my ultimate destination; as if they knew anything at all. They went by what somebody else had previously told them to go by… a history that had been blemished with poisoned ingredients.

146. Iron & Wine
"Resurrection Fern"  4:50
The Shepherd's Dog
Columbia, SC/Dripping Springs, TX

All of their interests were uninteresting. They had all been failures. Yet, instead of taking lessons from an imminent forthcoming change that could have provided opportunity, they insisted upon dictating the exact same failures that contaminated their destination. These people had been infected by the bad sugar.

145. Spoon
"Black Like Me"  3:26
Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Austin, TX

I only fraternize with other people with the darkened souls. I knew what I was capable of doing. Should there ever cometh a situation, in which I found myself surrounded by the wrong people, I visualized the ultimate massacre. Even as a child, I would often fantasize about killing people, and the ways I would love to go about doing it.

144. Saturday Looks Good To Me
"Hands In The Snow"  3:33
Fill Up the Room
Ann Arbor, MI

Back when I was five years old, I used to indulge in sexual fantasies involving my kindergarten teacher. However, the simplified fucking assholes who had been deemed ordinary useless failures reprimanded me for my natural thought processes insinuating that a girl my age had no business wanting to fuck my kindergarten teacher… even though they agreed that she had a delectable set of tits. Because of this, I sought to murder her… and every other boy in the class with their ugly penises.

143. Mobius Band
"Control"  4:41
Shutesbury, MA/New York, NY

There are situations that lead to other situations and these situations nobody has any control over. Back in that situation long ago in the past, the goodness vanished. And on this other day in the past, the entire community plunged into a darkness that was capable of creating an entire deplorable infestation that shall be considered incurable. So on that day, two births occurred… and enter the blackened void two purified souls that had been unblemished.

142. CocoRosie
"Animals"  6:04
The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn
Paris, France/New York, NY

There was a sun back then, and that sun shun brightly on the day that may have altered everything. Under a blue sky, amidst grass that grew so green, entered the world a beautiful child; and just outside the hospital where the birth took place, those six other people were gunned down in the street. The girl smiled almost immediately… and so did he. Three blocks, the woman getting beat to death by her drunken pimp had not smiled in years.

141. Scissors for Lefty
"Save It Cory"  3:54
Underhanded Romance
San Francisco, CA

Both children were beautiful mistakes and neither set of parents could even afford this child. However, most people considered them the two cutest kids they had ever seen… even though the two had never seen each other. Their cuteness, however, raised expectations. The world immediately established the plans for James Bailey’s future… Brittany Marshall was so beautiful that her biological father immediately felt inconsequential and abandoned the family.

140. Au Revoir Simone
"Fallen Snow"  3:45
The Bird of Music
New York, NY

Brittany’s contamination process began early in life. One primary reason was the fact that her beauty was so alluring. Because her father had abandoned them, her mother delegated finding a man to assist raising her as the #1 priority. It pained her to see Brittany suffer and it was essential that she never suffer worse than she did. Money was the main topic of concern. Displaying her own vibrant beauty would enable her to find that person with the money required to raise her properly. She dictated that with enamoring beauty, she could obtain anything.

139. Shannon Whitworth
"No Expectations"  3:58
No Expectations
Brevard, NC

She was able to lure in that new father rather easily. Brittany’s mother tightened her jeans, lowered her blouse, and those same titties that provided the nourishment for her daughter brought forth the essential payments to obtain better nutritional values for a growing adolescent. Rick loved fucking that ass, and sticking his shaft in-between those titties she had no problems exposing. This was her angel, his elegant prize that represented what he stood for; that child was now his.

138. Band of Horses
"No One's Gonna Love You"  3:37
Cease to Begin
Seattle, WA/Mt. Pleasant, SC

Rick pledged his love to her mother the exact same way the boys were displaying affection to Brittany at school. Once these boys at school showed her so much attention, she no longer needed Rick or any of his domineering bullshit. He wasn’t her real father, and viewed her merely as a lovable distraction. Brittany was a reminder that somebody else had fucked his wife. While he was constantly groping her mother’s ass, Brittany was frequently neglected. But, the other kids in the neighborhood never neglected her and showered her with affection and tremendous gifts.

137. The Weakerthans
"Utilities"  4:35
Reunion Tour
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

James Bailey immediately felt out of place in the wretched world commonly referred to as his one and only life. He had no attachments with the rest of the world and few things in common. Although he held a high degree of social desire, he rarely blended with the uniformal concoction of high school protocol. He had friends, he had some girlfriends, but they found him odd. At the end of each evening, there was still something missing. His input seemed unfitting for the most of the uses in life.

136. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Isis"  4:04
Is Is EP
New York, NY

Brittany soon realized that she hated Rick. He was but some piece of shit who provided money periodically; and the price was that he now had the right to dictate his standards onto her. By the age of 15, Brittany learned that she guys were willing to pay her money to have sex with her. The sex was not that bad and it paid significantly more than Rick’s pathetic allowance. Her mother was right, her sexuality could obtain anything. As she rebelled more against Rick’s standards, she found herself engaging in wild nights of sex, drugs, and anything she wanted.

135. The Shaky Hands
"We Will Rise"  3:08
The Shaky Hands
Portland, OR

Unfortunately, this was not the first time this experiment had been conducted. There had been previous attempts to add different ingredients to the mixture to purify all that had been infested with the hindrance that impaired the targeted final creation. However, all of the newly added ingredients became distorted by the disconfigured conglomeration.

134. Division Day
"Dayenu"  4:41
Beartrap Island
Los Angeles, CA

By all means, the project should have been disbanded by the original creator. However, assistance was summoned and several other entities collaborated in an attempt to salvage the masterful creation. Therefore, the ingredients were not created by the same source. Instead, the multitude of creational sources led to further disarray.

133. Black Moth Super Rainbow
"Melt Me"  2:23
Dandelion Gum
Pittsburgh, PA

We wanted these ingredients to mesh together to unify a brilliant combination of cluttered brilliance. But, once the project failed, we felt as if we could add other components that could have enhanced the ultimate blendation. And, we wanted these things to melt, to melt into each other, to liquefy, and that the liquids would unite and the combining of all of these aspects would wield the ultimate precious beauty… sort of like baking cookies. All great things are a combination.

132. Sage Francis
"Got Up This Morning"  3:11
Human the Death Dance
Miami, FL/Providence, RI

All things beautiful need to be fucked constantly in order to feel beautiful. This is one of the signs of contamination. The other sign is the fact that those with contaminated disorder are fueled by the desire to fuck something pure… and to do so with such force and intensity that it will, in turn, contaminate the precious beauty to resemble the rest of the thought disorder that rules society.

131. Modest Mouse
"We've Got Everything"  3:42
We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Issaquah, WA

Many of the added components are immediately disagreeable with the dejected blendation of the creation. The new components despise everything in which they are surrounded. These precious artifacts either become contaminated themselves or develop the desire to destroy the blemished kingdom. And each day, each moment, there is that desire to bludgeon all of what they think they might have.

130. Tunng
"Out the Window With the Window"  3:18
Mother's Daughter and Other Songs
London, England

In return, the contamination process has created serial killers among those considered ordinary. These souls, who have been heavily inflicted with the diseased components of the wrongfully blended ingredients, fell in love with a horrific misconstrued accidental creation. The contemptible malcontents willingly seek to defend the plagued society in which they dwell by all means possible. It is their mission to see to it that the concoction remains inflicted… because that is all they know, and they are unwilling to learn any other way. They will seek out and destroy and added beautiful ingredients that could jeopardize the ultimate disturbance in The Universe.

129. Working for a Nuclear Free City
"Forever"  4:35
Businessmen & Ghosts
Manchester, England

Many of the polluted degenerates have created separate subsidiaries within the ultimate concoction and have displayed a refusal to blend with other separate blendations. Therefore, there exists a multitude of incompatible blendations within the nations of the ultimate creation. Then, these separate blendations contested which possibility of conglomerates was the best of all, the biggest, and the most essential for ultimate concocting. There was no unity, however, just disjointed fragments that drifted further apart rather than blending together.

128. Shout Out Louds
"South America"  5:02
Our Ill Wills
Stockholm, Sweden

Participation in impurities provided much more marvelous recreational enjoyment than partaking in what was wrongfully considered the purification process. This complicated matters immensely for there was mass uncertainty as to what aspects caused impurity and which ones were natural for the desired state of being. Then, those juxtaposed relationships ordained a dismal infraction of improper proceedings that did not correspond with the accidental allegations as to what the creator deemed appropriate. Affairs in this matter caused severe consequences ranging from destructive behavior, heavy drug use, violence, and sometimes, suicide. But, it also led to the only form of absolute enjoyment that was readily available within the conjugulated demise of pristine infection.

127. Do Make Say Think
"A Tender History In Rust"  5:07
You, You're a History in Rust
Toronto, ON, Canada

Confusion overwhelmed the distorted concoction due to the fact that nobody was certain what elements was, in fact, actually pure, and which elements had been contaminated with the bad sugar. Pledging any allegiance to either risked adversity and ultimately led to a unified commitment to an instilled infliction. Many had fallen in love with the wrong thing, with the wrong person, and created a conglomeration of disgust that sought the demise of what was actually pure. In time, it had become too late to differentiate any of these elements, and not pledging any allegiance whatsoever cause grievance and alienation.

126. Antibalas
"Filibuster XXX"  11:54
New York, NY

Then came the time to make a final decision, and those most infected with the deadly disease where the ones responsible for making this decision that would impact the entire conglomeration. They had to elect a known serial killer to ensure that the improper allegiance they had pledged was in fact the most prestigious decision they had ever made. These elected officials would arm their most devout supporters with weapons capable of killing entire individual concoctions and destroy any deterrence to their decision to defend their invalid selection of purified lifestyle. The infected ones proudly assumed that the elected ones knew everything about The History of the Universe and would rightfully misguide them into perceived purification.

Top Image by: Kristina Savitskaya
Bottom Image by: life.arbtoday

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