The Top 125 Traxxx of 2007

The Bad Sugar + The Top 150 Songs of 2007
Part 1: The Days When There Once Was a Sun
Part 2: Lab Rat Decontamination
Part 3: This Shithole (Applies to Everywhere)
Part 4: The Sunless Gang
Part 5: Genetic Disorder
Part 6: Allergic Reaction

Part II: Lab Rat Decontamination

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125. Future Pilot AKA
"Nuclear War"  4:41
Secrets from the Clockhouse
Glasgow, Scotland

The battles raged in the streets as the separated concoctions waged war on one another assuming any of them knew the difference between purification and contamination. All parties participating in the various forms of destructive warfare were, by all means, infested with the severest of contamination. It wasn’t even necessary to determine if any of the parties was correct in their presumptions; rather, it was a battle to see which form of corruption could contaminate the most species.

124. The Rakes
"Little Superstitions"  3:53
Ten New Messages
London, England

Many espoused the disgusting deterrence that destroyed the freewill of most. They claimed that this aspect was essential to the world. Luck and happiness was defined by how much of this filth they could accumulate in a lifetime. It was a double sided standard as they sought to prevent others from obtaining the foul refuse that dissolved joyful unions.

123. Cake On Cake
"Come On Rainbow"  2:27
I Guess I Was Daydreaming
Stockholm, Sweden

Blessed was the one who eschewed the disgusting filth that contaminated the whole ordeal. Those who found happiness without possessing the cherished fabrication that presumed the ordainment of the ruling establishment leading the wars were the ones with the glow. In the name of sovereignty, the blackened contaminants stopped at nothing to diminish that beautiful glow. And those who eschewed the name of sovereignty were equally blessed.

122. And Also The Trees
"Rive Droite"  5:09
(Listen For) The Rag and Bone Man
Inkberrow, England

At once, a new form of disgust began to swarm and cause despair. This was a detestable loathing with the realization of the alarming number of those who had been contaminated. However, many of these were also contaminated and the elements they loathed were potential remedies that had been sent to the plagued society from an unknown entity.

121. Film School
"Two Kinds"  3:58
San Francisco, CA

There were two primary derivatives of poisonous contaminants. One was a physical attribute that inflicted individual’s psychological aberrations. The other was the actual psychological mentality that implemented the stature that the pledged allegiance was in fact impeccable, absolute, and vital for the survival of humankind. Both were easily spread, and several means were devised to influence the spreading of the psychological virus.

120. Aesop Rock
"Getaway Car"  3:15
None Shall Pass
New York, NY/San Francisco, CA

Ultimate disaster was ultimately looming in the horizon. Many different sources had predicted the end. Although their methods of extinction were question, few doubted that an adverse catastrophe was about to unfold. Therefore they became outraged with the very system that set the precedent. To escape the condition, they committed violent acts of atrocity against the contaminated establishment.

119. Enon
"Peace Of Mind"  2:52
Grass Geysers... Carbon Clouds
New York, NY/Philadelphia, PA

We shall protest the contamination. This was the final resolve that the kingdom was willing to endure. If this failed, it was time to deem the entire project a failure. And they had all failed—the only thing that it illustrated was that maybe the creators had also become contaminated. Or, perhaps they had no clue what they were doing. The only way the system was going to relish was for total abandonment of all allegiances between all parties involved.

118. The Hives
"Try It Again"  3:32
The Black and White Album
Fagersta, Sweden

James Bailey was constantly shoved down by all allegiances he openly rejected. The end result, he had rejected all of them and refused to pledge any sort of allegiance. Rather, he kept picking himself back and went about whatever it was that he enjoyed most. And most often, these very aspects were fiercely rejected by the allegiances attempting to win his pledge.

117. The Checks
"That One on the Right"  1:50
Hunting Whales
Auckland, New Zealand

Although some of the insurgents were unsure what exactly was absolute, they were aware of the flaws within the impurities that were attempting to dictate purification. Even if they were ultimately engaging in improper proceedings, they were certain that they were not blindly following the corrupted impurity that infected most of modern history.

116. Art Brut
"St. Pauli"  2:59
It's a Bit Complicated
London, England

Not only was the rejection adamant, there manifested an angst so powerful that this concoction desired to blatantly offend the corrupted means of purification. This was but a minuscule movement, for the powers that be sought its demise…as it sought the demise of the powers. But, this rebellion was firmly represented with the glowing ones, even though there were imposters within attempting to foil the glow.

115. The View
"Comin' Down"  3:01
Hats Off to the Buskers
Dundee, Scotland

This rebellion was easily suppressed for they lacked the abundance of the disgusting filth that ruled their particular concoction. Furthermore, since they were fewer in numbers, the authoritative disciples of the unpurified code targeted their methods of freewill and corrupted it with their own corruption. After that, they no longer had any freewill… it was all done either in accordance with the unpurified, or created strictly as an offense against the purification myth.

114. The New Pornographers
"Myriad Harbour"  4:04
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Brittany drifted from the prettiest to the disappeared. She hung out with those friends of hers, and she was the standout. Guys would have done anything to contaminate her. But, she was yet to be contaminated at that point… she loathed all the douches and the means they incorporated to get into her pants. Ideally, they would just shut the fuck up, pay her, fuck her, and go away.

113. Menomena
"Rotten Hell"  4:19
Friend and Foe
Portland, OR

Those friends from the conventional standards, they were losing grip fast. Unfortunately, it was a case of avoiding contamination that led to deeper affliction. Brittany slowly removed herself from that world; she lost interest in Bobby, the mall, teeny bopper pop music, and that shit on the television. She lost interest in her own family years ago. Instead of lingering around in the parkland of isolation, she stumbled upon a different infestation and opted to call it home for they accepted her.

112. Blonde Redhead
"Publisher"  4:02
New York, NY

The wretched disgusting filth that finally contaminated Brittany was the form that was injected into her arm. There were numerous filthy injections inside her from vagina from contaminated guys with the offerings of abundance, but after the moment vanished, so did their memory. Sex with these desperate contaminants was not required to sustain happiness. However, the injection into the vein was… and she gladly accepted the injection into her not-so-eager twat in order to obtain more of these cravings.

111. The Ghost Is Dancing
"The Darkest Spark"  3:59
The Darkest Spark
Toronto, ON, Canada

Brittany sparkled brightly in the darkest neighborhood in existence. She was a standout prostitute. In comparison to the other hookers working in this community, she was by far the most elegant. Even with an array of needle tracks covering her arms, she remained beautiful; and she looked exceptionally gorgeous in her bed-bug filled shoddy apartment a slumlord allowed her to live for periodic excursions with oral and anal intercourse. The shameful community finally claimed one proud resident.

110. Airiel
"Mermaid In A Manhole"  4:38
The Battle of Sealand
Bloomington, IN/Chicago, IL

Even after she was mercilessly gang raped by the crackheads in the community, she still refused the services of any pimp. She bought her own drugs too. As for those crackheads, there is no government here…not in this neighborhood. Brittany could have called the police, but that would have only led to awards of free meals. The right person found out about the ordeal, and Chester went to this person attempting to score a hit for a discounted rate. He was led behind the building to obtain the products, but was beaten severely… the fact that he has one eye missing and deformed fingers serves as a reminder that gang raping Brittany has severe consequences.

109. Vietnam
"Welcome To My Room"  5:31
New York, NY

The contamination process of James Bailey reached a stalemate. He was unable to bring down the establishment that was infecting the rest of the community…they were unsuccessful with their attempts to contaminate him completely. Some questionable choices were made, however, although the options presented were all fairly objectionable. Nothing he did had any opportunity to flourish; whatever appeal that presented itself quickly faded. Like many others, he obtained a career, got married, and sought that similar happiness.

108. Retrigger
"Duck You Sucker!"  3:31
Jeanie & Caroline
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

For a short time, that wife shared those same outstanding interests… at least long enough to satisfy his comfort. During that span, she was beautiful. Something happened. Her contamination became extremely noticeable and it was as if she had been hired by the authorities to contaminate him as well. Everything fell apart. This person’s beauty became a venomous ugliness that transpired into the most detestable cause of manic despair. The relationship had no appeal, and he eventually grew to despise her.

107. Carbon/Silicon
"Tell It Like It Is"  5:09
The Last Post
London, England

They claimed he was his own person; a unique individual who presented an uncanny appeal that was unlike anything they had ever witnessed. Despite all the misfortune, that glow was still there. This office had hired him for low pay and vowed to keep him forever constrained in the dungeon for their own amusement. He was the most loved and hated person in the building… and to all others, the feelings were mutual. As if any of them knew, but they too attempted to dictate new standards… with rewards ensuing for good behavior.

106. Macy Gray
"Glad You're Here"  2:55
Canton, OH

There was a longing to be elsewhere. However, they frequently informed that he was never allowed to go anywhere. These people here, they loved him and they were enamored to have him aboard; even though it did not coincide with his true ambitions, with his passions, and even though he had nothing in common with anybody residing in this blendation. James Bailey was unable to break it to them, however, that he wanted something different other than the offerings of these beautiful people in dire need of some sort of artistic refinery in their lives.

105. Dean & Britta
"White Horses"  5:13
Back Numbers
New York, NY

She had to have known that she was never going to be able to keep him in this state. What she had was the best she was ever going to get. Unfortunately, she was comfortable with ordinary life. The ambitions he wanted fulfilled were outside of her comprehension. This person had been contaminated long ago, and maybe she saw James Bailey as the only hope to be decontaminated; maybe why she exposed all of ugliness. Soon, it all just fell apart…everything, even all the household items. He couldn’t help her, and all of her constant lamenting in her own pitiful condition was only leading to his contamination.

104. Devendra Banhart
"Freely"  5:00
Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
Houston, TX

Her depression led to his depression. This cold bleak miserable life was inflicting madness as the once beautiful James Bailey stared outside his minute window questioning his place in this world. There was something else out there, and that something else was somewhere else, and he felt he needed to be there. One evening, he left, uncertain whether or not he would return…speculating how he would inform her. Maybe she was just joking, but she suggested a divorce…and he agreed without hesitation. It was nowhere near to proper protocol to go about such a defining decision, but, the opportunity was there and he seized it. It crushed her, and he was thrilled to finally be rid of her. But, the fact that she was crushed crushed him also.

103. АукцЫон (Auktyon)
"Там-дам"  8:16
Девушки поют
Saint Petersburg, Russia

There was a man on the bus that day. He had everything he owned in a black trash bag and he set directly in front of the door in which the people in the back normally exit. A passenger sat in the back and contemplated how exactly he was going to exit the bus. That’s everything the man’s got, right there, in that bag… show some respect. But, the next question was presented, it that’s everything he has, then why does he leave it in harm’s way…directly in front of the door of the bus. It’s the only place the man’s got right now to put that bag…there is nowhere else he is able to place it. Furthermore, he’s infected, man, he’s not in the right frame of mind…that’s the shit that happens when all you got goes inside one lone trash bag. But, he’s exactly that… a man… a human being, trying to find his place in this world… exactly like you.

102. Sigur Rós
"Í Gær"  6:26
Hvarf / Heim
Reykjavík, Iceland

She begged for him to return, and her pleas became pitiful and hopeless. The fact he was unwilling to ever return to her made him feel ashamed; the fact he was unable to help her made him feel disgraced. He had failed miserably. Visions of her despair plagued him, as this was to have been a lifelong commitment, and it hardly lasted a molecule. Finally, she gave up hope, and said her last goodbye. This vision forever haunted him. There should have been numerous things both of them could have done. If she cared so much, then why did she let herself go. She wasn’t in the right frame of mind, and he blamed himself for he was searching for his place, and she assumed she had found it. It was all gone now, and empathetic thoughts implying how she must feel tortured him.

101. Euros Childs
"The Miracle Inn"  15:52
The Miracle Inn
Freshwater East, Wales

It had become official. James Bailey was vomiting in the bathroom, and obviously lacked the abilities to remedy an epidemic that had spawned global contamination; and Brittany just sucked a cock and was injecting the profits into her veins. The entire project had officially been deemed a complete failure. There was only one item that still had any use, and that was the sun. That sun was taken away, and the project was completely disbanded. The God no one ever knew finally had abandoned them, and walked from this miserable life forever. These contaminants remaining in the failed creation were on their own now, the time had come for them to abandon their own fabrication of God and conjure a way to save themselves.

Top Image by: Science Daily
Bottom Image by: A Forever Recovery

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