The Top 100 Songs of 2007

The Bad Sugar + The Top 150 Songs of 2007
Part 1: The Days When There Once Was a Sun
Part 2: Lab Rat Decontamination
Part 3: This Shithole (Applies to Everywhere)
Part 4: The Sunless Gang
Part 5: Genetic Disorder
Part 6: Allergic Reaction

Part III: This Shithole (Applies to Everywhere)

Press play on the image below to hear this selection of songs in this exact order.

100. Low
"Pretty People"  3:01
Drums And Guns
Duluth, MN

There was never any hope for any of us. That’s why we sleep in alleys underneath ragged blankets and newspapers. We were denied equal living standards, so we shun our own quarters. The world means nothing to any of us. It’s 4:00 PM and the sun still hasn’t risen.

99. Deerhoof
"+81"  3:04
Friend Opportunity
San Francisco, CA

The President is but a teenage novelty act. No American President in The History of the Universe has ever achieved anything that is considered detrimental to the existence of humanity. However, they have been the ones that have allegedly written history. As if any of them had any capabilities of dealing with ordinary society, let alone even fitting in, let alone having any knowledge of the rising and setting of the sun.

98. My Teenage Stride
"Reception"  2:11
Ears Like Golden Bats
New York, NY

I do not recall what ever happened to hopes, dreams, and visions. They say live every day like it is your last. Most of the time I try to stay happy, but I can’t help but wishing that this day will be the last. Those dreams that I envisioned are no longer an option; they have all but faded.

97. We Are Wolves
"Coconut Night"  3:50
Total Magique
Montréal, QC, Canada

Smoking crack is the one thing we all look forward too. No matter how miserable the rest of the world will appear, the crack is our only outlet to stardom and fame. When I live each day like it is my last, I smoke crack…lots of it. When the good shit comes around, our alleyway is festive. We do not talk about anything important… all things of relevance has been long forgotten.

96. The Dirty Projectors
"Thirsty and Miserable"  6:00
Rise Above
New York, NY

It reached that point where it finally came down to no resolution for the disintegrated casualties of the regime. We lingered next to the dumpster conjuring one plan. Like everybody else, we needed the basic essentials in order to survive. They were the ones who devised the concepts of the means in which to obtain these essentials. Our own system of economics was created as a result. One transaction gave us enough nutrition for a day.

95. The Grey Race
"The Johnsons"  4:11
Give It Love
New York, NY

I don’t want what you have. I don’t want what you think you want. I never wanted anything from anybody. Therefore, I deserted all ambitions. Nobody said anything that ever impressed, nobody ever taught me anything. I haven’t spoken a word to a single soul in 6 years; and I will never speak to anybody again.

94. The National
"Start a War"  3:16
Cincinnati, OH/New York, NY

Moving into this shithole was bad enough. This dingy apartment in the worst neighborhood in the country made me feel like a total failure. He was such a fucking prick. She was such a fucking bitch. He lost his ambition but said it would return. She was tired of waiting and wanted what they wanted. Finally, she grew tired of it; she grew weary of the sun still not shining. Perhaps this was her last day, and she was not spending it here.

93. Rogue Wave
"Harmonium"  6:36
Asleep at Heaven's Gate
Oakland, CA

Something about this neighborhood always fascinated me. Perhaps it was because I knew that I would someday end up here. I was not at all like the others in the privileged community that sparked from systematic malfunctions. One day, I knew it would all fail. In the process, I would probably fail first because I wanted it to fail. My failures would someday lead me to here.

92. Essie Jain
"Glory"  4:38
We Made This Ourselves
London, England/New York, NY

Mom taught me to be pretty. I became so pretty that guys would pay me to suck their cocks—they would pay even more to fuck me. They would give me money just to see my titties. I hated my step-dad. I hated everything he stood for. He tried to cheat on my mom…with me. He said he would give $20 to never tell. I rebelled against everything he stood for. But I fell upon loneliness…this dirty street makes me depressed. The only people who want to fuck me are assholes… I only fuck assholes for money for crack.

91. The Ladybug Transistor
"For No Other"  3:37
Can't Wait Another Day
New York, NY

This woman had a nice kitchen. Whenever I looked into her windows, I saw the elegant decorations and patterns. This was important to her, and her household looked tranquil. Once upon a time, I lived in this house. But I shunned for too many reasons, I never did one thing right while we were together. One day, I just stopped trying and I left. The only time I see her is when I drop by and peek in the windows at her. I still am uncertain whether or not that household is for me, but I wish her the best.

90. Thurston Moore
"Trees Outside The Academy"  6:09
Trees Outside the Academy
New York, NY

The military never sacrificed anything. I had been brainwashed to believe that they were heroes. Come to find out, they never defended anything that had any value whatsoever to regular life. It had all been a sacrifice to support the rich man. Unfortunately, I found this out too late. I have killed many men, and all for nothing.

89. Talib Kweli & Madlib
"The Show"  2:23
Oxnard, CA

There is no reason for a soldier from another nation to even be in another nation unless he or she is just visiting for recreation. Different cultures and different lifestyles should have been embraced. But we occupied regions of the world in which we did not belong nor had any business. Massive bloodshed had been spilled. I believe we finally drove the sun away. I wouldn’t shine down upon us either.

88. Radiohead
"Bodysnatchers"  4:02
In Rainbows
Oxford, England

These people do not want a small government. They say they do, but they do not know what they believe…it’s all bullshit somebody else told them to believe. Instead, they want the world’s largest military, the world’s largest prison, and they are so involved with this massive huge government that they wish to extend it globally.

87. Om
"Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead"  5:53
San Francisco, CA

Missiles are expensive. One missile cost more money to manufacture than our entire neighborhood is permitted to earn. They test these expensive missile, which is a detonation of tax dollars… then spend even more extravagantly on elaborate explosions in areas rich of valuable resources and people with the wrong color skin; people that worship that wrong God; people that dress in weird fashions. It’s fun to watch these people die… our neighborhood has been the ultimate sacrifice… we live in poverty without appropriate essentials so the television may air dead sand niggers piling in the streets for barrels of oil to be sold more expensively under the corporate sponsorship.

86. Dinosaur Jr.
"Almost Ready"  4:39
Amherst, MA

I’m not paying for any of this. Everybody watched in awe as he rode by hovering over the street. This was a new vessel. It had to have been expensive. But, it wasn’t… he made it himself. It did not touch the surface. It did not make a sound. And, it was fast. This device looked like something from outer space; perhaps it was. Most people did not know these things were even invented, let alone on the market.

85. Blitzen Trapper
"Wild Mountain Nation"  2:42
Wild Mountain Nation
Portland, OR

I made it myself. This is my ride. It is a vehicle capable of both driving and flying. There is no gasoline required. The mechanisms are powered by air… minimal solar energy is required to create the vacuum that sucks in the air from one side, then propels it out of the other side, creating natural movement.

84. Imperial Teen
"Everyone Wants to Know"  3:17
The Hair, the TV, the Baby and the Band
San Francisco, CA

Air is stored in the wings that I created. The other minimal usage of solar energy creates a spinning cyclonic action around the vehicle. Once it spins fast enough, and enough air fills the chambers, the vehicle rises from the ground and soars across the sky with perpetual motion from the air being sucked in to the air being shot out. It’s fast too, and capable of towering great heights. I have flown over buildings, I have flown over mountains, and now I drive in the city street.

83. Matt Pond PA
"It's Not So Bad At All"  5:07
Last Light
Philadelphia, PA/New York, NY

Ever since I abandoned the world, it has not been that bad. There might be periods of loneliness every now and then, but for the most part, I am happier. I share nothing in common with anybody; this world I am not a part of. Long ago, I rejected everything that those others were being brainwashed to believe. There were no heroes, and I wasn’t about to become one… these people were not worth saving.

82. Beachfield
"Come Down"  3:41
Brighton Bothways
Enmore, Australia

I refuse to pay a dime for it. There is no patent for my vehicle… it is my contraption. The fucking pigs can’t stop me either. Nor can those fucking silly automobile makers, the fucking oil companies, or anybody else who claims their greedy businesses will suffer once this thing hits the market. The best of all, I will give them away for free.

81. Kings of Leon
"Fans"  3:36
Because of the Times
Mount Juliet, TN

These buildings looked pathetic while those buildings looked elegant. It was a dismal shoddy world in which we lived. I dreamed of a fire; that one day the sun would spew its wrath on the whole kingdom and watch it burn. Today, the sun never even came… my dream had vanished.

80. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
"La Costa Brava"  5:56
Living With the Living
Bloomfield, NJ

The darkness was my favorite aspect of night. It was my favorite time too. In the nighttime, I could sell my body to the streets. And I, I could run this stuff, I could smoke this stuff, I could stay out all night. This time, it stayed night. It was just like the North Pole in the winter. We stayed up all night, and it was 5:00 PM, and still no sign of the sun.

79. Weeping Willows
"I Can't Feel it in Here"  4:31
Fear & Love
Stockholm, Sweden

A different militia sought to retaliate against the discrepancy of the big buildings and the shoddy buildings. Some of them didn’t like any of the buildings. It was time for a change. But now, that change had to occur in the dark. The date was scheduled, but the sun never came up… that made the ordeal even better than they hoped. An explosion would be the only light.

78. The Veils
"Jesus for the Jugular"  4:49
Nux Vomica
Auckland, New Zealand

God provides us with the sunshine and the light from the sun brings us power, energy, and the nutrients that we need in order to survive. God gives us the sunshine because he loves us. The sun makes us all happy… and we paint pretty pictures with the sun always represented over the house and garden with mom dad baby sister brother child… the sun has a happy face. When the sun stopped shining, that meant that God did not love us anymore… he no longer cared for any of us.

77. Hella
"Anarchists Just Wanna Have Fun"  4:54
There's No 666 in Outer Space
Sacramento, CA

This day I woke up in my car. My marriage had dissolved… sleeping out in the cold was better than lying next to that neurotic bitch. Once the word divorce was mentioned, I felt a burden relived from entire existence. And it stayed dark. Fuck it. I stayed out. It had been a long, tumultuous relationship… one that I do not think I will ever recover. It was only befitting that the sun vanished today; it fit the mood. So I walked around the worst neighborhood in existence; it fit the mood as well.

76. Ghost
"Gareki No Toshi"  7:53
In Stormy Nights
Tokyo, Japan

By the time of the day when the sun normally glares, the skies grew darker, the air grew cold, and it appeared the sun had taken the day off. Warfare stormed in the violent streets. Maybe today was the last day. With seemingly more important issues at stake, the fucking cops still tried to raid the pad. We lived like it was the last day. It led to a shootout with the police. Jerry was shooting, Paul was shooting, Tyrone was shooting, the fucking cops fired back. I jumped out the window and ducked down behind a construction bin setting awkwardly on a rooftop. I heard the shots fired, I fired one back, and then mysteriously everything stopped. I have no clue what the fuck happened after that.

Top Image by: The AgentHarvest Blog
Bottom Image by: Badass of New England

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