The Top Songs of 1973

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Compiling 30 Sections and 68 different themes and storylines, which explore topics ranging from concepts of customer service to victimless crimes to a town in West Virginia that repeatedly becomes a ghost town; and featuring guest appearances from the likes of seahorses, dragonflies, praying mantis, chickens, and raccoon, The Mansion chronicles the plight of the human race, where Primitive Man evolved into the species known as Homo Bowler, and set out to destroy the world in a quest for decorative plates, generic shoes, and non-dairy powdered creamer.

The Best Music of 1973 + Dusk to Dawn Grindhouse Anthology by Tony J. Neal
Feature 1: 30 Days in a Ho'
Feature 2: Hate Boat
Feature 3: Together Forever
Feature 4: Space Hookers & The Cowboys of Texarkana
Feature 5: Symporium (Midget Exploitation)
Feature 6: Sugar Daddy of Death

Feature 1: 30 Days in a Ho'

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160. Burt Bacharach
"Something Big"  3:03
Living Together
Kansas City, MO/Pacific Palisades, CA

I went over to some ho’s house who I met a few days ago at some dive bar over on the Southside. It was the first time I had been there, I didn’t really know this person and admittedly wasn’t sure what to say to her. Luckily, she wasn’t watching TV—I fucking hate TV. The music was good. She must have sensed that I wasn’t the greatest person on Earth at initiating anything, and she seemed a bit perturbed by that. I must have seemed slightly uncomfortable too; I always seem a bit odd in somebody else’s house…especially if I don’t know them. It’s even worse if she has a dog.

159. Al Stewart
"Post World War Two Blues"  4:18
Past, Present & Future
Greenock, Scotland/Sherman Oaks, CA

She finally grew impatient and shoved me down on the couch; ordered me to “sit the fuck down already…Jesus.” And she even seemed offended…like I’m supposed to just walk right in and start fucking her right away. Or, start talking in mid-sentence about the most perfect conversation piece. I could only wish I had that much game.

158. Styx
"Lady"  3:06
Styx II
Chicago, IL

Like a dumb fucker, I actually tried talking to her…just stupid shit, something about the music. Then, she looked kind of bitchy for me speaking to her. She looked good though. When she put her foot on my leg, I got the hint, but she kept talking about the song that was playing. I put my hand on her foot and she propped it over my lap. There were numerous things racing through my mind that I wanted to do, but did not have the courage to attempt any of them without hesitation.

157. Ringo Starr
"Photograph"  3:59
Liverpool, England

There’s something about women’s feet that turn me on, especially when their nails are perfectly beautified. I massaged her toes softly in my hands and she put the other one up on my lap. They looked sexy. So sexy, that I lost focus on what she was talking about. The song was good, I tried to pay attention, but instead only said “uh huh” every now and then as I caressed her toes, thinking about how much I’d like to suck on them.

156. CWT
"Steam Roller"  4:01
The Hundredweight
Kent, England

I’m not very good at hiding my thoughts I suppose. As I rubbed her foot in my hand, she placed them to where her toes were petting my crotch. She must have noticed that I had a foot fetish because she propped her long sexy slender leg on the back of the couch where her foot was proportioned directly in my face. Furthermore, she kept talking to me, insisting that I look over at her, with the proximity of her beautiful foot becoming more intimate with my face.

155. Flower Travellin' Band
"Slowly But Surely"  6:10
Make Up
Tokyo, Japan

Her toe gradually brushed up against my lips. It’s as good of a place as any I suppose to enjoy the first kiss. As I kissed her toes, she smiled, and maneuvered her foot around my mouth enabling me to kiss all of them. While I was arousing her toes, her other foot was arousing the erection that was becoming increasingly difficult to conceal in my pants. The moment she recognized that I had a boner, I inserted her entire toe into my mouth and lavished it softly with my eager tongue; and repeated the process with each of them.

154. Nektar
"New Day Dawning"  5:04
... Sounds Like This
Hamburg, Germany

For some strange and indefinable reason, not all people shared the foot fetish I possess. She even had the nerve to ask me if I thought it was gross. Absolutely not, obviously… because I was licking the bottom of her feet at this point. It’s difficult to have to answer these types of questions when my mouth is being utilized for something other than talking; it’s never polite to talk with your full. Furthermore, I was too busy concentrating and did not wish to be disturbed with a bunch of silly questions regarding my foot fetish, such as “what do they taste like?” They’re your feet, bitch—you should know these things by now.

Then she claimed that if I had the desire to lick her toes, then I must be subject to do anything else—everything else. “Well, if you are going to kiss and massage my feet, then you have to do the rest of me as well.”

153. Popol Ace
"Mrs. Randalie"  7:55
Quiche Maya
Oslo, Norway

She turned over and lay on her back, fully clothed. I continued to rub her feet, and allowed my hands to gradually work their way up the back of her legs. Because it seemed appropriate, I felt obligated to massage her back…it’s a nice tension breaker for people who do not necessarily know each other. Furthermore, most bitches normally shut the fuck and stop asking stupid asinine questions while they are having their backs massaged. And let’s face it, I like to explore every detail as well…without a lot of senseless jibber jabber. Once I start talking, it generally takes a woman approximately 7 minutes to come to the realization that I am a pathetic loser. So if I keep quiet, they may never figure this out—at least that’s the goal.

152. Maria Muldaur
"Midnight At The Oasis"  3:48
Maria Muldaur
New York, NY

The best part of starting with the back is it allowed me to lift up her shirt. I stuck my hands up her shirt in order to rub her shoulders and attempted to pull the sides of her shirt up over her bare body. Once she raised her waist to allow me to raise her shirt completely, I knew exactly what she wanted; I unstrapped her bra and rubbed my fingers across the indentions the bra had made in her back. However, I had to make certain not to spend too much time with this process; I had an incident in the past where I massaged the bra indentions out of a woman’s back who promptly thanked me and threw me out of her house…it was all she wanted (and all the bullshit she claimed about being infatuated with anal sex turned out to be a pack of lies just to lead me to her house... I learned my lesson then.)

151. João Gilberto
"Na Baixa Do Sapateiro"  4:44
João Gilberto
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As I massaged my hands down her back, in unison with the beat of the music, I allowed them slide down across her butt. She gave me the indication that she enjoyed having her buttocks massaged, and therefore I took the liberty of squeezing them. Because she already knew of my foot fetish, I went all the way from her nice delectable ass down to her foot…allowing me to touch her entire leg and slightly rub my pinky finger in-between her legs and across her crotch on the way back up.

150. Duncan Browne
"Ragged Rain Life"  3:02
Duncan Browne
UK (1947-1993)

When I resumed rubbing her back, I kissed her in the middle of the back…our second kiss. I rubbed my fingers gently down her side repeatedly, and she lifted her body slightly allowing me to touch her breasts. There are but few sensations better than feeling a woman’s nipple for the first time, and it’s difficult to keep your hands off of them. The moment that bare breast is felt, and it is confirmed that it is in fact her nipple in my hand; I become filled with sexual excitement and almost always pre-cum in my pants. Every single nipple that I have ever touched, I have cherished my entire life.

149. Skaldowie
"Fioletowa Dama"  5:13
Krywań, Krywań
Kraków, Poland

Knowing a back alone is not going to divert my attention from her tits, I worked my hands down the front of her, feeling her belly, her belly button, lightly kissing her on the back the entire time. She raised her waist again and allowed me to unbutton and unzip her pants…I brought my hands around by giving her pussy one good rub that made her body pulse ever so slightly, and mine tremble with anticipation. Between the pre-cum that had formed from touching her nipple to what had surmounted from unbuttoning her pants, I had enough lubrication in my underwear to grease all the axles of a steam ship engine. Luckily, I spent a couple minutes fantasizing about selling jars of my pre-cum to mechanic corporations; the image of the salesman prevented me premature ejaculating in my pants.

148. Eagles
"Desperado"  3:37
Los Angeles, CA

I grabbed the sides of her pants as I kissed her lower back, all the way to her panties. Sometimes, I like to take it slow, take my time and enjoy myself. I merely folded the top of her pants back, just slightly exposing her panties. After another intimate massage of each leg, I stuck my hand down the back of her pants, then back out again. That ass felt nice; and I continued to massage it. And I continued to massage those legs, each time inching a bit closer to that hot snatch of hers that I sensed was growing wetter by the second. I observed her entire body, it looked great, but that hot snatch of hers was what I really wanted; but, I wasn’t sure if I could have it yet. All actions at this moment were conducted for the sole purpose to consummate one desire; merely a build-up of intensity leading up to the prize…her tight wet pussy. I wasn’t getting any younger, and knew I had to make a move eventually.

147. Charlie Rich
"Behind Closed Doors"  2:59
Behind Closed Doors
Colt, AR (1932)-Hammond, LA (1995)

Her feet still looked sexy. I kissed and licked her feet, while I stroked my hand up and down her legs, slightly spreading them… touching her pussy with first one finger, than two, than my whole hand. I pulled off her jeans but left on her panties. Even though I caressed her firm ass delicately, and gingerly wriggled my hand inside her panties, I prolonged touching her bare pussy for another moment. The anticipation is the best part, and when I touched her vagina for the first time, I wanted to be certain that it was good and wet. There is nothing more embarrassing than sticking your hand down a woman’s pants after making out for several minutes and that pussy is as dry as your father’s bad jokes; women have reportedly committed suicide from stroking a limp dick.

146. Barry White
"Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up"  7:56
Stone Gon'
Galveston, TX (1944)-Los Angeles, CA (2003)

Seeing her bare legs aroused me. I continued kissing her feet, rubbing her bare legs, and then kissing all the way up her legs. I spread her legs slightly, rubbing her inner thigh, lightly kissing her legs around her panty line. I could smell it, and propitiously, it didn’t have that old pungent stench like the last few women I had been with.

Then, I pulled her legs back together and lay on the back of them, adjusting my cock to where it is rubbing against her feet. Since it was fully erect, and I’m skinny with low rise jeans, my stiff penis easily emerged from the top of my pants and into her bare feet. With that, I pulled her panties down from her ass, and kissed her bare buttocks. Since I licked her feet, she seemed to want to challenge what else I would lick. And my tongue gradually made its way towards her ass crack, and passionately licked her ass crack from top to bottom, but loving it and at the same time praying that hadn’t just recently taken a crap. Ideally, I would have went to the kitchen and returned with a sponge and bucket of soapy water. But that’s considered inappropriate these days and it’s best to merely assume she practices proper anal hygiene; in instances where I have encountered a little chunk of particles, it’s best to merely spit them out and assume it was just a piece of lint.

145. Pescado Rabioso
"Como el Viento voy a Ver"  5:12
Pescado 2
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I continued to slide her panties down, tugging at them from the crotch, carefully not touching her wet pussy with anything more than a slight brush of the finger; I could feel it getting wet too. Once her panties came all the way down, I tied them securely around her ankles as I continued to rub my cock against her sexy feet.

As I kissed her bare buttocks, I continued to massage the back of her legs. I had placed my mouth near the bottom of her ass so that I could see her wet pussy pulsing as I eased it open by rubbing her leg. Finally, as I was rubbing the back of her legs, massaging it, my thumb slipped inside her wet pussy. I had no choice but to kiss it slightly. And kiss it again. The pussy is similar to the mouth…you have to give some tap kisses on the lips before going for the French kiss…and that’s what I did.

144. Euphoria
"Brotherhood"  4:59
Lost in Trance
Milwaukee, WI

After I inserted my tongue into her throbbing vaginal hole to the extreme my chin was soaking wet, I reached my hand in-between her legs and rubbed her clit. Yes, she dared me, and put her ass in my face. I kissed it once, licked that hole too, and then rolled her over.

Her feet were still tied up with her panties. It wasn’t tight; she could have released herself if she really wanted too. I kissed a toe again, and then pulled off her shirt and secured her wrists with that. This was the first time I saw her naked body fully exposed and it was gorgeous. She looked so good, that I pulled out my cock and stroked it myself. All I could think about was cumming all over her naked body, and that’s exactly what I did. While she tied up, lying naked on the couch, I jerked it all over her tits, on her belly, and in her face.

143. The Isley Brothers
"The Highways Of My Life"  4:17
Cincinnati, OH

Unfortunately, she had not cum yet and we still did not have sex. I had full intentions of going back to work and inducing the best orgasm of her life upon her. However, she was outraged that I came before her, and took matters into my own hands before satisfying her needs. She was vocal about it too as she unfastened her wrists and ankles, threw those articles of clothing across the room, and stood up to confront me.

Ideally, she would have found me ejaculating on her extremely hot and allowed me to finish. Worst case scenario is she would have thrown me out of her house and told everybody that I was a lousy lover and had a little dick. Instead, she beat the living crap out of me, tied me up, and threw me into her closet. She claimed that I needed to be taught a lesson for not fulfilling her desires before reaching my climax at her expense.

142. Vainica Doble
"Ay, Quién Fuera a Hawai"  3:16
Madrid, Spain

I was thrown into her closet and she positioned me to where I was sitting on the floor. My arms were outstretched over my head, tied tightly around the bar in which her clothes hung, and my ankles tied up to a large iron transmission that just so happened to be in her closet on the floor (to my knowledge, she was the only woman in America who kept a transmission in her closet.) She pulled my cock out of my pants and left it there while she forced me to watch her masturbate. This girl looked so hot while she masturbated and vibrated her pussy to orgasm that my cock was immediately rock hard again.

141. Tim Maia
"Compadre"  2:51
Tim Maia 1973
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1942-1998)

Ideally, after she came, it would have been called “even”, and then we would have hot passionate sex all through the night. Worst case scenario, she would have thrown me out of her house with a stiff rod and bitched me out for cumming before her. Instead, she left the closet, closed the door, shut out the lights, and left me in there tied up. And there I sat for the duration of the entire night; finally falling asleep in this uncomfortable position.

140. Francesco De Gregori
"Il Ragazzo"  4:40
Alice non lo Sa
Rome, Italy

When she finally returned, the next morning, she was armed with a pole used to stab and gather litter off the ground. She poked me in the leg with it to wake me up. Once I woke up, she again stripped off her clothes and made me watch her masturbate. It was sexy and all I wanted to do was join in with her. But, after she was finished, she grabbed my fully erect penis, and threatened to jam the pointed end of the litter gathering pole into my peehole. Needless to say, this scared the living shit out of me. The psychotic ho informed me that I if I did not fully cooperate with her that she was going to cram the sharp object down my dick hole.

139. Jackson Heights
"Whatever Happened to the Conversation"  3:46
Bump 'n' Grind

As she untied me, she declared that she was to be the one to decide when I cum, not me. After she unfastened my wrists from the closet bar, she secured them behind my back and made me follow her around the house with my legs still tied together. We sat at the table and she force fed me the food she made. While we ate, she sat with her legs spread so I could view her pussy the entire time; she was wearing nothing but a robe and her tight snatch was fully exposed, open, and wet. After we ate, she propped her delectable bare feet up on the table in front of me, lightly brushing her toes across my lips. With me watching, she rubbed her pussy until she came, moaning the whole time and growing increasingly loud and animated upon orgasm. Then, back into the closet I went.

138. Premiata Forneria Marconi
"Photos Of Ghosts"  5:23
Photos Of Ghosts
Milano, Italy

This went on for several days. She would enter the closet scantily dressed and make me watch her undress, change clothes, and masturbate. I was extremely aroused because she adorned all of the sexy styles that turned me on. When we weren’t in the closet, she would make sit with her on the couch or lie next to her in bed with my arms tied up. During this entire time, she wore revealing clothes, rubbed herself, performed strip teases, and made me kiss and lick her entire body. Her sole purpose was to keep me fully aroused at all times.

137. Jane Birkin
"Puisque Je Te Le Dis"  2:36
Di Doo Dah
London, England/Paris, France

Then she brought friends over and they were just as sexy as she. Every hour, these girls would strip in front of me, tease my cock, masturbate, and make me watch them do hot lusty lesbian sex acts to each other. My dick was so hard that it felt like it was going to explode. But, they kept my hands tied and I couldn’t even touch it myself. They even made me sleep with duct tape covering my peehole so I could not induce orgasm during sleep via wet dream.

136. The Intruders
"I Wanna Know Your Name"  5:50
Save The Children
Philadelphia, PA

My life consisted of nothing but sexual lust. Non-stop, girls were entering wearing the sexiest outfits imaginable and stripping for me to watch. They would not only force me to watch every sex act they did to each other, but, they would occasionally tease my cock ever so slightly to ensure it remained as hard as possible. The girls would escort me around the house wearing hardly anything at all, make me sit close to them while they teased, bent down in front of me either gazing down their shirt or with their sexy ass bent over in my face. I would often have to put my mouth somewhere on their bodies as they made me lick their feet, their nipples, or wherever else they desired. These girls would often touch my body, caress my nipples, kiss my neck, but never my swollen penis. It was unbearable, and my cock was throbbing throughout the majority of each day; this caused sexual tension throughout my whole body as I became even more jittery with each passing day.

135. Stories
"Brother Louie"  3:58
About Us
New York, NY

Weeks went by and I still had not had an orgasm, but was rock hard and dripping the entire time. All I wanted to do was touch myself, but I was unable to because my hands were constantly tied up. The duct tape on the penis hole was uncomfortable and removing the tape was painful—this temporarily moderated the desire for orgasm. If they sensed one was approaching uncontrollably, or if cum began oozing from underneath the duct tape, they abruptly ripped the duct tape off my cock. Even though that was by far the most excruciating pain I had ever felt, sex still consumed my mind. In fact, sex was all I could think about and everywhere I turned, there were hot babes performing wild sex acts, doing sexy things in order to arouse me, and barely dressed in sexy revealing attire.

134. The Marshall Tucker Band
"Can't You See"  6:01
The Marshall Tucker Band
Spartanburg, SC

It was torture, and soon I couldn’t sleep. Sleeping is virtually impossible while tied to a bed; let alone with two gorgeous babes 69-ing each other right next to me all night. From the insomnia and the excessive sexual energy I was inflicted with, I was gradually becoming delusional. I often found myself humping the air, just hoping I could brush my cock up against something/anything. There were mirages of women finally allowing me to release the excessive semen built up inside of me, and I was experiencing hallucinations of women constantly around me, speaking to me. Unfortunately, every time I was caught humping the air or talking to myself, I received the duct tape treatment once again.

133. Gila
"In A Sacred Manner"  4:45
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
Stuttgart, Germany

Finally, exactly one month went by and my hands were finally untied. She told me this time that I had better do it right, or else the litter poker was going to be jammed into my peehole and I would be placed in the closet for further correction procedures. We completely re-enacted that first time I went to her house, exact to a tee, all the way up to where I decided it would be more appropriate to jack off all over her rather than have sex with her.

Her ankles were tied up with her panties and her hands tied up with her shirt. She looked as hot as before, only this time better because this was by far the horniest I had ever been…considering the month that I had deal with. I did not even consider doing something vengeful while she was tied up, all I wanted to do was fuck her and unleash this month full of cum that I had pinned up and was already oozing down my shaft.

132. Sylvia
"Pillow Talk"  4:20
Pillow Talk
New York, NY (1936)-Secaucus, NJ (2011)

This time, before going back to work, and rather than jacking off all over her, I had to kiss her on the mouth, the French kiss, kiss those luscious nipples, stick my tongue in her belly button, and kiss the hairy area of her hot vagina. I raised her legs; feet still tied, sucked on her toes again, and kissed her on the pussy. I teased it for another moment just to see it throb again, and then licked her clit. While I licked her clitoris, I inserted a finger and penetrated the same way I had been watching her plunge herself with a vibrator the past month.

I sucked on her clit long and hard, fucking her intensely with two fingers. Once I sensed she was getting ready to cum, I rubbed her clit swiftly with my fingers, sticking my tongue into her wet pussy… and accepting the challenge, allowing my tongue to slide into her ass. I love licking a girl’s ass, especially when she is on the verge of intense orgasm—I even love the pain that accompanies it when she squeezes my face in-between her thighs. Because I love all of this, I like the intensity of the orgasm to build, and keep building…during this period, I am free to do whatever I want, and I take liberties of licking her ass, her feet, whatever I can in the quick 15 seconds that I have before she finally cums. And when that leg starts quivering, I put my mouth back on her clit and swallow every last drop until she is done shaking.

131. Agitation Free
"First Communication"  8:57
Berlin, Germany

Not long after this, I am no longer free to do what I want. I usually find myself pinned down on the either the floor or the bed and sexually abused for the remainder of the evening. I enjoy that too. Ideally, that’s what would have happened and it would have been the best sex of my life. Worst case scenario, she would have made me jack off again while she watched.

Instead, she had intense multiple orgasms. She clutched my hair and continued to clench my head in-between her thighs as she shook wildly having orgasm upon orgasm. Her legs quivered to point of convulsions as she continued to grasp hold of my hair and smash my face into her pussy. Her next orgasm was so intense that she twisted around sharply in order to be face down on the couch.

When she contorted her body in that explicit and intense manner, with my face squished in-between her legs, it ripped my head off—completely detached from my body; decapitated. Blood spewed from my neck, all over my removed head that was still buried in-between her legs, and shot like a fire hose into her cum drenched pussy. My lifeless body finally dropped to the floor, and massive amounts of blood was pouring from the bottom of my abstracted head that she was still grinding into her vagina. She was on her knees on the couch, holding my unfastened head by the hair, rubbing my lifeless face across her clit while she sprayed cum all over my dead stare. It was an intense orgasm, and when she was finally finished cumming, she tossed my disengaged head and it rolled across the floor, spewing blood as it spun across the carpet. She kicked back, propped her feet on the table, and lit up a cigarette—completely disregarding any notion that I been beheaded and lied dead on her floor.

Rumor has it there are still a few moments of brain activity after the head has been chopped off—I vaguely remember that I still wanted to fuck her right before I flat lined. Those words even came out of my decapitated head as it was lying stagnant on the floor. Although I wasn’t facing her, and my eyes were motionless, my lips moved as I spoke.

END CREDITS 1. Paul McCartney & Wings
"My Love"  4:10
Red Rose Speedway
Liverpool, England

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