The Top 25 Songs of 1973

The Best Music of 1973 + Dusk to Dawn Grindhouse Anthology by Tony J. Neal
Feature 1: 30 Days in a Ho'
Feature 2: Hate Boat
Feature 3: Together Forever
Feature 4: Space Hookers & The Texarkana Cowboys
Feature 5: Symporium (A Midget Exploitation Film)
Feature 6: Sugar Daddy of Death

Feature 6: Sugar Daddy of Death

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25. Lard Free
"Warinobaril"  3:52
Gilbert Artman's Lard Free
Paris, France

Matt tried his best to conceal his PTSD. It had been a few years since he returned home from the war, and those images, nor that mindset, leave the mind easily. He stood in line at the grocery, quietly reading the TV Guide at the checkout stand, while the cashier entered his groceries into the cash register. The entire time he was examining the TV Guide, he was not even focusing on the schedule for television. Each time the register beeped and made a sound, he reflected on leaving for the Army, entering Vietnam by means of helicopter, and then gunning people down he had never met before. There were mass explosions, debris flying, and his friends dropping dead at his side. He sometimes grew confused as to whether he was here or there, and contemplated opening fire on the other shoppers at the grocery store, envisioning the store as a battlefield. There would be bodies dropping dead in the cereal aisle, explosions in the meat department, and he could fill a shopping cart with explosives and crash it into the deli. Matt smiled at the cashier as he paid for his groceries.

24. T. Rex
"The Street and Babe Show"  2:17
London, England

The rest of America, those who did not go to war, appeared happy and Matt tried to establish himself with these civilians. He was already married with children before entering the war and tried to devote a significant portion of his time with his friends and family. It was these good times that he cherished most, and these moments were the primary reason he never became a suspect. During cookouts and festivals where he played with children, laughed, and enjoyed himself, the average spectator never would have assumed that Matt had ever been to war and had serious issues that he was struggling to overcome. His daughters were grown, one in college and one finishing high school. They were the primary reason he joined the service in the first place, to pay for their medical bills…he had no idea that we would be fighting in a war several years after joining the service.

23. King Crimson
"Easy Money"  7:54
Larks' Tongues In Aspic
London, England

After the war, he took a job as a police officer. Being a police officer, homicide unit, has similar aspects to fighting in a war. He was called on to witness gruesome murders and horrendous crimes. Since he was a decorated police officer, this was another attribute to why he was never a suspect. But, dealing with the struggles of the war and the crime on the street, Matt questioned the ethics of the causes that he fought and killed for. Communism would never work in America because there are too many Republican women pretending to be Liberal. In his eyes, these women were lazy, too lazy to earn their own money. They had been taught that by being pretty and pretending to be stupid, they get could deplete a man of his wealth, which was their only concern. These gold diggers were worse than the government. Patrolling the streets, he constantly saw guys committing crimes with desire for money to please a woman being the primary cause. Then, he would spot prostitutes on the street, taking massive amounts of money, scamming the guy, and using the money to buy clothes and drugs.

Just one night out of the blue, he witnessed a person get taken by a prostitute. Technically, he could have arrested him for soliciting a prostitute, not her because she technically did not commit a crime…he gave her money for illegal services but she did not perform the services. Instead, he followed her down an alley and sliced her throat open…came back an hour later working as the investigating officer.

22. Tom Waits
"Martha"  4:31
Closing Time
Pomona, CA

Matt would often recall his days before the war, before being married, before children, and before becoming a homicide detective. There was once a time where he seemed happy and that this lifestyle seemed worth fighting a war to secure. He had old photographs where he looked so much younger, happier, and with various girlfriends. Back before the war, he was a lady-killer, and they all wanted to be with him because of his looks and personality. That is, by the way, how he met his wife and conceived children at a relatively early age. The mentality that he once had, those carefree days with no concerns for money or politics, seemed to be a distant memory.

21. John Lennon
"Mind Games"  4:13
Mind Games
Liverpool, England (1940)-New York, NY (1980)

There was a double life though that he had been living. He despised the fact that money had become such a necessity in ordinary American life. However, he had a wife and kids that he was expected to provide for, and because of them, he had no choice but maintain a level of conformity in order to keep his family afloat. But, no matter how much he loathed the conditions of the world’s plight for money and political power, he loved his wife and kids. Even though his oldest daughter was starting to show symptoms of becoming that woman who only had interest in a man’s earnings, he had no choice but to love her anyway…but it made him despise the arbitrary aspects of society even worse.

20. Stevie Wonder
"Golden Lady"  4:47
Saginaw, MI

Gold diggers and wealthy men were ruining the world. Matt despised seeing lazy women who had never worked a minute in their lives emerge from limousines with ridiculous furs draped around their shoulders and sparkling formal attire. Their husbands were even bigger losers. While he was out fighting in a war, getting shot at with his friends getting blown apart by landmines, these spoiled brats did nothing but sit in offices and talk about a meaningless budget. He was patrolling the streets one night when he spotted some woman walking from the theater with an expensive fur coat wrapped around her that he was certain she did not pay for. He had already seen her imbecile husband and decided to harass her, insinuating that he had been a victim of a crime that she needed to testify on his behalf. Matt drove her down an alley, fired two bullets into her head, and within the hour, was investigating the murder that he had committed…but easily pinned the blame on her loser husband.

19. Aerosmith
"Dream On"  4:27
Sunapee, NH/Boston, MA

It was growing increasingly difficult to manage his struggles with mental insanity. The bodies in which he had murdered were beginning to pile to the extreme that he had run out of people to pin the wrap. There was a serial killer on the loose, it was mentioned in the papers, discussed on the news...Matt was the wanted serial killer; Matt was in charge of bringing this killer down. It was difficult enough coping with the war, dealing with the crimes on the street were bad enough, but now he had to pretend to be hunting down a serial killer, be a devoted husband and father, and actually be the serial killer. He was managing multiple personalities and he knew this. Then, he was struggling to remember who he had killed in the trenches conflicting with the bitch’s throat he slit in the alleyway. Amidst all of this, he appeared happy at the dinner table; miserable in front of the mirror as he suppressed his own violent tendencies within his home and took them out on civilians he perceived as gold diggers.

18. Van Morrison
"Autumn Song"  10:37
Hard Nose the Highway
Belfast, Northern Ireland

People who travel frequently sometimes experience confusion within the mind as to where certain memories took place. In dreams, it is common to have a dream about a person in a particular setting that interferes with the precise setting in which original memory occurred. For example, if a person relocated from Miami to Denver for job purposes, that person may have dreams about co-workers from Miami participating in irrelevant activities with the dreamer in Denver. Should the person then relocate to Boston, he/she may claim to recognize people who look familiar at various locations in Boston; this person looks exactly like Alex in Miami, the woman at the bank in Boston looks exactly like the lady who lived next door in Denver. These scenarios are common with everybody, but seemed more disturbing for Matt.

The lady he shot in the alley had much resemblance to a woman who had treated some injuries at the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh. He had disturbing elements that made it difficult to differentiate the happy times from the sour ones. Sometimes he would dream about those happy days relaxing by a campfire with friends and family; dead bodies burned in the campfire while everyone smiled cheerfully. Often, the world would seem to be enjoying a happy moment, and he was not sure if something was on the verge of exploding. The joys he experienced since returning from the war conflicted with the battles he fought in Vietnam, which also conflicted with the crimes he investigated on the force. Killing soldiers became construed with killing civilians who became distorted with laughter at the dinner table.

17. Deep Purple
"Place in Line"  6:34
Who Do We Think We Are
Hereford, England

Matt never understood the concept of wearing ridiculous looking expensive furs. It wasn’t the fact that they had spent a fortune on a material item; it was, after all, their money and they were free to spend on whatever they pleased. Nor was it the fact that women had a desire to look beautiful, perhaps we all do. Spending that much money on an item that makes all people look horrendous and gross seemed like such a waste. Being as the furs looked so incredibly hideous, he drew the conclusion that these women only wore these material items simply to boast to the working class that they possessed a high degree of wealth—and these women did not even work for their belongings, they were simply handed to them for being stupid. As his mental state from the war, the police force, and ordinary society became distorted with confusion, he determined that the rebellion in Vietnam only took place because those considered peasants were not willing to stand for lazy bitches glamorizing wealth with expensive furs and diamonds.

He questioned the morals of those boasting their fortunes. They were willing to extravagantly glamorize the slaughter of a wild animal just to prove that an investment paid off without having to work for it. These were the primary victims in the slayings. There would be visions of women in Vietnamese villages forced to live in shacks on mud floors while the governing officials in power consumed needless riches; bimbos wearing diamond rings while sophisticated women worked retail stores for low wages. The serial killer, Matt, was known to remove all of the belongings from the people he murdered and destroy them; although the news media team reported them to be stolen.

16. Manfred Mann's Earth Band
"Babaji"  5:34
London, England

Juggling contradictory lifestyles had become so routine that Matt was able to conduct press conferences informing the media of the progress being made to track down and arrest this serial killer that was at large. It sounded as if he was sincerely looking for someone. In-between images of Matt stabbing a woman in the park, shooting a ritzy couple on a deserted street, plugging victims in the head while they were seated in a limousine, and the brutal onslaught of random prostitutes or other women who were flaunting sexuality to receive monetary gifts rather than personal pleasure, he could relate false descriptions to the news coverage. People were searching for a person who did not exist, looking around for an image that was fabricated in Matt’s mind, and living in fear over a suspect that resembled somebody who died in the war. Sometimes, with some of the murders, the suspect would be caught and convicted, most often the husband or boyfriend. Then, Matt would return home and watch the news coverage on television, listening to the commentators discuss how this serial killer must be jealous of people who worked so diligently to achieve such a lucrative status, and possibly not a genuine American.

15. Paul McCartney & Wings
"Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five"  5:29
Band on the Run
Liverpool, England

His oldest daughter brought home her new boyfriend, Steve. Angela had fallen in love with him because he bought her things; he had a cool car, and made lots of money. When Matt met Steve, he was not impressed. Steve was not handsome whatsoever, and even though he was a doctor, he struggled with common sense and decent conversation. Furthermore, his memoirs had been offset with the discussions involving one of his friends from the war who was receiving poor treatment and on the verge of death… “These doctors don’t know shit,” they agreed to each other.

Seeing Dr. Steve made him furious. Listening to his daughter claim to be extremely happy with the things he bought for her made matters worse. He pretended to accept Steve, tried to converse with him and acted as if he accepted his lifestyle. However, it always seemed as if the serial killer would strike on evenings in which Steve visited. When Steve pretended to know exactly what Vietnam Veterans were experiencing, Matt found that insulting. In dreams, he knew that Steve’s days were numbered, but his daughter was an obstacle. The dreams would involve Matt being happy with his daughter, sitting at the dinner table, and Steve’s head being served on a plate next to some gook’s head who he blew off in Saigon.

14. Bruce Springsteen
"Incident on 57th Street"  7:45
The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle
Freehold, NJ

The other aspect of Matt’s life involved his friends. He had neighbor friends who the proximity of their homes was their only common ground. There were co-workers, other cops, who he shared some similarities, even though many of them were also searching for a serial killer they regarded as a scum. Then, there were his friends from the war, and these guys had nothing in common with his neighbors or co-workers from the police force. Many of these veterans were struggling with life back home, some of them unable to hold jobs, and their lifestyles consisted of heavy drinking, drug abuse, mental insanity, and wild nights on the town fraternizing with so-called degenerates his neighbors had never even conversed with in real life.

These army friends of his had grown to despise American culture and hated the fact that they had fought in the war. They were seen on shady streets wearing green jackets, long hair, and were frequently drunk or stoned. Matt shared way more in common with these friends, and would hang out in bars socializing with those his friends from the police force would rather see behind bars. And, he watched his close friends who he once shared a bunker with engage in love affairs with less than ideal women, associate themselves with drug dealers and pimps, and involve themselves in activities that were unsuitable for discussion with his neighbors.

13. The Rolling Stones
"Angie"  4:34
Goat's Head Soup
London, England

His best friend, Harold Fox, struggled with life once he returned home. There was no work and the factory in which he was employed paid little wages; he was too disgruntled from the war to ever secure an office position. He had a girl he loved, and was with her before the war. However, due to the fact that the income of the home was less than ideal, she broke up with him in search of a better life—meaning, a life with less financial problems. After she left, Harold Fox found himself all alone in a world he no longer had any interest in. Although he could not provide for her monetary desires, she was a major reason why he strived for success at anything. Two days after she left him for good, Harold Fox committed suicide. Harold’s untimely death, even after surviving catastrophic situations in Vietnam, did not resonate with Matt, who only grew to despise the plight of his nation’s war even more.

12. Black Sabbath
"Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"  5:45
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Birmingham, England

Dreams continued to be the most unsettling, as images of happiness succumbed to nightmares about turmoil, destruction, and brutal death. He had killed soldiers, he had shot criminals, and he was now a serial killer. There was a struggle of obeying the orders in which he had followed contradicting a belief system that was becoming more firmly entrenched. They had taught him that it was necessary to fight and kill to defend freedom and what you believe in. Now that he had strong convictions for what he perceived as the problem in society, he was willing to fight and kill for it. Just like the gooks his government and commanding officers ordered him to kill to solidify their own personal beliefs, he was wiping out gold diggers, trophy wives, and their business tycoon husbands to strengthen his own—all the while maintaining a happy home life.

11. Blue Öyster Cult
"7 Screaming Diz-Busters"  7:02
Tyranny and Mutation
New York, NY

Being a police officer eased his ability to exterminate those he considered problems. He would take notes of license plate numbers and addresses, and then utilize the equipment he had at his disposal to locate these menaces. Earlier in the day, he could be found walking happily with his wife, hanging out with his daughters, and drinking at the bars with his friends. In passing, he could memorize the plate numbers and research them at work. While on the job, he was able to track these people down, place them in position to where they were isolated from the rest of society, and then he would slit their throats and leave them laying; put bullets in their brains and walk away casually; strangle women in alleyways, emerge from the alley still dressed in uniform, then rush down that same alley to investigate the murder he committed.

10. Mott The Hoople
"All The Way From Memphis"  5:03
Hereford, England

His youngest daughter, Jennifer, also fell in love and found a new boyfriend. He was significantly different than that pathetic Dr. Steve. Right away, Matt genuinely liked this kid, Eddie. Unlike Angela, Jennifer pursued a relationship based on compatibility on looks, common interests, and personality. He had been against the war, but seemed to respect the fact that Matt fought in it; was not overly fond of the police either, but accepted that as well. Jennifer had since moved away from home, and Matt was looking forward to getting away for a bit anyway to come visit. Once again, he was spending significant time in a different community (although not even an hour away from home) and his troubled past was conflicting with the present. But, this did seem too prevalent because Eddie and Jennifer were good hosts and they went out on the town that night. Matt bonded with Eddie and felt he could discuss “guy” things…he did live in a house full of girls and Dr. Steve was deplorable. They enjoyed the good times, and Matt’s desire to kill temporarily subsided; the heavy drinking, however, continued.

9. New York Dolls
"Subway Train"  4:22
New York Dolls
New York, NY

The night on the town consisted of dinner and drinking as Jennifer and Eddie acted as tour guides showing Matt and Elaine (Jennifer’s mom, Matt’s wife) the hot spots of this region. The two parents were on vacation and free to explore whatever they pleased. Each stop, however, seemed to have some craziness taking place, as Jennifer and Elaine talked to each other while Matt and Eddie grouped together. This was some sort of a party town where there always seemed to be some sort of peculiar activity taking place on the street. Some sort of bizarre, fast paced demonstration was taking place on the street—an artistic protest against the governing policies.

However, things were getting out of control, as there were people hollering, arguing, bickering, and shouting non-sense at one another. For no reason in particular, one side charged the other, and the end result saw large groups of people running up and down the street with a bunch of litter and debris flying in the air. Jennifer and Elaine seemed enamored with these extravaganzas and watched in awe; Matt and Eddie did not seem overly interested, ignored all of the madness, and calmly continued with their conversation, joking, laughing, and having fun with each other. As the night progressed, and the two grew more comfortable, each revealed deeper issues about each other, bold confessions, and sometimes disturbing philosophies.

8. Sweet
"Ballroom Blitz"  4:04
Ballroom Blitz
Harefield, England

A fight broke out at the next bar. In the background, people were beating the shit out of each other, breaking pool sticks over people’s heads, and busting beer bottles. The bar was becoming a total mess as more people got involved in the fracas, chairs and tables knocked over. Once again, Jennifer and Elaine watched the whole ordeal, somewhat frightened. Eddie and Matt continued talking and laughing with each other, as if nothing was happening…it was merely background scenery. “I went from fighting in the fucking war to being a fucking cop. It’s as if for the past several years, all I’ve seen is the worst in human beings. Mother fuckers shooting at each other, you know, you can imagine what war is like. Then I get back here, I get calls about people just shot their wives, beat the shit out somebody, dope dealers, all of that. That’s what I deal with every fucking day. Let’s just say, nothing shocks me anymore.”

7. Neu!
"Super"  3:11
Neu! 2
Düsseldorf, Germany

Matt was displaying impressive credentials in order to win the approval of Eddie. At the next stop, the emergency alarm went off and the patrons went into a state of panic. It did not appear anything in particular had caused the alarm, there was no fire, but people were racing to the back door, bombarding it, trampling one another while attempting to open the back door; the front door was mysteriously vacant as all the action moved to the back. Eddie and Matt glanced up and then ignored the chaos involving a mad rush to the back door.

While all of that was going on, Matt was relating to Eddie about how his life was before the war. He could run marathons, triathlons, and was in great shape. Furthermore, boot camp and basic training had made him even tougher. He spoke of how he could easily run down criminals and catch them on foot. “Shit, all the while getting shot at, and all that shit. Once you get shot at, that boosts your mentality that you have to act quickly or else…you know. Hearing that gun shot in your direction makes you become desperate for survival. You just do shit as instinct, there is no bodily control-- you just duck and get the fuck out of the way. Then, whoever shot at you, you just don’t even think about it. You catch ‘em, and bash their fucking teeth in with the butt of your rifle. It’s never what you want you to do, it just takes over your brain that that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

6. Electric Light Orchestra
"Kuiama"  11:18
E.L.O. 2
Birmingham, England

They took the bus to their next destination. It was a crowded bus, but they had all been drinking and the bus arrived before the taxi cab. The people on the bus were noisy; it was difficult to make out what anybody was saying. Jennifer and Elaine sat in one seat discussing lady things while Matt and Eddie took a different seat.

Some random person was behaving strangely on the bus. He stood up and freaked out over what appeared to be nothing. This guy was clutching his head, screaming, rolling around on the floor, and pacing back and forth. The bus driver ordered him to sit back down.

Matt and Eddie were discussing politics. There were issues within the government that neither agreed with. The rules people were expected to follow were senseless, especially since a draft had been incorporated that sent kids who had no fucking clue what they were doing to go off and get killed in the war. Many of them had committed petty crimes; crimes that Matt insisted he didn’t even fuck with whenever he received a call on them. Also, he had never even given out one single traffic ticket. All of that shit seemed minuscule in comparison to what was taking place overseas in the war.

The guy whacked on the drugs began acting even more strange. Something was troubling him and he appeared in pain. He panicked and tried to depart the bus. However, the doors would not open. Once he could not get through the doors, he raced around to every row trying to pry open the windows. This guy was beating on the windows, pressing the emergency buttons, and doing anything possible to get one of them to open. Finally, he collapsed on the ground, and was rolling around in obvious pain, possibly in a seizure like state. It had become the focus of attention to all the other passengers, as many of them stood up to see what the matter was; but nobody would help him. The bus driver finally stopped the bus and walked to the back to see what was ailing this person.

With the bus stopped and all attention diverted to the person collapsed on the floor, Matt finally confessed the things he had never been able to discuss. He told Eddie, “Kid, I just shot them! I just blew their heads open, and I heard them scream in their agony. I killed people; I’ve killed lots of people.” This was a somber confession, one filled with immense regret. “It didn’t stop in the war. I’ve had to kill people in my home nation, while being a police officer, people they said were bad guys. They said the gooks were bad guys. But, now I don’t know. You know, the Vietnamese, it wasn’t any of our business. They lied about them being the bad guys that were a battle we had no business in. Now, these fucking criminals I gotta deal with, who’s to say their bad guys? I mean, seriously, what the fuck do these people really know anyway?”

It was a breath taking moment, confessing to killing human beings is something very few can ever entail, and even fewer wish to ever experience. They sat quietly for a moment, Eddie patted Matt on the back, understood, it’ll never be OK, but it can never be changed. The bus driver simply dragged the collapsed person down the aisle by his ankle and off the bus. He left the person lying there on the corner and drove away.

5. Led Zeppelin
"No Quarter"  7:01
Houses of the Holy
London, England

A dark, unsettling feeling overtook the next destination. It was dim and the people all appeared creepy, staring at the group the moment they entered. “There’s a serial killer running loose in our area,” Matt told Eddie. He claimed he had heard about that. This had become big news and Elaine and Jennifer joined in for this discussion; as did the strangers sitting beside them. “I have been assigned to track down a serial killer.” “Do you have any clues who it is?”

“I have none.”

Matt related the methods condoned by this serial killer and depicted images involving horrendous murders in which the killer appears dark and shadowy—Matt’s face is never revealed in this segment. But, a harrowing black figure in a trench coat with a bloody knife creeping out the alleyway runs down the street. There is a dead bloody body lying in the middle of the alley. Couples butchered in the comforts of their elegant homes with blood smeared on the walls and all over the floor. People sitting dead in their cars with blood splattered all over the interior and a massive glob covering the window where the brains initially splattered. “I see victims, bloody, mutilated, and it’s no different than being in the war. It’s as if everywhere I have been, there has been an onslaught of brutal humanity. This is what my life had become.” All was silent for a moment, people just listening to the music playing in the bar.

4. Golden Earring
"Radar Love"  6:27
Den Haag, Netherlands

A feeling of uneasiness was disturbing the streets outside. People were shuffling around attempting to escape a present danger. They were reaching the point of anxiety as they crowded closer to each other, squishing each other, bustling to get away from something that possibly did not exist. As the mob was closing in on every person’s comfort zone, Matt was feeling more and more the effects of Vietnam, as he was having flashbacks of war as he began to be surrounded by a larger crowd of people.

A group of hooligans mobbed an ice skater. She had been walking the streets wearing ice skates and they jumped her from behind, snatched her purse, and were attempting to pull off her stockings. Matt witnessed this right at the moment his war flashbacks were overcoming his mind. He raced into the mob, snatched one of the ice skates, and split one of the hooligan’s head with it. They all fled and Matt chased after them with the ice skates.

He tripped up one of them and beat him across the face with the ice skate, swinging it back and forth bloodying his face. As a different one was running away, he flung an ice skate at him and it stuck in the back of his head, dropping him dead. The other two escaped on a scooter and Matt chased after them on a borrowed moped. They sped down the busy streets, and Matt was quickly catching up with them. Once beside them, he side armed an ice skate and smashed the driver across the face with it, splattering blood, knocking out his teeth, and causing him to wreck the motor scooter.

The final assailant attempted to run away, but was limping from the wreck. Matt watched him dash down an alleyway but was limping badly. Rather than chase after him, Matt ran inside the building alongside the alleyway and climbed several flights of steps onto the roof. Standing on the roof, he could see the assailant limping in the alley struggling to climb a fence. Matt took aim with the ice skate and then dropped it off the roof. The ice skate dropped several stories and landed in his head, embedded in his skull, as he dropped dead in the alleyway.

3. Iggy & The Stooges
"Penetration"  3:33
Raw Power
Ann Arbor, MI

Eddie was impressed with the way Matt saved that woman, and they laughed and toasted with drinks. This next bar was wild and crazy, people were getting freaky, and some of the people on the dance floor were most of the way undressed. It was a total freak scene, the people were crazy looking, and their behavior was as enticing as their appearance. Elaine and Jennifer took a fancy to this place and emerged on the dance floor to let loose. Matt and Eddie were laughing about those dumb mother fuckers who tried to rape the ice skater. Also, they were feeling the music too. Something about the scene maybe caused a strange reaction. When Matt looked into Eddie’s eyes, he no longer felt the effects of the war. He pushed him up against the wall, and within moments he was lustfully making out with his daughter’s boyfriend. The age difference did not matter either.

2. Strange
"Ruler Of The Universe"  11:07
Translucent World
Casselberry, FL

Both parties disguised their sin as they each left hand in hand with the one they had arrived, Matt with Elaine, and Jennifer with Eddie. Even if they were seen, it’s not as Jennifer would have ever found the right way to inquire, “Were you making out with my dad?”

That night, Matt was having a difficult time sleeping. It was the first time he had ever experimented with homosexuality and he was nowhere near gay. That dilemma also altered the series of contradictions that had been plaguing him. He was having dreams about being in the war, and making out with the gooks rather than killing them. Those people he killed as cop, they were all dressed in drag.

He arose from bed and went back out into the night. It was a strange night, this was a strange setting, and the thoughts rolling through his brain were abnormal. Since he had already delved into sinful excursions, he went to more extremes and took drugs with some kids he did not even know in the street. Once the drugs took effect, he walked around, all alone; experiencing bizarre visuals as he walked passed this strange and unique setting.

The hallucinogenic drugs only intensified his already disturbed thought pattern. Hookers in the street took the image of the whores in Vietnam. The mannequins in the shops came to life and tried to shoot at him; the shops exploded. People running through the streets drunk were running from an ambush. Back home, he had murdered the woman at the ticket window of the grind house cinema. He had murdered all of them, as he watched them drop dead on the sidewalk. The steam rising through the sewer was green smoke from an explosion, and the people racing towards him were all running from him as a cop, just to be napalmed in front of the grind house theater. This went on all night.

#1. Pink Floyd
"Us and Them"  7:41
Dark Side of the Moon
London, England

When everybody woke up in the morning, Matt was not home. They assumed that he left in the morning and was out jogging or having coffee. This was common for him, and all the others had passed out drunk when he left. Eddie opted to stay home and wait for him to return while Elaine and Jennifer went out shopping. Not long after they left, Matt finally returned home. He was still stoned, drunk, and staggering. Somehow, he was wearing different clothes; a sparkly gold dress, high heels, and a massive amount of bad make-up. In the same fashion the rich prudes of his town drape furs around their shoulders, he had a dead woman that he had strangled draped around his shoulders.

Eddie saw him and recognized that there was a major problem. After all, Matt did finally open up and confess all of the dilemmas about the war and the police force that were burdening him. He was afraid at first, but noticed that Matt was extremely intoxicated. Matt was staggering around, walked past him in the high heels, and into the bedroom. There was a murdered woman in Eddie’s home, and the serial killer who brutally slain her.

The dead woman was dropped on the bedroom floor. Eddie escorted Matt into the bathroom and assisted him out of his clothes. He unzipped the dress, removed the jewelry, the high heels, and directed Matt into the shower to clean off all the make-up and stench of female. While Matt was showering, still dazed from the drugs, Eddie did NOT report the incident. Rather than call the police, he instead disposed of the dead woman, and trashed the bag of women’s clothing. When he returned from quickly ditching the dead rich bitch in the nearby creek, Eddie raced back home and helped Matt out of the shower. He told him that he simply needed some sleep, tucked him into bed, and snuggled up next to him, spooning him, with his arm wrapped around Matt’s shoulder, comforting him, as the two men cuddled in for a little snooze.

END CREDITS: Tim Buckley
"Buzzin' Fly"  7:20
Washington, DC (1947)-Santa Monica, CA (1975)

Written, Directed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

None of the original songs were ever intended to be used in this type of film.
Descriptions in no way shape or form intended to be a truthful reflection or interpretation of the song or the artist in reference.
All characters and themes completely fictitious and any similarities to actual people living or deceased are coincidental.
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Special thanks to all B-movies, classic Grindhouse films, sleaze and porn from the 70's, heavy drug use, Superfly, and of course, Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez


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