The Top 150 Songs of 2005

The Mind over Matter Experiment + The Top 200 Songs of 2005
Part 1: Family Values in America
Part 2: The Oblivious Barnes Family
Part 3: The Lunch That Changed Everything
Part 4: Chickens are Extinct
Part 5: Masturbation is a Sin!
Part 6: Cracks in the Foundation
Part 7: Dr. Shaw's Party & The Aftermath That Ensued
Part 8: Disaster Finally Strikes

Part III: The Lunch That Changed Everything

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150. The Capes
"Mexican Broads"  2:55
London, England

Although it was a common human trait to stare at person who was pleasant to look at, it was also considered impolite by society. As a result, once a person became attracted to another person, he or she had to find a way to keep looking at this person without staring or without being noticed. Because the American media had instilled fear into people, and society was constantly worried about being stalked or victimized by violent criminals, being stared at by a stranger often made people uncomfortable. Some people would even direct hostility towards other people staring at them and would threaten the person staring at him/her with physical violence.

149. Billy Idol
"World Comin' Down"  3:33
Devil's Playground
Stanmore, England/Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes this feeling simply could not be controlled. Some tried to look away or declared they would never look again, but still did. And, they did it over and over again. The feeling of sexual attraction becomes so strong it causes minds to drift off into daydreams about having sex or even meaningful relationships with the person being stared at. If the point is reached in which the passion is colossal, people become insouciant and disregard common manners. Secretive thoughts of physical attraction become blatantly obvious. In fact, once this point is reached, people want whoever they are staring at to know they are attracted to him/her with hopes he/she feels the same way.

148. Queens Of The Stone Age
"Burn the Witch"  3:35
Lullabies To Paralyze
Palm Desert, CA

The strength of the emotions that can sweep over a human being when experiencing the allurement of sexuality and seductiveness can be overwhelming. Dispositions may advance from a sudden passion to a conjugal love affair. Unfortunately, it was impossible to determine how powerful these emotions could evolve for not one person ever took the time to sit and stare at another person long enough to make a proper assessment. However, while many experiments in staring ended abruptly and often involved blinding pepper spray, electric shock, or attack dogs, many others reported having felt a love so strong they would have been willing to sacrifice everything in order to be with that person.

147. Broadcast
"Tender Buttons"  2:52
Tender Buttons
Birmingham, England

Back at the clinic, Tonya still did not like Dr. Shaw, even after working with him for some time. She considered him way too eccentric and far too radical to maintain any sort of friendship with him. She disagreed with all of his opinions and the two had virtually nothing in common. But it wasn’t all that bad. For starters, Tonya found she suddenly enjoyed more liberties at work. When things got rough at home and she arrived to work 12 minutes late, he never said anything to her. The company policy allotted two 15 minute breaks, something Dr. Franklin watched meticulously. However, under Dr. Shaw, her breaks became 20+ minutes and she often took more than two. Dr. Shaw was only concerned that she finished her work and properly treated the patients. Unlike many other supervisors of that generation, he did not possess an attitude where he expected all other employees to conform to his uniform standards or seek employment elsewhere. Although she didn’t like him as a person, she had to acknowledge he was an outstanding doctor. He was very thorough in his practice and took great measures to care for his patients. All the patients were very satisfied with him and even liked him personally.

146. Japanther
"I-10"  2:57
New York, NY

He never told the other co-workers they were not permitted to do things that Dr. Franklin did not allow. He never advocated mandatory drug screening. He never interrogated how employees spent their time outside of work. And ultimately, he never lectured the employees about what to think was wrong or right, or what opinions they were “supposed” to have. He didn’t mind if the nurses smoked cigarettes (the amount of pulmonary nurses who smoked was amazing), used foul language in the break area, or consoled with one another about which patients were hot and which ones were ugly. Truth be known, a lot of the women thought Dr. Shaw was good looking, including Tonya’s sister-in-law Elaine. Elaine moderately liked Dr. Shaw even though she didn’t agree his opinions. Her husband Rick spoke with Dr. Shaw often and Elaine chatted with him fairly often as well. Seeing Dr. Shaw and Elaine speaking with each other, one might think they were good friends. Around Rick, she thought he was a wonderful guy, but around Tonya, she thought he was an asshole.

145. I Am Kloot
"Sand and Glue"  4:07
Gods and Monsters
Manchester, England

It was Friday, and Tonya wanted to join Rick and Elaine for lunch. They were going out and would be gone over an hour and lunch was only thirty minutes. “Dr. Shaw,” said Tonya as she entered his office, “I’m going to go to lunch and I might be gone longer than 30 minutes.”

“Where are you going?”

“Camp Washington Chili,” Tonya answered.

Dr. Shaw’s look changed drastically. “When will you be back?”

“I don’t know,” Tonya didn’t want to say exactly because she knew she was going to be gone too long and was going to try to sneak in without anybody finding out.

“Do you think you’ll be back by 2:00?” he asked.

Tonya looked at the clock and saw it was 11:32, she knew she’d be back by 12:30 or 1:00 at the very latest. “Yeah,” she said as if that was to be an obvious answer.

“If I give you money,” he said as he got his wallet out of his back pocket, “will you bring me something back?”

“Sure,” Tonya sounded confused. She was not used to having a boss who was willing to allow her have a two hour and 28 minute lunch when company policy clearly stated 30 minutes. Dr. Franklin would kindly remind staff members of the rules if they were gone even 31 minutes. But, if a person needed to be gone longer, and asked his permission, he would generally be tolerant and allow them to use vacation time, regardless of the circumstances. Dr. Shaw didn’t even make people use their vacation time and wouldn’t even take notice unless their absence interfered with patient care.

“Great,” he said handing her a twenty dollar bill. “Bring me back a 3-way and go ahead get your lunch out of this too for getting mine for me.”

“Okay thanks,” said Tonya with a smile, but still baffled that he didn’t lecture her about company policy.

144. The New Pornographers
"Use It"  3:27
Twin Cinema
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tonya and Elaine walked out to the parking lot together and attempted to get in Rick’s car. However, they had company- Tristen, Rick’s friend Morgan from the computer division, and Josh, an overgrown 19 year old who worked under Rick. Josh occupied the front seat and Tristen and Morgan were in the back.

“How are we all going to fit in here?” Elaine asked.

“Just get in,” Rick also had a tendency to be a bit erratic, “we’re just going up the road.”

“Rick,” argued Elaine, “it’s way down the road. You act like it’s just right next door.”

“You just don’t want to sit by Tristen because you said he smelled like limburger cheese,” Rick said loudly, just kidding.

Tristen had already scooted over and was almost sitting on Morgan’s lap.

“Oh whatever,” Elaine did not approve, but still got in after Tonya.

143. DJ Muggs Vs. Gza
"Those That's Bout It"  3:24
New York, NY

They all squeezed in the back seat. Morgan was smashed up against the door. Tristen was taking up the least amount of space, for he was the smallest, but was also the most scrunched. He was partially raised and almost sitting on both Tonya and Morgan. Tonya was relatively comfortable even though Tristen was pressed up against her, but Tristen was light. Elaine wasn’t smashed at all, but she complained the entire duration of the ride to the restaurant.

142. The 88
"Hide Another Mistake"  2:36
Over and Over
Los Angeles, CA

In the meantime, all the while Elaine was complaining, trouble was brewing just beside her in the backseat- the type of trouble that ultimately could lead to catastrophe. Tonya could not take her eyes off Tristen. Prior to this moment, she had never looked at Tristen, or any “real” person (she did have a fondness for a couple celebrities she saw in tabloid magazines) for that matter, with intentions of finding beauty.

Tristen was smashed up against her. She glanced over at him and noticed he had the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. She kept looking over at him and when he wasn’t looking she would stare the whole time.

He smelled good too. His skin was soft and anytime her arm would brush up against his she couldn’t help but notice the softness of his skin. She wanted to scoot away from him but there was nowhere to go. She didn’t want to look at him at all, but couldn’t resist.

Actually, she wanted to kiss him. He looked right into her eyes once and she didn’t turn away very fast. She wanted to fondle him for he’d be like to heaven to touch. She would like him to have kissed her. She didn’t exactly think these exact thoughts, but she was definitely attracted to him.

141. Six By Seven
"(I Gotta) Get It Together Again"  4:24
Artists, Cannibals, Poets, Thieves
Nottingham, England

But she couldn’t be. She was married. It would be sinful to do this. Besides, she was old enough to be his mom. She felt ashamed for feeling this. To be attracted to any person whom she is not married to, much less this bastard who she generally loathed, was wrong. A tingling sensation aroused her whole body. She had an uncontrollable trembling sensation race over her. Her hand, without her moving it, inched ever so slightly to Tristen’s leg until she barely touched it. She felt her body temperature growing hot. The inside of her legs started throbbing.

140. Eels
"Things The Grandchildren Should Know"  5:22
Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
Los Angeles, CA

She had never felt a throbbing sensation inside her legs before. Never in her life had she experienced sexual lust. In 38 years, she never one time felt the desire to have sex with another human being and even considered it trashy if she heard of other people doing so. She never had sexual desires for Doug; sex was mainly to please him. Some women experience sexual desires for their husbands’ friends, but who’d want to fuck Bean? Her vagina was pulsating. She was trying to think about other things and tried to fight it. She hoped it would go away. Truthfully, she had no idea what she was really feeling and wondered if something was wrong.

139. Hockey Night
"Renegades"  4:31
Keep Guessin'
Saint Paul, MN

Finally, they arrived at the restaurant and Elaine finally shut up. Tristen got out of the car and Tonya watched him and adored his cute butt also. In fact, she thought everything about him was cute. Some men who experience this, men without class, men like Bean, whistle, hoot, holler, and shout things such as “I love you baby”. Tonya had the urge to do the same to Tristen, but controlled it. Plus, she was taught girls were not supposed to think these things unless they were sluts or whores.

138. Enduser
"Esb Rmx"  3:15
Run War
Cincinnati, OH/Washington, DC

Everybody else went in and sat down. She sat as far away from Tristen as possible because she didn’t think what she was feeling was right. But the pulsating in her crotch refused go away.

“I’ll be right back,” she announced as she headed for the bathroom.

She wanted to look at her crotch to see why it was throbbing and wanted to see if she could make it stop. As she walked, her panties brushed up against her and that made it throb even harder.

137. Dauphin
"Don't Want to Want You"  3:03
No Clue- No Info Available; This isn't even their album cover, just some image I found in the search.

Tonya entered the stall and pulled down her pants and her panties. She looked down and everything looked normal but the sensation was still there. She put her hand down there and felt her pussy was extremely wet. She thought this to be very strange for it was never this wet. When she touched it, her fingers caressed over clit, sending massive tingling sensations sweeping down her spine. The tingling sensation rapidly spread all over her body and her legs shook wildly. She rubbed it again just to see what it would feel like. She grew euphoric and felt dizzy. Her pussy was pulsating so hard she could see it trembling. It was so wet that it was dripping down her leg. She had difficulty breathing normally and breathed heavily.

136. Stellastarr*
"Lost in Time"  4:31
Harmonies for the Haunted
New York, NY

Uncontrollably, and without thinking, she stroked her clitoris repeatedly and there was nothing on Earth that could have made her stop. At this point, she could not even think of it being wrong for her mind was not concentrating on anything except the pulsating feeling in her vagina. Her body tensed up as she caressed her hands across her chest. And a few seconds later…

She had her first orgasm. An orgasm so prodigious, her body shook impetuously blasting semen all over the toilet seat. Although she wanted to scream in ecstasy, she couldn’t for she was trying to keep quiet in the public bathroom. As she came, she plunged two of her fingers deep inside her vagina and kept them there until the cum finished oozing from her body.

135. Ivy
"Nothing But the Sky"  5:12
In the Clear
New York, NY

She breathed heavily as every ounce of tension left her body. The tingling sensation turned to soothing warmth. Her whole body relaxed and engulfed itself into a state of bliss. She breathed deeply as she removed her moistened fingers from her still pulsating vagina. The whole fiasco lasted, from the time she entered the stall to the time she came, not even one minute.

134. Page France
"Feather"  6:35
Hello, Dear Wind
Baltimore, MD

The world should have put on party hats and had a parade. Tonya Barnes, had the first orgasm of her life, in the bathroom stall of a chili parlor, as a result of masturbation, thanks to an uncontrolled lust, felt for a 22 year boy, in May of 2005! Once she came to, the pulsating ceased, the tingling faded, and she realized she had just fingered herself in a public bathroom; she hastily pulled her pants back up, ran to the sink and rapidly washed her hands. She couldn’t believe what she had just done and hurriedly dried her hands and rushed back to the table. Feelings of guilt immediately overwhelmed her. Of course, first reactions can regularly be categorized as abnormal thought processes. And, she would ponder upon this incident further…much further.

133. Feeder
"Tender"  4:15
Pushing The Senses
Casnewydd, Wales

At the table, she figured everybody would be wondering where she had been. But, she wasn’t gone long and even returned quicker than had it been a normal bathroom visit. She worried people suspected something or knew she had just committed a scandalous offense. All religious aspects aside, masturbating in a public place was against the law and Tonya could have been another member of America’s prison population- the world’s largest. But, she couldn’t help what she did and even tried to stop it. She fought the urge as hard as she was able. What began as a normal day, took an incredibly strange twist in just a 10 minute trip to a restaurant.

132. Nickel Creek
"Anthony"  1:56
Why Should the Fire Die?
Carlsbad, CA

In actuality, the human body produces sperm cells for sexual reproduction every day and sometimes several times in a day. When human beings find sexual beauty in something, albeit another person, a couch cushion, or a chicken, the sperm cells are produced faster. Once the sperm cells are produced, the human body needs to engage in some sort of sexual conduct to release the cells and this should be done on a regular (daily) basis. However, in American society, and many other societies as well, sex was judged as a measurement of love rather than natural instinctive behavior between two or more persons attracted to one another. Furthermore, it was obscene!

131. Josh Rouse
"Saturday"  4:22
Paxton, NE

Although several means of birth control were available, and most often the male would pull out and ejaculate all over the female’s body anyway, issues of pregnancy became a concern. There was also the brilliant notion that people should only have sexual encounters with the one person they are married to and nobody else, not even themselves, regardless how strong an attraction may, even though they still loved their spouse. As a result, sperm cells could not be released every time it was produced. When the sperm cells are not released, it causes anxiety, frustration, mental disorders, and a lack of clarity in vision and logic.

During sex back then, men reached orgasm every single time and women did not. If a woman practiced the guidelines laid out by religious zealots, and only did it with the one man whom she married and he was lousy in bed, she may never experience orgasm…and we know what that causes. But, if women were permitted to express their sexuality with the same freedom men were allowed to…who knows? Tonya had penned up her sperm for nearly 40 years and possessed every single negative trait that came with prolonged build up of excessive sperm cells. That was the reason her orgasm was far more intense than the average female orgasm

130. The Weird Weeds
"Hold Me Popcorn Trees"  3:44
Hold Me
Austin, TX

She thought about that orgasm all day. While feelings of guilt and regret still lingered, she also remembered how good it felt. Something else seemed to have clicked as well. She was able to understand things easier, she suddenly had more patience with patients, the world seemed less tense, and there was more clarity in her thinking patterns. She dared not tell a soul. She also thought differently of Tristen now. Before, she actually hated him. As far as his personality and compatibility went, she, at that moment, still didn’t like him. Of all the people, it had to be him. Although she had seen him several times prior to this, she had never thought of him like this before. Then again, she never had him sitting on her lap before either.

Of course, she had never thought of anybody like this, not even Doug, for it was considered improper for a lady to have thoughts such as these. Doug’s mother would consider her a tramp. She wondered why all of sudden Tristen.

It could be the fact that she had never been that close to even a remotely attractive male. Her father was repugnant. Doug wasn’t very cute. Bean was so ugly even his couch cushions would have rejected him if they were able. In actuality, Tristen wasn’t exactly supermodel material, but he was cute; and due to the fact Tonya spent her entire life around stinky ass uninviting men, the very instance a relatively cute one came within striking distance of her yearning lust, it was positive her body would enrage into a state of sexual bewilderment.

129. Six Organs Of Admittance
"Home"  3:54
School Of The Flower
Arcata, CA

One day, at a meeting about productivity in the department Rick managed, Tristen was asked how his job could be completed more efficiently; Tristen was still relatively new at the time. His job required four people to finish it entirely and had to be completed each day. The goal was for him and one other person to complete one portion of the job, and then two other people finish the final portion during the night shift.

“I’m not sure what Pat does when he first gets here,” Tristen spoke of one of the night shift employees at the meeting. “I mean, I’m not saying he doesn’t do anything, I just don’t know what he does for the first couple of hours he starts. He doesn’t come in and immediately start working on this. He does something else I guess, and I don’t know what it is?”

“Did you ask him?” Rick asked.

“No. I don’t really like to ask people those things sometimes. I’m one of those people who gets uncomfortable around other people and don’t like people talking to me. It’s a mental disorder of some sort. Well, I’m not like that all the time, just sometimes. I kind of have multiple personalities, and like only one of the personalities doesn’t like to ask people questions.

My other personality thinks Pat is a great worker, and a cool person. So, whenever I feel like talking to Pat I’m not suspicious as to what he’s doing. But, whenever I’m wandering what the hell it is that Pat is actually doing, I’m in the personality that doesn’t like to be around people. Some of my other personalities have other disorders as well. One of my personalities also has multiple personality disorder, so sometimes I get confused if it’s my personality or his. Like, I have voices in my head and whenever I need to make a decision, I take a vote- but that’s a whole another story. I also have a slight case of schizophrenia, so it all might just be in my head. But next time I see Pat, I’ll take a vote as to whether or not I should ask him what he’s doing.”

128. The Skygreen Leopards
"Minotaur (Burn a Candle for Love)"  3:09
Life & Love in Sparrow's Meadow
San Francisco, CA

After his spiel, the entire department erupted with laughter. They weren’t laughing to make fun of him; they thought he was “so adorable.” They assumed he was kidding around and simply knew how to make a meeting more entertaining.

That was why everyone liked Tristen so much. He was cute, funny and pleasant to be around. Even Rick, enjoyed his presence. Had anybody else said this, he may have taken offense. But, he too laughed at his remarks. He once told Tristen that he should be a comedian. In fact, it’s even become Tristen’s responsibility to liven things up and amuse others.

Tristen had one major ghost that haunted him however. He was not joking around, nor was he making things up. He basically spilled his guts about his true persona. However, his mental state was so dilapidated, nobody bought it.

127. Supergrass
"Roxy"  6:18
Road To Rouen
Oxford, England

Sometimes he did not like his role in society, sometimes he did; it depended on which personality was present. He rarely expressed any personal discomforts and remained pleasant to be around, especially when he truly had the desire to entertain people. However, whenever he lacked the desire “entertain”, he preferred to be alone. He often thought about how nice it would be to vanish and simply disappear from the world without a trace and without a goodbye. Nobody really knew Tristen, nor did anybody fully understand him. He didn’t talk about himself much either even though he desperately longed to be understood. Another world existed inside his head. It was the ideal world according to Tristen. This world, which was populated with imaginary people, followed an entirely different set of standards than that of the actual world.

Often, the real world interfered with his fantasy world. He had a strong hatred for the actual world, particularly the government, the police, and other figures who abused their authority. He despised the system as well as anything considered “normal” society.

126. The Fiery Furnaces
"Seven Silver Curses"  9:20
Rehearsing My Choir
Oak Park, IL/New York, NY

He also had another issue in which some people may find disturbing, and that’s the relationship he had with his older sister, Caitlin. He and Caitlin never actually had sex. However, they’ve done some other things together that many people consider unacceptable.

It should be noted, the two had always been close. Also, they do look alike and it’s easy to tell they are brother and sister. They were the only two siblings, and after their parents divorced, they lived with their father and he worked long hours, leaving the two of them alone quite often. Whenever they were alone, Caitlin was in charge of looking after Tristen and she had always been a bit protective of him anyway.

As children they played with each other often. They took baths together. They slept in the same bed and would snuggle with each other. As children, this was regarded as innocent and completely normal.

As they grew up, they never grew apart. They still enjoyed each other’s touch. In the winter, they cuddled close to each other to keep warm. They still occasionally slept in the same bed and would always lie together on the couch.

They had no problem touching each other. Their whole family was a bit of the touchy type anyway. They hugged whenever they greeted each other. She enjoyed kissing him. Ever since he was a baby, she would kiss him goodnight, or kiss him whenever he left to go someplace. This too was common behavior. It never stopped and carried on their entire lives. Whenever they saw each other, they greeted with a kiss on the mouth.

They were comfortable changing their clothes around each other and seeing each other naked. The comfort began with the two taking baths together. However, there was only one bathroom and they were alone in the mornings to prepare for school. They would get ready in the bathroom together and sometimes shower with each other. While showering, they would often wash each other too, so that neither would be stuck standing outside the downpour of warm water.

Throughout high school as their bodies began maturing, they reached the point where they enjoyed seeing each other nude. Part of this was arrogance on both of their behalves for they looked alike. On the other hand, Caitlin had the perfect set of breasts. Tristen enjoyed looking at them and would measure all other breasts he’d ever see to those of his dear sisters’. He also enjoyed caressing them and she too liked it when he fondled them. They touched each other everywhere, and didn’t think anything of it. They assumed since they were brother and sister, they were permitted to more intimate with one another.

Although they were crudely intimate with each other, and often fondled the other in areas considered forbidden, they fought as well too. They argued over who got to watch the TV, who drank all the pop, who was always on the phone or the computer. Their bickering was almost as persistent as their sexuality. Often, this bickering would lead to intimate acts (it should be noted Caitlin won 98% of the arguments whether she was right or not). Caitlin would allow Tristen to use the phone, but only if he painted her toenails and gave her a foot massage. Tristen could watch his favorite shows, but he had to rub lotion on her. This was in their high school years.

Since Caitlin didn’t permit him to be with any other girls, and as Tristen grew more curious sexually, whenever Caitlin made him rub her back, he reached his hand over and caressed her breasts. She didn’t mind. Sometimes at night, she would lie in on the couch and take off her shirt and lay her head in Tristen’s lap and fall asleep while he fondled her boobs. He stuck his hand up her shirt a lot. But, she played with his penis a lot as well.

While this may or may not be normal, one night they went a step farther. Their father had grounded the two of them for the weekend because Caitlin ran up the phone bill (Tristen had one call on the whole bill, so he was grounded also). They were stuck at home on a Saturday night and stayed with each other in Caitlin’s bedroom. He was lying down on her bed and said a joke she found funny. As she laughed, she kissed him on the lips, something she did every time he made a funny comment. Normally, she just kissed him once and went back to her business. But this time, she kept her lips pressed against his and kissed him again. And again. And another. Finally, their locked lips opened the siblings inserted their tongues into each other’s mouths. Not only that, they removed each other’s clothes and rubbed each other as they passionately kissed one another the entire night. They didn’t have sex though, because they had morals. However, Tristen could feel the moisture of his sister’s vagina as it was firmly pressed against his stiff rod.

The other incident occurred after she had gone off to college. She invited Tristen to join her and some of her friends on a camping trip. She and Tristen shared a tent and slept in a small sleeping bag together. She was excited to see him and enjoyed the comfort of his warm body sleeping next to hers again in that sleeping bag. She really liked kissing him too. She enjoyed the sensual touch of his lips more than any other boy she ever kissed.

They got into the sleeping bag fully clothed. After he laid down, she was so excited to see her little brother, she couldn’t wait to give him a smooch. And she did and continued to excitedly kiss him about every minute or so. As they talked to each in the sleeping bag, catching up on things, they eagerly rubbed one another. Finally, they took off each other’s shirts so they could feel each other’s warmth. Tristen had eagerly anticipated seeing his sister’s breasts for weeks. Simply put, he couldn’t refrain from holding her delicate bosom in his hands.

Finally, she got off of him and laid on her back. Tristen laid beside her and gently caressed his finger along her belly and occasionally rubbed it across her breast and over her hardened nipple. They still talked and kissed her every now and then, but she was growing tired, her eyes were beginning to shut, and finally she fell asleep. Tristen continued to rub and she seemed at ease and enjoyed him caressing her skin. He enjoyed seeing her naked and liked touching her body. She had taken off her pants and was now just wearing panties and sound asleep. While she slept, Tristen put his hand down her panties. As soon as he attempted to take them off, she raised her hips to allow him to slide them off easier. He delicately caressed her clit the entire night as she had multiple orgasms in her sleep.

They both lived alone. However, they visited each other about once a month. During every visitation, just as they are having casual conversation, Caitlin, nonchalantly, undressed in front of her brother. This was the greatest pleasure in his life. Her in the nude, as she snuggled next to him on the couch and they watched movies together and fell asleep together comforting each other through their caressing. Both enjoyed this simple pleasure more than all other things in life combined. Caitlin really loved her baby brother.

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Bottom Image: http://www.cartoonstock.com/lowres/pha0123l.jpg

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