The Top 100 Songs of 1973

The Best Music of 1973 + Dusk to Dawn Grindhouse Anthology by Tony J. Neal
Feature 1: 30 Days in a Ho'
Feature 2: Hate Boat
Feature 3: Together Forever
Feature 4: Space Hookers & The Cowboys of Texarkana
Feature 5: Symporium (Midget Exploitation)
Feature 6: Sugar Daddy of Death

Feature 3: Together Forever

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100. Amon Düül II
"What You Gonna Do"  6:41
München, Germany

Eric disappeared from the face of the Earth. Somewhere along the lines, he fell out of favor with the world. He was victim of too much bad luck and soon decided he no longer needed anybody. After his girlfriend dumped him, and he had moved far away from his friends and family, he found himself all alone. Most of his time spent was sitting at home all by himself, walking around all by himself, speaking to no one; nobody ever called him on the phone, nobody ever came over to visit. Even though he lived in a heavily populated city, he was a total recluse and even ignored the people he passed on the streets. If people attempted to speak to him while he was out in public gathering necessities, he said as little as possible, if anything at all. He never had conversations with cashiers at the super market and never spoke to any of his neighbors. In fact, he had no desire to—they all got on his nerves and he bitterly hated everybody in the community.

99. The Guess Who
"Glamour Boy"  4:52
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

It didn’t seem that long ago when Eric actually led an active social life. Just a few years ago, he was considered the life of the party and women wanted to be with him. Eric had fucked random girls on a regular basis before finally settling down with a lady named Abigail. She loved him, but had jealousy issues; back then Eric had an outgoing personality and several women flirted with him during his partying nights when he had a willingness to tolerate people. Every place he went, he knew everybody, and everybody loved him. Abigail loved him while he was at home, but did not approve of his lifestyle at the clubs. Eventually, she disallowed to socialize with friends as frequently, and they moved away to start a new life. It didn’t work out though, she left him, and he was all alone in the world.

98. Smokey Robinson
"Sweet Harmony"  4:12
Detroit, MI

He longed for a better life and sometimes reminisced about his old friends and his family members who he was beginning to lose contact. The last time they had seen him, he was happy, frivolous, and free spirited. They assumed he was probably doing the same thing in the city he was living in now. However, it was the opposite, and he wondered how exactly how he wound up in this mess in the first place. There was a desire to perhaps enjoy that same free spirited joy in this place as he once did in his hometown. On occasion, he would enjoy these evenings, as he was pleasant with a select few individuals—many of them assumed that he was a free spirited funster.

97. Neil Young
"Journey Through The Past"  3:19
Time Fades Away
Toronto, ON, Canada

Even though he often thought of his old friends and relatives, he never called anybody. Furthermore, none of them ever called him either. He wasn’t even sure if he had a phone or where it might be. His ex-girlfriend took the phone and he never bothered getting a new one. The phone bill came in the mail and claimed that he owed $64 or else they were going to disconnect the telephone. Eric wrote them a letter stating that he didn’t even think he had a phone and to go ahead and disconnect it. They returned a letter that said that he owed the $64 anyway, even though he told him that he never used the phone. And he returned a letter stating that he was not going to ever pay it, and for them to disconnect the phone—“that device is of no interest to me.”

96. Caravan
"Memory Lain, Hugh, Headloss"  9:16
For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night
Canterbury, England

All alone with nobody to talk to, Eric seemed to have grown content being all by himself in his tiny apartment that was completely empty. He did not have one piece of furniture, no bed, no carpet, no dishes, no phone, no TV, and there was not one single thing in the refrigerator; all he had was his record player and records, an ashtray, and some clothes. Eventually, Eric created people in his mind to speak to, and had pleasant conversations with imaginary people as his mental stability depleted. As his struggle with mental insanity intensified, he lost all interest in interaction with other people. Even if he did have somebody to talk to, it would not go well because his topics of conversation had become too eccentric and his thought patterns had grown completely abnormal. He avoided people by all means necessary and would scurry away if he were ever encountered by a stranger. This struggle with mental insanity went undetected because he seemed relatively normal in appearance and rarely spoke long enough for any person to be able to disclose mental aberration. People who did frequently see him out and about found him a bit odd, but quiet, and assumed that he was either shy or a snob. Some perceived him as relatively weird because he was often seen smiling for no reason or talking to himself. But again, he was moderately handsome, not grotesquely horrendous in composition, and some people were actually fascinated by his presence…even though he despised theirs.

95. Rob de Nijs
"Malle Babbe"  4:20
In de Uren van de Middag
Amsterdam, Netherlands

One morning, he awoke with severe mouth pain. He looked in the mirror and discovered that he was bleeding from the gums. After carefully brushing his teeth, he determined that the pain would go away soon and he needed to brush his teeth better. Eric became obsessed with brushing his teeth, scrubbing them for hours at a time, several times daily. However, the condition never improved and the pain would only subside temporarily. He couldn’t afford to see a doctor or a dentist, and therefore did not. Furthermore, he did not speak of the condition either, only to his imaginary friends. His mental condition did not allow him to have this examined; he did not wish to consult a physician because he simply did not wish to speak to another human being about anything. People were too weird.

94. Gal Costa
"Volta"  3:19
Salvador, Brazil

The condition worsened. Eric found himself constantly spitting up blood. Supposedly mouth disease, heart disease, and mental insanity are all linked to each other. There were other pains and he developed a cough. He was walking around by himself, coughing up blood, with blood frequently dripping from his mouth. He tried to conceal this condition and did not want anybody to know he was bleeding. It was growing increasingly difficult to walk as well.

93. Serge Gainsbourg
"Panpan Culcul"  2:44
Vu de l'extérieur
Paris, France (1928-1991)

Then he awoke to find his skin around his mouth had deteriorated and there was a massive open sore on his cheek. The wound was deep and the hole was big enough to where people could easily see the inside of his mouth through the bottom of his right jaw. Blood continued to ooze from the gaping hole in his mouth, as he simply covered it up and went about his business. However, with a gigantic hole in his face, his mental condition became obvious. A large group of people followed him down the street, asking him questions, but receiving no answers. Eric attempted to run from them, and walked the street hastily, holding the side of his face, with blood spilling down his arm.

92. Genesis
"Firth Of Fifth"  9:37
Selling England By The Pound
Godalming, England

Eric went to work, but was fired for having a huge gaping hole in the side of his face. It was a shitty low paying job anyway and he was on the verge of being canned anyway. He rarely showed up for work lately and had been acting strangely. Also, he had not been paying his rent and when he returned home there was an eviction notice. The landlord was inquiring about the rent at the same time the phone company sent a collector over the $64. He was coughing; blood was gushing from his face and seeping from his mouth.

They claimed he needed to get that checked out after he paid them the money which he did not have. He went on a cursing tirade, just like he did at work, and vociferated profanity laced non-sense to them, telling them to fuck off, and ran away. When Eric turned the corner, there was a crowd of people who looked at him shocked because he was bleeding so heavily. The crowd attempted to comfort him, stop him, and assist him with his condition. But he cursed at them also, and forced his way through the crowd. Eric went down an alley and dropped to his knees, coughing up blood on the pavement while a crowd of people gathered around him, staring at him while he vomited a puddle of blood onto the concrete. Finally, he collapsed.

91. Uriah Heep
"Stealin'"  4:51
Sweet Freedom
London, England

Eric awoke in a state of dizzy euphoria lying on a bed in what seemed to be a hospital. Several doctors were standing over him. The person from the phone company entered. “You haven’t paid any of your bills, your delinquent in all your accounts, you owe everybody money, you have no job, nothing. Mr. Adams, we need the $64.” I don’t know these fucking people. Just let me die. Fuck off. I hate all you mother fuckers. The doctor shook his head, injected a needle into his arm, and Eric faded.

90. Brownsville Station
"Smokin' In The Boy's Room"  2:59
Ann Arbor, MI

It was a sunny day and Eric was seated in a gorgeous suburban backyard around a round metal mesh picnic table with three other people. One was an older guy, the other two were women. It appeared one of the women was the wife of the older guy; the other may have been Eric’s wife. These people obviously had decent money and lived a much healthier lifestyle than Eric who was sitting there holding the side of his face with blood dripping down his arm. They were speaking about topics that were considered ordinary and appropriate, books and whatnot, and Eric looked confused and disoriented. “I don’t know any of these people. These fucking people are fucking assholes.”

He lit up a cigarette and blew smoke in their faces. After several puffs of the cigarette, the older couple stared at him while he smoked, with cigarette smoke protruding from the hole in his mouth, and the woman seated beside Eric removed the cigarette from his mouth and stomped it out. The wife of the older gentleman glanced Eric a look of concern while the other lady retrieved a needle from her purse. Casually discussing the same topic they had been talking about, speaking to the man, the woman removed the cap from the needle and stabbed it into Eric’s arm as if it were routine. Fade to black.

89. Joe Walsh
"All Night Long"  3:32
The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get
Wichita, KS/Studio City, CA

When Eric came to, he was seated on a park bench on another sunny day in the park. Once again, he looked disoriented. A different woman was sitting next to him as people walked by enjoying a nice day at the park. The woman on the bench next to him asked him if paid the phone bill yet. Eric’s speech sounded as if he were still drugged; “I don’t give a flying fuck about that phone bill. Fuck that phone bill. Fuck those mother fuckers. I don’t know who the fuck you are. I don’t know any of these fucking people. Why the fuck am I still here. Am I dead? Can I just be dead?”

She laughed, “No, sweetie, you’re not allowed to die.” He slouched over in his seat, coughed up blood that drooled down his chest, and faded away.

88. The Who
"5:15"  4:59
London, England

Erstwhile, he regained cognizance. This time he was in a grocery store with a woman. She was asking him what kind of potato chips he wanted. He was still drugged and his speech was disoriented, “I don’t give a fuck about any of that shit. Why the fuck are you asking me all these questions? I don’t know anything about these potato chips. I don’t who the hell you even are.” The lady ignored him as he dropped to the floor coughing up blood onto the white tiles. While he was spitting up blood, she continued to examine the contents of the bags of potato chips. She made her selection and tossed a bag into the cart. After scolding Eric, she bent down to wipe the blood up off the floor with a napkin.

Eric remained on his knees in the aisle, observing his surroundings. A little girl was standing eye level with him, staring back at him. “I was going to be your girlfriend, but I died when I was only 6 years old.” Eric stared at her.

“That’ll be $22.13.” Eric was purchasing a pair of shoes with a dazed look in his eye. He handed the cashier $25, and finally spoke to a cashier; “she said she was going be girlfriend, but she died when she was 6 years old.”

“Aww,” the cashier said with an enormous pleasant smile and a twinkle in her eye, “how did she die?”

“She was hit by a train.”

87. ZZ Top
"La Grange"  3:54
Tres Hombres
Houston, TX

Eric stood at a podium facing a crowd. “I think I’m dead.” The crowd stood up and cheered.

Eric was lying on a couch. “Am I dead.”

“No Mr. Adams, you are alive and right here.”

“I just want to be dead. I can’t pay the fucking phone bill. I can’t afford to be here, just let me out, I’m never going to pay you. Fuck off. Leave me alone. Let me the fuck out of here.”

The doctors ignored him and went back to work. They were in an office, with desks and cubicles speaking on telephones. Eric was seated in an inflatable chair that rotated slowly in the middle of the floor. Each image he observe, a price with dollar sign would float from the object: telephone $64, ink pen, $119. An Irish setter in a luxurious suit opened the door, glanced around, and then shut the door. This process was repeated every nine seconds.

86. John Fahey
"Thus Krishna On The Battlefield"  6:37
Fare Forward Voyagers (Soldier's Choice)
Takoma Park, MD (1939)-Salem, OR (2001)

Eric and a woman left the grocery store. The parking lot was an Ocean with cars floating aimlessly; the grocery store appeared to be on a deserted beach. A couch waddled in the current and washed up to shore. There were three people seated on the couch, and the two on each end had a paper bag covering his head. The person in the middle held a paper bag in his hand, clasped the top of the bag, and inflated it by blowing into the top of the bag. Once it was fully inflated, he popped the bag in his hand; when the bag popped, the two people seated on each end heads exploded. They remained upright on the couch, but headless, with blood spilling from the neck. The man in the middle smiled broadly—his teeth were grotesque, green, and some of them missing.

She asked why we don’t have sex anymore. I told her that I can’t have sex, I have big fucking hole in my mouth. It’s fucking gigantic.

“I love your hole.” She sat on top of him, removed his clothes, and inserted his penis up her skirt and into her vagina. While she had has his shaft inside her, she leaned over and squeezed the gigantic hole in his face, and sewed it up with a needle while two random people stood over and watched. “Who the fuck are these people.” There were no friends present. Each time the needle entered his skin, blood squirted intensely, dripping down his shirt; her shirt, from the ceiling.

There was a square table in the room with outlined corners. Four business men in suits sat on each side of the table. For no reason, they would stand in unison, walk around one corner, and then sit back down. They kept up doing this every few seconds. All of the cakes were pink.

85. George Harrison
"Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)"  3:37
Living in the Material World
Liverpool, England (1943)-Los Angeles, CA (2001)

“She claimed that I owed her 50 bucks,” Eric was sitting in an office and a large group of doctors and news reporters were jotting notes.

“You owe me 50 bucks,” the woman said to Eric standing in his apartment.

“What the fuck do I owe you 50 dollars for? I can’t even pay my phone bill,” was his response as she was now dressed in business attire riding on an elevator with him.

“50 dollars to let you jack off and cum all over my feet,” she responded while she was sitting on his couch with her long sexy legs stretched over his lap.

“What the fuck do I get out of it,” he asked while sitting in her office across from her desk, “it seems like you should be paying me 50 bucks for that.”

She propped her sexy bare feet on her majestic desk; this was a luxurious office. “You give me 50 bucks and you can cum all over me.”

“You,” she was know on her knees on a bed at a hotel, skirt pulled up revealing her luscious panty-less buttocks and tight snatch, rubbing her toes against Eric’s crotch, “you, my dear, get to cum. Don’t you enjoy an orgasm?”

“I don’t fucking know you,” he said to her in a padded room wearing a straight jacket, “just pay the fucking phone bill and get the fuck out of her.” Blood spilled from his mouth.

84. The Stylistics
"You Make Me Feel Brand New"  4:47
Rockin' Roll Baby
Philadelphia, PA

“I wish you would hurry up and die,” said the little 6 year old girl seated next to Eric on a black leather couch at a train station. “That away, we can finally be together forever. We were supposed to be soul mates. And when I died, you were supposed to die too; and we could go to heaven together. I have to wait for you. We’ve tried to make your life as miserable as possible so you could just hurry up and be with me. I want for us to be married.”

“Some girl said I owed her 50 bucks to jack off all over her feet.”

The little 6 year old girl responded, “well then,” when Eric turned to look at her, she was now the grown adult business woman with the sexy feet, “why don’t you give it to her?”

“I think she’s a cop,” he explained to the 6 year old little girl in his padded room, she was wearing a suit and tie; “I think she’s going to turn me in to the phone company.”

The little girl walked around the square table and blew out all the candles on the pink cakes that the business men were holding. “If she turns you in to the phone company,” she sat down on the couch next to him… “That means we get to be together forever,” said the sexy footed adult business lady.

83. Lily
"Chemical New York"  8:15
We See You
Frankfurt, Germany

Eric sat on a couch in a spacious living room. Each side of the couch extended beyond where the eye could see, and off into clouds. There was a square coffee table placed in front of Eric in which a red telephone was perched. Eric sat there staring at the phone, disoriented, and holding the side of his face which was becoming more mutated in disgusting. At a perfect 90 degree angle, left of the couch in which Eric sat, but also directly in front of the square table, was another couch in which three people were seated in business suits with brown paper bags covering their heads. They too stared at the phone, periodically glancing at Eric in unison.

A dim light shun on the front door, which was directly in front of Eric just behind the phone; the door was to the right of the people in suits wearing paper bags over their heads. Somebody was coming up the steps; the footsteps could be heard outside the door. It was dark outside, and the window revealed darkness, the reflection of the room, and some other presence.

The door opened, a man entered, and closed the door. He simply stood there staring at Eric, who was sitting on the sofa staring at the phone, the people with bags glanced over at Eric. Another person entered the room, a woman, shut the door, and stood beside the first guy staring at Eric. Then another. Then another. They kept piling in, one at a time, opening the door, closing the door, standing in the room, staring at Eric staring at the phone. Two women walked in at once, everybody turned around to look at them as they made their way to the front of the crowd, staring at Eric now seated with the 6 year old little girl. They crossed their arms and appeared unhappy. A man in the back flicked the switch and turned out the light. Somebody was coming to the window. The sound of rustling bags was heard as the men in suits removed the bags from their faces.

Eric was standing in a department store, clutching the side of face, trying to prevent himself from throwing up blood in the store. A woman tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. He turned around to the 43 year old woman, “Excuse me,” she said, “I don’t know what their faces looked like without the bags covering them.” A group of people peaked around the corner.

Eric threw up blood all over the telephone in an abandoned parking lot.

82. Fabrizio de André
"La Canzone del Padre"  5:16
Storia di un Impiegato
Genova, Italy (1940)-Milano, Italy (1999)

It was dark outside, the streets were deserted. A man in a suit wearing sunglasses in the dark was approaching. Eric was seated on a sofa on the corner of the city block next to the 6 year old girl and the business woman with the sexy feet. The man in the sunglasses was approaching from the left; he was approaching from the right too.

Eric rode a horse to the train station and boarded the train. Everybody stared at him as he walked through the coach looking for a seat. “I don’t know any of these people.”

A woman stood up and insisted that he sit in-between her and the man she was sitting next to; he glanced at him with a puzzling look. Eric sat in the middle of them; three other people were seated across from him. The man on the opposite side uncorked a bottle of wine, filled his glass, and then handed Eric an empty glass. Eric raised the glass and spit blood in it, then went into a coughing spell while the others simply stared at him. The elegantly dressed woman held out her hand, and the man opposite of her handed her a needle. She jabbed Eric while he was spitting blood into the sparkling wine glass.

81. The Doobie Brothers
"Clear as the Driven Snow"  5:19
The Captain and Me
San Jose, CA

He was seated on the couch in the living room next to the 6 year old little girl and the business woman. “But why?” asked the little girl, as the business woman awaited the answer.

“I smoked for you,” he answered while inhaling a cigarette in a city alley with smoke pouring from gaping hole in the side of his face…

“I drank for you,” he informed her while he was lying down on a sidewalk bloody with a crowd of people walking by…

“I did drugs for you,” he said floating in the air with the moon in the background and the man in sunglasses floating by the moon…

“I was careless,” he told her standing on a rooftop that towered over flames…

“I ate a poor diet,” he told sitting disoriented in a restaurant holding his jaw, there was nothing on his plate and the crowd stared at the plate…the little girl was seated across from him not staring at the plate…

“I ignored all of the symptoms of delusional insanity and adverse medical conditions,” he said while sitting on an exam table while a doctor smoking a cigarette yanked at the grotesque gaping hole in the side of his face.

“Yea,” said the business woman sitting beside him on the couch in the living room, “but you also ignored…”

A group of ladies were now in the room, “…all of us.”

80. Erlkoenig
"The Lad In The Fen"  7:30
Helmstedt, Germany

“I think there’s something wrong with me,” Eric said to the cashier while he was clutching the side of his face. She returned a blank stare. “I think there’s something wrong with me,” he repeated exactly like he stated before. He turned around and there were now a crowd of people standing behind him. He said to the person directly behind him, “I think there’s something wrong with me.”

The person responded, clutching his face exactly like Eric was doing, “I think there’s something wrong with me too. I think there’s something wrong with all of us.”

Eric was sitting in a chair at the salon, looking confused holding his face while the lady cut his hair. “I think that I might have died.”

“I think that I might have died,” he said to the people standing in line. “I don’t know any of you people. I don’t who the fuck any of you are.”

“I don’t know who the fuck any of them are,” he said the beautician.

“You fucking people are fucking gross.” Eric crouched and spit up blood all over the floor where the people were standing in line. “You’re fucking gross. I hate all you mother fuckers,” he had become stricken with madness in public again. He spewed blood on the floor. All the people in line vomited blood as well, in the exact location in which he vomited.

He dropped to his knees on a sidewalk, and continued walking past himself who fell to his knees. A few steps later, he fell face-down in the middle of the street, in a puddle of blood… he staggered across the street, crashing into the sides of the building, falling down and spitting blood each time. In all, there were six Erics down on the ground while he kept staggering up the street.

79. Herbie Hancock
"Watermelon Man"  6:32
Head Hunters
Chicago, IL

Down on his knees, he was puking blood all over a telephone in the back parking lot. He was throwing up all over the telephone on a crowded city street. Blood splattered off the phone and onto a pair of feet with ‘$50’ written on them in black permanent ink. Eric looked up at the girl in the business suit as she lifted him from the ground.

They walked through the carnival, hand in hand. The carnival was lined with fun house mirrors, surreal carnies, and the man in sunglasses juggling flaming bowling pins. Eric was dizzy and staggering as a happy clown threw a dart into a balloon. Blood was spilling from his cheek and had covered her fancy clothes as well. He fell to the ground, coughing up blood. She picked him back up and passionately kissed his blood covered lips, smearing blood on her own.

The man in the sunglasses pulled the lever and the Ferris wheel started to spin. The woman in the business suit was smiling happily while Eric continued to vomit on the ride, splattering blood on the other passengers in the seat below him. A clown with a brightly painted face and a big red nose stood in the middle of the Ferris wheel, arms and legs outstretched, as if he were spinning the wheel. Without even blinking, and for no reason, his face was suddenly covered with a brown paper bag, except his big red nose was sticking out of the bag, and face paint could be seen through the holes. “I don’t know any of these people.”

78. Faust
"Jennifer"  7:13
Hamburg, Germany

“Am I dead,” Eric asked the doctor while he lying on the exam table.

All of the kids in the classroom shook their heads ‘no’, some of them laughed.

“I think that I’m dead,” Eric said as he removed himself from the exam table, still in the hospital gown.

He was walking through the shopping mall in a hospital gown, the lights were blurry, and people passed him in a euphoric haze.

A random child tugged on his hospital gown, “are you dead?”

“I think I’m dead,” he said to the woman who was conducting the job interview. She was in business attire and he was in a hospital gown…it was a nice office. “What makes you think that you’re dead?” the woman conducting the interview asked.

Eric’s elegant three piece suit and tie was torn, dirty, and covered with blood. The hole in his face had been sewn shut, the stitches grotesquely noticeably and poorly placed, and face still splattered with blood. “I fucking have a hole in the side of my face. I have something wrong with my chest. When I sleep it feels like it explodes and I jump up, it wakes me up at night.”

“Did you see a doctor?”

“I did…” he told her as the interview was being conducted in the padded room, “…see a doctor. But, I don’t know who they are. I’m dead but they’re trying to tell me that I’m not. They think I owe them money for a telephone.” The doctor injected him with a needle.

77. Guru Guru
"Der Elektrolurch"  9:47
Guru Guru

“I’m stuck here,” said the 6 year old little girl hanging from a scarecrow pole. “I am not free to do anything. I want you to die so we can be together forever.”

“Just give me 50 dollars,” the business woman said to Eric seated in-between him and the 6 year old little girl.

“I don’t fucking know you,” he said to her as they were walking through a store… “Cum on your own God damn feet,” he concluded in her office.

“Just give me the fucking 50 dollars,” she told him in the doctor’s office.

“I can’t,” he told her with a panel of doctors staring at him, “I’m dead already.”

Eric was throwing up blood in the back parking lot and a girl approached him and asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

He stared back at her with blood seeping from his mouth, “what the fuck do I want a girlfriend for?”

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” asked a person standing in line.

“She died when she was 6 years old.”

“Who is she?” asked the cashier.

“I’ve never seen her,” he told the people in line.

“Who’s that other girl?” asked a guy walking by him on the street.

“She says I owe her 50 dollars.”

“Do you?” the whole group was staring at him sitting on the couch waiting for answer.

“I don’t fucking know her,” he said to them all, “I don’t know any of you.”

“Why don’t you know any of us,” the cashier asked.

“My girlfriend died when she was 6,” he answered while lying on a couch in the doctor’s office, “and they’ve been trying to kill me every since,” he concluded getting injected in the padded room.

“We tried to reach out to you Mr. Adams,” said the phone bill collector.

“We could have helped you,” said the doctor.

“But you acted like you didn’t know any of us,” said the woman standing on the sidewalk with a large group of people behind her.

“Fuck you,” he said throwing up blood in the parking lot, “none of you ever helped anybody,” he added in the interview room, “all you ever wanted was money that I didn’t have,” he said speaking from a podium.

“We tried Mr. Adams,” said a man sitting at the desk.

“I stitched up your wound,” said the girl on top of him on the couch.

“I reached out to you,” said an elderly gentlemen on the sidewalk, “and you ignored me… acted like I wasn’t even there.”

“I just wanted to talk to you,” said the cashier.

“I just wanted you to call,” said the phone bill collector.

“I just wanted you to accept us,” said the men with paper bags over their heads.

“I would have paid for your doctor bills,” said the woman in the suit.

“But you acted like you hated us,” said the woman on the roof.

“All of us,” said the woman at the panel.

“You acted like we all got on your nerves,” said the visitors in the padded room.

“You hated us for no reason,” said the person in line.

“And I just want to be with you forever,” said the 6 year old little girl.

“Your girlfriend died when she was 6, and it was you who neglected everything else. You killed yourself,” said the woman in the business suit who claimed Eric owed her 50 bucks.

“Then, I’m already dead,” he said slurring his speech after he was injected with another needle.

76. Fire
"Flames"  9:01
Could You Understand Me

Eric stood looking out the window. It was dark outside and he could see his reflection more than he could see the scenery outside. The man in sunglasses approached the window, he looked like a reflection. Eric turned around assuming he was behind him, but he wasn’t a reflection, he was walking on air outside the third story window.

The man with the sunglasses forced the window open. When the windows sprang open, a violent wind gusted into the room, blowing all the papers away, blowing everything off the tables, blowing the tables sliding across the floor. It howled, and Eric dropped to floor, vomiting blood on the floor while the wind stormed in from the window.

“Hold it together,” said a doctor pinning him down on the table injecting him with a needle.

The wind continued to blow in violently from the open window. All of the furniture slid across the floor, even the sofas that had people sitting in them.

“Hold it together,” another doctor told him injecting a needle into his arm.

The people with bags over their heads did not even look around as the couch they were sitting in scooted across the floor. As the wind howled, the sun was coming up, but the sky was dark gray. Their seats moved around in circles.

“Hold it together,” ordered the doctor injecting him with a needle in the padded room.

Eric continued to throw up blood all over the floor. The man with sunglasses stood over him with his hair blowing in the wind, and debris flying through the air from the intense wind. The blood from his mouth even blew in the wind, splattering across the floor beside him; the floor directly in front of him was still clean.

“Hold it together,” ordered a nurse in a white uniform, forcefully injecting a needle into a resistant Eric.

The girl in the business suit sat angrily on the couch, arms crossed, giving Eric the look of death while he puked blood all over the floor; her couch was twirling around, circling Eric.

“Hold it together,” said a group of doctors forcing Eric’s wrists down on the exam table while a nurse injected him.

A telephone blew through the air. The man in sunglasses still stood over Eric while he vomited intensely, splattering blood all over the house. The blood even blew in the wind, splattering on the walls, on the ceiling, all over the faces of the crowd of spectators.

An angry doctor wearing a surgical mask was standing over Eric who was lying on the table, injecting a needle into him, “hold it togeth…”

“Together forever,” the doctor wearing the surgical mask transformed into the 6 year old little girl as everything went black.

END CREDITS 3: Bruce Springsteen
"Blinded By The Light"  5:04
Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.
Freehold, NJ

Top Image: http://thethoughtexperiment.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/196707_heather_ryan_06.jpg
Bottom Image: http://pvvonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Traci-Lords.jpg

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