The Top 75 Songs of 2006

No Love For Anybody + The Top 200 Songs of 2006
Part 1: Emily
Part 2: Sonja
Part 3: Jim Donaldson
Part 4: Sex Addiction
Part 5: Sign Language Abuse
Part 6: Jeanelle
Part 7: Very Cold, Very Quickly, For a Very Long Time
Part 8: No Love

Part VI: Jeanelle

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75. Roly Skender
"Free"  4:06
Electric Umbrella
Perth, Australia

I didn’t really want to have sex with Jeanelle. Admittedly, I found her feet incredibly sexy, but other than that, not really that much about her appealed to me. Furthermore, the way she spoke was a bit disturbing at times; she spoke to me with the same articulation that she spoke with hearing impaired people, and occasionally used sign language as she spoke. Thankfully, I did not have sex with her. I woke up on the couch all by myself. I don’t even remember falling asleep, and I wasn’t even intoxicated. Somewhere along the lines, due to anxiety and a constant list of vexations causing problems in my life, I developed a case of insomnia. I rarely get good sleep, and when I had passed out on the restaurant patio was the best night of sleep I’ve had in months. I must have finally fallen asleep naturally and slept for hours. When I woke up, and I didn’t even know where I was; and once I finally remembered, I was ready to leave immediately. Jeanelle woke me up and basically sat right on top of me. Again, she was a bit more touchy-feely than I would have preferred, but at least she gave me a ride home.

74. The Thermals
"Back to the Sea"  4:48
The Body The Blood The Machine
Portland, OR

I had already made a commitment to myself that I wasn’t going to spend any more time with her. However, on the way home, she kept digging further, and I found the whole thing a bit peculiar. She inquired again, “So you don’t have a car?” I have a car, my license are suspended. “OK, then you need me to drive you places then? You don’t have a bed? Well, I have a bed. And I guess you can’t go home either then. So, you kinda have to stay at my house then.” I didn’t feel that I HAD to stay with her, and I wasn’t asking her for any favors. She was eager for me to have more dilemmas. It was as if that because I had too many issues that I had no choice but to hang out with her constantly.

73. The Dodos
"Chickens"  3:04
Beware of The Maniacs
San Francisco, CA

She even admitted to this. And then she sounded desperate, “I understand that you’re way cooler than me, and boys like you don’t really go for my type because I’m not hip or whatever.” In no way shape or form did I consider myself “cooler” than her. I figured she wanted nothing to do with me because I was such a loser. Furthermore, I don’t consider myself all that “hip” either. She subtly pumped her fist in excitement, as if saying “yes!” but did not make it obvious. Simply put, Jeanelle desperately wanted me to “need” her because she felt as if that was the only way she had any chance to associate with me.

72. The Radio Dept.
"A Window"  3:28
Pet Grief
Malmö, Sweden

Sadly, she was right—I didn’t want to ever hang out with her again. Correct, she wasn’t my type. But, that didn’t mean that I thought lowly of her. I thought more highly of her than I regarded myself. It wasn’t that I thought she was gross or stupid—the opposite. I didn’t want me in her life because I was afraid I would ruin it. Furthermore, I knew I would never fall in love with her, I knew her speech articulation would get on my nerves, and we had very few interests in common. I’m sorry, but all I like is music and movies, going to concerts, getting stoned and participating in abnormal eccentric social activities with my loser friends. Jeanelle could do better than me and it’d be just a matter of time before she ultimately despised me, I completely got on her nerves, and she would attempt to correct my bad habits and change me... just like Emily. Simply put, I’m unsuitable for a relationship with a decent human being.

71. Figurines
"Release Me On The Floor"  5:48
Copenhagen, Denmark

When we arrived at my house, she stopped the car and came in. I assumed that she was just going to drop me off and leave. What was I supposed to tell her? “No, bitch, you can’t come in.”? While she inside my house, I was worried that Emily or Sonja was going to show up and major drama would ensue. That said, I attempted to rush and be out of there quickly. All I needed to do was get ready for work, and Jeanelle declared that she was driving me to work too. She was studying my apartment, which had nothing in it whatsoever, asking why I don’t have anything, and was going through my music collection.

70. Human Television
"In Front of the House"  3:18
Look at Who You're Talking To
Gainesville, FL/Philadelphia, PA

I needed to take a shower, and I have no clue what she did while I was in the shower. Immediately after I got out of the shower, she knocked and lightly opened the bathroom door to talk to me while I was getting dressed. She never completely walked in the bathroom but remained just outside the door talking to me. It made getting dressed very uncomfortable, and I tried to put on clothes on as quickly as possible. It was a rare time when I arrived to work early, and was actually glad to be there. Before I went in for my shift, she gave me a hug, kissed my cheek, and said she would be back later to pick me up after work.

69. Camera Obscura
"Razzle Dazzle Rose"  5:29
Let's Get Out of This Country
Glasgow, Scotland

“What the fuck?” I told my friends in the locker room as we were putting our costumes. “This fucking crazy ass girl is picking me up from work and I don’t want her too.” I told them how I stayed at her house last night, but didn’t fuck her—Hank immediately dismissed me as being a “dumb mother fucking imbecile” for having the opportunity to get laid but passing on it. Hank is a crazy fucking midget; he thinks I’m weird. Fuck him. We’re great friends, but one year for his birthday, I bought him a pillowcase that read “LOVE PINK” across it (I made it myself with a pair of pants from Victoria’s Secret) so it would seem like he’s actually humping the ass he’s jerking it too (he’s confessed that those stupid “PINK” and other slogans across the ass is his #1 attractive feature). I clung to the hope that Jeanelle would come to her senses and not return; that would be that.

However, she returned, and back to her house I went. And, this would continue over the next few days. For once, I took a stand and let it be known that I was not interested in any sort of relationship because I had issues with past women still lingering. I remained distant towards her and made no attempts whatsoever to court her or even show any interest. Seeing us, it should have been obvious that I did not like her that much.

68. Water Lily
"Dust in Hands"  5:42
13th Floor

For the most part, Jeanelle kept her boundaries. She did frequently touch me, put her hand on my leg here and there both in the car and on her couch, but she never groped any of my private areas. Occasionally, she would make crude sexual comments regarding my looks, my ass, or when I would lay on the couch and my shirt would pull up exposing skin. She made suggestions that she was going to be joining me in the shower, requested that I sleep in the bed with her, made comments such as “we can think of something I’m sure for you to be able to work this off,” claimed I could repay her favors with sexual favors someday, and would put her arm around me or get a tad frisky with her hands. Nothing too major though, this was a small percentage, we never kissed, she never touched me that inappropriately, and I slept on the couch. In general, Jeanelle was pleasant at all times, smiled, laughed, stayed positive, and never got angry for me turning down her offers.

67. Spank Rock
"IMC"  2:33
Baltimore, MD

Emily came into my work and caused a scene. Finally, I had to take her outside because she was a major distraction to the customers. I was still dressed in my Gomer Gopher costume when we went outside, and she was extremely upset. Her eyes were filled with rage, and she looked intimidating. “I can’t believe YOU, a fucking disgrace, a fucking LOSER, broke up with me! Like, why? Like you can do better? Some fat bitch? And who’s this other bitch I’ve been seeing you with?” I told her there was nothing going on between us and tried to explain the situation. But, she was having no part of it and kept yelling at me and arguing with me. Finally, I got mad, told her she was neurotic, and that she was barred from Gomer Gopher’s for life—and that she couldn’t even come here for a child’s birthday party even if she had an invitation.

66. My Disco
"Administer A Prosthetic Dream"  3:43
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

This is when it got ugly. I had my mascot head on the entire time, and people witnessed in the parking lot a crazy psychotic female cussing out Gomer Gopher. Emily ripped off my mascot head and threw it across the parking lot. As I was walking to retrieve it, she attacked me from behind. She jerked me by wrist, spun me around, and punched me square in the face; she beat me repeatedly until I was down on the ground. Once down, she stomped my face into the concrete with the heel of her foot. I was lying on the ground, beaten and bloody, and she straddled on top of me, pounding my face in with her fists. Luckily, people finally walked over, because she was in the process of unzipping her pants while she had my hair clutched in her fists. It was embarrassing hearing spectators say comments like “Look, that psycho girl is going to rape Gomer Gopher.” When she spotted the crowd, she punched me again and then left. The rest of the day at worked sucked, because the few people who witnessed the charade told other people and it was awkward with them in there. Underneath the mask, I could feel my face throbbing, and my nose bled throughout my shift.

65. Alif Tree
"Forgotten Places"  4:51
French Cuisine
Marseille, France

MUSIC MONTAGE: Jeanelle & Herman came into Gomer Gopher’s and sat at a booth speaking sign language to each. The music played, and the screen close captioned the words what they were saying in sign language.

64. Oppenheimer
"Time Loss / Gain"  2:01
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Jeanelle did not take to kindly to the fact that I had a black eye coupled with scrapes and bruises all over my face. She claimed that I should get a restraining order on Emily, but I did not feel like fucking with it; I hate talking to the police. After I convinced her not to worry about it, we all went out for the night. It wasn’t planned, but a coincidence. My co-workers and I had plans to go to a concert that night and it just so happened that Jeanelle and Herman were going too. We all hung out together, there were several of us, and everybody met the acquaintance of everybody else.

63. Polysics
"Wild One"  3:12
Now Is The Time!
Tokyo, Japan

People were curious what Herman’s interest was in attending this concert. They even joked by saying things such as, “How the hell he is into this band? He can’t even hear?” It did not take long, however, before Herman became a welcome addition to the group. He was funny, had a warped sense of humor, and pretty vulgar at that. Take the language barrier away, give him the ability to speak and hear and Herman would be one of us. As it stood now with his handicap, he still fit right in…although we were all curious as to what his interest was in attending a concert. Hanging out with us at the show, he was borderline fucking nuts.

62. The Nice Boys
"Dugong Along"  2:44
The Nice Boys
Portland, OR

My friends insisted that was to be a celebration getting rid of Emily and Sonja once and for all. However, I had little desire to be with Jeanelle either. They had claimed that were going to find me a real woman tonight, my type of girl, and that way I wouldn’t have to be fucking with these neurotic ass hoes anymore. It was highly unlikely that it was going to happen anyway, but the presence of Jeanelle ruined this plot anyway…I’m glad. Not because I was hoping to hook up with Jeanelle, these mother fuckers I hang out with would be trying to hook me up with the grossest nastiest person they could find. One instance in the past, they attempted to hook me up with a full-blown retard, and it took me forever to get rid of her…that was easily the nastiest snatch I had ever gone down on.

61. Favourite Sons
"Pistols & Girls"  3:45
Down Beside Your Beauty
New York, NY

While the band was playing, all eyes were suddenly drawn to Herman, as we watched in awe. He made his way to the very front, stood with his back leaning against the loud amplifier, closed his eyes, and stood motionless for several moments. As the music picked up pace, he rocked his head up and down to the beat. All of us knew a lot about music, and music was pretty much our #1 outlet. Music defined us. However, watching Herman standing against the amplifier, eyes closed, completely oblivious to everything surrounding him except for the vibrations of the music, we were forced to re-evaluate just how much music effected us (in comparison to him).

Imagine, hearing nothing but total silence at all times, then closing your eyes in a packed venue…all aspects of the world vanish. Now imagine, if you consider yourself a music lover living on the outs with society, the anguish a person must live with simply by being born deaf…Hank and Albert the two midgets could not even comprehend this aspect. Being deaf, with eyes closed, feeling nothing but amplified vibrations consuming your body, of everybody at the show, Herman, who we joked would not even be into the music, had by far been the most affected by the music. The band even looked over at him. As they played on, he gradually became even more lost in the music, feeling it, rocking his head, before finally stepping away, moving in unison with the beat that had controlled his whole bodily functions, controlled the molecular structure of his being, Herman took on the image that music was attempting to resonate. “What’s up with him?” somebody asked.

“He was born deaf,” Jeanelle informed him.

“That’s the most righteous thing I’ve ever fucking seen!”

60. The Walkmen
"Brandy Alexander"  2:32
A Hundred Miles Off
New York, NY

Herman had no clue what a vocalist sounded like. Voice-wise, Bob Dylan sounded exactly like Brian Wilson, though he slightly preferred Bob Dylan but was not a huge fan of either. When he listened to music, he sat with his back against the speaker, turned way up full blast in his basement, and read the lyrics. Because of his condition and his lack of acceptance in regular society, he preferred lyrics that resonated a sort of artistic loneliness coupled with a sense of both anger and despair…just like us (he hated cheesy happy music…just like us). He did state that some bands with extremely loud bursts of noise and feedback he could barely hear a loud spot here and there, but for the most part, could not hear guitar…guitar was meaningless to him. Bass and drums, however, he could feel, and he preferred bands with tight rhythms and cool beats. He knew all the words, and could identify songs by the bass line. Among his impressive record collection, his all time favorite bands, and to him they are in the exact same category…Joy Division (an obvious choice) and The Walkmen. After listening closely, we could see a resemblance and how he would love them…we all loved them too. Herman’s cool as fuck now!

59. Drive-By Truckers
"Daylight"  3:39
A Blessing and A Curse
Athens, GA

There’s always gotta be some bullshit. Walking down the street, there was some sort of a wedding party across the street, with a stretch limo blocking the road. A car angrily passed the limo and threw a bottle out the window into the group. The bottle beamed some unsuspecting girl square across the nose and dropped her on the sidewalk. People were yelling and screaming shit at the car; it stopped and all the passengers got out. Other cars stopped and seemed to have taken the side of the assailants who threw the bottle…it was the limo blocking the road they were all pissed at. The wedding party shouted some insults and threats towards whoever threw the bottle, and without hesitation, the people in the car attacked the wedding party. Others joined in and groups of strangers had all ganged up on the wedding party; punching people in the face, slamming the limo driver’s head into the hood of the vehicle. They retreated into the limo and as they were speeding off, the angry drivers who had been stuck in traffic beat on the windows of the limo as it was pulling away. One person punched out the far back driver’s side window and busted it; another threw a rock threw through the rear window. As the limo raced off, the people returned to their vehicles and chased after it. The motorcade sped out of view amidst the sounds of screeching tires and shouting.

58. Deadstring Brothers
"Toe The Line"  3:42
Starving Winter Report
Detroit, MI

Two girls at my work were in the process of rating all of the boys as Gomer Gopher’s on a scale of 1 to 10. The two teenage girls had separate categories; one for looks and one for personality. I was not interested in this conversation, nor did I wish to know my rating; I was simply in proximity and happened to overhear the whole thing. When they said my name, the girl answered: “both looks and personality—a zero. I fucking hate him.” After that, I just never spoke to her. I wasn’t ever mean or rude towards her, it’s just that I understand that some people despise me for whatever reason, even though I try to be polite to people. Since she hated me, I did not wish to bother her.

57. New York Dolls
"Runnin' Around"  4:12
One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This
New York, NY

However, we are also loved and admired in some circles. Whenever we go out to places where we actually do fit in, the punk clubs and dive bars, we have the ability to be the life of the party. Never are we obnoxious nor have fun at the expense of others. Maybe it is because we spend our days and evenings in the customer service field, entertaining children and families; we (and I say this is true for a large majority of people who work in the service industry) never antagonize employees of the establishment, and we tip bartenders generously. On that note, we are prone to receive free drinks, we are the ones people want to impress, and we are the ones the hipster kids wish to be like. And when we go out for drinks, even when we get drunk, our social circle always draws a crowd; sometimes when we go out to smoke, dozens of people will be gathered around us, simply enjoying the entertainment or participating in our offbeat conversations and theories. Herman fit right in and had a crowd around him teaching everybody how to cuss and say the most profound and vulgar statements in sign language. He even knew all the crude terminologies such as “rusty trombone” and developed new signs for many of them. Fucker didn’t have to pay for one drink the whole night.

56. Hard-Fi
"Hard to Beat"  4:13
Stars of CCTV
Staines, England

Hank and Albert both scored with an extremely fat woman. She weighed well over 200 pounds, and they talked about her like she was a supermodel. “That’s some good loving there,” Hank said immediately when he saw her. “The bigger the better,” Albert agreed. They made a few jokes with the group of guys about how great it is having sex with fat chicks, such as “it’s better for your back, because you just bounce up and down without much effort,” “they’re way better because they don’t give a flying fuck what anybody thinks about them,” “you want a good breakfast, go home with a fat chick.” After making the snide comments, the two of them approached her, made several funny comments, and bought her a drink…meaning ONE. She paid for the rest of their drinks, and took both of the midgets home for a threesome.

55. The Rapture
"The Sound"  4:26
Pieces Of The People We Love
New York, NY

I cannot express enough how much I did not want anything more than friendship with Jeanelle. Sadly, I was probably more attracted to Herman than her. The place we were hanging did not have a dance floor, but the music was loud and invigorating. There she was, my dream woman, and I had never seen her before. We made eye contact and smiled at each other. There he was, her fucking huge ass boyfriend glancing me threatening looks. There she was, Jeanelle, cock blocking. While the music was playing, she approached me, smiled, paying for my drinks, and getting closer to me, violating my personal space, copping cheap feels. While she was supposedly dancing to the song, she stood in front of me with her back towards me, dancing by rubbing her butt up against my crotch. That was the extent of it.

54. Tom Verlaine
"Nice Actress"  3:14
Songs and Other Things
Wilmington, DE/New York, NY

When a woman wants to be “just friends” with a guy, and nothing more, he is expected to suck it up, respect those boundaries, not question it, apologize for wanting anything more, suppress all feelings of attraction, and go about business as normal…the way he would with his guy friends. Girls do not feel that they have to abide by these rules if they are attracted to a guy who just wants to be friends. In fact, guys aren’t even allowed to desire “just friends.” A girl attracted to a guy will remain persistent, become increasingly touchy-feely, question whether or not the guy is gay, continuously make crude comments, constantly bring up the fact that they “rejected” them, and even attempt to get other friends involved. Jeanelle did all the above. Whenever we went somewhere to eat, she paid, told the waitress that we were “together” and sat too close to me. On the bus ride home when we were both drunk, she kept her arm around me the whole time and other passengers probably assumed we were a couple. At her place, she frequently put her arm around me, or down my shirt, or pinched me, and sometimes even pulling me down on the ground or any other means of overpowering me. She would sit on me, make me sit my “skinny little bod” on her lap, and apprehend my wrists so that I could not defend myself. One night, she tied up my wrists, tied up my ankles, tied a scarf in my mouth, and simply unbuttoned my shirt and stared at me. I let her on the premise that she promised to let me go, which she did and did not do anything graphically sexual (she just brushed her finger across my belly and into my belly button-that was it). Afterwards, she slept in her bed and me on the couch. The next morning, however, she went into details how much she enjoyed masturbating thinking about what she would liked to have done to me while I was tied up on her couch…she claimed that I would have to let her one of these days.

53. Snowman
"Cocaine Goldrush"  5:15
Perth, Australia

I believe Jeanelle’s attraction to me came as a result of spending excessive amounts of time with Herman. The punk lifestyle appealed to her, even though she had no business being a part of it. There is a certain image that comes with being a “punk” or different than the rest of the world, and this extends far beyond hair style and clothing. Anybody can go to the mall and buy shit at Hot Topic; anybody can go to the salon and purchase a mo-hawk or whatever style. However, you can tell just how much a person is into music by his/her facial features. There are some people who have unique characteristics, are easily characterize as possessing eccentric values, and do not require tattoos, strange clothes, or crazy hairstyles to appear “punk” or unique or individual. However, a lot has to happen in order for this image to develop; and when it does happen; there is often a curse that embodies it. Many people strive to attain this image, but you either have it or you don’t, and if you don’t, trust me, you don’t want it. Furthermore, while it does gain its fair share of attraction, the majority resemble the girls at Gomer Gopher’s who claimed I was a zero. Worst of all, once this happens, and it becomes obvious that you are not like the rest of the world, you’ll only find out that the rest of the world is unsuitable for your interests…and you will grow to hate them as they hate you. Being hated in the first place was what started this; some people endure a lot of bad shit and deal with it poorly.

Some people think these people are snobs, but it is the opposite. Jeanelle had no reason to smoke, use drugs, feel out of place in regular society, or despise the ways of the world. It’s better to be her way. It’s not that I didn’t want to welcome Jeanelle in our group because she was a fat ugly bitch; it was because I did not want her exposed to the curse. She had never been raped, abused, did not have psychological issues, was not a midget, was not deaf, been to war and addicted to heroin as a result, or witnessed the most miserable aspects of the downtrodden oppressed; oppression was something she had read about or seen on TV. She was, at least, cooler than Emily, who had no business whatsoever in this circle. Jeanelle at least worked and encountered some harsh experiences that accompany not having your bills paid by daddy. She did, at least, work first hand with people who suffer from abnormities and adverse conditions. However, as much as she may have been attracted to this sort of lifestyle, she was not part of it and never would be. But, whereas Emily made no effort to appeal to this crowd and attempted to drag me into her world that shamelessly embraced mainstream culture, Jeanelle actually wanted to interact with our group. I would view this as a mistake to become too involved. Furthermore, in this little social clique, there are three types, haters, equals, and fans. Most of the world is haters; I only desire to be in a meaningful relationship with an equal, simply put, Jeanelle is a fan. I like her, I enjoy her company, I wish us to be dear friends, but that is the extent of it.

52. Augie March
"Clockwork"  6:51
Moo, You Bloody Choir
Melbourne, Australia

After constant requests and persuasion, Jeanelle finally convinced me to sleep in the bed with her. She said that she wouldn’t rape me and wouldn’t even try anything. Aside from putting her arm around me and a few light rubs and gentling caressing, the first night she stayed true to her word. The second night, however, she kept her hands on me even though I did not lay a hand on her. She was gradual with her touching, going from innocent accidental touch, to working her way under my shirt, and moving her fingers ever so slightly across me body. I slept fully clothed.

The next night, I was lying on my back. I was still slightly awake, but was drifting off to sleep. She slept extremely close to me to where he body was practically on top of mine. As I was still awake, I felt her unbuttoning my shirt and rubbing her finger across my body. She worked her way to my belly, circled around my belly button, and gently grazed the top of my pants—occasionally allowing the tips of fingers to dip inside slightly. For the most part, she kept her hands off of my crotch, except for a couple instances when she acted as if she was moving her hand to scratch an itch on herself, her hand would graze up against it.

Jeanelle lay on the bed with her head on the same pillow as mine, facing me. I had my eyes closed, it was dark, and I refused to open them—I pretended as if I was dead asleep. She put her hand on the side of my face, and turned my face to where it was facing hers. I felt the heat of her breath blowing against my lips, and sensed that her lips were extremely close to mine. She kept breathing on my lips, but I made certain that I did not open my eyes. I knew that if I opened my eyes that I would be subject to all of her lustful desires—if I were unconscious, it would be considered an unethical violation and I did not think she would do anything sketchy of that magnitude. She did, however, kiss my lips one time and I could feel her rubbing on me. After rubbing on me for a moment, and assuming I was asleep, she rolled to her back and pulled down her pajama pants. I could feel the bed shaking while she was masturbating beside me. Once she came, however, she pulled her pants back up, rolled away from me and went to sleep.

51. Comets On Fire
"Sour Smoke"  8:47
Santa Cruz, CA

When we went to bed the next night, she stripped off her clothes in front of me. Her blouse she slept in was most of the way unbuttoned and she made a habit to lean over in positions exposing her breasts. I went to brush my teeth, and when I came back in, she was lying on her back with her breasts completely exposed and bare her legs totally spread out—she was at least wearing a skimpy pair of panties. I pretended not to notice and simply went to sleep.

This time, she made her presence felt even more. I had scooted all the way against the wall, and was lying on my back with my hands underneath my legs so they could not touch her. Once again, she took the liberty in unbuttoning my shirt so she could rub her hands on me. Furthermore, she lay beside me on her side, facing me, with her leg wrapped around my torso and her arm around my upper chest. She put her hand on my face again and tilted my face to be facing hers.

Just like last night, I refused to open my eyes and pretended to be sleeping. Unlike last night, she kissed my stationary lips more than once. As she lightly kissed my lips repeatedly, she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. This was her first violation and as she was putting her hand down my pants, I was debating whether or not I should say something. Instead, I pretended like nothing was going on, and fell completely asleep.

Every morning I woke up, she had a hand on me, sometimes inappropriately. If I was on my side facing her, her arm was around with her hand up my shirt. If I was lying on my front, she would put her hand on my butt, and lay almost completely on top of me. Lying on my back, she took all the liberties she wanted to the front portion of my body, kissing my belly, my head, and she even pulled it once and stroked it lightly (when I woke up, she stopped abruptly and acted as if she had not been doing anything). Facing her was dangerous, but it happened because a person cannot control how he turns in his sleep. She would constantly try to rub her crotch up against mine, and regardless of how I would lie, she humped me lightly if she thought I was asleep.

She fondled and molested me in my sleep every night. And, there was nothing I could do about it. It was either this or sleep outside or sleep with Emily or Sonja. I assumed she would eventually give up and stop, and then we could be friends. Whenever I felt her on me, I pretended that I was asleep. The time I felt her wriggling underneath the covers and put her mouth on my dick, I said nothing, just rolled over and slept on my front.

We all wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. Unfortunately, this happened to me…probably because there was a disturbance being caused by Jeanelle. I have no idea what she was doing, but I woke up in the middle night in a near dreamlike state. The moment I opened my eyes, I was facing her and she was facing me with her eyes open. She immediately started kissing me, and put her tongue into my mouth. When our tongues touched, and I was still in a half conscious state, she pulled me on top of her. Without any guidance, my dick was deep inside her pussy; she must have already had it out and had pulled her panties off.

I am a human being, and the feeling of sexual intercourse after what probably had been a lengthy period of sleepy time arousal is a pleasurable sensation…to say the least. There was nothing I could do, and I wasn’t even fully awake. My dick thrust deep inside her and she kept her legs wrapped me tightly. I did not hardly thrust back and forth, just kept it deep inside of her, pulsing and throbbing, as we tried to keep it inside as deep as possible. It did not even last a few minutes, she came quickly, and I came inside her. Admittedly, the orgasm felt great as it was the first I had in almost a week (I hadn’t even masturbated since staying with Jeanelle) but after the sensation was gone, I knew this was a terrible mistake. Ideally, we could have both rolled over and went back to sleep—pretended as if it never happened. Instead, she smiled, turned on the lights, and talked about how she had been dying to do that for so long, and talked about a ton of other bullshit involving our relationship now. Fuck.

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