Pussy Riot

The land of the free!

1. Answer True or False.

America is the freest nation on Earth! We are so free that we liberate the entire planet of left-wing terrorists like Hitler, Hussein, and now this evil Vladimir Putin. The man is a tyrant and he violates the individual freedoms of good innocent people such as Pussy Riot.

Pussy Riot
There are numerous people residing in this country who answered “true” to the above statement. Not to generalize, but many of them will be voting for Mitt Romney in this November’s election.

The belief is that because Pussy Riot was against the Putin administration, they must obviously be pro-American advocates. Also, it strengthens all notions that Russia severely violates the codes of humanity, something the United States would never do.

Egor Letov
Truth be known, this is not the first time a Russian band has been under fire by the Russian government. Back in the 80’s, punk band Гражданская оборона (Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Civil Defense)) came under severe duress from the then-Soviet government. Many of their shows were often raided by the police and band leader Egor Letov was wanted by the KGB. He avoided captivity and eventually went on to form other controversial bands Kommunizm and Egor & The Fuckups.

Many people in U.S. from this era were not even aware that the Soviet Union had a blossoming punk scene, which also featured Kino, Zoopark, Piknik, Zvuki Mu, & Akvarium. They believed that the government repressed all forms of rock music, censored everything, and could not fathom any notion that a Russian musician could use profanity in their songs, let alone have a band called Fuckups.

Unlike, the USA, where all artists are free, right?

Dead Kennedys
During the same period in which Grazhdanskaya Oborona was wanted by the KGB, San Francisco punk band Dead Kennedy’s came under much scrutiny for their album In God We Trust, Inc. It just so happened that this album, which featured numerous assaults on the Reagan Administration, depicted Christ crucified to a dollar bill on the cover. The band was initially charged with defacing US currency and the cover was ultimately banned.

Larry Flynt was charged with obscenity charges and sentenced to 25 years (he only served 6 days and the charges were overturned).

In Florida, rap band The 2 Live Crew was arrested for obscenity for their album As Nasty as They Wanna Be, and that album was initially banned in the USA.

Body Count had a song banned called Cop Killer and facing ridiculous charges.

Banned in the USA
Even pop country artists The Dixie Chicks, whose music is so harmless that it is sickening, was pulled from Clear Channel Radio stations because they said something mean about then-President George Dubya Bush… who was a pathetic fucking loser. It should also be known that Republican candidate Mitt Romney had investments in Clear Channel Entertainment.

Don't support this, but proves this prick invested in Clear Channel

In the wake of Pussy Riot being sentenced to two years in prison, many Americans have stepped up and claimed support for the band and stated the ruling was unjust. Good for them.

Orgy? Nope, Black

But, we have to ask ourselves: how would The American Government react to a group of Anarchists having an orgy outside a church? If it would have taken place in Cincinnati, the police would have opened fire and shot them all; there would have been no trial.

Real American Justice
The other thing, and the saddest of all, The American Government has suppressed any notion for any group to have an orgy outside a church. There is not a rock group in America with enough balls to do what Pussy Riot did. And if one happens in the aftermath, they can thank Pussy Riot because now, by technicality, the sentencing would have to be less than 2 years in order for America to avoid being lumped into the same humanity violators as Russia.

The case has made numerous headlines in America and many of them contradictory. An article in Forbes said this of Putin:

“Putin doesn’t blow up churches, he builds them. He doesn’t encourage people to abandon the “opiate of the masses,” he encourages them to go to church on Easter. He doesn’t agitate the workers of the world to unite and throw off their chains, he’s friendly with oligarchs who repress labor unions.”

The Forbes article also states the differences between the two types of American Conservative, one of them who is the largest supporter of Mitt Romney.

But, assuming all the accusations are true, who does the aforementioned Vladimir Putin remind you of? Mitt Romney maybe? Oh, I know, that good man Ronald Reagan who violated human rights by firing all of the striking airline officials his first week in office! These good people act exactly like the tyrant they claim Putin to be. American Republicans show immense support for people who have the exact belief system as the foe they are supposed to be hating.

Therefore, if they are going to bash their perception of Putin, then they also have to bash themselves and whoever the fuck it was they voted for the past few decades. Another article in The New York Times questioned whether or not Americans were supporting Pussy Riot for the right reasons. This article was bold enough to apply FoxNews style manipulation by linking the word Capitalism (not with freedom and patriotic as FoxNews does) with words such as inequality. Basically, it suggested that supporters of Pussy Riot may, in fact, be the exact same people Pussy Riot has been protesting against.

Madonna: The Queen of Capitalism
The prime example of this is Madonna. She was the glamour queen and the poster child for Ronald Reagan’s 80’s. Her hit Material World is the proudest support of Capitalism in the history of the universe. The way she dresses, the way she acts, the way she conducts her business simply incites that she is a proud supporter of corporate America, greed, and the desire for useless wealth. Not only that, she temporarily ruined the career of filmmaker Guy Ritchie.

I don’t wish to hate Madonna entirely. She does, at least, stand up when needed, and maybe tries to be punk. However, if Madonna is going to be taken seriously, then she should boycott her own song and fully commit herself to the cause. Maybe she can be influenced by Pussy Riot, burn her fucking billions of dollars that ultimately puts her in that upper 2% that we all hate, and produce something worthwhile for a change.

But, we have to look at this positively, and maybe cite this tragedy as a victory for us. Because the conservative Americans have come forth and proudly shown their support for Pussy Riot, perhaps they might stop behaving in the manner in which Pussy Riot protested. That now, the American Police State no longer has the right to sentence anybody to two years in prison over a questionable offense (like marijuana possession). There will no longer be any censorship permitted whatsoever, or else Mitt Romney’s Clear Channel will be compared to Putin’s Russia. Concerts are never allowed to be stopped from here on and bands such as Slayer, Monotonix, and Swans may play free shows outdoors in the daytime at the local park—all ages welcome—security not permitted to suppress stage diving or marijuana use.

Now, let’s go have that orgy in front of the church and see what happens.


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