The Top 75 Songs of 1996

The Top 100 Songs of 1996 + Blacklisted as a Communist

Part 1: 100-76
Part 2: 75-51 
Part 3: 50-26 
Part 4: 25-#1 

Part II: The Sanford District


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75. Motorpsycho
"Sinful, Wind-Borne"  5:21
Trondheim, Norway

74. The Flying Luttenbachers
"4, 5, 6"  3:14
Chicago, IL

73. Dr. Octagon
"Blue Flowers"  3:17
Dr. Octagonecologyst
New York, NY

72. Urusei Yatsura
"Black Hole Love"  5:13
We Are Urusei Yatsura
Glasgow, Scotland

71. Die Goldenen Zitronen
"Kleines Ambiente"  2:33
Economy Class
Hamburg, Germany

70. The Roots
"Clones"  4:54
Illadelph Halflife
Philadelphia, PA

69. Low
"Over the Ocean"  3:51
The Curtain Hits the Cast
Duluth, MN

68. Archers Of Loaf
"Chumming The Ocean"  5:07
All the Nations Airports
Chapel Hill, NC

67. Gastr Del Sol
"The Sea Incertain"  6:12
Upgrade & Afterlife
Louisville, KY

66. Jandek
"Eternal Waltz"  4:36
White Box Requiem
Houston, TX

65. Placebo
"Nancy Boy"  3:48
London, England

64. Marilyn Manson
"The Beautiful People"  3:39
Antichrist Superstar
Fort Lauderdale, FL

63. Ghostface Killah
"Iron Maiden"  4:46
Staten Island, NY

62. Hammerhead
"Duh, the Big City"  3:31
Duh, the Big City
Fargo, ND

61. Les Thugs
"Poison Head"  3:23
Angers, France

60. Bardo Pond
"Wank"  5:29
Philadelphia, PA

59. Diabologum
"Il Faut"  4:40
#3 (Ce n'est pas Perdu Pour Tout le Monde)
Toulouse, France

58. Roy Montgomery
"Departing The Body"  5:04
Temple IV
London, England/Christchurch, New Zealand

57. Suede
"By The Sea"  4:16
Coming Up
London, England

56. Lambchop
"Life's Little Tragedy"  4:16
How I Quit Smoking
Nashville, TN

55. Mojave 3
"Love Songs On The Radio"  5:48
Ask Me Tomorrow
London, England

54. Jessamine
"Schisandra"  7:11
The Long Arm Of Coincidence
Seattle, WA

53. Vic Chesnutt
"See You Around"  5:58
About to Choke
Jacksonville, FL (1964)-Athens, GA (2009)

52. Steve Wynn
"Melting In The Dark"  5:26
Melting In The Dark
Santa Monica, CA/New York, NY

51. Wake Ooloo
"Like Yesterday"  5:45
Stop the Ride
North Haledon, NJ

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