The Top 75 Songs of 1976

The Top 150 Songs of 1976 + The Wicked Wizard of Oz
Part 1 of 6: Dexter the Good Douche Can Save Oz (Tracks 150-126)
Part 2 of 6: Fuck Yea! Dorothy's Back (Tracks 125-101)
Part 3 of 6: The Yellow Brick Path to Love (Tracks 100-76)
Part 4 of 6: Wild Nights in The Land of Oz (Tracks 75-51)
Part 5 of 6: The Oz Revolution (Tracks 50-26)
Part 6 of 6: Presenting...The World's First Ever Left Wing Society (25-#1)

Part IV: Wild Nights in The Land of Oz

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75. Golden Earring
"Mad Love's Comin'"  7:42
Den Haag, Netherlands

The tree said: “Yo rabbit, give me a beat.”

Popco the rabbit with the headband was joined by another rabbit from his world named Vern. Vern laid down a solid rhythm while Popco threw in some lead fills along the way.

“Here’s the lowdown: The Wizard is a white guy and he is not a native from the Land of Oz. He is not a tourist, a sightseer, or even a welcome visitor. Rather, he is a fugitive, an illegal immigrant, a white settler. The Wizard was exiled from his own land for horrendous crimes. You see, The Wizard, was a white man who thought the meaning of life was money. He married for money, not love.”

Throughout the forest, images are displayed of The Wizard depicted in the story while the two rabbits continue to jam on the guitars.

“The father of his wife never approved of the marriage because they were able to see him for the deceptive scumbag that he is. In fact, the father was in the process of putting a stop to the marriage when all of sudden he mysteriously fell out of a speeding train (the image displays a person shoving the man out of a train) en route to the wedding. As a result, the wedding took place without the bride having any knowledge whatsoever of her father’s death. She even went so far as to curse her father’s name for not even showing up for the wedding.

However, there was a will that ensured all of the money belonged to her. The man known as The Wizard of Oz was somehow able to alter the will so that the money would belong to him should something happen to the wife. During the period of time in which it took The Wizard to alter the will, he pretended to be in love with his new wife and she never even suspected that he had ulterior motives. But, once the will was complete, he took his lovely bride for a romantic excursion out in the country, (At the line in the song “before we get to do the due, baby I love you, that takes care of that) and shot her three times in the head and left her dead body lying in front of a ghost town tavern.

At this point, The Wizard of Oz is a rich man. He relocated to a new city to invest the money in a mortgage company that specialized in high interest rates. It did not take long, however, for the authorities to draw the conclusion that he was a primary suspect in the disappearance of his wife. Also, when the body was found, there also had been a witness who saw the entire thing. With the police closing in on him, The Wizard gathered his personal belongings, a massive stash of wealth, assembled a hot air balloon, and escaped to the Land of Oz.

With the power of deception and wealth, the white settler had built himself a palace, with blood money mind you, and convinced some of the people that he was capable of magic powers. Behind the scenes, this so-called Wizard was able to buy off members of the Emerald City Counsel and develop a new system of rules and regulations in order to preserve his wealth, dictate the kingdom, and ensure that he never gets caught. Basically, he is thief who got away with murder.

74. Orleans
"Still the One"  3:56
Walking and Dreaming
Woodstock, NY

Although the word has since developed some sort a cheesy douchy meaning, in the grand scheme of things, the #1 aspect of life that people strive for is love and friendship. These are the two things that will get people out of their homes. In general, people do not go to bars simply for alcohol consumption—that actually ranks #6. People go out to socialize and possibly meet that one person who may be their so-called soul mate. All primary motivators are basically an attempt to win love and friendship. People will strive to look good, thinking that will have more appeal to potential suitors. People will strive to obtain wealth, thinking that will have more appeal to potential suitors. And, people will do extraordinary things with the intentions that these alterations of their natural selves will make them more appealing, such as having surgeries to make them look better, work long hours at job they hate just to have more money, etc. The definition of true compatibility consists of disregarding all of these fabricated notions and embracing all of the characteristics that comprise the natural persona of the certain individual. That is what the Land of Oz (and the entire world for that matter) was originally based on, but The Wizard and his set of standards changed all of that.

73. Kiss
"Do You Love Me"  3:33
New York, NY

The tree said, “Yo rabbit, give me a beat.”

Popco showed up again, this time behind a drum kit. He laid down a tight beat while the tree continued to speak.

“What we are dealing with here, is a scarecrow with telepathy. If he were to actually utilize this skill, the results may be shocking. Here’s the lowdown: Lunchkit, the richest man in the Land of Oz, allegedly a staunch supporter of The Wizard and Zinquist, is, for all intents and purposes, a Communist. However, he a Communist with a small cock, and, as it so commonly referred, a hopeless romantic.

Lunchkit is actually in love with Glenda, and has been since he first laid eyes upon her. It was a love at first sight experience for him. Glenda, at the time, had other issues surrounding her and did not quite feel it at the time. Due to the fact that he had a small penis, Lunchkit did not have the confidence to approach her naturally.

But then, Lunchkit developed hope. He noticed Glenda flirting around with a munchkin named Boq, and Lunchkit was certain that he had a bigger cock than that little mother fucker. But, Boq was a rich little bastard who obtained a massive amount of wealth courtesy of a buyout from the Wizard of Oz—this was the first piece of corruption in Munchkinland. In an attempt to seem more appealing to his true love, Glenda, Lunchkit began scheming ways to make more money, and he too even resorted to receiving payoffs from The Wizard of Oz. Lunchkit used his money to buy an expensive car, a grand mansion, and all sorts of other material objects.

Unfortunately, this did not work as well as he hoped. Lunchkit still has not won the love of Glenda, the original shoe store was a total failure because he attempted to jack the prices so high that nobody besides Glenda could afford Ruby Slippers, all of his girlfriends only associate with him because of his expensive belongings, and Elphaba, who he naturally supports, periodically transforms him into horrendous creatures. In the grand scheme of things, Lunchkit would give up everything in order to be with Glenda. However, at this moment, he feels this is only possible by obtaining her a pair of Ruby Slippers. And as we all know, Glenda is a white bitch, so there might be some truth in that statement.”

72. Autumn People
"See It Through"  3:29
Autumn People

“Although there are numerous problems, there are also numerous solutions. The Dickless Scarecrow has the ability to expose Lunchkit for his true self. Glenda the white bitch needs to get over her Ruby Slipper fixation and create a different style. Cutty is the shoe expert, he should be able to help with that. Once those two issues have been resolved, the revolution will suddenly find that they now have two powerful allies in Lunchkit and Glenda. Unfortunately, everybody wants to fuck Glenda these days, and we ain’t nothing but a bunch of fucking trees, so nobody listens to us. So move on, ya’all mother fuckers—we gotta be free!”

71. Doctors Of Madness
"Suicide City"  6:48
Figments Of Emancipation
London, England

Protest was raging in the Emerald City. It was obvious that The Wizard had very few supporters remaining, but he still insisted that he maintain the power as ruler of Oz. The crowds of people were beginning to storm the gates of the Emerald Palace, and The Wizard was all but conquered. He still possessed the power of deception, and was able to encourage his supporters to confront the protestors. The Wizard assembled yet another army who threatened protestors with steep penalties, prison sentences, and even harsh acts of violence if they did not return to their homes. The protestors continued to display resistance, and the new army opened fire on the civilians, beating them with clubs and pepper spraying innocent bystanders.

70. Chrome
"Sun Control"  3:12
The Visitation
San Francisco, CA

Poignant Pete and The Tin Man were an interesting sight. The two of them were leaving a trail of blood as they trotted, arm in arm, happily down the yellow brick road. The Tin Man’s axe was still dripping fresh blood courtesy of Poignant Pete’s open wounds. They remained overly cheerful, baring huge smiles and singing joyfully. A parade of menacing looking monsters blissfully followed them, joining in on the dance routine. This particular dance routine was a bit different than the typical style commonly associated at various discos. These guys were twirling each other, and then flinging their partner into a thicket of thorn bushes; or playfully into a barbed wire fence. They would toss one another gracefully into the air, and after a series of acrobatic flips, they would land on one of the horns of one of the menacing monsters participating in the fun. After the song was over, this section of the yellow brick road look like a slaughterhouse, as all members smiled happily and cheered each other on. It was indeed a nice day.

69. Joan Armatrading
"Love And Affection"  4:32
Joan Armatrading
Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Glenda stood all alone in her bedroom looking into her vanity mirror. The music started, and Glenda sang this song assumingly all alone in her bedroom. (She was not completely alone, a few rabbits were in the corner playing instruments, and Cutty was sitting on her bed with no other purpose but to add some occasional background vocals). As she sang her song about needing to be loved, she slowly twirled around in her closet which was a vast long hallway consisting of nothing but shoes. Throughout the song, she repeatedly changed her shoes, showing off all of the styles, as if these were the ones that were going to impress her one true love, whoever that may be. By the end of the song, she was lying on her bed, looking rather sexy, in lingerie, rolling around in various sexual positions, clutching several pairs of shoes, as she continued to sing… and petals of roses drifted from the ceiling.

68. Art Pepper
"The Summer Knows"  7:12
The Trip
Gardena, CA (1925)-Panorama City, CA (1982)

Back home in his own corridors, Lunchkit locked himself into his room and eased back on his bed with his hands resting behind his head, gazing up at the ceiling. Lunchkit smiled as his mind turned to the same situation that consumes most of his thoughts. In his mind, he is seated at a fancy restaurant with Glenda. She looks so lovely, wearing the elegant jewelry he had bought just for her, and those gorgeous ruby slippers she had always wanted. A nice jazz band played soft music in the background, as they talked, smiled, and held hands across the table. He would buy her flowers as they would take nice long walks through the park on those pleasant summer evenings... assuming she isn’t eaten alive by mosquitoes and plunges into a pit of quicksand like his last date (she was a crackhead and Lunchkit didn’t even bother to help her, the moment she fell into the quicksand, he took off running.

These thoughts had been going on for so long, that in his mind, they had been married for several years, and had been rated the #1 couple in the Land of Oz. Sometimes, he would dream that they would come home; he would ease her out of those red slippers and sniff them as he caressed her feet. She would enter his room wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her, and then float through the air, and drift down slowly on top of his eagerly waiting two and half inch cock as the towel passionately unwrapped from her luscious body. And the two would make passionate love all throughout the night, all the while, that fucking cockface Boq was out in the backyard buried up to his neck with his face covered in centipedes. Lunchkit decided the time was right for another self-induced handjob.

67. 10cc
"Lazy Ways"  4:23
How Dare You!
Manchester, England

There were a group of people sitting around the house doing absolutely nothing while the protest was taking place. They were just sitting there, in the living room, sitting in rocking chairs, reading the newspaper, listening to a song. At 1:49 into the song, suddenly, a large chandelier fell from the ceiling, and on top of Margie, killing her instantly. Rex flipped through his Playbill; it does say The Phantom of the Opera musical opened in 1976. Margie temporarily came back to life, “does it say anything about 10cc?”

Rex flipped through the pages again, “I don’t know, it doesn’t say.” Aunt Gertrude peaked out the window, there was a riot taking place on the streets of the Emerald City. She closed the blinds and went back to her knitting.

66. Aretha Franklin
"Sparkle"  4:14
Memphis, TN

It was getting late in the evening. Glenda was still all alone, feeling as if she were completely unloved simply because she did not own a pair of ruby slippers. But, she had the magical powers to gaze into a crystal ball and observe what others were currently doing. At that moment precisely, 32% of all the men in the Land of Oz, and 11 other women, were currently masturbating to photos of Glenda. She wondered what the fuck she was doing sitting around at home doing nothing. Once again, she went into the closet, put on an elegant dress, Cutty mysteriously showed up again and hooked her up with some shoes, and Glenda decided she was going to go out dancing at the glamorous new night club The Enchanted Lounge. Glenda had a certain degree of confidence knowing now that had enormous sex appeal, and waved her wand to make her skirt even shorter…with fishnet stockings.

65. Sisa
"A Sota L'alzina"  3:05
Galeta Galàctica
Barcelona, Spain

A group of people emerged into The Yellow Brick Tavern, among them a bloody Poignant Pete and The Tin Man. People sort of stared at them as they made their way to the bar to order drinks. In general, being covered in blood and carrying a bloody axe, people will normally not speak to you; and it was obvious that these people, even in this local dive bar, were a bit worried about the people who just arrived. Poignant Pete ordered two Heinekens, one for himself and one for The Tin Man. Just to prove to the locals they were harmless, The Tin Man took one look at the Heineken and shouted, “Heineken! Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!” After he shouted the Blue Velvet reference, he swung the axe into Poignant Pete’s chest, crashing him onto the floor. Poignant Pete jumped back up, laughing, kindly offered the Heineken to a random person sitting at the bar, and ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Although shocked at first, The Yellow Brick Tavern erupted with laughter; suddenly they were now welcomed and the life of the party.

64. Blondie
"In the Flesh"  2:33
New York, NY

Unfortunately, their fates were not yet ready to adhere. Drunken Daisy, Douchy Dexter, and The Dickless Scarecrow all decided they were going to stop for a few drinks as well. They pulled off the yellow brick road and headed to The Emerald Strip where all of the clubs were located. However, they did not go into the first place they saw, as Drunken Daisy claimed she wanted to pick out where she wanted to go. As she was selecting where to go, all of the ID checkers in front of all the clubs sang out a melody as music started to play. Drunken Daisy sang her song as she looked in all of the windows searching for Poignant Pete. Throughout the song, she swung around poles, rejected other guys, slammed 14 shots of hardcore straight grain alcohol, and imagined herself meeting Poignant Pete on a dance floor grinding up against him.

63. Earth, Wind & Fire
"Imagination"  5:16
Chicago, IL

Alice the 62 year old Munchkin was also at this bar and Douchy Dexter spotted her. In typical douche fashion, Dexter approached the bartender, strategically right next to Alice, and asked a bunch of silly questions pertaining to drink specials, a few drinks with douchy names, and inquiries about various other products. “Just order something, ya God damn douche,” Alice said to him with a smile. Finally, Dexter did just order something, and remained seated next to Alice. The two talked for a long time, but Dexter did not reveal his true feelings or his goal with the mission to see The Wizard; she was unaware that the entire journey was to win her love. Alice did most of the talking, and Douchy Dexter realized that his 3’9” mistress had the exact personality he had always longed for in a woman. As she told wonderful stories about her life in Oz, and her job as a newspaper carrier, Douchy Dexter could not contain his smiles, and his likening for Alice only strengthened. Although they did not kiss or get intimate, nor did he go home with her, the two of them bonded, and Douchy Dexter’s imagination of their love affair was now presumably mutual.

62. The Runaways
"Cherry Bomb"  2:20
The Runaways
Los Angeles, CA

The Enchanted Lounge was rocking, as usual. The music was fast and loud; the freak culture of Oz could be found right here. It wasn’t the typical hangout for Glenda, but she showed up wearing her skimpy skirt, ripped fishnet stockings, tight shirt, high heels, and her face dolled up sporting the ultimate bad girl image. She rocked the dance floor too, and was suddenly even more the desire of every person in the place. As she waved her head, hair flailing in the air, shaking her body, every guy in the place was attempting to get next to her. Glenda unleashed her wild side, took a quick turn with one guy, and then immediately moved on to the next, teasing all of them, but not committing to any of them.

61. UFO
"A Fool in Love"  2:43
No Heavy Petting
Enfield, England

Equally popular as Glenda at The Enchanted Lounge were Poignant Pete and The Tin Man at The Yellow Brick Tavern. Normally, the scene at The Yellow Brick Tavern was relatively relaxed, but tonight, things were getting crazy. Women were throwing themselves at Poignant Pete and The Tin Man, who had one girl sandwiched in-between them on the newly created dance floor. The girl pulled up her shirt, baring her fine breasts, and Poignant Pete and The Tin Man both rubbed up against her bare body turning her into a bloody mess. Women were taking turns dancing with the two, getting their bodies covered with blood. One woman even went down on Poignant Pete, and when she came up, her mouth was filled with blood as she pretended to be a vampire and spit blood all a random group of elderly pedestrians who just happened to be passing by at the wrong time. Even the guys would playfully pretend they were gay and rub their asses up against The Tin Man’s dented abdomen; he played along with the joke and wrapped his arms around their waists to get them even bloodier. Yule, the member of Cutty’s entourage who had been accompanying them the whole time, just sat back and laughed—he had been putting up with this shit all day. By the end of the night, every person at The Yellow Brick Tavern had blood splattered on them.

60. Hot
"Angel in Your Arms"  2:57
Just 'Cause I'm Guilty
Los Angeles, CA

As she lay there dead, with a chandelier on top of her, Margie was in the afterworld discussing the details of her life. It turned out, her husband, Rex, had been a piece of shit. The advisors at the Pearly Gates showed her the photos of Rex in bed with another man. When Margie first found out, she hurt all over. But, fortunately for her, Margie’s Pearly Gate advisor was a hardcore feminist from Asheville, North Carolina. She granted Margie the opportunity to return to life, gave her special powers, and commanded her to “bring that other piece of shit up here instead.” Margie came back to life, hoisted the gigantic chandelier off of her and over her head, and slammed it down on top of Rex, crushing every bone in his body. She then kicked the rocking chair in which Aunt Gertrude was knitting and sent that bitch flying out the window. Margie had come back to life, ready to start a new life, and decided to go out dancing.

59. T. Rex
"New York City"  3:58
Futuristic Dragon
London, England (Marc Bolan 1947-1977)

Back at The Enchanted Lounge, Glenda suddenly had competition. Every guy was on the dance floor circled around Glenda when they all stopped and turned their attention to a new woman, Margie, from the dead. When everybody stopped and stared at her, Margie was unsure how to handle it because this had never happened before. She responded by ripping off her jacket, twirling it into the air, tossing it onto the floor in front of Glenda, and dancing sexy herself. Glenda looked extremely displeased by this stupid whore suddenly getting all of the attention. But, Margie shook her ass in front of all the guys, passed by all of them, made her way to Glenda, picked up jacket off the floor, wrapped it around Glenda, pulled her in close to her, and Margie and Glenda started making out passionately on the dance floor. Margie even stuck her hand up Glenda’s tight t-shirt and squeezed her titties while she forcefully maneuvered her tongue inside Glenda’s mouth, smearing Glenda’s lipstick all over her face.

58. Frank Zappa
"Disco Boy"  5:10
Zoot Allures
Baltimore, MD (1940)-Los Angeles, CA (1993)

Lunchkit showed up at The Enchanted Lounge, ordered a martini, and made his way to the dance floor. Glenda had felt a spark from making out with Margie, and decided to get even nastier. She reached around and groped Margie’s ass the two continued to make out right in the middle of the dance floor. The two women were caressing each other tongues outside of their mouths while some of the guys who hadn't been out since last New Year's Eve were standing around watching like douchy white people often do. The jacket was still wrapped around the two of them, and Glenda tugged on the jacket, falling to the ground, and pulling Margie down on top of her. When Lunchkit walked by, the two women were in missionary position, and Glenda’s long slender legs donning ripped fishnets were wrapped around Margie from the dead. Once again, Lunchkit felt jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, downed his martini, then another, and then left The Enchanted Lounge.

57. George Harrison
"Pure Smokey"  3:55
Thirty Three & 1/ॐ
Liverpool, England (1943)-Los Angeles, CA (2001)

The party of three dipped out of their first stop feeling pretty good, and decided to leave The Emerald Strip and cruise over to The Yellow Brick Tavern. Douchy Dexter already felt as if his night was a major success and kept bragging about he and Alice were going to soon be a couple. The Scarecrow had a few drinks in him as well, and wasn’t quite as pretentious as he normally was. He had spent a good portion of the evening advising Drunken Daisy about how to win the love of Poignant Pete and the two actually enjoyed a few laughs together. They peaked in the window of The Yellow Brick Tavern, and The Scarecrow shouted out, “holy fucking shit! Look at that, it’s my old pal the mother fucking Tin Man.” Without hesitation, The Scarecrow opened the door and shouted, “you fucking tin piece of shit, how the hell are ya?” Drunken Daisy thought to herself, “holy fucking shit! It’s Poignant Pete! And why the hell is he all covered in blood? And who are these hoes he’s dancing with?”

56. Eric Clapton
"Black Summer Rain"  4:50
No Reason To Cry
Ripley, England

After Lunchkit left The Enchanted Lounge, he stopped at every single bar along the way and consumed more alcohol. By this point, he was completely drunk off his ass and staggering down the street. He had officially decided that he was through with Glenda, and wrote her off as being dead to him. “Fuck her! Now I’m supposed to get a fucking sex change!” he would shout out at random times causing the other pedestrians and their children to stop, stare, and giggle to each other. It was not an easy transition, nor was it a very sincere implication. One cannot help having feelings for a certain person, and considering Lunchkit had felt this way for years, altered his entire life completely as mere attempt to impress one woman, it’s not as if these feelings were going to go away in a few short moments.

55. Split Enz
"The Woman Who Loves You"  6:55
Second Thoughts
Auckland, New Zealand

At The Yellow Brick Tavern, The Dickless Scarecrow and The Tin Man were still happily greeting one another, although The Tin Man had some slight bitterness towards Douchy Dexter for dropkicking him. He once again found it in his heart to forgive the mother fucker; and after the introduction, he extended his most sincere apology. All was well on that circuit.

Drunken Daisy emerged on the dance floor and approached Poignant Pete who was covered in blood and rubbing up against some half naked women. It was an awkward moment; they greeted each other not knowing both of them had the exact same feelings for each other. Poignant Pete shied away and decided to go to the bathroom. Things still needed improvement on this front as The Scarecrow temporarily ceased his conversation with The Tin Man to shout out to Drunken Daisy, “you don’t have the right to say anything. Go with it.”

And then the scene became totally quiet as a drunken Lunchkit staggered into The Yellow Brick Tavern. Everybody stopped and stared at him as he ordered a triple shot of whiskey and downed it. Normally, he was not welcome here, but he seemed distressed.

“Fuck all of you!” he shouted in a drunken fit as he nearly stumbled over a bar stool. He made his way to the center of the dance floor and shouted, “Yo Rabbit, give me a beat.”

The rabbit was seated at a piano and played the music while Lunchkit stood in the middle of the bar singing out a song about how the woman he loves is dead. After he nearly fell over, the rabbit picked up the pace of the song, others joined in holding Lunchkit erect, while he swayed to the music and sang lyrics about how he wanted to buy some woman a diamond ring, a kitchen sink, and it was all for nothing. The crowd gradually got into the song as they let Lunchkit vent his feelings through the music; they had never seen him like this. He even did a tap dance routine in the middle of the song. When the song was over, everybody clapped and then went back to their business, although curious as to what was happening with Lunchkit, who took a seat at the far end of the bar and sat by himself.

54. Chet Atkins & Les Paul
"Caravan"  3:21
Chester & Lester
Chet:Tennessee (1924-2001);Les:Waukesha, WI (1915)-NY (2009)

The band of rabbits went into another song, this one a classic with a new take on it featuring two of the best guitar players in history. As the song was playing, Yule came over smiling and told The Tin Man, “take a look at that stupid nigger.” There was Poignant Pete, suddenly looking afraid, too scared to even emerge from the hallway. The Scarecrow knew the other side, “and look at that stupid whore,” he said laughing. Drunken Daisy was standing on the other side of the dance floor unsure of how to approach the situation. All three of them laughed and went to work.

The Scarecrow went over and talked to Drunken Daisy. Yule went into the middle of the dance floor and moved slowly to the tune, joining hands with whatever random people walked by and danced with them; it added another artistic dimension to the already complex scene featuring a band of rabbits and all the patrons covered in blood.

In the midst of all this, The Tin Man was attempting to forcefully drag Poignant Pete out onto the dance floor to dance with Drunken Daisy. Poignant Pete kept resisting, and finally, The Tin Man reared back his axe and chopped off his head, sending more blood shooting out of his neck. The Tin Man picked up Poignant Pete’s head by the hair, and with blood spewing from the bottom of it, carried it over to Drunken Daisy and hoisted it in front of her face.

“Daisy,” said the head of Poignant Pete as blood continued to spill onto the floor and splatter all over Drunken Daisy’s feet, “I think I might be in love with you.”

“Think?” said The Tin Man in rage as he slammed Poignant Pete’s head down to the floor, as people danced intricately around it. He picked the head back up and once again held it in front of Drunken Daisy…

“OK,” Poignant Pete’s head confessed, “am. I am in love with and have been pretty much since…”

Drunken Daisy did allow him to finish. She clutched his bloody face, held in front of hers, and embraced in a passionate kiss with only the head of Poignant Pete. While they were kissing, everybody in the bar, except Lunchkit, clapped their hands. The Tin Man dragged Poignant Pete’s torso back over to the scene and re-attached his head. Once he was a complete body again, he held Daisy’s hand and the two shared a table together.

53. Bob Dylan
"Romance In Durango"  5:44
Duluth, MN/New York, NY

Having just witnessed some white girl making out with a bloody head, Glenda and Margie decided to enter The Yellow Brick Tavern. The two foxy women were greeted, had drinks bought for them and were socializing and laughing with the other people at the end of the bar. The Scarecrow was seated next to Lunchkit attempting to figure out what was going on with him. Lunchkit saw Glenda and Margie and was gradually growing more depressed. He had come here to get away from her completely and what a coincidence that she would show up here. He attempted to not even look over at her, but could not help himself from taking periodic glances, as he was trying to hide his face. She looked great, that was certain. But, seeing her with Margie and the two of them flirting with other guys in the bar disturbed him. He was completely annoyed by the time the song ended, and right at the moment the song was over, The Scarecrow said out loud, “holy shit! Lunchkit! You became a total prick because you are madly in love with Glenda?”

52. Commodores
"Just To Be Close To You"  6:21
Hot on the Tracks
Tuskegee, AL

The Scarecrow had managed to say that out loud right at the exact moment the bar temporarily had quieted down. After he said that, the scene grew totally silent. All persons in the bar stopped and stared at Lunchkit, periodically glancing over at Glenda, who now looked concerned, happy, and sad all at once.

After a few moments of total silence, Lunchkit slid his chair back, stood up, and shouted: “Rabbit!”

The rabbit played the piano extremely slow and sweet as Lunchkit staggered to the middle of the bar, and over to Glenda. On the dance floor, Glenda was standing towards the middle, Margie was on one side of her, and The Tin Man, Yule, and The Scarecrow were standing on the side of her. At the moment Lunchkit made his way directly in front of Glenda, the rabbits mysteriously now had a symphony, and Lunchkit, in harmony with The Tin Man, Yule, and The Scarecrow who somehow knew all the words, sang directly to Glenda, “just to be close, to you, girl.”

After singing this verse a few times to her, with a couple other lines thrown in, Lunchkit knocked over a chair that went sliding across the floor as the music continued to play slowly. Lunchkit made his way to the center of the dance floor and confessed everything in his life in sort of an evangelical spoken word coupled with a singing voice that nobody had any clue Lunchkit possessed. After the series of confessions, he again approached Glenda, extended his hand, while The Tin Man, Yule, and The Scarecrow harmonized, “take my hand.”

They danced temporarily, slowly, Lunchkit twirling her in his hands, then letting her go. He continued to sing the song as the rabbits were accompanied with a psychedelic synthesizer player. Douchy Dexter, Poignant Pete, and Drunken Daisy emerged on the dance floor and danced slowly to the tune of the psychedelic synthesizer. Glenda stood there star struck. The Tin Man, The Scarecrow, and Yule put their arms around each other, swayed to the music, and continued to add harmonious background vocals. By the end of the song, Lunchkit had confessed everything. Although Glenda was still a bit unsure how to react, the audience stood on the chairs as Lunchkit’s performance received a long standing ovation.

51. Lightshine
"Nightmare"  10:30
Emmerich am Rhein, Germany

Poignant Pete + Drunken Daisy = Problem Solved.

Lunchkit + Glenda the Good Witch of the North = Problem Identified, Resolutions Pending

Miles away, The Emerald City was burning. The resolutions were nowhere in sight and the spectacle appeared to be a nightmare. Emerald smoke filled the sky as the citizens of The Emerald City were in full revolt protesting The Wizard of Oz.

Christina & Dorothy were the chief culprits behind the revolution. Dorothy had already been welcomed here, but it was Christina and her virtuous speeches that had inspired the revolt.

Proving to be a most unwise decision, Zinquist’s army had attempted to suppress the revolt and had opened fire on the civilians. This was the precise moment when Elphaba became physically involved with the revolt. Unleashing magical spells she hoped she would never have to use, retaliated against the army of Zinquist. Although she had wished to resolve this issue otherwise, the force she and the flying monkeys unleashed on the army of Zinquist was a fabulous spectacle of flashing lights, hallucinatory images, and beautiful explosions that lit up the sky.

The battle between Elphaba and the army of Zinquist raged on through the night. Although he was steadfast and refused to go down easily, Zinquist and his army were ultimately no match for Elphaba and hers. While Zinquist had the power, the numbers, and advanced firearms, Elphaba had the ability to change the color of the sky, distort the consistency of the ground, instill horrific images that Zinquist’s men could not withstand, and manipulate the uses of their own weapons. The Wizard of Oz could only watch from the rooftop of The Emerald Palace as Elphaba disintegrated the army of Zinquist, now miles and miles below the actual Emerald City. They were no longer a factor.

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