The Top 50 Songs of 1996

The Top 100 Songs of 1996 + Blacklisted as a Communist

Part 1: 100-76
Part 2: 75-51 
Part 3: 50-26 
Part 4: 25-#1 

Part III: The Crying Generation


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50. Boyracer
"Buffalo"  1:59
In Full Colour
Leeds, England

49. Disco Inferno
"Sleight of Hand"  3:59
Essex, England

48. Gillian Welch
"Paper Wings"  4:14
New York, NY/Nashville, TN

47. Belle and Sebastian
"Mayfly"  3:42
If You're Feeling Sinister
Glasgow, Scotland

46. Polvo
"Bridesmaid Blues"  3:31
Exploded Drawing
Chapel Hill, NC

45. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"Rocketship"  3:15
Now I Got Worry
New York, NY

44. Unwound
"Lowest Common Denominator"  4:31
Tumwater, WA

43. Hood
"Hood Northern"  3:52
Silent '88
Leeds, England

42. Bowery Electric
"Without Stopping"  5:13
New York, NY

41. The Yummy Fur
"Theoretically Pink"  3:26
Night Club
Glasgow, Scotland

40. Suárez
"Bajo Kill"  2:37
Buenos Aires, Argentina

39. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
"Endless Song"  4:08
Welcome To The Infant Freebase
Göteborg, Sweden

38. The Afghan Whigs
"Faded"  8:25
Black Love
Cincinnati, OH

37. The Fall
"Das Vulture Ans Ein Nutter-Wain"  3:00
The Light User Syndrome
Manchester, England

36. At The Drive-In
"Skips On The Record"  3:08
Acrobatic Tenement
El Paso, TX

35. Rage Against the Machine
"Bulls on Parade"  3:51
Evil Empire
Los Angeles, CA

34. Willie Nelson
"Spirit Of E9"  5:01
Austin, TX

33. Soundgarden
"Blow Up the Outside World"  5:46
Down on the Upside
Seattle, WA

32. 16 Horsepower
"Prison Shoe Romp"  3:12
Sackcloth 'n' Ashes
Los Angeles, CA

31. Ministry
"Lava"  6:30
Filth Pig
Chicago, IL

30. Smog
"Lize"  5:58
The Doctor Came At Dawn
Austin, TX

29. Guided by Voices
"Drag Days"  2:51
Under the Bushes Under the Stars
Dayton, OH

28. Supreme Dicks
"CuChulain (Blackbirds Loom)"  3:28
The Emotional Plague
Amherst, MA

27. Magic Hour
"Sunrise"  13:53
Secession '96
Boston, MA

26. Tortoise
"Djed"  20:57
Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Chicago, IL

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