The Top 25 Songs of 1995

The Top 100 Songs of 1995 + Puppy Love in Raincoat City
1. 100-76 Raincoat City: Oh Say, Around the Month of June
2. 76-51 Take My Hand, And I'll Lead You Along the Road
3. 50-26 The Secrets of the Night Come Alive
4. 25-#1 It's Not You, It's This Place

Part IV: It's Not You, It's This Place

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25. PJ Harvey
"To Bring You My Love"  5:34
To Bring You My Love
Yeovil, England

Ever since Harvey dubbed her as having the same personality that he had, with a few exceptions, one of them being that she was tougher and meaner than he was, he became obsessed with the notion that she was equally obsessed with him. But since she was meaner, he imagined that it would be just a matter of time that she was driven out of her mind and pushed to extreme measures to win him over. He would fantasize about her becoming intensely angry at him for not speaking to her, and then violently attacking him, beating him down in an alleyway, and forcing him to stay at her house. She then would become a total psychopath and keep him tied up in the closet until he agreed to be hers truly. This became one of his favorite fantasies.

24. Oblivians
"Viet Nam War Blues"  2:37
Soul Food
Memphis, TN

Harvey had the bad dog image, and she did not look punk whatsoever. However, there was something about her that made Harvey sense that her punk attitude was merely being suppressed; perhaps she wanted to be a punk but never met the right people. And maybe that was always her goal, to meet that bad dog, and that away she could realize her true identity that had been hiding away for so long. On the other hand, Harvey did not possess the total freaky dog image, perhaps just enough to win her over. He represented the level she was looking for, and would not frighten her parents too badly.

23. Monoshock
"Crypto-Zoological Disaster"  8:20
Walk to the Fire
San Francisco, CA

There is a huge difference between the level of music interest in mainstream arena pop acts, and the small venue punk shows. The mainstreamers listened to polished sugar coated non-abrasive crap as a means to tide them over in-between watching television shows such as Glee. At the punk shows, they look and dressed differently as music was a way of life for these dogs. The atmosphere was significantly different as well; the music louder, the audience in close proximity to the stage, no seating whatsoever, and douchy conversation not welcome. For these dogs, being blown away was a tough sell, but did happen occasionally; but that was the greatest aspect life had to offer. Harvey wanted to take the girl from Swashbuckler’s Coffee to see his favorite band, and imagined she would be floored by both the band and the lifestyle Harvey was a part of.

22. Chumbawamba
"Not The Girl I Used To Be"  4:03
Swingin' With Raymond
Leeds, England

Even though he had never seen her wearing anything besides her work uniform, he imagined her to have the perfect body. Every single portion of her body would look exactly like Harvey always dreamed in the perfect looking bitch. Harvey frequently fantasized about seducing her in a fashion where he explored every portion of her perfect body, caressing, fondling, and kissing every inch in a fashion that was totally exhilarating. After she was fully stimulated, Harvey could have sex with her for hours, completely blowing her mind, and fucking her body limp. One night of sex with Harvey would totally alter her entire persona, turn her into a sex addict, and she would love Harvey for life. She would become the person she always wanted, and quit her job at Swashbuckler’s.

21. Swans
"She Lives"  7:01
The Great Annihilator
New York, NY

It was Harvey’s day off, and as he was walking, he spotted her walking in the distance up ahead of him. He decided to follow her. The actual goal was maybe he would catch up to her, and they could walk together while engaging in a conversation where they get to know each other. However, Harvey could not think of any way to approach her and wondered if it would be uncanny if he rushed up to her and walked with her. Also, she was walking a fast pace, and Harvey was having a difficult time catching up to her. She had not spotted him either, and had no clue he was following her. Harvey never thought of anything and ultimately she reached her destination—her home. As she went inside her door, Harvey stood back watching her, making sure this was her house. It turned out that she lived relatively close to Harvey. Once she was inside, Harvey walked by her house several times, just examining the home without stopping or looking suspicious.

20. Tindersticks
"Travelling Light"  4:51
Tindersticks (II)
Nottingham, England

The next day, Harvey purchased his coffee, and she was working. He knew she would have to work for a few more hours and would not be home. After he left, he walked over to house again. As he scoped out the scene to ensure nobody was watching, he peaked in the windows, made sure nobody was home, and then knocked on the door. There was no answer, obviously, so went around back and climbed in through a window. At last, he was inside her house. He looked through her refrigerator, and sure enough, it wasn’t crammed full of shit nobody in their right mind would ever eat. Furthermore, there weren’t any products from Pier 1 Imports in her living room. Her house was relatively quaint, her bedroom slightly messy, he monitored the type of bathroom products she used, went through her drawers, and photographed the inside of her home.

19. Radiohead
"Fake Plastic Trees"  4:51
The Bends
Oxford, England

Upon inspecting every portion of her home, Harvey could still make no clear determination as to what type of a person she was, and there were no clues that revealed her name or age. Although he was nervous about breaking into her home, he felt comfortable inside as if he were going to be spending a significant amount of time here once they were officially together. There were no obvious deal breakers, as she still looked the real thing and he knew he was now falling in love with her. Harvey had vowed to leave her home unscathed, but could not help himself. He stole a pair of her socks, drank some water out of her toilet hoping that she had just recently urinated in it, and masturbated in her bed to a framed picture of her that was on the end table. After he had an intense orgasm in her sheets, Harvey also stole the photograph that was in the frame on her bedside.

18. Звуки Му (Zvuki Mu)
"Грубый закат/The Rude Sunset"  5:04
Грубый Закат/The Rude Sunset
Moscow, Russia

Back at his own home, the framed photo now rests on his bedside, with her socks carefully placed on his pillows where they rub in his face all night while he sleeps. Harvey had a habit of dancing around his room anyway while nobody was watching, but now, the photograph of the girl from Swashbuckler’s was his audience. He would blast up the music, and pretend to be the rock star playing the music, with her swooning in the audience. Harvey often imagined himself playing in a band, a great singer, the baddest guitar slinger ever, and the girl from Swashbuckler’s Coffee lusting over him while he was on the stage. To go along with this, he envisioned himself having numerous special talents; skills he did not possess whatsoever. She would always be there to witness him as a basketball star, a pool shark, and answering all the questions correctly on Jeopardy.

17. The Bogmen
"Englewood"  7:00
Life Begins At 40 Million
Huntington, NY

The deadline was again approaching for Harvey to decide whether or not he was leaving Raincoat City. If he did not put in his notice, he would have to remain here for another month; every month since his previous bitchfriend left he would weigh these options. This month he decided to go out and get extremely inebriated all by himself and take a long walk while he made his decision. By the end of the evening, he had drunk 15 beers and walked all the way across Raincoat City. It was not an easy decision and there was no clear solution in sight. There was a new love in his life, but she was but a fictitious figment of his imagination. It was obvious that he had succumbed into territories beyond his realm of personal psychosis that troubled him. Furthermore, he was still having issues with his ex-bitchfriend; the ghost still haunted him and she was real; he was not ready when she left so suddenly and there were things he had failed to say that he still wanted to express—the failures to express what he wanted was now troubling him with a female he had not yet won over. When he returned home, once again, he was too drunk to make a rational decision, but at least his mind was temporarily at ease as he drank all of his problems away.

16. GZA/Genius
"Duel of the Iron Mic"  4:06
Liquid Swords
New York, NY

In headline news, the mayor of Raincoat City had been assassinated. The killing seemed to be politically motivated as the mayor was in the process of passing a bill that would crackdown on drug users and institute harsh penalties for dealers and users. It appeared some of the city’s drug lords opposed of the bill and decided to take out the mayor. Key political figures conducted press conferences where they claimed they were going to continue to fight for the bill and clean up the city. However, in a dynamic sting operation, the chief of police, the sheriff, the judge, and a few members of city council were all assassinated in the same night. The police countered by delegating a strict curfew and claimed they were permitted to use any means necessary to detain suspected criminals, drug users, and terrorists.

15. Spiritualized
"Lay Back in the Sun"  5:09
Pure Phase
Rugby, England

The politicians assumed their role was to protect the ordinary citizens. However, in a strange twist of events, the ordinary citizens radically opposed the bill and declared a day of protest. For one full day, the citizens of Raincoat City publicly used marijuana in front of City Hall as they protested in the courtyard. They viewed the bill as a violation of freedom and infringed on recreational activities. Throughout the day, they put on public display Operation Good Dope Good Fun to celebrate having fun, friendship, and freedom.

14. The Smashing Pumpkins
"1979"  4:26
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Chicago, IL

When Harvey returned to Swashbuckler’s Coffee, he was a bit anxious knowing that he had broken into the girl’s house who works there. He was worried that maybe she suspected him, knew of the whole ordeal, and was missing both the picture and pair of socks he stole. However, talk of the whole café was about the political upheaval that was taking place in Raincoat City. There was a lot of tension in the air as an excessive amount of police officers were patrolling the streets at all time. In the midst of near war erupting in the streets, the girl from Swashbuckler’s Coffee handed Harvey his change, touching his hand with hers. The warmth of her soft finger put a tingling sensation through Harvey’s entire body.

13. Mercury Rev
"Peaceful Night"  3:33
See You on the Other Side
Buffalo, NY

Harvey thought about the way her hand caressed his. It seemed deliberate, and it lasted longer than the ordinary brush of hands. Outside Harvey’s apartment, the riots were continuing to escalate as police and citizens were feuding in the streets. Inside his bedroom, Harvey was unaware of the political outrage taking place in Raincoat City. He refused to wash his hands in order to preserve the sensation of her molecules that had meshed with his; and he rubbed that portion of his hand all over his body. As he sniffed his hand, he sniffed her socks also. At the foot of his bed, he carefully placed her socks in the approximate spot where she would be lying if she were present, and her photograph at the head of his bed. He lied down on top where he imagined she would be laying, passionately kissed the framed picture while he humped his pillow cases.

12. Prolapse
"Flex"  15:04
Leicester, United Kingdom

Then came the gunshots. The upheaval in the streets was intensifying and showing the sort of ugliness that would take years to restore. One of the chief opponents of the ordinance was apprehended and brought in on charges that were recently fabricated under the new legislation. An organization that opposed the new legislation gave an inspirational speech publicly in the streets claiming the bill was a severe violation of personal rights and an example of fascist oppression. The speech led to intense civil disobedience as civilians began to loot and pillage Raincoat City municipal buildings. Harvey was struggling with his own personal issues, and the violent uproar in the streets only intensified his hatred for Raincoat City.

11. ALT
"I Decided to Fly"  6:36
Dublin, Ireland

This was not his war and Harvey definitely did not support the legislation. It was yet another signal indicating that he does not belong in Raincoat City. Once and for all, he decided it was now time to fly. Without any regards to current mood of all parties involved, the next morning, Harvey dictated his outcome. He gave his notice to employer, his roommate, his friends, family, and told every person he knew, whether they lived in Raincoat City or not, this would be his final month residing in Raincoat City. Simply put, it was not his home, and it was well past time for him leave. He had no business being here any longer.

10. Butterfly Child
"Deep South"  3:44
The Honeymoon Suite
Belfast, Northern Ireland/Los Angeles, CA

After finally making the announcement that he was leaving for sure was a huge burden that had been uplifted. However, he still one major regret—he resented the fact that he had encountered his potential soul mate and never even had a conversation with her. This failure troubled him to the extreme he had difficulty sleeping at night. Harvey wondered if he would ever be affected by another female the way the girl from Swashbuckler’s Coffee consumed his mind. Leaving her forever was something he would consider a missed opportunity, especially if he never even attempted to pursue her. In the back of his mind, he knew that a mystery of this magnitude forever left unknown would plague him for life, and possibly deem all other outcomes a failure if he at least did not even try.

9. Magic Hour
"Chance Was"  5:07
Will They Turn You On or Will They Turn On You
Boston, MA

With nothing to lose, Harvey once again walked over to her house. This time, he was going to knock on her door, and make up a story about how she had accidentally given him too much change and he did not want to return to the café to risk getting her in trouble. Upon giving her a $20 bill that she had supposedly given him instead of a $1 dollar bill, he was then going to create a conversation and at least find out her name, possibly confess everything, and then at least take her out to dinner. Unfortunately, after spending hours finally getting up the nerve, rehearsing the conversation repeatedly in his head, she was not home.

8. Yo La Tengo
"Blue Line Swinger"  9:18
Hoboken, NJ

Once again, Harvey went through the window and entered her home. This time, he brought with him a video camera, shot some footage of her bedroom, and then strategically hid the camera underneath her bed, with the video still rolling. The next day, while she was working and he knew her whereabouts, he returned for his camera. Since he was plagued with the realization that he may never revisit the inside her home again, he remained a bit longer to enjoy himself, as he had an escape route clearly planned should somebody arrive. He did go through her drawers and helped himself to another pair of her socks, and once again drank the water from her toilet and masturbated in her bed. Aside from that, he also licked her toothbrush, lavishing the fact that it had been in her mouth. After enjoying a few other sensual pleasures in her home, such as smearing her dirty laundry all over his face, Harvey gathered his souvenirs and snuck out the back window.

7. The Geraldine Fibbers
"Lily Belle"  4:55
Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home
Los Angeles, CA

Harvey satisfied himself by fabricating the notion that the girl from Swashbuckler’s was actually nothing like him at all. If she was that special, she would not be working at Swashbuckler’s Coffee. More than likely, she was neurotic and severely traumatized over some insignificant bullshit from her past, which explained why she never smiled and was so unpleasant. However, he had a difficult time retaining this notion. Perhaps she was so miserable because, like him, was desperate to leave Raincoat City, and spent her evenings filled with insomnia, drug abuse, and idealizing her escape from this miserable city. But, it was best not to think of this, because soon, he would never see her again.

6. Sonic Youth
"Becuz"  4:43
Washing Machine
New York, NY

The video tape was a major success. He could not have placed the camera in a more perfect position, and it turned out that he left at the perfect time as well, because she arrived home shortly after he left. Harvey had the perfect angle as she sat on the bed and stripped off her socks directly in front of the camera. Furthermore, there was close to an hour of footage of her bare feet walking across the floor, with another long period where she was sitting down on the bed with her feet arched perfectly directly in front of the camera. This video provided hours of masturbatory pleasure and would be something he would cherish for the rest of his life.

5. Pavement
"Half a Canyon"  6:10
Wowee Zowee
Stockton, CA

All of Harvey’s friends took him out and bought him drinks for his going away party. It was actually a wonderful time, with lots of laughs. Even though Raincoat City did not work out as he had hoped, nor was it his home, Harvey did make a few friends for life here. He vowed to return periodically and visit them often, and swore there were a few events he would not miss. In the end, people hugged him, patted his back, shook hands, it would appear that he were well-liked by a couple people anyway. It was a wild night also, the type of night that Harvey wished there were more of in Raincoat City. During periods in which he strayed from the group and find himself temporarily alone, or in trips to the restroom, Harvey thought of the video tape, and how wonderful it would be if she were part of the going away party; or even better, if she were leaving with him.

4. Cornershop
"7:20 A.M. Jullandar Shere"  9:42
Woman's Gotta Have It
London, England

The riots in Raincoat City grew even more intense as police from other precincts were called in to heighten security. However, the streets of Raincoat City gradually became a war zone as other devices were implemented with the civil unrest. Molotov cocktails were thrown at buildings, as the mayor’s office was burned to the ground. In the middle of the streets, the police would beat the citizens with clubs, as they started to open fire on the officers. Public streets became battlegrounds, as the two opposing forces took sides partaking in standoffs in the middle of the road. Harvey was leaving, but he worried about his friends hoping they would not be caught up in the violence.

3. Aztec Camera
"Debutante"  7:10
East Kilbride, Scotland

For one last time, on his final day, Harvey entered Swashbuckler’s Coffee. There she was, the most beautiful female in Raincoat City, and he assumed this would be the last time he would ever see her. It was amazing how much she consumed his thoughts, and to think he actually loved her despite not even knowing her name. He contemplated starting a conversation with her on his last day, but she closed her register and went to the back the moment he made it to the front of the line. Harvey figured this was probably for the best, and in his mind, imagined himself saying goodbye to her and blowing her a kiss. Although he failed to secure a relationship with her, he wished her the best and hoped whatever happened in her future made her completely happy in every way. He smiled as he glanced at her one last time on the way out the door.

2. The Boo Radleys
"Wilder"  5:51
Wake Up!
Wallasey, England

Harvey loaded up his car with all of his belongings. He was actually a bit sad about leaving his apartment, but, it was time. His car was full, and he only had one thing left to carry down the stairs. Harvey took one more look around the apartment to make certain he did not forget anything, then took another moment to reflect on his times in Raincoat City. It had been a crazy voyage once he really thought about it, moving here for a female, breaking up, the times he had, the friends he made, the girl from Swashbuckler’s Coffee, the riots in the street, and all the other memories he would hold onto forever. Part of him wished that he could call Raincoat City his home, but his calling laid elsewhere, someplace warmer, someplace where the other dogs were more like him and better days lie ahead for Harvey. He grabbed his one last bag, locked the door behind him, returned the key, and was prepared to leave Raincoat City for good this time.

#1! The Sea and Cake
"Parasol"  5:30
Chicago, IL

He tossed the last bag into the trunk and was about to get into his car when he spotted her, the girl from Swashbuckler’s Coffee. She had walked over to his apartment building, and was standing on the corner pointing at him. However, she was talking to the police. Three other cruisers surrounded Harvey, wrestled him to the ground, and handcuffed him. She and her neighbor positively identified him as the one who broke into her home, and Harvey was read his rights and thrown into the back of the cruiser. They charged him with breaking-and-entering, theft, menacing by stalking, and gross sexual disposition. Harvey was sentenced to prison for 5 years, and because of the restraining order, can never see the girl of his dreams ever again.

  END CREDITS: The Sea and Cake
  "Leeora"  4:25
 The Biz
 Chicago, IL

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

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