Red Alert + 1975

The Best of 1975 + The Red Alert
Part 1 of 6: (Tracks 160-131) The Age of Eventually
Part 2 of 6: (Tracks 130-101) The Night They Always Remembered
Part 3 of 6: (Tracks 100-76) The Invasion
Part 4 of 6: (Tracks 75-51) The Fascinating City
Part 5 of 6: (Tracks 50-26) The Nearby Tavern
Part 6 of 6: (Tracks 25-#1) The Desolate Wasteland

Part I: The Age of Eventually

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160. Manfred Mann's Earth Band
"Spirits in the Night"  6:26
Nightingales and Bombers
London, England

A ship was stranded in the middle of the Ocean; it had been there since the beginning of time. This ship had never moved.

The bulletin declared that some serious shit was going down, and that’s exactly what some people needed. Moments after reading the bulletin, some people in the community canceled all of their plans that evening and declared they were going to the concert. However, many people did not have anyone to go with, and it happened to come at a time when much of the community was struggling with various personal issues. Word had it on the streets, however, that it was best to come alone, and not with the same person you spend the most time with…just a recommendation, not a requirement.

It was hailed as the best concert in history and actually lived up to its billing. A significant portion of the city had attended and enjoyed an everlasting memorable experience that seemed to never end. That was the greatest day of their lives.

An airplane flew overhead in the suddenly dark daylight sky. There was no warning and in most people's best judgment, there was not even a good reason. Nobody in the city predicted the explosion the unexpected airplane created; nobody responsible for the detonation of the airplane's mission could have predicted the madness that unfolded and the destruction that it caused.

Following the moment of joy, there was a visualization that thousands of people that had been killed. He awoke abruptly and saw what he assumed were thousands of spirits flying freely in the night time sky. They passed his window and then vanished. Was it just a dream? If not, this person was responsible for finding out exactly where this happened and why. He telephoned Elizabeth, she was the one with the all the required skills; she at least needed to be informed of the disturbance whether it was real or not.

The Captain boarded the vessel and sailed that abandoned ship in the vast Ocean. Although the ship had never moved, The Captain and The Crew knew exactly where to set sail. This was the most important destination in history.

Fires blazed out of control and all that once defined the most fascinating place in The Universe had perished. Bodies smoldered in the streets and people screamed in agony, clutching their faces as their skin blistered and then melted. Miraculously, many of them had an out of body experience as thousands of desolate spirits floated through the night sky. But the already dreadful path of destruction experienced some sort of hostile reaction as the dense deadly fog spread throughout the entirety of the city. All was completely annihilated which resulted in an unexplained contamination that ruined the enchanted place of beauty and turned the city into a blackened wasteland.

The ship sailed away from an enormous red circle in the Ocean; the water there was now red. This indicated something that only the crew knew about; and the crew watched it attentively as they sailed away into the path of abandoned resurgence. Captain Coolidge appeared extremely calm, but in deep thought at the same time. He retrieved his device from his coat pocket and read the message. With that, the ship submerged underneath the water and disappeared from the face of The Earth.

159. Can
"Hunters and Collectors"  4:20
Koln, Germany

A group of men in business suits celebrated the victory. They poured a bottle of expensive wine that did not taste much different than the cheap shit that their subordinates beneath them drank and those men in suits toasted their proud moment. These people had received the news that their agenda now had obtained a piece of valuable land in which they could build a shopping center to buy and sell somebody else's products.

Prior to the acquisition, the community had no interest to build yet another shopping center that looked exactly liked every single other one that had been built off every single exit off every single expressway in every single city in every other region of this great empire. The Fascinating City focused on independent brilliant individuality and innovative creativity... there was no desire to have another series of generic chain stores that were no different than any other one.

Obtaining this land meant that they now had the ability to condition another portion of the population and sell the exact same manufactured products that were advertised on television to all the new people who could live on this property... they could make an all new city, an exciting city, with new schools, and it could be exactly like every other city they owned. This was a wonderful moment for all of the corporate CEO's.

Many of them even knowingly funded the mission that obliterated all of those with no interest in the capitalistic pursuits of the corporations and the banks. The explosion was a major success and all of the citizens of that unruly independent subculture of a society that did not conform to the federally conditioned communities that comprised the entire empire were officially all dead. This was the next chapter of their imperialist plot to control an entire population with nothing spectacular... they had to utilize immoral tactics because that was the only way anybody might pretend to be interested.

Too bad the land was no longer usable. Their precious little dreams of another replica of a shopping community vanished once they realized that the property was now but a blackened desolate wasteland. It was a waste of money, but at least they would be able to use it as a tax write-off so that the entire genocide would now be funded by the working class citizens of the empire who had no knowledge of the scheme.

158. ABBA
"Rock Me"  3:02
Stockholm, Sweden

Good times were abundant and everyone was enjoying themselves. This was the good life that people always dreamed about. It was a brilliant gathering of friends, festivities, music, dancing, laughing, drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sex, and multiple displays of thrilling aberrational behavior. Everything about this night was extravagant and beautiful.

It was taking place somewhere else other than here. This epitomized how life operates in other Parallel Universes that never endorsed such thing as a Ruling Class.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Daryl assumed he was the subject of envy that enamored the entire society. He did exactly what the tabloids said he should do at all times and imposed this lifestyle wherever he saw fit.

Dressed in platform shoes and a woman's blouse buttoned down to reveal his hairy chest and gold cross necklace, Daryl found himself dressed much differently than the rest of the audience at the Motörhead concert. He wondered why he was even there.

157. Kiss
"Getaway"  2:44
Dressed to Kill
New York, NY

When Larry was 13 years old, he realized he had a strange fascination with demons and prominent figures in the neighborhood phantom cult. He also finally learned to read. Eventually he grew tired of the same ordinary people in his neighborhood and fled to some other portion of the world. Some time ago he had heard of a mystical place in which the misfits of society could feel as if they belonged.

It turned out to be a bust; the place was nothing but a desolate wasteland and seemed to be contaminated with some unknown substance. Perhaps it was the result of his interest in the phantom cult he held as a youth, but Larry opted to remain in the wasteland for more than just a brief period. En route from The Nearby Tavern, (which was but a couple miles away from The Desolate Wasteland and seemingly equally deserted) Larry spotted a UFO.

The UFO was driven by Merletex, the infamous creator of the teleporter device that could send anybody anywhere at any time. He flew over The Earth and gazed down at the ruins of the wasteland. "We have confirmation; The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles has been destroyed."

Merletex landed the spacecraft carrier and asked Larry, "What in the fuck happened here?"

Larry had no answers and was in awe that he was seemingly being visited by aliens and they appeared not much differently than he did. Of course, everybody thought Larry was weird looking and that's why he wanted to get the fuck away from all of them. He explained that he was looking for the same place but only found this site of disaster instead.

"Well," Merletex finally concluded, "you seem pretty cool. You need a lift anywhere?"

Larry was never seen again on Earth.

156. Camel
"Rhayader Goes to Town"  5:20
The Snow Goose
Guildford, England

Another fleet of cruisers met up with Merletex and Larry on The Moon. They gazed down at The Earth and observed the grotesque blemish on the surface where The Fascinating City once stood.

"Yea, it looks shitty. Bad shitty. And Larry here don't know what the fuck happened either. It seems nobody does but a select few assholes who's fucking the whole place up."

They viewed the people of Earth through the binoculars... mind you significantly more powerful binoculars than those built in a Capitalist society seeking profit instead of brilliance. Most of the people all looked the same, dressed the same, and appeared in accordance with some sort of dictatorship controlling them. They followed the same routine that seemed to create some sort of pattern as they lethargically plunged to work to contribute to the plight of the meaninglessness. 

However, there were some fucked up people living in humongous houses in which most of the space was not being used. Some had stacks of bills that they learned was the puppeteer controlling them. Worst yet, some were so corrupted that they were committing absolutely unthinkable cruelties to the inhabitants of their own planet... violence, murder, constant fighting, arguing, and a lack of trust in any person as security was dangerously heightened to protect the places where the bills were stored.

"This place is not safe for any of us. The best bet is to avoid The Earth forever... at least until they figure out what the fuck they are doing."

155. The Three Degrees
"Distant Lover"  3:38
Philadelphia, PA

Stephanie expected her boyfriend Bobby to do everything for her. He did for the first few weeks of the relationship, but soon grew tired of that shit. Eventually the mother fucker refused to even take out the God damn trash. The lazy son-of-a-bitch just sat around the house leaving empty beer cans all over the place. Whenever Stephanie complained about his lack of tidiness, he replied with comments such as, "Shit, bitch, I can't do everything."

Their relationship was as much of a failure as the society they lived in.

They looked at each other, saw something, but said nothing. Instead of speaking or having fun they went to bed. That night they both had a dream... of each other.

Bobby walked outside and stared at the house directly across the street. This wasn't his house or his neighborhood. In fact, this wasn't even a portion of anything that he had ever known in the great empire of human failure. This was a parallel plane in The Universe, this was another sector of him, this was taking place in real time.

The door opened across the street and Stephanie walked out, stood on the porch, and gazed at Bobby with a cute smile. This wasn't her house either. This version of her barely resembled the version of her that was sleeping in that emotionally stressed bed next to that asshole.

But here, Bobby wasn't an asshole. He was beautiful. Stephanie was gorgeous. This is how people looked when they weren't part of a society that was failing and only concerned with heightened security to protect the assets of the puppeteer. 

For that one night, they found warmth in each other. This was their most harmonious companionship in any of their 100 parallel planes in which they were both living in real time. 

Somehow this might have been known in the sector in which they were both sleeping. When they awoke, they despised the way the other looked in what they considered reality. They longed for that unhindered version of each they saw every night in their dreams. That should have been the goal long ago.

154. Eloy
"Back Into the Present"  3:08
Power and the Passion
Hannover, Germany

The world in which these situations are taking place is Parallel Universe 13-D86422.8317… this is the world in which we live. Those living in this dimension refer to this as "reality" and are unaware that any other dimension of The Universe even exists; any reference to another Parallel Universe is often considered delusional or unrealistic.

There was obvious trouble in this present world, this Parallel Universe 13-D86422.8317. The human race had been deemed a failure, the world was collapsing, and there were obvious flaws contained in their failing society. 
Parallel Universe 13-D86422.8317 was a rare dimension of any Parallel Universe because this plane contained what was known as a "Ruling Class" consisting of a set of oppressive dictators who desired to rule and control the population.

However, this planet had been equipped with a Universal Monument during its creation widely known throughout the entire Universe as The Enchanted Sanctuary of Miracles. Any disturbance involving this Universal Monument would send The Red Alert to the Grand Scheme of Things Board Committee... it is that notoriously recognized and that essential to all beings living in The Universe.

One need not conduct too complex of studies in order to determine the glaring flaws in the failed society of 
Parallel Universe 13-D86422.8317. The Ruling Class was the most obvious blemish, but it also created the worst dilemma. This Ruling Class lacked the ingenuity to maintain anybody's interest and those with even moderate intellect could see all of the detrimental components that caused the ultimate system error.

In order for people to believe their flawed philosophies in order for them to accumulate a fabricated principle of power they called wealth, The Ruling Class devised a conditioning process with intentions to 
decrease growth in intellectual advancement in order to groom its own population to cohere to their standards without realizing the hazardous flaws of their corporate agenda. And if they became stupid enough, they would perhaps buy even more of their poorly manufactured products (most of which had no practical use to the rest of The Universe) to earn more material assets and the conditioned population would never question the logic behind their unethical plot. If they became a race of completely complacent imbeciles, the mass majority of their structured society would not only accept their conditioning without questioning, but become profound supporters and claim this system was essential to life; diminish their education and they would become too idiotic to comprehend anything better.

This conditioning process was severely flawed but was effective in making the population consist primarily of identical morons. However, not everybody conformed to the conditioning. Those from a different terrain of The Universe observed Herman, who was obviously miserable, and targeted him as a potential candidate to influence the others.

Herman would flat out dislike people if they liked certain music, movies, or TV shows. To him, these elements defined a person’s personality, and it would simply be a waste of time for him to talk to some derelict who did not understand any of these concepts. Herman preferred to discuss drummers, films with no clearly defined plot structure, and disregarded television completely. All others were stupid ass pieces of shit who could take their pathetic conversations to Target and discuss them with Gary.

The problem was that most people despised Herman. He was down to his last remaining outburst with ordinary society before they officially committed him to the asylum. Those observing the failed race finally intercepted Herman's radio transmission, sent him off the deep end, and Herman was sentenced to the insane asylum.

Each night for several weeks, however, Herman had visitors who seemed to support him. They asked about the elements that defined ordinary society and gathered information on everything that Herman despised. 

Shortly after that, he vanished. (Herman is now partners with Larry.)

153. Clearlight
"Ergotrip"  6:24
Forever Blowing Bubbles
Paris, France

Something happened—something terrible involving the children. It appeared an epidemic occurred creating an outbreak of children constantly screaming and crying noisily about nothing in particular. This had all of the attributes of the final generation destined to bring the world to disorder where it would officially fail miserably beyond repair.

Perhaps it was the product of numerous generations ahead of them that possessed the desire to become incredibly stupid in order to gain excessive finances. Pure stupidity proactive with the embodiment of corporate clichés was the only way to succeed. As a result of the flawed conditioning corresponding to the standards operating under capitalist imperialism, the children became excruciating, pathetic, and completely fucking annoying.

Even the members of society who were no threat to incite a riot against the ways of the empire frequently uttered, "I fucking hate these God damn kids!"

Crying kids were everywhere. Every single public place in their failing society was infested with annoying children screaming loudly or crying obnoxiously for no apparent reason. The worst most diabolical asinine creatures littering the Earth had multiplied at an astounding rate. 85% of the children born within that specific 5-10 year time frame suffered from some unknown affliction that made them completely insufferable to all other members of every single member of all other generations; they severely distressed those who were wise enough to never have children or to the 15% of the population who weren't labeled an overly conditioned hazard. Many of those who were deeply exasperated with the troubling annoyance eventually succumbed to insanity just like the aforementioned Herman.

The conditioning process administered by the corporate executives made them even worse. They had created what they considered their ideal environment for people to spend the majority of their lives shopping for the manufactured products. All of the attributes of this shopping environment dismantled the minds of these children and they simply became useless screaming crying clingy imbeciles who were overly dependent on the morons responsible for raising them. Their parents had been the worst stupidest most crudely annoying generation in history and their filthy obnoxious kids finally outperformed them.

152. Janis Ian
"Between the Lines"  4:05
Between the Lines
New York, NY/Nashville, TN

The conception of these filthy obnoxious degenerate rats that would transgress to disgrace The Universe utilized an absolutely hideous process that was fabricated by The Ruling Class. People had become replicated conformists to the fabricated idea of the ideal consumer that even the methods of courting a relationship became a cliché. Getting married, having kids, and starting a family had a specific method in which people were to conduct these affairs, and it was all a cliché.

Once prepared for mating, the female would dress in her sluttiest attire which was the exact same outfit that the tabloid magazines said she should wear... this was also known as "The Douche Magnet." The scantily dressed female would then proceed to sit in a lame bar, listening to horrible music, dancing stupidly in a fashion she assumed was sexy, and then accept a multitude of free drinks to whatever conformist douche was willing to sell his soul to a corporation in order to support whatever filthy rat dropped out of that stench that the conditioned douche paid so extravagantly to enjoy its scent.

After a few short moments of lackluster sex in which the douche was unable to resist ejaculating inside her, the couple would then have to sacrifice numerous elements of their own freewill in order to make the relationship "work." The male douche would obtain some position that meant nothing to the rest of The Universe while the female bimbo employed various tactics she learned from a television commentator how to raise the filthy animal and then take the screaming crying obnoxious brat to the supermarket to buy the products their financial adviser claimed was essential for survival.

They even thought that having children at that point was a miracle. It was indeed magic! 
Having children is like magic: A douche goes in; an even bigger douche comes out.
That was the ultimate magic trick that spawned a widespread catastrophic epidemic of The Final Generation.

151. Bijelo Dugme
"Tako Ti Je Mala Moja"  3:55
Šta bi dao da si na mom Mjestu
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The male humans were the ones stupid enough to invent the conditioning process in the first place. Therefore, most of them possessed some sort of need to dominate and control the world... definitely control the household.

God is a man! Your creator is a man! Your ruler is a man! Your superiors are all men! Men control you. Men rule the world.

Even though they led them to believe this was the case, male humans were subject to further conditioning and ultimately became worthless derelicts. Because they had this inherent notion that they ruled the world, men put forth extremely little effort to appear appealing or interesting. Most of them could be seen wearing baggy pants, poorly fitted jerseys confessing envy to another human being, and their hats turned sideways signifying a lack of ambition. This image was considered acceptable because this meant that the subject was now officially stupid enough to support the flawed system of conditioning enough to belligerently fight and kill strangers in order to imperialize the empire. A significant portion of these men were so stupid that they could barely piece together complete sentences and rejected complex knowledge that required too much thinking. They could be easily pacified with video games that trained them how to use the weapons that could kill all non-supportive terrorists who were resistant to open the shopping center.

While killing the people who refused to cooperate with the methodical system in which the sales of products stabilized the economy of those who needed heightened security for their assets, these men would declare, "my little girl is waiting for me at home. And we have a son." They referred to their own wives as "little girl" derailing any notion of equality.

The girls who accepted the delegation of "little girl" were useless, brainless, clingy decorations. They would simply dress in their most revealing clothes and clutch the arm of the conditioned male and pretend to listen attentively to the series of grunts, clichés, and incoherent sentences while she stared off into space at other douches who walked passed them. By that point, pretending to be interested became a routine instant reaction because she had been taught that specializing in the display of insincere flattery was crucial in order to garner attention; she was incapable of drawing interest with originality, uniqueness, or brilliant ideas.

These douchy male human beings governed society. Many of them took jobs at the shopping centers in order to obtain an education dictated by the empire to instill further conditioning. Just as they were supposed to do, they bought higher priced clothes required to work in the office where they were assigned to misspell a series of words and send various cliché-filled messages to other managers of corporate offices in charge of implementing the exact same methods in which the products are displayed. 

Should they gleefully obey the commands of those who instilled the most conditioning, they would be able to purchase expensive jewelry for their "little girl" and that filthy ass screaming crying obnoxious kid of his would be able to afford to see a physician to ensure that the little brat will grow healthy enough to ruin the next generation even further than things already are.

150. Gasolin'
"Fatherless Hill"  4:16
Gas 5
København, Denmark

It reached the point where too many kids were screaming and crying in too many places. Many people knew there was something wrong, but were unwilling to say anything. Furthermore, they only saw the faults in other children and ignored those within their own family. However, many of them began observing the screaming crying syndrome in the children of their own families as well.

The most uttered phrase in the world became: "I hate that fucking kid!"

People suggested that certain parents should have had an abortion. In fact, for every single child born on Earth in-between that particular time period, somebody somewhere wished that it had been aborted. Nobody liked these kids on whole.

Signs began sprouting on doors: "No Children Allowed" or "Kids Not Welcome" and this extended beyond the usual places where these signs had always been. Convenient stores banned the children, they weren't allowed on public transportation where none of them seemed capable of behaving like a civilized person, and finally, they weren't permitted inside their own grandmother's house.

Those people with children were not welcome anywhere that did not contain other children of this same generation. The mothers who assumed they had birthed a miracle found out the bigger douche they spawned annoyed the living shit out of everybody besides her, her douchy husband, and other asshole kids who were also screaming loudly about nothing. Parents of these children were emphatically despised by all members of society.

Fear escalated with a large portion of these parents because they knew something had gone wrong. They would take their children to some isolated place away from everybody and comfort the child while it cried for no reason. Some panicked, "Please, stop crying. Just stop crying." But, they had become stupid also, just as their ruling class desired, and they had no idea how to make the crying stop. They simply cried too, and gave in to all of the demands of their pathetic disgraceful child.

These wretched kids eventually went to school and educating them was hopeless. They cried in class, even in High School. They screamed at nothing. They were totally inconsiderate, rude, incapable of reasoning or obtaining logic, and downright stupid fucking useless morons... even dumber than their already asinine parents.

149. Moxy
"Sale On Sail Away"  4:50
Toronto, ON  Canada

Mobs of people would often approach Gary and talk to him for hours about topics they found fascinating, important, and personal; such as social issues, stories they found amusing, or share recipes how to prepare various foods. 

Gary hated all of them, and the mere sight of these people made him sick; he just wanted to be alone. He was a cashier at Target and was once a subject of hatred by the independent minded Herman who now resides in another galaxy. Back then, Gary did embrace mainstream propaganda designed to perpetrate ineptitude to those parents of the crying kids. 

However, he never had children. Working at Target impaired him. He was expected to unconditionally accept screaming crying kids and repeatedly answer the exact same series of foolish questions interrogated by the constantly complaining parents for very little pay while the executives from corporate reaped an abundance to insure their own pampered spoiled brat inconsiderate children will constantly impede society advancement.

Margaret met him and developed quite a fondness for him. Somehow she knew that he was displeased with his work and empathized how bad it must suck working with the general public in a corporate retail chain. Her stupid ass bratty child was in school tormenting the poorly paid instructors who no longer cared about providing a quality education because teaching a group of misbehaved imprudent bastards was so un-prosperous that they had to focus on their primary jobs which was anywhere besides the public school (most schools only hired scantily dressed females who had accepted the role of decorative little girl because the males who conducted the hiring could easily control them, arouse their own sexual curiosity, and provide hope that the single mothers would no longer have to work at the strip club; they dressed in risqué clothes and were frequently gawked at by the screaming imbeciles who threw tirades just to get attention).

Because he had no knowledge of her child, Gary expressed his sheer hatred of obnoxious children to her and Margaret listened. 

She became enamored with Gary because he represented a version of a rebellious nature that she had been instructed was sexy. The one thing keeping her from becoming more intimately involved with Gary was that annoying child of hers. That kid began annoying her too. It was almost 10 years old at that point and still needed constant attention. One night while the child was crying, she forcefully placed a plastic bag over its' head and held it there until the little shitface suffocated to death.

She and Gary are together trying to make it work. He never found out about the kid. Nobody missed it because it was emphatically despised by the world. In fact, nobody even bothered to ask about it. They were happy the stupid little fucker was finally gone.

148. Hurriganes
"Reptile Woman"  3:15
Crazy Days

The decorative bimbo was too stupid to properly raise a child. She never had to think, comprehend, resolve problems, or do anything other than appear cute. She was easily dominated, allotted the title of "little girl" and declared the property of a poorly fitted malefactor who could not comprehend basic intellect. While the brains of the family was off fighting the un-winnable war that had been going on for well over a decade, she was left alone to be easily dominated by a pack of screaming crying imbeciles.

She never needed to value education; therefore those kids of hers never learned any valuable lessons. She never had to resolve complicated matters; therefore cries of the children only complicated matters worse. All she ever had to do was look sexy, reveal some skin... that was always the answer. Just expose your breasts to these children... that will solve everything. And it did... until the day she was gang raped by a pack of 12 year olds. She enjoyed that feeling of being gang raped and it became something she looked forward to every week. There was something about having the ability to arouse those little kids that made her feel important... she had been conditioned to believe this was the proper means in which a woman gained respect.

She and her friends spent all of their time conversing on the phone, discussing the most pleasing sexual aspects of the children that repeatedly raped them. These mothers did not say no and lacked the ability to discipline... doing so would cause them to cry even more; they learned to blissfully enjoy the abuse they received from the entire screaming crying generation.

147. Triana
"Recuerdo De Una Noche"  4:44
El Patio
Sevilla, Spain

The parents of The Crying Generation were universally hated. It was torture watching them attempt to build the next generation that would only impel disaster. This was when hope for humanity would completely diminish. Sadly, it would worsen over time.

The children of The Crying Generation grew into adolescence, high school, and moved into jobs of their own. Most of them had lost their virginity from either their own mother or from their teacher at school... even the girls. They were never accepted anywhere. Those from the generation behind them (which was no longer than 5-10 years afterwards and almost equally problematic) never looked up to them; they despised them even though The Crying Generation developed violent ploys to make those kids insincerely tolerate them.

They were desperate for attention and desperate to be accepted. Most had been diagnosed with fictitious disorders and given expensive medication that their father was only able to afford because The Ruling Class insisted that he had to obtain the capitalist insurance scam or else his wages would be garnished... he believed this was a benefit and viewed the empire as the greatest place on Earth because they offered this forced method to contribute to the billions of profits to a large corporation.

Parents of The Crying Generation eventually retaliated and directed harsh hostility towards any person who complained or expressed disapproval to the disgraceful behavior of their children; the confrontation normally consisted of the mother spewing a series of moronic clichés while the father became belligerent. Often they would attempt to sound reasonably intelligent by conveying their utter non-sense in a questioning manner or issuing the clichés in a calm tone. All of the once socially unacceptable antics of these despicable filthy creatures needed to be embraced with pure pleasantry or else the dimwitted parents would issue a complaint to management or resort to fallacious attempts to insinuate that it is the fault of the other for not dearly loving their imprudent worthless crying child. The most frequently used clichés by the horrible parents to imply fault for not displaying acceptance to their poorly functioning underdeveloped disgraces included:

  • Claiming the other person was being "judgmental"
  • Implying their constantly crying ordinary feeble minded child was just "different"
  • Insisting they had the "right" to do whatever deplorable act they wanted.
"Excuse me? Did you just complain because my 7 year old took a shit on the floor? He's 7! If my crying bastard child wants to shit on the carpet, he has the right to. Who are you to be judging? Ya know? Taylor is just different and you need to accept that... all kids can't be the same. He has a disorder, takes medication, so it is impolite to say he has to follow any regulations whatsoever. That's our right." 
Those in that 15-20% category who did not resort to screaming and crying obnoxiously because they were stupid inconsiderate annoyances to the world were in the minority and struggled for equality. Most of them were delegated to slums or placed in prisons for unjust laws created by The Crying Generation; they created these laws while crying and throwing tirades. They remained reprehensible cretins and were unwilling to either change or accept responsibility for their own dereliction.

146.  Gentle Giant
"On Reflection"  5:30
Free Hand
Portsmouth, England

"We were bad, but we were never this bad."

The world was growing weary of all the screaming crying kids and many of the parents realized that they were no longer welcome in some parts of society. Once the kids started growing older and becoming increasingly worse, people anticipated the downfall of man.

"Back in the old days, I actually used to like kids. Not these kids. Back then, there was hope," said one of the elders who possessed a great deal of wisdom.

In our days, we played outside. These kids do nothing but sit inside and play video games. Always on the phone. None of them know to handle anything even slightly unpleasant... let alone tremendous adversity. They scream and cry until they get everything they want. What's most sad about this is that what they really want is nothing special and nothing worth crying over. We had to work to get what we wanted.

Our moms would kick our asses. And I respect that now, I'm glad my mom put a foot in my ass. Those kids whose parents let them do whatever they wanted back then, they turned out to be nothing. You could easily identify those people.

But us... we smiled, we laughed, we played, and we tried to enjoy ourselves... and we did have a lot of fun. When we were that age, we had to work for our first car... usually piece of shit. Hell, I remember mine you had to stick a screwdriver into this slot under the steering wheel just to get it to start. These kids are pampered, spoiled, their corporate daddy paid for everything... and is massively in debt to banks and creditors as a result. They don't know the meaning of responsibility, never had to struggle, and never even developed their own identity. Look at them, miserable bastards. We at least provided some hope for the future. But then again, maybe we created these monsters.

145. Wigwam
"Bless Your Lucky Stars"  6:03
Nuclear Nightclub
Helsinki, Finland

Soon will come the age when these kids are in control. The prophecy of this looming generation was frightening. They will hold prominent positions, obtain power, and cry whenever they don't receive any attention or if nobody meets their trivial demands. They will pass laws in order to force people to comply with their standards. Worst yet, they will have kids of their own... and that generation appears dreadful.

Their extreme lack of intelligence and reasoning was the most potential hazard. When they gain control, there is a likelihood that everything will collapse. While this might be a good thing (ridding the world of the horrendous system that created this debacle) but they do not possess the knowledge or ability to effectively replace it with anything other than a significantly worse system of values that is already plaguing the world. Due to the way they had been raised, they will employ even worse tactics to force the remainder of the population to comply with their standards.

People had been predicting this for years, centuries even. The first quote similar to this prediction predates even the birth of Jesus. Aside from a few periods and a select percentage who continued to progress, things did gradually become worse. Sure there had been advancements in technology, but the one aspect that caused the total demise of society continued its widespread sovereignty until it burgeoned out of control... and that was the plight of The Ruling Class that wished to own and possess everything. 

Their system of conditioning began taking its gruesome effect just a short time ago. Corporations merged, became bigger corporations, until finally they had everything. The government is a corporation ran by the bank; the plight of the government is to devise schemes to increase profits or protect the assets from whoever the corporation feels is an enemy.

This is rock bottom. If it gets any worse than this, the world will come to an end. Looking at these kids, I do not see any hope.

Go to any grocery store and observe the children. Listen to them cry constantly; listen to them scream noisily about nothing. They're stupid little imbeciles. Then notice the people raising them. These are not intelligent people. Listen to the music playing overhead... this will be their nostalgia. Look at all the television programs in which they are being raised... these children's programs are pathetic. Look at the news... they are constantly finding new threats to instill fear in the parents of these moronic kids. They are so scared of everything that they cry for their mommy at any sight of something unusual... which is everything outside of their own living room. There is not one glimmer of hope for these bastard children to give any indication whatsoever that they are capable of achieving anything other than destroying the world.

144. Van Der Graaf Generator
"The Undercover Man"  7:25
Manchester, England

Good decent upstanding citizens plotted horrendous things against these kids. While hanging signs that declared "No Children Allowed" they wished they were hanging the children instead. A person could not walk through any store without hearing some bastard ass kid screaming and crying in the distance... even though the little brat was never seen and several aisles over; its noisy screams could be heard throughout the entire store and lasted the entire duration they were inside that place.

Those not associated with this despicable nuisance wished dreadful things upon it. They should take that stupid kid down to the lake and drown it. People visualized themselves entering the aisle where the child was screaming with a gun and putting a bullet the obnoxious little moron's pathetic crying face. If there was to be any advancement for the future, they all should have been killed. Their parents could have been deemed incompetent while the world recognized that there was some sort of epidemic that inflicted the crying syndrome disease on all of the children born in-between that particular period. The disease should have been destroyed before it spread.

Unfortunately, they continued to view the disease stricken children as miracles and allowed them to be raised by the most unqualified candidates to rid the world of the deadly affliction. Their contaminated nature evolved until they became unruly rogues that raped their own mothers. Yet, the parents complained and the population was supposed to accept this. Any procedures that could have been effective to properly instruct these children to understand anything other than simplistic basic rudiments had been eradicated by the corporate conditioning process. The schools had come to a demise, artistic creativity was no longer taught (even despised), and the only concern was for them to keep buying and selling products.

The Crying Generation only gave hope to The Corporate CEO's who were handed their position as a means of inheritance because they no longer had to devise anything innovative to satisfy this next wave of clientele... they could manufacture the most generic of products to satisfy The Crying Generation. The Corporations could easily continue to prosper due to the fact that those managing the organization had become too stupid to comprehend anything with any slight amount of complexity.

We should have killed all of them while we had the chance.

143. Fox
"Love Letters"  2:53
United Kingdom

There was never any passion in the sexual affairs with these kids. Mom would come home in the revealing clothes that were required for her work position and her 12 year old son would constantly grab her boobs and pull one out to suck on it because he assumed that he still had the right to be breast fed. He would often squeeze it forcefully, bare it, and nastily slurp on her nipples just to be rude and annoying... this child assumed that being annoying was fun.

Sometimes she would also have to babysit the neighbor's kids and they would come over and wreak havoc in the house. As a fun game, they would pull off the mother's jeans and hide them from her. She simply smiled and found it adorable... she still thought these children were miracles. These obnoxious miracles would often scream loudly in the house while they pulled off her panties and shoved the immature toys they were still playing with up the mother's pussy.

They did this because they had been taught they had the right to do this; if anybody did not approve they were being judgmental or un-accepting of special children, which was all of them. They felt they had the right to dominate their own mothers and make her do things they did not wish to do; this made them feel even more special. Each of them assumed they had special privileges because the mothers gave them special privileges.

One 14 year old came home crying because he was never allowed to go first when the class took turns raping the teacher. His mother went to the school and complained that her child was special and should be permitted to fuck the teacher first. The next day he was awarded this even though the teacher viewed him a lousy lover... they all were. None of them considered the satisfaction of their partner, screamed noisily the entire time, and only did so because they wanted to, to annoy the teacher, and because her risqué dress attire aroused them and they felt they had the right to do so. She allowed the children to have her way with her to feel special herself and because she was behind on her credit card payments. Fortunately for her, it never lasted very long.

142. The Miracles
"Love Machine (Part 1)"  2:56
Love Machine
Detroit, MI

His mother had instilled it in his mind that he was an extraordinary lover and she allowed him to whatever he pleased (which was nothing spectacular.) As a result, he truly believed that he was this special love machine that could rock the worlds of anybody. He could easily fulfill his passionate desires by crying or being annoying. The girl would have to honor his requests and nobody was ever allowed to reject him.

This son-of-a-bitch was extremely lousy in terms of love making ability and utterly obnoxious to others. He would grope random girls walking down the street just to be rude and laughed hysterically at his own pointless jokes. One woman slapped the shit out of him and he cried for hours even though he was now 19 years old. He complained but nobody would listen.

Finally he found some other girl from his own Crying Generation and made her his little girl. She coaxed him with flattering clichés and stroked his ego. He took her behind the building, pulled down her pants, and un-rhythmically fucked her in the ass for 49 seconds. This made both of them feel superior to others and they made loud obnoxious noises for the entire 49 seconds.

141. The Isley Brothers
"Sensuality (Part 1 & 2)"  6:52
The Heat is On
Cincinnati, OH

Eventually a woman will need some sensuality in her life. For the past several years, her sexual experiences exclusively consisted of her domineering husband, her annoying son, and several of her son's 13 year old friends. All of them were horrible and she never experienced any sexual pleasure with any of them. She had done what she thought she was supposed to do.

By conforming to the standards that was expected of her, she was at least awarded a managerial position at the corporate store she was employed. She was now in her 30's and entering her sexual prime. There was no passion in her love life and she was gradually growing weary to being treated as a 2nd rate degenerate in her own household. These complications should have been foreseen when the mothers of The Crying Generation received promotions in corporate retail chains and given the power to command other people... but they were too stupid to foresee anything other complacency because they honestly thought their failing system was actually a masterpiece.

One of her employees seemed significantly different than the rest of them. Amanda was both intrigued by him and despised him at the same time. He had an unconventional personality and seemed uninterested in the ploys of the mainstream masses. This person never had children and was not married. He was one of the select few that maintained individual uniqueness throughout the rise of The Crying Generation and was only allotted a minimum wage position at one of the retail chains due to his poor credit and frequent altercations with the police.

She saw him outside of work one day and stopped him. They had a few drinks together and she realized that she did not fit in whatsoever with his lifestyle. However, she had transferred for her job and the husband and child were hundreds of miles away. After constant coaxing, she was able to take him to her new home to pursue other desires.

With his extreme nonconformist nature, he claimed that he did whatever he wanted without ever selling out to any corporation. She countered that maybe she did sell out... just at work... but because she is the one who makes more money and had been appointed the position of his boss, it was she that actually did whatever she wanted.

And it was her that was on top of him. She had her way, she did all of the things that she wanted to do to him, and he could not do anything other than lie there and allow her to fulfill all of her sexual pleasures. He was somewhat androgynous and did take enjoyment that he was able to satisfy her; its peculiar what society has defined as a real man and a potential queer.

She pinned him down on the bed and maneuvered her body so that it perfectly aroused her most erogenous areas. After several minutes of passionately massaging her favorite spot of her soaking wet pussy all over his eagerly throbbing hard cock, her body quivered and she had an intense orgasm that spurted her cum all over her bed. Her body had been designed to withstand multiple orgasms and she repeated this process for a prolonged sensation that lasted until her body could not withstand anymore. After she finished cumming repeatedly until her bed sheets were drenched with her sexually induced fluids, she rolled off him and lied on her back grasping for breath.

Generally, this should have been enough for satisfaction. However, this scrawny androgynous male that she just dominated never held command of anything in his life except for moments like this. This was the only time he could be taken seriously. He gently caressed her quivering naked body and passionately kissed her in the areas that provoked enhanced stimulation. At that point, she could do nothing but lie there on her back; he rolled on top of her and made passionate love to her for several hours, sensually pleasuring every single portion of delectable body, inducing numerous orgasms upon her, and finally fucking her body limp. After he finished pulling out and ejaculating his cum all over her sexy body and her perfectly shaped tits, she was seeing spots, felt euphoric, and could do nothing but lie there on the bed with cum seeping from her wet vagina.

140. Ohio Players
"Together"  3:08
Dayton, Ohio

Experiencing extreme physical pleasure can alter all things contained in one's past history. Needless to say, the manager of that retail chain store thought about this atypical employee constantly. It is bizarre how sexuality had created some sort of powerful influence in human society. Women can gain power by flaunting their sexuality, however...

It is widely known that men who hold positions of prominent power are horrible lovers. In fact, they had been groomed to be horrible lovers and had conditioned the girls to think that embracing their own sexual desires was sinful, and that they should consider financial assets over all other qualities. Therefore, when initially seeking a partner, women dress in the douche magnet attire, stake out those men who are willing to sell their souls to the corporation, and avoid any of the "weird" guys who know how to please a woman. Most women had been taught that beautiful men whose ultimate goal is to satisfy their partner are, by all means, homosexuals... they learned this on TV. Most of these little girl's husbands hate homos, and they must adjust accordingly so that they may be clingy without thinking.

She saw the world differently, viewed him differently, and constantly fantasized about being with him again. However, she was married with a child and that created problems. The husband had once vowed that he would kill somebody if he ever found out she cheated on him. Her new love probably hated her stupid crying kid.

There were secrets that she could not tell. Whenever her husband came to visit or called on the phone, she felt as if she was hiding something. Furthermore, he grew to annoy her. He sucked in bed and she felt no enjoyment whatsoever. She did have the right to divorce his stupid ass and abandon that child with him. She was special.

All she ever dreamed about was being together with that boy who satisfied her... the way he touched her, the way he kissed her, the way he considered her needs, the unorthodox pleasures she never considered. She took the liberty to touch him excessively whenever she spoke to him at work; created situations in which he would have to sit next to her in her office; constantly tried to find him outside of work.

139. Relatively Clean Rivers
"Hello Sunshine"  3:34

Some men drive women absolutely bat shit by constantly trying to court them. Women have problems even having a decent conversation with anybody when men like this are in the vicinity. One day, after a mass e-mail set the date and the stage, women agreed to go out with whatever man was disrespectfully pestering them, and at 7:42 PM EST precisely, they each, all at once, poisoned the man and killed him. No arrests were made.

The manager had a different problem with her employee. He never attempted to put the moves on her and even avoided it. Whereas most men disregarded any sort of prior commitments with another person and attempt to forcefully court women with husbands and boyfriends, this person she was trying to engage with did none the such. She was the married one and he felt guilty after their first sexual encounter.

Another problem was that he was not that incredibly interested in her. He was attracted to women with a high degree of intellect and not necessarily one to fall for simple sex appeal. Women constantly flaunted their exposed assets as a means obtain free drinks and he was not attracted to this nature. However, she knew of no other way to attract a potential lover. Furthermore, it was not as if she wished to be in a relationship with him... she just wanted to fuck him several more times.

She had to pursue him for it. 

Although Amanda was never considered brilliant or a genius, she represented a minute percentage of Crying Generation moms to progressively increase in intellect and be awarded a promotion. Most of the women who held managerial positions did not have Crying Generation children, or were permitted to operate a business that appealed to prominent figures of The Crying Generation. Working with the public had increased her intellect significantly, and after several years she gradually obtained more knowledge than when she first started and was then but a bimbo trying to earn money to pay for her child's food, clothing, and shelter. The more knowledge she gained, the more she found her relationship unsettling because she felt she could do better.

The other thing she had going for her was that she made more money than him, was his boss, and could fire him. The corporation had given her the authority to make him follow her commands while he was in the presence of their domain that paid him the minimum wages to follow accordingly.

And he did not have a ride home. And she made him stay later just so that he would miss the bus. And she offered to take him home. She took him home all right... to her home. He did not put up too much of a struggle but she forcefully shoved him into her bedroom anyway.

There was not much conversation as she sat beside him on the bed and began fondling him. She enjoyed touching his bare skin and took pleasure kissing his neck, unbuttoning his shirt, licking his nipples, and sucking his cock. But she was the one in charge. Once she satisfied herself by touching all of the areas of his body that she found most attractive, she lied back on the bed and allowed her shirt to drape off her shoulder. Her domination of him consisted of him performing all the work. He was expected to undress her, caress her, passionately kiss, lick, and suck every portion of her body, induce orgasm with his fingers, with his tongue, and finally with his shaft. He was expected to fuck her in a multitude of positions, multitask by exploring other portions of her body while pulsating deep inside her, and continue doing so for several hours until complete bodily climax was fully achieved and after she was nearly unconscious, quivering, twitching, dripping with cum, pussy throbbing, and loss of all bodily control.

After all of this, he was expected to lick all of the cum out of her pussy until she had another orgasm, and then go to the kitchen and fetch her something made out of chocolate. Once finished with the chocolate desert, she would brush her teeth and he had to give her a full body massage until she finally fell sound asleep. In the morning she would pin his scrawny wrists to the bed and forcefully fuck the shit out of him until it was time to go to work. 

After all of that... she made the little fucker walk home which was even further from his home than where they worked. So much for him being taken seriously after being considered the best fuck she ever had.

138. Lard Free
"Pale Violence Under a Reverbere"  4:15
I'm Around About Midnight
Paris, France

When her husband and son came to visit it was the exact opposite of her joyful experience with her employee. The husband bossed her around and expected her to cook and clean for him. Even though this was his first time in the new apartment, he acted as if this was his house and dictated how it should be run. It was but a temporary place until their old house sold and he found employment in the city in which she transferred for the promotion.

Her son was annoying. He was loud, obnoxious, and constantly trying to take off her clothes so that he could pinch her nipples or force himself inside of her. This immature fat teenager was most unpleasing to look at and ran around the house in his underwear, waving his small penis in his mother's face demanding that she lick it. He laughed the most unpleasant sounding laugh while he smeared his balls into his mother's face. Afterwards, he played video games in his underwear and ordered his mother to fix him something to eat.

They had no real interest in her or her job. The only reason they wanted her to have this job was because the child had also been diagnosed with various mental ailments and was given the same prescription that 68% of the kids his age had been ordered to take... the price of this medication mysteriously increased without warning and people had to make sacrifices to have what they were told was essential for life. When the kids were under the influence of this medication, they would simply sit and stare at the television set that brainwashed them into thinking the great empire was looking out for their needs.

He bossed her around. He dictated the conversation. He decided where they went and when they returned home. He selected what they ate, what they drank, and what time dinner would be served. Since relocating here, she had been in charge of an entire organization and nobody told her what to do.

During the day, she served as the child's slave. For the most part he would simply lie around in his underwear watching television. But once the medication wore off, he was loud, screamed, cried, tried to suck his mom's tits, pulled off her clothes so that he could stick his toothbrush up her pussy, was in constant need of attention, wanting her look at everything, required constant explaining over anything, cried out for "mommy" whenever he needed held, and frequently requested that she lick his little penis until the white stuff comes out so he could laugh like a hyena about it until it was time for more video games. For the entirety of this child's life, this had become normal due to the circumstances surrounding The Crying Generation.

Suddenly, everything about this seemed unsettling.

137. Slapp Happy & Henry Cow
"Strayed"  1:54
Desperate Straights
Hamburg, Germany/Cambridge, England

Amanda spent hours making herself look beautiful before going out for social events; and she was extremely beautiful. However, even though she was absolutely gorgeous, held a managerial position, she felt all alone in the world. After her family left, it occurred to her that she never met anybody she even remotely liked. The guys who constantly hit on her were annoying assholes like her husband and that filthy rat child of hers. 

As she was dolling herself up for work, Amanda experienced a lapse where she was tired of appearing gorgeous just to satisfy assholes. She went frantic, smeared her make-up, completely messed up her hair, ripped off her clothes, and knocked over a lamp... Then left the house wearing blue jeans and a flannel shirt.

Once again, she tracked down her favorite employee and repeatedly violated him. She found herself eager to touch him and did not give a flying remote fuck about his interests or his satisfaction. At first she seemed gentle as if she might be seeking to arouse him or gain his consent. She was standing by him and rubbed his shoulder briefly, but secured his wrists behind his back, grabbed him by the back of the hair, and bit his ears and his neck.

He was not finished with his drink and had been conversing with his friends before she arrived. She intruded and disregarded his friends... for all she knew one of the ladies present could have his girlfriend. Amanda yanked him out of his seat, pulled him out of the establishment, dragged him down the alley behind the place, and forcibly raped him in the alley. It was a combination of lust, personal desires, regaining her self-control, and knowing that her husband and son would never approve.

136. Robert Wyatt
"5 Black Notes and 1 White Note"  5:01
Ruth is Stranger Than Richard
Bristol, England

She became addicted to filling all her sexual desires with her new favorite employee. There was some suggestion of him coming to live with her and they attempted to negate any controversy surrounding their affair at work. Nobody was to ever find out about this because she would be at risk of losing her job. This was fairly easy because he held no interest in being in a relationship with her.

As she became more enamored with him, she grew to despise her husband and her kid. Their phone conversations would often lead to argument and she did not seem thrilled to see them during their visits. On one occasion she was not even home when they arrived. Her life was completely miserable with them around and she wondered how she got involved in this situation in the first place. She hated her past decisions.

Finally, she announced she was no longer interested in seeing them and that they were no longer welcome in the apartment. She filed for divorce and claimed that he could have custody of the kid and keep the house. The father was miserable and the child cried non-stop for days.

135. Dzyan
"For Earthly Thinking"  9:39
Electric Silence
Mannheim, Germany

Unwilling to accept that he had been dumped, the husband showed up uninvited to her home and found that she wasn't there. He banged on the door but there was never any answer. However, he had a key and entered anyway. He searched all through the house looking for some sort of clue as to why she divorced him; he had his suspicions.

After an extensive search, he found a photograph of his wife with some other guy. She had her arm around him and was kissing him on the cheek. He was outraged by this ordeal, stormed into his truck, and peeled out of the street. It was a 3 hour drive home and he had too much to think about this time.

Once he returned home, he tried phoning her several times but she never returned his calls. He left several threatening messages and attempted to instill a guilt trip on her. That filthy kid would call crying all of the time as well.

The tension was too much so he returned to her new city to track her down and confront her about this situation. This time he did not go to her house. Instead, he drove around town searching for her and found her prancing around town with the guy in the photograph. She touched him excessively, kissed him, and left with him to take him home. He followed them as they went to her house, and then he sat in his truck devastated, angry, and furious... went out and got drunk and then picked up a prostitute.

The next day he awoke in a state of disarray. He went to the store she worked found the guy she had been fucking also worked there. He asked this employee to speak to the manager. 

Amanda nonchalantly arrived to the scene in which she was requested; he drew his gun and shot her dead, point blank in the department store she managed. He shot at the employee next but the bullet strayed and busted a glass candle display in the middle of the aisle. As the husband stumbled towards the demolished candle display to finish off the clerk, he drew the gun but shot him instead.

After the murder/suicide, the child was given a large inheritance and unlimited sympathy because he could no longer have sex with his mother. His story of perseverance served as inspiration to those who sat for hours glued to their TV screens. The inheritance money was used to invest in whatever corporations his advisory instructed and the child became extremely wealthy despite never generating one original idea and never working one single day in his life. They remained sympathetic to his needs even after he became a prominent member of The Ruling Class.

134. Novalis
"Dronsz"  4:57
Hamburg, Germany

That marked the beginning in which The Crying Generation were appointed to powerful positions, elected by their elders who still believed they were miracles. As should be expected they did an extremely poor job ruling the empire. They made a multitude of ridiculous laws, cried and screamed in their offices, still required massive explanations for simple tasks, and induced warfare upon anyone who did not accept the fact that they were special. It was instilled upon them that had the right to be awarded special privileges because their decorative bimbo for a mom said so.

And then these people had kids of their own. However, these miracles seemed nothing at all like their parents or grandparents.

Eventually the world would have to grow tired of sheer stupidity and strive for something far more brilliant than what had ever been accomplished. Eventually finally arrived and that spawned The Age of Eventually.

133. Maneige
"Les Aventures De Saxinette Et Clarophone"  15:38
Les Porches
Montreal, QC  Canada

These kids seemed nothing at all like the generation before them. Just as there once seemed to be a great disturbance in the atmosphere that caused the kids of one period to scream and cry noisily about nothing, their kids seemed to be stricken with some sort of disturbance that prevented them from screaming and crying ever.

They were not impressed with the antics of their parents or their grandparents. One child said to the other, "Do they know that they're in public?" Father had a straw and refused to hand it to the mother. She tried to grab it from him and they screamed, laughed, and carried on for over an hour playing keep away with a mere straw... most of the patrons in the restaurant found them excruciating; the children were embarrassed.

The Crying Generation consisted of children desperately starved for attention. They would resort to the most deplorable antics just so people would notice them; they lacked the ability to garner interest otherwise. They had no talents, no special skills, were nothing special, and definitely NOT miracles; they were totally inconsiderate to all facets of society that wished to do anything other than pay attention to their stupidity. These people were never concerned with the feelings of others, persistently enjoyed annoying the living shit out of people, and became hostile with anybody who found their ridiculous asinine behavior anything other than amazing.

These kids of the next generation never screamed.... never cried. They found their parents to be extreme morons just as most other people did during their entire existence. Eventually, they stopped speaking to them completely.

They became known as The Quiet Generation. Their behavior was utterly disturbing because they had no ambition to resemble their parents or partake in any of their stupidity. They knew empathy, and were courteous.

Parents often like to brag about the mischief they displayed as a child with hopes that these kids would be enamored with them. Hell, when we were in 2nd Grade, we raped our teacher. Hahaha. Finally the principle just started hiring hot babes and we all got to suck on her titties at recess. She came to school wearing short skirts and revealing blouses and she liked it when we stuck our hands up her skirt... made her feel important.

The Crying Generation tried to outdo their elders and the teachers and arrived to school wearing outfits such as the ones shown to spend the entire day around 6th grade kids.

However, The Quiet Generation was not impressed. They paid her no interest, and showed no attention whatsoever to her blatant display of desperation. Even when the teacher insisted the children could suck on her titties at recess if they were good, they never exercised that option. After a short time, they stopped speaking to their teachers altogether.

They attempted to awe their children with the same ludicrous bullshit that had enamored them. They introduced to them to the shitty mainstream pop music that was being played at all the corporate chains when they were kids... these kids found it lame. Their history was flawed and they were able to see through the lies. They knew of the corruption and despised it.

This instilled fear into the society of dimwits being operated by The Crying Generation. There was no diagnosis for this and they had no clue how to stop it. Questions never received answers. There was no discussion, no conversation, no talking period... nobody could provide the detailed explanation that was required for them to comprehend anything. They simply stared at their confused parents, those filthy rats who screamed and cried their way to success, seemingly unfazed by any of their meandering trite.

Something was desperately wrong. There is an epidemic taking place right now. They have turned off the TV, they don't play our games, they are not interested in our products... they downright do not like us. We can't talk to them because they refuse to speak back. They seem to be rebelling against all things that we previous stood for, this great nation, this empire that we created. We are very afraid and we have no idea what they will do next.

132. Pancake
"Aeroplane"  13:30
Roxy Elephant
Winnenden, Germany

In order to maintain the empire, the corporation felt as if they needed to obtain a piece of land inhabited by a population so unique that this wonderful place was referred to as "The Fascinating City." They felt it would be prestigious to operate their stores in a place dubbed "The Fascinating City." It was a travesty when the discovered that a world deemed "fascinating" had no interest whatsoever in their products.

Corporations are stupid and run by stupid people. Rather than attempt to ignite some new and exciting innovative brilliance, they assumed they had the right to force their standards upon others. This is the way the plight had always been ever since the incarnation of the first regime that went on to become The Ruling Class.

Shortly after The Fascinating City was destroyed, the abandoned ship set sail in the desolate Ocean. Not long after that first voyage the ship disappeared leaving an enormous circle of red water in the treacherous sea. After that ship disappeared, The Crying Generation was spawned and eventually took over the world.

People feared the day in which they would take over and what would happen. They were universally hated back then and people considered killing all of them. Nobody ever had the courage and The Crying Generation imposed oppressive ordinances against all of those who did not support their failing generic empire.

131. Brast Burn
"Part 1"  23:44

One day The Quiet Generation made an announcement and posted it for the whole world to see:

We despise government, organized religion, corporations, banks, money, all methods of profiteering and anything designed to negate free will. We hate both major political parties equally. We hate all politicians and most corporate VP's and CEO's. Your wealth does not impress us... in fact, its annoying.

We despise all commercialized news reports accompanied with product advertising. We will never be persuaded to do anything just because it was suggested on television or endorsed by any celebrity. We hate celebrities, we hate the brainless music, the brainless movies without substance, and we hate most of your programs that you assumed was safe enough to hold our interest. The easiest to understand by the dumbest of simpletons should never be forced to be the most popular.

Do not ever attempt to brainwash any of us with the same pathetic propaganda that was so effective on your generation. We are smart enough to see through that. We are smart enough to figure out complex theories without any explanation; we need no explanation on basic fundamentals. Do not explain anything to us... ever.

We are not rooting for the empire to win any war in which they are currently participating. We would never blindly support a person who was robbing innocent people to fund a meth lab just because he/she lived in our apartment building; and therefore we would never unconditionally support an act of tyranny conducted by the oppressive forces who thought they dictated ownership of the property we just so happened to born. In fact, we are glad to know that the empire has lost several recent major wars and we would never support a barbaric invasion of any sort.

We will not tolerate racism, sexism, prejudice towards gays and lesbians, or any display of inequality in any form. We are growing increasingly weary of laws regarding immigration. We feel that immigration should not even be a word; there should be no such thing as nations, countries, boundaries, or anything that could be ruled by an incompetent governing force.

We support gun ownership strictly for the killing of corrupt government officials. We are not impressed with your hunting methods or your fear that you need to protect your assets against those citizens that had been repressed by the aforementioned aspects that attempted to eradicate natural free will.

However, we feel the Constitution of the great empire should be burned, the governor's office should be demolished, all governing officials terminated, their military dismantled, their funding cut off, and we hope that the great empire crumbles.

We are sophisticated enough to establish our own structure and govern ourselves; we are not so incredibly lazy, stupid, and belligerent that we are incapable of productive advancement unless it is forced upon us by an oppressor whom we must forfeit currency we do not even support to operate a failing system that we do not support.

You do not have our support for anything.

The Crying Generation read the announcement and became greatly disturbed. They attempted that guilt trip, to instill force, they cried, screamed, and demanded that The Quiet Generation pay more attention to them, assist them with everything, and give a detailed explanation as to why they wrote such a disturbing announcement and what it all meant.

There was no hope whatsoever, no explanation, and The Crying Generation was unable to figure out anything for themselves. 

The Crying Generation was not given any advanced warning... one day The Quiet Generation strategically devised the only possible solution. At exactly 6:00 PM GMT, all children in the world aged 10-12 then took vengeance upon their parents. Little kids stood over their parent’s bed with a knife, put the pillow over their face, and plunged the knife into their chest. They chopped down their own parents and grandparents in the streets with machetes, they murdered several governing officials, they bombed municipal buildings, they burned large sums of money, and brutally slayed crying morons in their own yards.

This lasted exactly 10 minutes and then stopped. Although there were millions of survivors, it sent a powerful message. It could be said that The Quiet Generation conducted genocide upon The Crying Generation... something other generations had always wanted to do and something the previous generation once considered. It was obvious that it was going to happen someday.

After the genocide was enacted, that's when the ship returned near the red circle of the treacherous ocean.

Top Image By: Classquest
Bottom Image By: Cinema Turkey


148. Leon Redbone
"Lazy Bones"  3:06
On the Track
New York, NY

The Big Lebowski is perhaps the funniest movie in history. To quote Sam Elliott in the film's intro:  "The Dude was perhaps the laziest person in Los Angeles county, which puts him in the running for worldwide."

147. Carpenters
"Love Me For What I Am"  3:34
Downey, CA

Clayton could be seen walking around town proudly wearing his pink polo shirt. He cherished moments when companions would lavish him with gift certificates from Michael's Crafts store.

145. Maggie Bell
"Suicide Sal"  3:47
Suicide Sal
Glasgow, Scotland

Martina grew suspicious of all the other ladies from the tennis club, and one-by-one, and limiting herself to only one per week, she ran all of them over with a golf cart. She was never caught, but enjoyed hearing tales of the mysterious tennis club golf cart bandit.

144. Pentacle
"Les Pauvres"  3:26
La Clef Des Songes
Belforte, France

A major portion of the community considered Dwight to be “creepy,” and nobody would ever speak to him. Simply seeing Dwight on a promenade down the street would instill fear into their minds as they would speed up their pace and hastily trot to their destination. In actuality, Dwight was a super nice guy and never understood why people acted this way around him. He often blamed his credit score.

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