The Top 100 Songs of 1996

The Top 100 Songs of 1996 + Blacklisted as a Communist

Part 1: 100-76
Part 2: 75-51 
Part 3: 50-26
Part 4: 25-#1

Part I: 


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100. Aphex Twin
"4"  3:36
Richard D. James Album
Limerick, Ireland/London, England

99. OutKast
"ATLiens"  3:51
Atlanta, GA

98. Super Furry Animals
"If You Don't Want Me to Destroy You"  3:18
Fuzzy Logic
Caerdydd, Wales

97. Brainiac
"This Little Piggy"  3:52
Hissing Prigs in Static Couture
Dayton, OH

96. Jean-Louis Murat
"Le Baiser"  4:14
La Bourboule, France

95. Beth Orton
"Live as You Dream"  2:59
Trailer Park
London, England

94. DJ Shadow
"Changeling / Transmission 1"  7:52
San Jose, CA

93. Spoon
"Don't Buy The Realistic"  3:55
Austin, TX

92. Sleater-Kinney
"I'm Not Waiting"  2:21
Call the Doctor
Olympia, WA

91. Beck
"Novacane"  4:38
Los Angeles, CA

90. Tori Amos
"Father Lucifer"  3:43
Boys for Pele
Newton, NC

89. Steve Earle
"CCKMP"  4:31
I Feel Alright
Fort Monroe, VA/New York, NY

88. George Strait
"Carried Away"  3:21
Blue Clear Sky
Poteet, TX/San Antonio, TX

87. Eels
"Your Lucky Day In Hell"  4:28
Beautiful Freak
Los Angeles, CA

86. Maxwell
"Reunion"  4:53
Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite
New York, NY

85. Tocotronic
"Jetzt Geht Wieder Alles von Vorne Los"  3:55
Wir Kommen Um Uns Zu Beschweren
Hamburg, Germany

84. Eyehategod
"Broken Down But Not Locked Up"  3:47
New Orleans, LA

83. The Wrens
"Still Complaining"  2:43
New Jersey

82. Melt-Banana
"Iguana in Trouble"  2:21
Scratch or Stitch
Tokyo, Japan

81. The Red Krayola
"Larking"  3:31
Houston, TX

80. Current 93
"The Inmost Night"  2:16
All the Pretty Little Horses
London, England

79. Cardiacs
"No Gold"  3:31
Sing to God, Pt. II
London, England

78. Fishmans
"Part 2"  5:24
Long Season

77. Cul de Sac
"Sakhalin"  5:49
China Gate
Boston, MA

76. Dirty Three
"I Remember A Time When Once You Used To Love Me"  6:12
Horse Stories
Melbourne, Australia

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