The Top 100 Songs of 1995

The Top 100 Songs of 1995 + Puppy Love in Raincoat City
1. 100-76 Raincoat City: Oh Say, Around the Month of June
2. 76-51 Take My Hand, And I'll Lead You Along the Road
3. 50-26 The Secrets of the Night Come Alive
4. 25-#1 It's Not You, It's This Place

Part I: Raincoat City: Oh Say, Around the Month of June

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100. Blind Melon
"Galaxie"  3:31
Los Angeles, CA

Raincoat City is a town populated entirely with dogs and raccoons. Not one single member of this community has ever even heard of a human being, they do not exist here and never have. However, in Raincoat City, the dogs and raccoons possess human characteristics; they speak, walk upright, wear fashionable clothing, and hold jobs. The city bears much resemblance to human cities in terms of architecture, buildings, houses, restaurants, automobiles, and a downtown skyline…all built by the dogs and raccoons of the community. The population of Raincoat City is in the millions and its closest human resemblance is New York City.

99. Elliott Smith
"Alphabet Town"  4:12
Elliott Smith
Omaha, NE (1969)-Los Angeles, CA (2003)

Much of the population in Raincoat City seem to be living on their own personal Plane #53, which represents the plane of existence which is shared with others who are most common on the remaining 99 planes of parallel existence. The exception is Harvey, a dog who relocated here with intentions for a better career opportunity. Harvey spends much of his time alone and is still trying to find his place in Raincoat City. It’s not that Harvey is a recluse, far from it, simply put, he has struggled meeting dogs with similar interests as he.

98. Pulp
"Something Changed"  3:19
Different Class
Sheffield, England

When Harvey first arrived to Raincoat City, he had moved here with his then girlfriend. However, what he was unaware of, was the fact that Raincoat City was also her Plane #53. Within a few months, she had left Harvey to be with somebody else; she had abandoned him and is currently happier than she ever had been. Harvey, on the other hand, struggled with the change, experienced feelings of insecurity, and periodically questioned whether or not he even belonged in Raincoat City. On the contrary, Harvey is not hated by the rest of the community, who has been supportive and persistent that Harvey remains in Raincoat City. Harvey has planned on leaving Raincoat City for several months now; Harvey has planned on staying in Raincoat City as well; the future is always represented with a question mark.

97. Low
"Stay"  7:04
Long Division
Duluth, MN

One day, the sun stopped shining in Raincoat City. The temperature grew cold, it seemed to always be dark outside, and winter was long. Although he had several acquaintances, Harvey spent most of his time completely alone. It seemed as if he had disappeared off the face of the Earth. Furthermore, Harvey’s daily routine was getting old, as he walked up and down the boulevard, surrounded by crowds of people, yet speaking to no one. He sat by himself on the bus commute to and from his job, only engaging in conversation every now and then. These cold dark days of loneliness only strengthened Harvey’s desire to leave Raincoat City for good.

96. Cypress Hill
"Bom Biddy Bye Bye"  4:02
III: Temples of Boom
South Gate, CA

Being as Harvey never committed himself to remain in Raincoat City, he never established himself as entrenched in any facet of the community. Soon, Harvey stopped trying to make new friends on a regular basis, and viewed any potential companionship as a waste of time for it was going to be ending soon. This was coupled with periodic phases of contradiction, where Harvey would occasionally make a new friend and enjoy a night out on the town. If these phases of periodic enjoyment were more frequent, Harvey would probably make a decision to stay in Raincoat City; if they did not exist at all, he would have already left.

95. Björk
"The Modern Things"  4:10
Reykjavík,, Iceland

The issue of relationship status for Harvey was a topic of much debate. Ideally, like everyone, he would like the meet the woman of his dreams and be in an everlasting relationship with his perfect companion. However, due to the fact his last relationship ended on such a sour note, Harvey often felt as if he were inadequate and unworthy of a relationship with a decent woman. There were other factors in Harvey’s lack of companionship; his age, he had a few bad habits, and the fact that his personality and interests were significantly different than the rest of the Plane #53 population currently residing in Raincoat City. The desire to meet that attractive suitor remained instilled in Harvey’s natural persona, but the ambition periodically subsided due to a prediction of failure, the possibility of leaving Raincoat City, to being unsure how to even approach a person. He occasionally saw a female he was attracted to, made eye contact, thought for a few minutes, and then simply said, “fuck it, I don’t feel like messing with it.”

94. Supergrass
"Mansize Rooster"  2:35
I Should Coco
Oxford, England

Truth be known, Harvey did possess a high sex drive. There were several women in this community he would like to do nothing more than have wild uninhibited sex with. Although he had absolutely nothing in common with most of these females aside from physical attraction, a side of him had no regards whatsoever for this concern. Due to the fact that he may be leaving soon, that meant that he was not required to endure a relationship with an undesirable female. Whatever happened here in Raincoat City would soon be forgotten about the moment he left the city for good. He could even have sex with a raccoon if he truly wanted to, and in just a short time, nobody would ever even know about it. Harvey could fulfill all of his most intimate desires, and suffer zero repercussions whatsoever in the long term future. What happens in Raincoat City, stays in Raincoat City.

93. The Magnetic Fields
"Save A Secret For The Moon"  3:02
Get Lost
Boston, MA

On the other hand, Harvey did at least have some morals. He obviously was not a rapist or the type who would take advantage of a female who was drunk. Also, he no longer had any desire to love and leave a woman that could potentially hurt her feelings, and he definitely did not wish to endure another break-up. Part of him felt that getting even slightly involved with an unsuitable female for nothing but sex could jeopardize a potential relationship with his soul mate. One night at a bar, while joking around about this, another dog approached Harvey, put his arm around him, the band of raccoons played some music, and the dog sang him some friendly advice.

92. Blonde Redhead
"Sciuri Sciura"  3:23
Blonde Redhead
New York, NY

Each and every morning, habitually just after waking up, Harvey would walk across the street to Swashbuckler’s Coffee for coffee. This was an everyday routine for him as he did not own a coffee maker and, to put it kindly, the coffee he prepared himself often tasted horrendous. He regarded the coffee from Swashbuckler’s as his #1 favorite in the world. After visiting to Swashbuckler’s every single day, sometimes multiple times daily, he eventually became a familiar customer at Swashbuckler’s, and at least recognized all of the employees.

91. Superchunk
"Silver Leaf And Snowy Tears"  5:17
Here's Where The Strings Come In
Chapel Hill, NC

Although both parties knew each other’s faces, they remained unfamiliar with one another in regards to their personal lives. Harvey did not know any of the names of any of the employees and never engaged in any sort of meaningful conversation with any of them. He simply waited in line, made his purchase, and left…this was a daily routine. Swashbuckler’s was a place strictly to purchase his coffee for the morning, and that was the extent of it. Also, he was permitted free refills and re-entered the café, often unnoticed. On occasion, he would even go there for lunch, which meant he was now entering Swashbuckler’s several times a day, every single day. Despite this frequency in and out of the establishment, the moment he left the building, the occurrences within the buildings or the personal lives of any of the employees never even entered his mind.

90. The Cardigans
"Carnival"  3:39
Jönköping, Sweden

Eventually, Harvey refused to show any interest in other females. He never flirted with the ladies or attempted to court any of them on a casual basis. One reason, for all he knew, they were possibly married. The other, he was still feeling inadequate since his last break-up and assumed none of them would want anything to do with a dog like him. The females were totally clueless how he really felt about them, and the ones that did like him performed a rendition of this song in all the alleyways as he continued to walk the streets all alone without paying any attention.

89. The Ropers
"Revolver"  3:01
All the Time
Washington, D.C.

Whenever Harvey went out alongside with at least one other dog or raccoon who he knew personally, the majority of the time he thoroughly enjoyed himself. They would introduce him to other dogs and raccoons whom they were associated with, and the groups of friends always liked Harvey. He was a welcome addition to the group, he was funny, and by the end of the evening he could state that he potentially had a few new friends; although they were not genuinely close and only knew each other for a few short hours.

88. Palace Music
"More Brother Rides"  3:18
Viva Last Blues
Louisville, KY

Whenever Harvey went out by himself, he rarely spoke to anybody. All of the dogs and raccoons he recently met all seemed to have had disappeared. By himself, he felt estranged, as if he did not fit in with any of the other groups. The places he would frequent on these particular evenings never seemed to have anything interesting happening, there were never other dogs to talk to, and more often than not, the groups of dogs and raccoons were excruciatingly annoying. This could change from one night to the next.

87. Smog
"Be Hit"  2:22
Wild Love
Austin, TX

All of Harvey’s previous girlfriends had been neurotic in some way shape or form. He had never had a “decent” woman, nor had he ever coveted what he would consider his ideal bitch (meaning: female dog). All the bitches he ever dated were either drunks, abusive, bi-polar, or downright bossy and mean. Never in his life had he been with a female who had her act together, held a good job, was completely mentally stable, or that strong-willed woman who possessed the ability to swiftly resolve any problem. Instead, the females in his life had only created new problems and expected him to resolve everything…which he was incapable of doing. Eventually, this led to his own problems going unresolved, it affected his ability to deal with certain circumstances, and because he had devoted so much time with the distractions caused by these neurotic bitches, he neglected his own personal interests.

86. Goldie
"State of Mind"  7:05
Wolverhampton, England

After his last break-up, Harvey declared that he was done with all these bitches and decided it was time to focus on himself. He declared that he did not possess the personal attributes required to successfully land a female with honorable repute; and the female he always desired possibly did not even exist…and even if she did, it’s highly doubtful she would want anything to do with him. Rather than chastise himself or delve into periods of self-loathing, Harvey remained cheerful and considered all the positive aspects that come with being single. He no longer had bedtime, anybody telling him what to do, no more shopping for useless junk at the thrift stores, and suddenly eating a restaurant was a lot less expensive.

"Juke Joint Jezebel"  5:40
Paris, France

But the fact remained, Harvey had a social outgoing personality. He enjoyed going out with friends and remained at least physically attracted to other females. When he would go out with other dudes, the primary goal for the whole group was to get laid. Males will go beyond the boundaries of their own comfort levels in order to attract females, such as drinking at establishments that generally have no appeal or setting foot onto a dance floor. Many males will even stoop to grotesque levels, make derogatory comments, cock block other males, and aggressively pursue females who have no interest in them whatsoever. Harvey is not a guy like this; Raincoat City is infested with these types of males.

84. Rocket From The Crypt
"On A Rope"  2:54
Scream, Dracula, Scream!
San Diego, CA

Since being single, Harvey has vowed that he was not going to stray outside his own comfort zone in order to insincerely attract a female with an incompatible personality. Furthermore, he was not willing to compromise his personal satisfaction simply to be in the company of a woman. Harvey has no interest whatsoever in mainstream clubs, non-offensive pop music, television, right-wing politics, or ordinary unstylish movies currently being shown at multiplex cinemas. Being unattached, he doesn’t have to fuck with any of that shit. He’s free to go to punk concerts, speak about any topic he pleases, and leads a bitch-flick free lifestyle. However, he would love to meet a female with all of these similar interests, but they are few and far between in Raincoat City…at least to his knowledge.

83. Mobb Deep
"Right Back at You"  4:53
The Infamous
New York, NY

Harvey had a difficult time finding other dogs like him. Most of the time, he found that he despised a majority of the population in Raincoat City. He hated the bro-dogs, cock blockers, and the brainless females who all seemed to be everywhere. Couple this with the fact that he already hated cops, politicians, and his job, it soon led to the notion that perhaps Harvey hated the whole world. Perhaps he was destined to be miserable. Sometimes, he could not even go out because the mere sight of some of these dogs made him sick to his stomach. Unless he was meeting another person, Harvey often suppressed his desires to socialize and simply went home wishing there was something better to do.

82. The Residents
"The Weaver"  3:52
Gingerbread Man
Shreveport, LA

As Harvey began to lose touch with the majority of Raincoat City, he left his home less frequently. He went to work, then would go straight home after work. On his days off, he rarely left his apartment. It remained cold, dark, and the feelings being constrained in his mind were beginning to resonate with that of the weather. There were numerous days where the only place he went was Swashbuckler’s Coffee…for coffee, lunch, and dinner, simply because it was in proximity his apartment. His thoughts were succumbing to the dark side, his mind full of dreadful images, as he became tormented with a world of loneliness and despair.

81. Агата Кристи(Agati Kristi)
"Абордаж"  4:15
Yekaterinburg, Russia

Last night, Harvey, once again, went to bed miserable. It appeared as if there was no solution in sight, and it was perhaps time to write off Raincoat City once and for all before he became clinically insane…which he was dangerously nearing. He made a pact that he was going to submit a notice to his employer and roommate informing them all that he would be leaving Raincoat City at the end of the month. However, there were still a few minor attachments lingering, work related issues, plans for an upcoming event, nothing too detrimental. They weren’t important anymore, it was time to leave Raincoat City and that was final.

80. Paul Weller
"You Do Something To Me"  3:41
Stanley Road
Woking, England

When Harvey woke up in the morning, he went about his normal routine. The very first thing he did, as always, was walk over to Swashbuckler’s Coffee for his morning coffee. As it turned out, Swashbuckler’s had a new employee who had started that day. It was nice to see a new face, and Harvey thought to himself that she was at least cute. She was the one who waited on him, and there was no conversation for somebody was standing behind her instructing her how to use the cash register; it’s not as if Harvey would have conversed with her anyway. It was totally unsuspecting, but Harvey was not expecting his life to change today.

79. Portastatic
"When You Crashed"  3:59
Slow Note From a Sinking Ship
Chapel Hill, NC

After purchasing his coffee, Harvey returned to his daily routine which consisted of returning to his apartment, drinking his coffee, then getting ready for work. Harvey generally provided himself close to an hour to enjoy his coffee before getting into the shower and readying for work. During this hour, he generally read the news or listened to music. Today, he was supposed to be preparing his notice for leaving Raincoat City. However, these thoughts were slightly interrupted as he could not help but think about the girl who waited on him at Swashbuckler’s Coffee. She was kind of hot in his opinion, and he couldn’t help but fantasize about her; she was the most attractive person in the establishment that morning.

78. Caustic Resin
"Damaged Animal"  7:16
Fly Me To The Moon
Boise, ID

Once again, Harvey suppressed his thoughts of attraction insisting that he was not worthy of any sort of relationship with anybody. In all likelihood, she had no attraction to him whatsoever, and if she did, that meant that she was probably as neurotic as the rest of them. Furthermore, if there was any attraction at all, it would be wrong of him to pursue it because this girl deserves better than him. He was cursed and had nothing but hardship to offer her. She soon was no longer in his thoughts as he began focusing on developing his notice and how he was going to inform people that he would be leaving soon. Harvey had attempted this in the past, but the other dogs encouraged him to stay longer. This time, he was leaving for sure.

77. Earth 18
"Blood Revival 99"  8:25

After his shower, and after he was now properly dressed, Harvey returned to Swashbuckler’s to refill his mug for the coffee he would drink at work. This café offered self-service, and since the refills were already paid for, Harvey did not have to stand in line nor was required to speak with any of the employees. Generally, he was in and out without anybody even noticing him or him paying any attention to anybody else. However, while filling up his mug, he once again happened to notice the new girl. As he was adding cream and sugar, he kept glancing over at her. Simply based on looks, she did seem to fit the bill of the candidate he was seeking, but he knew nothing else about her. But, merely seeing her put him in a better mood, as he approached the day now vigor and joy.

76. Fushitsusha
"Untitled 1"  7:53
The Caution Appears
Tokyo, Japan

That girl put him in a good mood. Furthermore, all of his co-workers seemed to be in a good mood that day. None of the customers were annoying. His boss wasn’t a jack-ass. There were plans upcoming that seemed beneficial. His roommate, a raccoon named Randy, discussed some events that they should attend, some concerts and whatnot. Simply put, today was not the proper day to put in his notice. Furthermore, the deadline passed in which he could amply put in his notice, which meant that he was stuck in Raincoat City for at least another month. Unfortunately, not every day was a good day. Within a few days, his boss went back to being a prick, the customers were annoying as shit, and Harvey was soon back to spending most of his time completely alone.

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Title lyrics by Blind Melon

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