The Top 50 Songs of 1989

The Top 150 Songs of 1989 + Temptation Vs. Fate
Part 1: Sunday Funday
Part 2: Secondary Aspects That Affect Compatibility Ratings
Part 3: Attempts to Extinguish the Flame
Part 4: A Change Is Gonna Do Me Some Good
Part 5: The Road Comes to an End
Part 6: Drastic Alteration in the Registry

Part V: The Road Comes to an End

Press play to listen to the songs. (The all black album cover was intentionally selected.)

50. Boredoms
"Pow Wow Now"  3:45
Soul Discharge
Osaka, Japan

Changes in scenery can be both good and bad. There exists a certain degree of uncertainty, for the opening scene is obviously a new program altogether. The show contains all new characters, different writers, and sometimes a different theme altogether. Unless the goal is to die soon, the finale too has been altered. Ideally, the new cast and those involved with the show will be an improvement over the old crew. But, in some cases expert writers are replaced with amateurs. It’s a fucked up situation at times.

49. Cardiacs
"The Duck and Roger the Horse"  3:57
On Land and In the Sea
London, England

The anticipation is that the writers will always be better, for, nobody would move into certain digression. Even though there is uncertainty, the opening moments of the immediate change is given every opportunity to fulfill greatness. It is like making a mix CD; it has to start off right in order to capture the attention of the listener. An eager listener, however, will listen more attentively to a new CD the first time he/she hears it. What happens next shall determine how often the CD is played, or how much attention the rest of it is given. The new writers were eagerly anticipated and expectations were high. This was supposed to be the best CD in the collection.

48. Εν Πλώ
"Χωρίς Κανόνα"  4:05
Athens, Greece

Jane did not get a job… ever. Instead, she was compensated to return to school; it was her final year of eligibility for this program and she was being pressured to fulfill this obligation. Travis found a job within a few weeks. The problem was that Travis was still complaining he needed alone time and Jane was always present. Solitude was not going to happen anytime soon, as he and Jane had to spend every waking hour with one another. First, he couldn't wait to get a job to get away from her, and then he couldn't wait for her to start school to have some free time in the new apartment. This is common, but the jerk decided to relate this to her on his birthday when she was simply trying to be nice to him and make his birthday special. (She may have forgiven him for this, but he never forgave himself… as time passed he only regretted them more.)

47. Коммунизм
"Не в коня корм"  4:12
Веселящий газ
Omsk, Russia

Travis acted surprised that he had changed environments with Jane. He still thought he was too cool to express that he had any genuine feelings for her. Perhaps he had doubts all along, maybe he recognized that outside their natural characteristics, the rest weren’t anywhere near that supposed 94%. The new cast of characters was not impressive at all; it’s doubtful the writers even put much effort into this plot. Travis complained more frequently than usual. At times, he seemed convinced that this entire change of location was a mistake.

46. Beastie Boys
"High Plains Drifter"  4:13
Paul's Boutique
New York, NY

The last time Travis changed scenes he found himself in a program in which he was one of the star characters, his natural role, and those episodes were the best part of his personal life on the DVD stored at the registry office. This new show was struggling to find its niche. A portion of the new characters had already appeared in Jane's movie; Travis felt they had no business in his; it would be like casting Ben Stiller to play the role of Zoolander in the movie Easy Rider. Travis wanted his movie to be nominated for best picture; Jane's friends were thinking multiplex cinema summertime sequel.

45. Half Japanese
"Ashes on the Ground"  2:41
The Band That Would Be King
Coldwater, MI

The new writers did not understand the plot structure for Travis's movie. It was as if Michael Bay had been hired to re-write the script for Fight Club, with Brad Pitt & Edward Norton Jr. getting scrapped for those glossy white people that play in his blockbuster movies. In the new setting, the film of Travis was reviewed and received a rating of 1 star by the majority. It was not the kind of film that people in this community enjoy watching. The soundtrack failed to live up to that of Glee. He knew these people could not be everywhere.

44. UT
"Spore"  3:35
New York, NY/London, England

Jane, too, fell out of favor with the writers. She referred to the cast of characters as “centipedes” because merely seeing them grossed her out. However, she did develop yet another amusing quality. There was a character on the previous season named Crystal who played the stupid blonde bimbo and Jane could imitate her perfectly. This new show, most of the female roles were played by people exactly like Crystal, and Jane would come home and do impersonations of these characters..."Oh my God, who here watches Glee? I love Glee! I got to talk to somebody about Glee!"

43. Helios Creed
"Who Cares"  4:45
Superior Catholic Finger
Long Beach, CA/San Francisco w/ Chrome

Neither party was happy, but there was no way of returning to the old program. They were stuck in this one. Travis knew the writers could not be all this bad; it was, in fac,t a city, a city that supposedly had high standards in education. Their previous place was in a region reputedly with low education… this seemed worse… significantly worse. Jane had a friend here, the 8% compatible friend. This friend had a knack for somehow involving Travis in scenes he had no desire to play any role whatsoever. To him, the film sucked. His movie wasn't making any money though, it’s not like he was famous for anything. Travis did not like this character whatsoever and wanted her off the show completely. She was already too significant of a role in previous episodes of Jane's series; Jane did not have what it took to fire her from the set, even though she too was getting annoyed with her. But, was she annoyed just because of Travis? Or was Travis genuinely a prick?

42. The Field Mice
"White"  4:48
Mitcham, UK

As time passed, Travis grew to miss the characters from his old show. He missed Jane the way she was back in that show. She missed the old show too. Both of them stayed in contact with their previous cast. Travis never even got to bid a proper farewell; his time was spent with Jane. A significant portion of his friends were not even aware that he had even left. Once upon a time, that program seemed to be doing so well; the changes were risky, and were seemingly back-firing.

41. Julee Cruise
"I Remember"  4:13
Floating Into the Night
Creston, IA

Jane did have a program in which she was the star long before she met the acquaintance of Travis. She had an ex-boyfriend affiliated with this new program; plus several of the characters she held meaningful relationships with since childhood. This was her field of familiarity, her closest friends, possibly even the partner who ranked higher than Travis on the compatibility chart. Several years of a program, that once was in its prime, proved to have more value than a few mere seasons with Travis, who obviously did not belong on this show. Jane longed to re-unite with her old cast, the cast that existed before Travis, to re-unite with that long lost love.

40. John Zorn
"The Sicilian Clan"  3:33
Naked City
New York, NY

Basing on what he saw from one character who was being handed a larger role in his own film, Travis unfairly deemed Jane's entire film as senseless trite and was not even worth watching until he came onto the show. That was a film of nothing but a bunch of characters like Jar Jar Binks, and they were ruining his program the way many believed Jar Jar ruined Star Wars. He wanted all of these characters dismissed from the set and kicked off his show. The movie was already littered with bad scenes, and if this persisted, people would leave the theater before it was even over.

39. Rickie Lee Jones
"The Horses"  4:48
Flying Cowboys
Chicago, IL/Los Angeles, CA

The two stars, Travis and Jane, always had a dispute as to how this show was going to end, and where...the desired outcome was significantly different. During the holiday commercial break, Jane returned to her home, Travis his. Jane reacquainted herself with her program that existed before Travis, and spent quality time with that one ex. Travis utilized this is the right time, the proper excuse he needed. In what seemed too quick of a decision, Travis fired his co-star for the final time… claiming the two films did not belong on the same shelf. Maybe it was appropriate, time would tell, but it later proved a difficult decision and one that would not be easy to overcome.

38. Prefab Sprout
"Talking Scarlet"  4:35
Protest Songs
Newcastle, England/Witton Gilbert, England

Contract agreements did not permit their scene sequences to end entirely that abruptly. Although they were no longer a couple, they still had to remain in each other's film, significantly, co-stars for each other. So, more agreements had to be reconsidered. There were to be no undesirable characters on the set in the presence of one another. They had to remain civil. Some moments it was hard. Somewhere along the lines, they both realized their mistakes. Often, it was a good show again; 94% compatible. The audience eagerly anticipated the two stars getting back together, maybe even starting a new show on a new set; this new setting still had a chance. They were, after all, still living together and still seemed to shine in each other’s presence. One avid fan of the show, Jane’s father, put it best… “You never know what could happen… you just never know.” He was among the fan base hoping for an everlasting reunion.

37. Cows
"Sticky & Sweet"  4:29
Daddy Has a Tail!
Minneapolis, MN

To say the transition was entirely smooth would be as false as a politician's promise. Shortly afterwards, Travis stayed out way late, Jane threw a fit and declared she was prepared to throw him out of the apartment. They made up. Shortly after that, Jane stayed out all night, Travis threw a fit and slept out in the cold in his car for several days. So many times, it nearly ended abruptly...so many times, it nearly returned again as a couple. In part, they longed for each other, but, Jane also longed for her home movie, Travis longed for his encounter with his 100% positive that was nearing on the calendar...they were scheduled to meet in 3 months now. Regardless, the two stars still had strong passionate feelings for each other and were attempting to repress the obvious.

36. De La Soul
"Eye Know"  4:13
3 Feet and Rising
Amityville, NY

Love does not die as quickly as an uninsured cancer patient with an organ donor card. Travis and Jane began sleeping together in the same bed again. They ate together every night, made plans together, watched movies together, and before too long, Jane was ordering him to bed. However, they never claimed to be back together. They hinted at it. They resisted any sort of intimacy for the most part, although there were a couple minor slip ups. It was awkward referring to one another as friend, or ex.

35. The Brilliant Corners
"I Didn't See You"  4:30
Joy Ride
Bristol, England

This period proved to be yet another era full of fond memories. The two stars even had moderate discussions of getting back together, for, they were still always together, still co-stars in each other's film. It was more like a collective bargaining labor dispute where neither side could draw any conclusions. They neither had the pride to ask one another to fully come back, but they could not be apart either. Honestly, nobody really knows what would have happened if one would have formally requested they return back together as a couple ...the registry ledger was split 50/50.

34. Raga Rockers
"Invitasjon"  2:57
Oslo, Norway

Being 94% naturally compatible and still living together comes with its share of attachments. Even though the two were not technically together, they still had to behave as if they were to some degree. Neither was permitted to have a member of the opposite sex over to the apartment. For that matter, it was best to avoid any contact if this nature altogether. They were still expected to contact one another if not coming home at a certain time. And, they had one opportunity to end matters, but elected to live together even longer… that should have been an obvious hint that proved something.

33. Partibrejkers
"Zamljotres"  3:03
Belgrade, Serbia

Though still somewhat attached, on the other hand, they were able to enjoy more freedoms, the types of freedoms that come with being single. Jane frequently went home for entire weekends. During these trips, Travis sought out new friends, new acquaintances, and new places to hang out. He was finding more enjoyment in this new environment once he no longer had to be in the company of Jane and her friend Jar Jar Binks. Jane enjoyed herself more without having Travis complaining about the present company.

32. АукцЫон (Auktyon)
"Одинокий мужчина"  3:49
В Багдаде все спокойно (In Baghdad, Everything is Calm)
St. Petersburg, Russia

In one sense, they were somewhat drifting apart slowly. Sure, they were still co-stars, but this was primarily delegated to the home. Travis would look for excuses to not have to spend time with her, he felt he was no longer required to discuss her projects, one time even calling her a pest, and that he was free to do what was important to him. She relied more on her friend, made other friends, finally started meeting new people at school.

31. Pussy Galore
"Solo = Sex"  3:02
Dial M For Motherfucker
Washington, D.C.

Soon, they began to miss the intimacy and became more attracted to other people. The lack of intimacy also somewhat made them more attracted to each other as well. They were not able to touch each other in the way they used to, even though the desire was there. Travis found himself constantly wanting to court her, but resisted. Perhaps it was better to seek this sort of companionship elsewhere.

30. The Stone Roses
"Don't Stop"  5:21
Manchester, England

Jane returned once again to her hometown for another weekend. During this trip, she hooked up with the ex whom Travis had previously broken up with her over. Travis slept with another woman. For some reason, both felt guilty over their excursions.

29. Кино
"Печаль"  5:11
Последний герой
St. Petersburg, Russia

Both confessed their sin to the other without even asking. Travis did not confess fully, Jane had to find out the full story by going through his phone one day when he forgot it at home. That was the only section of the story she grasped. Travis's excursion was a 2 separate night stand; Jane's was the beginning of a new relationship. They claimed to be happy for one another, but deep down inside, they were not… the two were still playing their stupid little silly games that plagued their entire relationship.

28. Galaxie 500
"Snowstorm"  5:13
On Fire
Boston, MA

After Travis slept with that girl, something clicked in his brain. He and that girl were rated at a 68% compatibility rate, not bad, but it does not compare to 94%. At some moment during that day, he finally realized what he had never been able to confess; he loved Jane, he was madly in love with her, always had been, and despite her flaws, she was significantly better suited to be in his show than most other people. Why was he never able to realize this sooner? That perhaps now, finally, this was the right time for him to approach Jane, tell her all of things he should have long ago, suck up his pride, and tell how he really felt.

27. Crystalized Movements
"The Wideness Comes"  6:26
The Wideness Comes
Boston, MA

By the time he realized this, it was too late. Jane announced that she was leaving the show for good. She told him that she was moving out, moving out of the city, back to her hometown, back with her ex, and they cannot go on living like this. In typical Travis fashion, he acted as if he were happy about this, as if he were now finally free, and that's what he had been hoping for all along. He claimed he was glad to see her go. He never told one single person how he really felt, insisted he was counting down the days for her to finally be gone for good, and a celebration was soon to follow. To the rest of the world, Travis seemed perfectly content with himself; Travis, on the other hand, was struggling immensely keeping his composure—it was all an act to conceal the fact that he did not one single thing right during a relationship that never should have failed.

26. Nikki Sudden
"Wedding Hotel"  3:41
London, England (1956)-New York, NY (2006)

In actuality it was too hard for him to speak to her, so he opted not to spend any quality time with her before she left. They both agreed that they did not want to say goodbye, and vowed not to. That said, neither ever really knew when that last moment was going to occur or what it would be like. They fought off any notion to talk about it. Travis insisted he was going to be happy to see her go; Jane looked forward to her new life. He would peak, spotted her in the kitchen eating oyster crackers, she was so cute. At one point he figured that would be the last time he would see her, “and that was that,” he thought as he exited.

The day arrived: the day her parents was coming with the moving van to gather of her belongings and remove the star from the show completely…forever. They did not speak about it extensively, she was packing still, and he had to work. It was nearing time for him to go. He wished her a quick farewell, suggested they may meet up for lunch when makes the final car payment. She tried to ignore it.

Travis was almost out the door, and that's when she called out. It is an image Travis will never forget. There she was, standing in the next room, looking at him with eyes full of tears. Neither ever wanted to see this day come, but here it was… The end. The end to what had been a magnificent adventure full of memorable performances. He had no choice but to embrace her. She cried long and hard, clutched him tightly, he tried his hardest to resist the tears, but they were coming too strong. He did not want to say goodbye, did not want to cry, made it quick, and escaped. He made it to his car, started it, and left. It was too difficult. He was over an hour late for work because he could not keep it together and spent most the next week hiding his eyes behind sunglasses completely withdrawn from society.

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Bottom Image by: My Opera

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