The Top 25 Songs of 1989

The Top 150 Songs of 1989 + Temptation Vs. Fate
Part 1: Sunday Funday
Part 2: Secondary Aspects That Affect Compatibility Ratings
Part 3: Attempts to Extinguish the Flame
Part 4: A Change Is Gonna Do Me Some Good
Part 5: The Road Comes to an End
Part 6: Drastic Alteration in the Registry

Part VI: Drastic Alteration in the Registry

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25. Ministry
"Thieves"  5:03
The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
Chicago, IL/El Paso, TX

Next up on the boycott list was the entire fucking world. After Jane left due to attributes that the two of them were not directly associated with together, Travis placed his own program on indefinite hiatus. Travis found that he had no attachments whatsoever and that he was totally free. Whatever happened in this town, stayed in this town, and would not go on his permanent record. This freedom came with a serious edge, a certain degree of bitterness, resentment, and hate. When she was gone, he only discovered he despised this society even worse.

24. Nirvana
"About a Girl"  2:46
Seattle, WA

Everything was a blur that first day and Travis was obviously nowhere near his natural self. That final image of her was embedded in his mind and he could do anything other than constantly ponder on it. Somewhere in his mind, he knew that scene would be an everlasting dreadful memory and that he would be forever altered. No matter what happened from that moment forward, the image of her final goodbye haunted him; that girl had changed him and his perception of society forever.

23. Yo La Tengo
"Barnaby, Hardly Working"  4:34
President Yo La Tengo
Hoboken, NJ

Total freedom was coupled with disillusionment. He was angry with the producers for Jane being asked to leave the show. A grudge began to settle upon the supporting cast and those other people who dropped their compatibility rating from 94% to, at times, 0. There was no need whatsoever to have any affiliation with any of them… he could now focus on himself and seek those changes that he had always desired. A change in job, a more suitable lifestyle, and what was important to him… not important to others, to Jane.

22. The Telescopes
"Violence"  3:33
Burton Upon Trent, England

As he began to focus on himself, the resentment gradually turned to himself. Everything bad that happened was his fault and he blamed himself for the demise of something precious. All of the lights in his mind turned black and he was unable withstand any sort of interpersonal communication at work. The people had become intolerable and their constant annoying questions only led to disturbing nightmarish images in his drastically disturbed mind.

21. The Wedding Present
"Bewitched"  6:44
Leeds, England

He never wanted her to leave. The entire time, he was hoping that he would return home and find her there; he checked his messages excessively hoping that she would call. Somewhere along the lines, he recalled that first day that they met; how that moment when she came over and stood by him he vowed that he would never do anything to disrupt her happiness. Instead, he ruined it. All he could think of was the thousands of things he wished he would have said or wished he had done differently. But, that was entire different era, and it is all but gone now.

20. Гражданская Оборона
"Здорово и вечно"  4:30
Здорово и вечно
Omsk, Russia

Like so many other people, Travis reflected back on many of the events that took place in their relationship. However, this one had numerous peculiarities involved. There was that one deep dark secret that nobody knew about. Indeed, the two had been through a lot and endured numerous mishaps and overcame a multitude of predicaments. But looking back on these petty disturbances that always seemed to trouble them, it became apparent that Travis and Jane never even had a chance. Anything from disagreements with friends, the piece of shit car, the night of the snow storm, to the animosity caused by ex-lovers… all of those prevented Travis and Jane from sustaining true happiness. Travis questioned why he had to be forced to tolerate this shit, and delved deeply into all of the turmoil he had endured his entire life that may have created this fabricated distraught version of Travis. The end result: upon a serious evaluation of his entire life, Travis was not satisfied with any of it.

19. Mekons
"Empire of the Senseless"  4:35
The Mekons Rock 'n' Roll
Leeds, England

Although Travis was finally free to do whatever he pleased, he did not really want to do anything anymore. He did not have hardly any friends who shared common interests; his best friends were in relationships, some with kids, and had more important things to do; or, they did not share common interests; many had already left this place too. The people he met were but acquaintances for the most part. Before too long, he seemed to be all alone, and was not finding any people or places that appealed to him.

18. Felt
"Down an August Path"  4:49
Me and a Monkey on the Moon
Birmingham, England

However, the era of hope faded too soon. The prospects seemed to evaporate as quickly as they had risen. The major summer event, the must-see, proved to be a major disappointment. And although the festivities were there, his favorite things to do were non-existent. Soon, his thoughts would return to Jane. Jane woke up in the morning talking about food; she dictated when they ate, and when it was time for bed. After she was gone, Travis neglected these duties. He found himself not eating or sleeping regularly. All of the bad habits she nagged him for; he began doing in excess, smoking more frequently than ever. It would be safe to say that he was borderline lost, and without her, was making no attempt to better these standards. The way that he lived was growing more unhealthy and unstable with each passing day..

17. Faster Pussycat
"House of Pain"  5:49
Wake Me When It's Over
Los Angeles, CA

When Travis first came home and discovered all of her stuff was officially gone, reality set in as the worst emptiness he had ever experience overcame him. Jane pretty much took everything and left the apartment nearly empty. It was a strange feeling; the place looked a lot different. Jane left a few items behind, and when Travis found them, it made him think of her more excessively; such as a comment card she made him fill out one time after she cooked dinner, it was a funny card that both made him smile and made him sad. He tried to not think about her at all. Their daily routine remained embedded in his mind. He waited for her to awake, this was the time they normally ate, she would come home now, and he had to go pick her up at this time. All of that was gone. He felt as empty inside as the apartment did and he desperately longed for her to come home. Somewhere in this loneliness he had an emotional breakdown, and they followed about every hour.

16. Godflesh
"Streetcleaner"  6:43
Birmingham, England

All of the time spent in solitude reflecting on everything that happened with them eventually brought out the worst in him. Travis basically became a monster; sitting all alone wallowing in self-loathing while fantasizing about self-destructive atrocities he could carry out in order to punish himself; to punish the world around him. His already bleak outlook on the world became even more grueling as his head became haunted with disturbing thoughts. He was no longer willing to be funny or outrageous as he was once perceived… those days vanished completely.

15. The Jesus and Mary Chain
"Head On"  4:12
East Kilbride, Scotland

Jane and Travis vowed to remain friends and would contact each other periodically. On a couple occasions they made plans to visit each other. Travis undoubtedly wished to see her, but always came up with excuses for them to not hang out together. Simply put, it would have been too difficult for him to see her at this point and he doubted that he would be able to retain his composure—he feared he would indulge in another crying spell. Time had passed, and it had been a while since they saw each other. He figured in time he may be ready, or, in time, simply forget about her and have no desire to see her ever again—neither of these options ever seemed to present themselves.

14. Lou Reed
"Romeo Had Juliette"  3:10
New York
New York, NY

Travis no longer gave a shit about anything. Then, Travis got married, to nobody, forever. He made a commitment to never be involved in another relationship till death do us part. Of course, he was the only one at the wedding, and got blackout drunk at his own at the reception. Travis even made up wedding vows, which he will not give out his phone number to other women, date, or do anything with another woman that would make another person jealous. That he is free to do absolutely anything he wants, so long as he does not break his marriage vows.

13. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
"Sister Hell"  3:23
San Francisco, CA

To prevent sorrow from fully setting in, Travis would have to constantly remind himself about the things Jane did that made him unhappy. Sometimes, it would go to extreme and he would find himself irate for what seemed to be no reason at all...he had to do this in order to keep from drawing tears. Once he would perform this act to control his depleted emotional state, he would find himself angry, and then that anger would translate into the real world; it intensified his hatred for the people in this community who he despised, annoying customers, the crowd near his work, regular people who were not exactly like him. It was a no-win situation here.

12. NoMeansNo
"I Am Wrong"  7:01
Victoria, BC; Canada

Travis reached the conclusion that it was his fault entirely for the demise of their relationship. During his periods of isolation, he reflected on everything he did wrong and all the mistakes he made. He graded himself an "F" for that relationship and wondered why she even stayed with him as long as he did. Travis deemed himself unsuitable for any relationship and that he was not going to pursue anybody, ever. A woman would have to be foolish to get involved with him, and he was not going to bestow that upon anybody./Occasionally he had days where he felt as if he were happily single and the best of days were now upon him. It was a schizophrenic manic depressive roller coaster with an array of specious emotions.

11. Mother Love Bone
"Chloe Dance/Crown of Thorns"  8:22
Seattle, WA

Most attempts to exterminate thoughts of her failed. Any time Travis was alone, he could only think about her and the times spent laying by her side. Part of him wished to contact Jane and make amends for all of the grief he had caused her...though it was still too difficult to contact her. Maybe he could just send her a mix CD and all would be well. Or, do like the black guy said (white people are too stupid to think of this), "go to her house, knock, tell her that you still love her, you were just thinking about her, and then get back in your car and drive off. Just to see what would happen." Travis considered it, but "dreams like must die." However, he kept considering it as he began to fully realize the 94% compatibility rate—she was just like him, only beautiful. Unfortunately, he delved too much into that 6% that wasn’t compatible.

10. The Lightning Seeds
"Don't Let Go"  4:00
Liverpool, England

Travis would go on for hours thinking about Jane. Then, he would go out, and things would remind him of her. Songs reminded him of her, and he still would get excited when he would discover a new song that she would love, but there was nobody there to play it for or to share it with. And he would find more of her stuff, cards she used to study with, and they all made him think of her, the good times, rainbows. He recalled how good she looked after the $84 haircut they could not afford, her smile, and the look on her face when she drank the Starbuck's coffee, her relationship with the house centipede, that last moment he ever saw her. The letter she sent on his birthday was far too difficult to read, brought back too many memories. Simply put, she emitted rainbows in dark and dismal world… and without her, the rainbows disappeared.

9. Звуки Му (Zvuki Mu)
"Гадопятикна"  6:32
Zvuki Mu
Moscow, Russia

His date of death was once predicted and this might be his last year. He was married to nothing, so there was no longer any interest in exploring a new love. Maybe it was time to start thinking about posthumous success. This was the best scenario for the long term, now he could focus on his projects, develop new creations, and possibly put together something extravagant. These were important matters that had been unfinished due to the fact so much time was wasted on earning wages and social life. It was a good time to be alone.

8. Pavement
"Box Elder"  2:25
Slay Tracks: 1933-1969
Stockton, CA

Perhaps it was time to get the fuck out of this town. In fact, he refused to pay attention to anybody; good times for him meant being alone. Sometimes when he passed people, he would think to himself “I’ve got a lot of good things coming my way, and I’m afraid to say (right as he walked by without even glancing up) that you’re not one of them.”

7. Swans
"Can't Find My Way Home"  4;48
The Burning World
New York, NY

Travis barely resembled his former self as he grew so disgusted with the people in the community that he would not even acknowledge their existence. He went out of his way to avoid talking to people; he would not even stand or sit anywhere if there were people even moderately close to him. To top it off, he would not even look at people. Whenever people walked by, he would turn away, look down while in a store, acted as if he did not see a single person, and definitely paid them no attention. If someone spoke to him, he would not even reply...just kept walking. And then the day had finally arrived where Travis was to encounter his #1 person listed on the registry; the woman in which he was that rare 100% compatible. It was listed as a historical day as the entire Universe eagerly anticipated the magical meeting. He was sitting inside his apartment when he suddenly experienced this overwhelming feeling that he needed to go outside. Travis went out and stood on the corner curious as to what this strange feeling would entail. Kayla walked by, the Universe watched in awe… but Travis did not even pay her any attention whatsoever, did not glance towards her, and walked away as she approached. He was hoping to see Jane and since it wasn't her, it had no meaning whatsoever.

6. Pixies
"Debaser"  2:53
Boston, MA

The city had one last ounce of hope. A “can’t miss” event was scheduled and Travis attended all by himself. Kayla was there too… that girl who is listed as 100% compatible in the registry. The event was fun and Travis enjoyed it—even allowed himself to get lost in it. Normally, he would lose focus periodically to check out the girls in the audience. He did not do that, and did not even notice Kayla standing next to him. She looked over at him, and he moved away purposely to avoid any contact with her.

5. Public Enemy
"Fight the Power"  4:43
Do the Right Thing
Roosevelt, NY

Travis boycotted his own show. Without Jane, it was not worth watching any longer. Those responsible for removing Jane from the show were fired, the producers, the writers, the set designers, the supporting cast, they all sucked. If they were too dumb to recognize the failures of the past kings, he did not wish to fraternize with any of them. He refused to conform to any of their directions, and vowed a different ending altogether than the one they had written. His behavior became even more erratic as he purposely did things that could alter the outcome of his own destination.

4. Spacemen 3
"Revolution"  5:57
Playing With Fire
Rugby, England

The laws and the policies had surpassed stupidity. He was never going to be like any of these people, nor did he have any desire to. Their topics of conversation sucked, their rituals sucked, just looking at these people made him sick to his stomach. He could not stand to be around them not even for five more minutes. Travis refused to participate in any of their activities, would not congregate in their social establishments, and certainly was finished with their same dull routine that grew out of fashion years ago. Originality was finished for good. Finally, he revolted against all of their standards and sought the extinction of all things that led to the development of this detrimental society that had all but destroyed him.

3. The New Christs
"Disconnected"  6:28
Sydney, Australia

He found that his show was downright horrendous without her playing in it, and there were no decent alternates to fill her role. The critics claimed the film started off good, hit its stride when Jane stole the show, then after she left, the rest was just filler that left a once captivated audience frequently checking the time to see how more of this crap they had to endure. Critics also found the main character unlikable, giving them nothing to cheer for. The Travis Movie:  **1/2 He had lost his place in this world and there was no way he would ever return to normal. And since he shun the historical 100% compatibility rating, he was considered damaged beyond repair.

2. The Durutti Column
"Otis"  4:18
Vini Reilly
Manchester, England

He found it increasingly difficult to even contact Jane, and would delay responses to her messages. It was not as if he had animosity towards her, it was the opposite. She once claimed that she was going to mysteriously show up at his door one day; that would be impossible. Just thinking about what would happen if she was to show up made him swell up. It got to the point where he could no longer devote any attention whatsoever to anything that was once hers. Travis could not look at photos of her without drawing tears. There were certain songs he had to avoid also. The fact he had to do all of this made him angry, angry at himself, angry at what his life had become. His social life had become greatly affected, and got to where he could barely function in ordinary social settings. Only a few select people here and there could he be his old self around. And thinking of those times, all he wanted was for her to come back, for him to come back, and then maybe they could escape to a portion of the world that would have given them the chance to succeed.

#1! L.A. Guns
"The Ballad of Jayne"  4:34
Cocked and Loaded
Los Angeles, CA

Eventually, Travis lost interest in there ever being a different co-star other than Jane. Then, he lost interest in Jane. He soon lost interest in himself. Travis placed himself on indefinite hiatus, and refused to be any form of entertainment for anybody. He vowed to make the remainder of his personal movie completely dull and unwatchable. For the most part, he spent all of his time all alone; it was as if he disappeared off the face of the Earth. His name was crossed off in the registry in all compatibility charts that he was once a part of, even though Jane remained in his thoughts constantly. However, because of his inability to effectively deal with these things, nobody in the entire world had any clue what caused any of this… many of them assumed he never cared for Jane… Jane was uncertain herself at times… his erratic behavior made her lose confidence in herself at times.

"Acqua"  7:17

Written, Designed, and Music Compiled by Tony J. Neal

None of the original songs were ever intended to be used in this type of format.

Descriptions in no way shape or form intended to be a truthful reflection or interpretation of the song or the artist in reference.
All characters and themes completely fictitious and any similarities to actual people living or deceased are coincidental.

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