The Top 125 Songs of 1989

The Top 150 Songs of 1989 + Temptation Vs. Fate
Part 1: Sunday Funday
Part 2: Secondary Aspects That Affect Compatibility Ratings
Part 3: Attempts to Extinguish the Flame
Part 4: A Change Is Gonna Do Me Some Good
Part 5: The Road Comes to an End
Part 6: Drastic Alteration in the Registry

Part II: Secondary Aspects That Affect Compatibility Ratings

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125. Revolving Paint Dream
"The Dune Buggy Attack Battalion"  3:25
Mother Watch Me Burn
London, England

There are numerous multifarious factors that determine compatibility other than personality traits and shared common interests. Ideally, a person's past would never be brought up, and the past would never creep in to the present. Unfortunately, these things happen, and situations arise that influence aspects of present life that have no business subsisting in the first place.

124. Silverfish
"Weird Shit"  3:39
London, England

There exist traits that define a person in which the person being defined is also incompatible. For, people have been forced to deal with situations based on undesirable circumstances, and the outcome of those aspects has played a significant role in redefining a person's characteristics. Most people have some negative attributes that only exist because of a situation that happened in the past; a situation that the person had no control over, and would rather have never encountered. Periodically, there has been some weird shit take place somewhere in a person’s life that has disrupted his/her natural person; the larger the abundance of bizarre occurrences equates to a significantly altered perception of normality.

123. Laughing Hyenas
"Lullaby And Goodnight"  4:44
You Can't Pray a Lie
Detroit, MI

Too many unfortunate obstacles in one's past can create a negative outlook on life in general. Furthermore, some people formulate absolutely dreadful opinions due to something unpleasant that derived from a specific situation. For example, people will hate to go fishing if they associate that recreational activity with the time their boat sank and Uncle Herman and Aunt Peggy nearly drowned. Because of this, some people hate their jobs, school, the government, some, even their own parents.

122. Shelleyan Orphan
"Amanita Muscaria"  4:19
Century Flower
Bournemouth, England

People have been known to require more than compatible personalities in order to sustain a meaningful relationship. They may appear to be 100% compatible, but if one of them does not have a decent job, than that becomes a deal breaker. If one of them does not own an automobile, meeting is problematic. One of the parties may not own a home, and live with roommates who are not appealing. One may cite fishing as their favorite hobby while the other talks for hours about how Aunt Peggy drowned and all they ever found was her wig floating in the lake.

121. Alice Donut
"My Life is a Mediocre Piece of Shit"  4:13
Bucketfulls of Sickness and Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life
New York, NY

An array of negative aspects that occurred in the past has a strenuous effect on new relationships, even if the new acquaintance had nothing to do at with what happened in the past. Once the tension begins to mount, and the problems become too many, some people become withdrawn, and delve into periods of self-loathing. These people sometimes feel as if they do not deserve anything endearing and that there is no way another person would ever be interested in them.

120. Sepultura
"Inner Self"  5:11
Beneath the Remains
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

People lose confidence to satisfy certain requirements the other may be seeking, and think that the other person dislikes him/her because of this; or likes a completely incompatible person better because he/she fulfills a different need such as more money or a nicer car...fewer past issues...less baggage. It is a situation in which the past puts constraints on the present.

119. Killdozer
"Lupus"  3:09
12 Point Buck
Madison, WI

Conflict can sometimes be generated over a source of amusement. Like with the aforementioned fishing incident, people tend to associate certain activities with past occurrences. Therefore, what one person finds amusing, may not be amusing at all to the other. A funny story involving one particular friend may have similarities to a person the other absolutely cannot stand, and as a result, will not like a new partner's friend, nor has any desire to participate in an activity that the other finds pleasurable.

118. God Bullies
"Red Blood"  2:19
Mama Womb Womb
Kalamazoo, MI

Ex-lovers are past problems, and it is recommended that these people be forgotten completely when entering a new relationship. One problem is that people will be cautious when entering a new relationship due to the fact that the last one ended so badly. Another, a completely new person may have one single similar attribute as the ex-lover, and unknowingly will be dismissed from getting pursued any further. The worst, the ex-relationship may still be lingering and there is a desire to get the other back...either revenge, or to win the lover back.

117. Happy Flowers
"Unhappy Meal"  2:35
Charlottesville, VA

Food can also serve as a deal breaker. A person may have had a bad incident involving a certain type of food, maybe an illness, choking, bad service at the restaurant, and due to elements other than how he/she naturally feels, has a negative perception about this particular object. This may be another person's favorite food. This person is beautiful, funny, has a good job, everything is perfect. Oh wait, he/she doesn't like Mexican food, that ruins everything; this person seemed OK, but had an ambition to kill everybody at McDonald’s because of an unpleasurable dining experience that occurred at age four.

116. Caroliner
"Coal Mound"  4:08
Strike Them Hard, Drag Them to Church
San Francisco, CA

Religion, or lack thereof, plays a huge role in relationships. No matter how appealing a person may appear, if there are substantial disagreements in opinion about God, deal is off...period. In fact, if the disparity is too large, the other person will appear ugly. Margaret was hot and sexy at first, but once Charlie discovered that she was a Pentecostal, he regarded her as a fat disgusting whore.

115. The Residents
"Devil in Disguise"  2:59
The King and Eye
Shreveport, LA

People are no longer able to be their natural selves. What we see with all persons, in general conversation, is a fabrication of a self that has been created in order to satisfy the demands of society; a self that has been developed by the influence of others; a self that has been altered due to negative circumstances that have derived from the past.

114. Live Skull
"Riches House"  3:42
New York, NY

Friends can ruin a relationship, and upon further analysis, plays 64% in the roles of termination to most relationships. If a person does not like one of the partner's friends at all, despise the jackasses that the lover associates with, then that is a major issue, even if the personality traits are above 95% total compatibility. It is even worse when one of the partners involved in the relationship tests 96% compatible with the partner he/she is in love with, but only 28% compatible with the undesirable friend. A near-perfect relationship will be ruined because the parents of one particular person happened to by a home next door to a family with 28% compatibility—they just happened to know each other since childhood.

113. The Ex
"The Buzzword Medley"  5:08
Joggers & Smoggers
Wormer, Netherlands

Many times, people will date other people simply to impress their friends, or it was a friend who introduced the two and insisted they would make a good couple. Alexander is dating Marie only because she is desirable to all his friends, and they now think he is cool because he sleeps with her. Other times, some people will purposely mistreat their partner in order to impress friends, as if they have to prove their independence. One girl insisted her boyfriend had no right to inquire where she was; which meant that she consequentially lost the right to ever inquire this about anybody. Good luck to her. And him.

112. Defiance
"Lockjaw"  3:44
Product of Society
Oakland, CA

Though some attempt to claim otherwise, looks are often important in a relationship. Physical traits also come with a compatibility chart. People will rate another person's looks on a scale of 1 to 10, or do like Travis and rate them with a dollar amount. For the most part, and there are some exceptions, if the personality compatibility is a high 87%, but physical compatibility is a meager 13%, this will simply be a friendship that does not escalate past that. However, reverse the numbers, two people with nothing in common will attempt to make it work because of physical attraction. This can be devastating.

111. The Pastels
"Baby, You're Just You"  5:21
Sittin' Pretty
Glasgow, Scotland

Going through the records and analyzing ever figure thoroughly, Jane was 94% compatible with Travis...and this is strictly speaking on what is natural. Other attributes would have to play out accordingly, and based on how they were handled would determine the length of time the two would stay together. But, there was a 94% chance it would be life. She represented a whopping 98% physical compatibility, and 92% on natural personality.

110. Kate Bush
"Rocket's Tail"  4:07
The Sensual World
Bexleyheat, England/London, England

Likewise, Travis tested 94% compatible with what Jane was seeking; 97% personality, 91% physical. Who conducts these tests? No one you'll ever meet, so don't worry about it. There is also a ledger where for every person in existence has a list of their top 20 most compatible people on Earth, based on their natural beliefs, not their instilled beliefs, and this ledger is the only document that knows this. For both Jane & Travis, they ranked #4 on each other's list. OMG!!!!!!!!

109. Leevi And The Leavings
"Pihlajankukka"  2:42
Helsinki, Finland

Because the ledger and this puzzling compatibility test knows absolutely everything, then one would think that its creator would assist in removing the obstacles. Jane's friend, Meg, ranks #8 on Travis's least compatible list...does not test too incredibly high with Jane for natural (29%) but tests 54% for instilled traits, and 97% for fabricated traits when together. Could anything tear these two apart was a question, for, the two of them would both gain back significant natural personality traits should they have never met. Ideally, they should have parted long ago.

108. Thee Hypnotics
"Earth Blues"  5:59
Live'r Than God
High Wycombe, England

The average dollar figure for Jane's ex-boyfriends is 28.6 billion dollars. On the other hand, the woman who Travis had been in his longest relationship with holds the record for being listed in the ledger 87,294,377 top 20 least compatible lists, easily eclipsing the person in 2nd place, Dick Cheney. In fact, in the ledger, throughout the list of names, 8 billion or so current census, hers is one of the few written in red with an asterisk by it. As for the list of people most affected in her file, Travis ranks near the top of that list.

107. Dark Angel
"Cauterization"  7:21
Leave Scars
Downey, CA

Jane has something so grueling in her past that it doesn't get discussed. The person responsible for this violation is blacklisted in the ledger, and if every single person on Earth knew of the travesty, 86% would vote that he die a slow painful death. This is a most unfortunate event that nobody should ever have to deal with; but it happened, and it had an effect. When people hear of it, they tend to wish some sort of violent act on the violator, he has it coming March 28th 2017, and it’s listed in the ledger. Does one have the ability to Eternal Sunshine a past atrocity? And, questions arise as to whether or not it is healthy to do so.

106. Television Personalities
"The Room at the Top of the Stairs"  3:36
London, England

The recorded movie based on the life of Travis is categorized as Cult Drama/Black Comedy in the ledger. It received some buzz from the Academy in the ledger, but it is far from over, obviously. However, some critics have called the film based on the life of Travis uninspiring, and the central character is a loser who makes bad decisions. He is likable, to some degree, but he has not realized his full potential, and this far into the film, it’s difficult to determine if he ever will or not. However, his film has drawn a lot of interest, and is far from boring. Many revere it as something totally different/original.

105. Flipper's Guitar
"Joyride"  2:51
Three Cheers For Our Side"
Tokyo, Japan

The DVD about the life of Jane is listed under the comedy section, although it has that one disturbing part, the part viewer's are eagerly anticipating March 28th 2017 for the fate of the villain. Unlike Travis, whose thought processes are often rated NC-17, Jane would probably slip by with a PG-13 if it weren't for the fact that she cussed so fucking much. Due to the fact that she says "fuck" so often, her movie was delegated the R rating; even though the movies she preferred to watch on her own were rated PG, even G.

104. Lowlife
"Missing the Kick"  3:45
Grangemouth, Scotland

For every single person on Earth, in all the ledgers for compatibility, Jane is listed higher than Travis in 73% of them, a bit high of a number for people supposedly this compatible. Of the 27% who are more compatible with Travis than Jane, 94% of those list Jane as completely incompatible. Travis is frequently listed as incompatible in many ledgers, Jane's mom being one of them in which he is flagged for potential disaster.

103. Sun City Girls
"Esoterica of Abyssinia"  5:11
Multiple Hallucinations of the Assassin
Phoenix, AZ

Neither Jane nor Travis were compatible with each other's past, and it would have been altered severely should roles have been reversed. Jane would not have gotten involved with Travis' ex, the record holder for most top 20 least compatibles, in the first place. Travis would not have even been affected by Jane's travesty, which makes him a bit disturbing in some circles. Although, switch genders for him, but same brain, the person would already have endured a much worse atrocity than what awaits for him on March 28th, 2017. There is a little suspicion as to why each other's incidents happened in the first place.

102. The Momes
"Locust Swarm"  5:50
London, England

Another potential obstacle: In two years, 3 months, 13 days, 7 hours, 12 minutes, and 16 seconds, Travis is slated to encounter the woman listed as his #1 most compatible in the ledger. Her name is Kayla, and Kayla and Travis represent one of only 184 potential pairs in the entire Universe to test 100% naturally compatible both physically and for personality. By all means, they technically should have been together years ago, but the ledger didn't schedule it until then due to other circumstances. It was a long road for both, but it had to happen.

101. The Hummingbirds
"House Taken Over"  6:05
Sydney, Australia

Regardless, 94% is an excellent score, and being ranked #4 out of 8 billion is extremely high. That said, once they finally spoke to one another, they hit it off well, and within weeks were spending most of their time with each other. It did not take long before they were considered a couple; and a cute couple at that.

Top Image by: Peabody's Lament

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