The Top 100 Songs of 1989

The Top 150 Songs of 1989 + Temptation Vs. Fate
Part 1: Sunday Funday
Part 2: Secondary Aspects That Affect Compatibility Ratings
Part 3: Attempts to Extinguish the Flame
Part 4: A Change Is Gonna Do Me Some Good
Part 5: The Road Comes to an End
Part 6: Drastic Alteration in the Registry

Part III: Attempts to Extinguish the Flame

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100. Nine Inch Nails
"Terrible Lie"  4:39
Pretty Hate Machine
Cleveland, OH

The registry with the compatibility results should be available to all persons so that they may seek their most suitable relationships at an early age, and live their lives with the utmost possible happiness. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case, nobody even knows where the actual registry even is, and people end up in relationships with undesirable candidates just because they happened to be available at the time sensuality was an important need. Therefore, people gradually become reluctant to pursue relationships based on past failures that led to hardship.

99. Faith No More
"Epic"  4:54
The Real Thing
San Francisco, CA

Neither Travis nor Jane were seeking a relationship and were in a phase in their lives in which they were content being unattached. However, the attraction was obviously too great, and both of their natural personalities preferred to be with another person. Both of them made several attempts to resist the other in order to avoid a relationship status, but, they always seemed to be together, and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.

98. The Cure
"Pictures of You"  7:29
Crawley, England

When they were together, just them, they were completely happy. When they were alone, they constantly thought of each other. When they were away from each other, but out with friends, they declared they were single and nothing was going on whatsoever. When they were together, but among friends, they pretended as friends, as if the attraction was never there. But, when they ended up alone again, that same attraction that was being repressed mysteriously returned.

97. Skinny Puppy
"Tin Omen"  4:38
Vancouver, BC  Canada

The bar had a great DJ, though people here normally did not dance, they were too cool for this behavior. One night, it was packed, this was the coolest spot in town, not like the karaoke club in which they met on Sunday Funday. A couple people danced. Travis and Jane, a couple drinks in them, danced, electrified. Before too long, the whole place was on the dance floor; all of their friends, everybody. There was something magical with these two. All persons involved considered this a great night; the DJ still talks about it.

96. Ramones
"Learn to Listen"  1:51
Brain Drain
New York, NY

Everyone commented what a great couple they made. It seemed as if everyone agreed except for Travis and Jane. Oh, we are not together, was the common response. The denial of this attraction was nothing but a waste of time. They should have listened to the others from the start rather than try to fight what was naturally taking place right from the beginning, and throughout their entire lives.

95. Neil Young
"Rockin' in the Free World"  4:44
Toronto, ON  Canada

Travis had issues with the rest of the world. For the most part, he despised government, religion, ordinary standards. Due to the fact that he had a negative perception of mainstream society, and a hardcore one at that, he had a certain degree of bitterness, anguish, and a nihilistic approach. Often, he would find himself in a state of disarray simply from reading the news, standing in line around people he does not like, the world being overrun with qualities he despised. This would sometimes transfer into his ordinary life and his life with Jane.

94. New Order
"Run"  4:31
Manchester, England

Jane, too, had her own philosophies in life, although her stance was not nearly as staunch as Travis'. Both did possess feminist views. Men were gradually being fazed out of the world, for their desires for wealth and power at any cost had proved more than problematic for the world, particularly in America. Man, white man mostly, felt as if they had been given domain as the early kings conquered and settled the world. Unfortunately, most men were not willing to dress right, act right, and came off as fat hairy slobs too desperate for attention. Women had a keen knack to do things more effectively.

93. Camper Van Beethoven
"Sweethearts"  4:46
Key Lime Pie
Redlands, CA

Jane and Travis gradually progressed from friends to acknowledging they were an actual couple. She dictated this whole process, and she was the one who asked that they be boyfriend/girlfriend. Later that exact night, she got extremely drunk, threw up all over his car, broke his sunglasses, and Travis had to spend to evening preventing her from vomiting all over herself for he found her face down in a puddle of puke. She broke up with him as a result.

92. The The
"August & September"  5:46
Mind Bomb
London, England

Both had abundant appeal from other members of both sexes. A few days after they had met at that club on Sunday Funday, Travis hooked up with some girl he met out a different place. He had obtained Jane's number, called her, but had not seen her since. A week later, he went out with Jane again, but they did not even kiss. Two days after that, he hung out with that girl he hooked up with and did things Jane would not have approved. The day after that, he and Jane started hanging out regularly; he broke it off with that other girl, who became disgruntled. Jane never knew of her, but Travis felt uncomfortable for both parties… guilt as it is often called.

91. The Sugarcubes
"Regina"  4:06
Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
Reykjavik, Iceland

Before he ever met Jane, Travis slept with one of his co-workers. One night out with Jane, before they were officially a couple, he accidentally left his phone at her house. The co-worker, Regina, sent a series of raunchy text messages in which Jane read. When Travis went back the next day to retrieve his phone, Jane brought up the text messages from Regina; Travis explained she was just a co-worker, and they joke like that. Regina and Jane became friends.

90. Tears For Fears
"Woman in Chains"  6:10
The Seeds of Love
Bath, England

Already having issues with the amount of injustice taking place in the world, Travis did not take too kindly when Jane told him about the disturbing incident that happened to her. Maybe this never should have been discussed. Travis would indulge into fantasies involving a murder comparable to the one that is scheduled to take place March 28th, 2017. Furthermore, he became perhaps a bit overly protective and questioned some of her decisions.

89. Bob Dylan
"Most of the Time"  5:04
Oh Mercy
Duluth, MN/New York, NY

Breakup #1 was not taken seriously, for, she was drunk, and the two had only been a couple for a few hours. That next day, the breakup incident became a joke in which all of their friends laughed about. However, two weeks later, after they had become friends, Jane found out that Travis had slept with Regina before they met. She was infuriated and broke up with him again; she recalled those text messages. Travis realized they were not compatible at this point, and figured it was time to move on… he didn't want to be in a relationship anyway.

88. Van Morrison
"Contacting My Angel"  4:59
Avalon Sunset
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Breakup #3, he dumped her, supposedly for good. She got drunk and accused him of wanting to hook up with somebody that resembled his e-girlfriend; when he made fun of her ex, she punched him in the face. The breakup was an actual lengthy one, she apologized, pleaded, and to no avail, had to surrender and get out of the car, forever. The next day, all he could think about was her apologies, and how she looked when she got of the car. He was remorseful; to the extreme he quit his job. All he could think about was her… he found her at her work and forgave her for everything… they were back together immediately.

87. Chris Isaak
"Wicked Game"  4:49
Heart Shaped World
Stockton, CA/San Francisco, CA

With three solid breakups under their belt, potential cheating, physical abuse, drunkenness, a disturbance revealed and a deep dark secret withheld, the "L" word was finally uttered. Through a series of unlikely events, Travis and Jane fell in love. When they were together, just them, by themselves, it was remarkable. And, there were times when they became that gross disgusting couple everybody hated; adored. They held hands, snuggled, called each other pet names; they spent the night with each other every single night.

86. Einstürzende Neubauten
"Der Kuss"  3:39
Haus Der Lüge
Berlin, Germany

To an extent, the two settled down somewhat. However, there was still a bit of turmoil in the life of Travis, who was now unemployed and searching for a new job, which would take nearly a month. During this period of unemployment, Travis began doubting himself, questioning life, and became unhappy with his environment. He had too many troubles, a piece of junk car, no job, and was barely getting by...he questioned what Jane could even see in him. Travis attempted to push Jane away, for she did not even know about most of the issues that were plaguing him...this happened while he was with Miss Red Flag.

85. Slint
"Charlotte"  4:30
Louisville, KY

Breakup #4 was a mutual decision. Travis had already been down on himself and figured she could do better elsewhere. Furthermore, due to her past disturbance, he did not approve of her getting drunk in certain establishments without him present. While at a restaurant, Jane and one of her friends kept commenting about how hot all of these guys were walking down the street; a friend whose presence dropped the compatibility to a marginal 58% approval rating. In retort, Travis declared the waitress was hot. Jane became so infuriated that she stormed out of the restaurant and proceeded to get drunk at the establishment Travis loathed.

84. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult
"Devil Bunnies"  6:16
Kooler Than Jesus
Chicago, IL

Travis was looking forward to single life. He got a job, and all was well again. Jane made several attempts to call, but he was done with her. Finally, she got in touch with him, and declared that he had to come over to bring her the stuff that was at his house, and come get his shit out of hers. While trying to leave, Jane wanted to talk. "Let's reflect on our relationship." That sounded stupid, but Travis allowed it. Shortly after the reflection, they were back together, and out having fun again, for, Travis had plans, and now Jane was coming too.

83. Fugazi
"Waiting Room"  2:54
13 Songs
Washington, D.C.

Travis had requested that Jane make smarter decisions; she commanded that he ditch “all of those hoes who rub up on him every time they go out.” Jane disliked a lot of girls in town now because they were attracted to Travis, and she spent too much time being angry visualizing potential possibilities. Unfortunately, Travis did the same. Another night out, one of Travis's friends was sitting with Jane at a table, then saw Travis, and gave him the look to go away, he's trying to score here. Once the friend realized the two were together, he felt ashamed, and then went elsewhere. All was cool. But, Jane had given him his phone number. This guy was not a threat, obviously, but giving the number out was not the decision he had been anticipating. Then, Travis decided that he was now free to give out his number to whoever he pleased.

82. Soundgarden
"I Awake"  4:21
Louder Than Love
Seattle, WA

Knowing that Jane could score with way more guys than he could girls, Travis realized this new freedom carried a curse. Also, this was not something he could even discuss without sounding like an ass himself (he attempted to consult a friend on this issue, but sounded like the biggest douche imaginable.) A lack of trust began to intensify. He stooped so low as to search through her phone to see if he had been calling her or not. He wasn't, but there was some contact with some ex-boyfriends that were disturbing. Because he did not have a warrant, he had no right to inquire about this at all. And, didn't. Had to pretend as if nothing was wrong… love.

81. Testament
"Perilous Nation"  5:52
Practice What You Preach
Oakland, CA

Complications in relationships lead to people not acting in a manner that resembles their natural selves. It could be a beautiful day; an event could be planned in which a person had been looking forward to for a long time. But, all of this potential enjoyment could be ruined completely if it coincides with a time when a person is experiencing relationship problems. People who are feuding with their partners have a disgruntled aura that prevent them from achieving happiness.

80. Fellini
"Città Piu Bella"  4:57
Amor Louco
São Paulo, Brazil

On the other hand, people are willing to risk prolonged periods of excruciating sorrow because the good times spent with a lover are the most defining moments of true happiness. In fact, those moments create such fond memories, that merely thinking about how great they were; people are willing to forgive whatever troubles are ailing them in order to pursue other special moments like the fond memories.

79. The Bats
"Yawn Vibes"  3:41
The Law of Things
Christchurch, New Zealand

Unfortunately, they are sometimes unable to forget petty annoyances and allow them linger and intensify. Perhaps it is appropriate to forgive every single person, every single night, and a start anew each day. That, just waking up next to somebody you love should be sufficient enough, and nothing should ever prevent that. It is significantly better to have a person to snuggle with than to have a person to engage in heated arguments. But, it is considered acceptable should one argue with large groups of people, it is appropriate to only snuggle with one. What if this were different? During a baseball game, the manager disagrees with the umpire, and instead, they spoon together next to first base, and the umpire's wife gets mad because they had argued for a few moments before snuggling.

78. Mudhoney
"Come to Mind"  4:52
Seattle, WA

Breakup #6, or whatever number they bestowed upon, was probably the one that did them in for good. This time, Jane confessed that she was attracted to somebody else, "had feelings", and was contemplating going out with the person. During this period, Travis had to sacrifice most of his time in order to do things for her; she did not have a car, and expected to be picked up, dropped off, and required his assistance around her house while he neglected his. He was in desperate need of time to himself, and therefore not immediately hurt. He acted somewhat relieved and told her to go for it, pursue this loser… goodbye, see ya later.

77. Stevie Ray Vaughan
"Riviera Paradise"  8:49
In Step
Dallas, TX (1954)-East Troy, WI (1990)

Ah, those fond memories, and that stupid entry in the registry claiming 94% natural compatibility; being ranked #4—OMG!!! That all seemed like a waste at this point. True love did exist, and there was no denying it. At times, things were as good as possible, and Paradise may have been achieved. The return to get his belongings this time involved a coloring book containing all those happy moments alone together. Jane and Travis were once again an item, though it was pursued with caution, a probationary period, certain conditions applied.

76. Over Kill
"Playing With Spiders/Skullkrusher"  10:15
The Years of Decay
New York, NY

But, the environment, one another's separate environment, only tested 19% compatible. Travis did not like Jane's friends, found them all borderline stupid (similar to Sunday Funday karoaking douches) and despised the way Jane acted when she was around them; she too became stupid in their presence and resembled nothing of the person he loved when they were alone together. Jane did not like Travis's friends either, claimed them to be pretentious assholes who thought they were way cooler than everybody else. Furthermore, she did not like Travis's constant negativity towards life and his nihilistic outlook. Travis did not like Jane's mom either. Neither was a fan of the other's artistic work. #4? Seriously? Naturally, yes, they were #4. However, it should be easy to determine that all disagreeable facets in their relationship thus far were caused by secondary elements in a poorly created environment. The exact same world that brought the two together was seemingly attempting to tear them apart as well.

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